Jack Abramoff

Remember Jack Abramoff?

After a guilty plea in the Jack Abramoff Native American lobbying scandal and his dealings with SunCruz Casinos in January 2006, he was sentenced to six years in federal prison for mail fraud, conspiracy to bribe public officials, and tax evasion. He served 43 months before being released on December 3, 2010.

Because of his antics, Congress passed an the anti-corruption law in 2007, which Bush reluctantly signed.

On June 26, 2020, Abramoff became the first person charged with violating a law that was amended in response to his previous criminal offenses. The NYT headline: Lobbyist Abramoff Charged in Cryptocurrency Fraud Case.

So, the man whose illegal antics ended up creating this law is now the first person to be charged under it. Global synchro.

Right now, as the news morphs by the minute, a lot of these global synchros are occurring and we aren’t catching them all. But when we catch the biggies, we capture them.
Just think about this one. When I saw that photo at the top of the page, I was struck by Abramoff’s resemblance to  the star of Mad Men.

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The Mystical Underground: Promo: Bill Homann and the Crystal Skull Live Meditation (08-16-2020)

A new episode of The Mystical Underground is live! “Promo: Bill Homann and the Crystal Skull Live Meditation (08-16-2020)”:

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation…

…and a meditation with Bill Homann and guests.

The Mystical Underground is going live on YouTube, Sunday August 16th at 1pm EDT! There will be a meditation with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull lead by Bill Homann. The meditation will be proceeded by a conversation with Bill Homann and guests and followed by a Q&A fielded from the YouTube chat.

Join on Sunday at:


Find out more about Bill Homann and the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull at:


Join the fight against Covid-19 at:


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One of the best!



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Time, the Pandemic, & Kamala Harris


This pandemic has now stretched on for what seems a really long time – 5 or 6 months – but really isn’t long at all in a cosmic scheme of things. Yet, some mornings when I wake up, I don’t know what day it is. And my mom comes to mind because in the last years of her life, when Alzheimer’s ravaged her brain, she didn’t even know what year it was, much less the day of the week. And she had no idea who I was.

During this pandemic, days have melted into each other and are broken up by some snippet of news I read or hear about. Trump did this or that, the senate, the house, the committees, McConnell, Pelosi…it all runs together. But on Tuesday, August 11, I sensed a change.

Biden chose Kamala Harris as his VP running mate. A black woman of Jamaican and Indian descent. Former AG of California, the second largest judicial system in the country. She won me over during the Kavanaugh hearings. One friend remarked that confrontation with Kavanaugh was just showmanship, a performance. My response? So what?

Every hearing of that kind is a stage for showmanship. Look at Jim Jordan, puffed up with indignation during the impeachment hearings. The point in the Kavanaugh hearing was that Kamala, a woman of color, a former prosecutor, confronted the sexual accusations against Kavanaugh as a woman and Kavanaugh was eventually reduced to the sniveling, whining, white boy that he is. But, he still made it to the supremos.

Libra sun, Gemini rising – like Obama – and an Aries moon. Libra is the perfect sign for an attorney. Gemini rising, like Obama, brings intelligence, great communication skills, and a personable demeanor curious about everything. But it’s Kamala’s Aries moon that may undo the trump administration.

Here’s why: she seems to live through this Aries moon, being the first this and that, a warrior who calls out men like Kavanaugh and trump, both of them accused sexual predators. That Aries moon lives according to the Star Trek motto, Going where no one has gone before… Or was it: Where no man has gone before? Well, if that was it, time to update Star Trek.

I feel more hopeful than I have in the last four years. I’m delighted my daughter will experience a female president in her lifetime.

As Obama said about Kamala: “Let’s go win this thing.”

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Republicans Against Trump

These campaign ads use trump’s own words to make it clear why he needs to go,

Here’s another:

And another group:

And one more…



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The Mystical Underground: Alex Miller: Asteroid Astrology

A new episode of The Mystical Underground is live! “Alex Miller: Asteroid Astrology”:

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with…

Alex Miller is the author of “The Black Hole,” which details deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming “Heaven on Earth”, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. (And we’ll be talking about how asteroids can be personal, which I think is a mind-blowing concept for many people.) Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

Since 2005 ,Alex has been working in-depth with minor planetary bodies in the outer regions of the solar system, as well as the myriad of asteroids much closer to home. Again, with a focus on understanding and documentation, Alex has researched both Mythic- and Personal-Named Asteroids, and has been consistently astounded by how closely they resonate to their terrestrial counterparts, as played out in current events and birth charts. It’s a fascinating emerging field for astrologers, bringing specificity and individualization to an art form.

He’s also a 10-year veteran of cat rescue work in West Philly; his memoir of that experience, “Cat O’ Nine Tales.” He lives in Nazareth, Pennsylvania with his cats Ashes, Cleo and Charcoal, a large garden, and more seasonal decorations than are good for him.

Alex’s expertise is unique and I first became aware of his work in an article he’d written for The Mountain Astrologer.

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A Live Event

Join us on August 16 for a live stream episode of The Mystical Underground. We’ll chat with Bill Homan, the caretaker of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, meditate with the skull, and have a Q&A afterward. More here.

And we did a mini podcast to talk a bit about Adele Aldridge, our guest last week, and the I Ching.




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Instagram, Podcasts, and 222 Again

I’ve been on Instagram for several years. At first, it seemed, I don’t know, shallow. Women with big bare butts and boobs had zillions of followers but didn’t have much to say. The Influencers. Then I started connecting with people whose interests paralleled mine. We were guests on a couple of podcasts I first connected with on IG. One night I got into an exchange with Jon Posey, a Star Wars fan. We’d just seen the latest SW movie and he was taking his niece the next day. He reported on what his niece thought and at some point, he asked if Rob and I had ever considering during a podcast.

We’d talked about it numerous times, but were clueless about what was involved and it went on our research list. Then I met Jon and a couple weeks later, in mid-January, we started The Mystical Underground. As a result of the podcast, a number of people on IG have contacted us with their personal experiences. One of the most interesting people, Michelle Rogers, is a long-time abductee who sure recognizes synchronicity. Here’s her email about the number 222:

Approximately one week ago my husband and I were watching a movie on Hulu named 2:22…Immediately after, I saw your announcement of a new podcast with Pam Grout222.

During the podcast, Pam talked about author Sue Monk Kidd’s experience with a bee, which led her to write the novel, The Secret Life of Bees…

During the podcast, she talked about a bee……I realized this was very similar to my first you tube video about a lesson I learned from a bee…Two days later, my son and his fiancee, Lauren, came to spend a few days for vacation. They knew nothing of this sync and handed me a piece of wall art that was covered in bees!!!

I fell to my knees as she said, “Momma, I bought this for you so that we could make new vision boards.I thought you would like it”!!!  I explained to them both what had happened previously and my son said,”Mom!!! It’s 2:22 p.m.

In future posts, we’ll be writing about Michelle’s ET experiences.

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The Covid-19 Crop Circle

This is quite an astonishing crop circle as described in great detail by a retired psychology prof, Jerry Kroth. Skeptics, of course, say it was man-made, but even if that is true, imagine sneaking out into this farmer’s field in the middle of the night and creating this masterpiece amid the wavering barley crop.

Because of the detail and the knowledge required by the maker, who even magnifies one of the nine prongs to show even more detail, I initially wondered if it was an actual crop circle or a computer-generated image. But a quick search found that it was created May 29 of this year as reported here.

Crop circle skeptics suggest that a single determined person could come out at night and create such a feat of wizardry. That, to me, is an extraordinary claim, and as Carl Sagan said of the paranormal: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” Let’s see someone or a group go out and duplicate that crop circle…and don’t leave any footprints behind.


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The Mystical Underground: Adele Aldridge: The Art Of the I Ching

A new episode of The Mystical Underground is live! “Adele Aldridge: The Art Of the I Ching”:

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with…

Adele Aldridge has been working with the I Ching for 40 years as a student and an artist creating images and text for I Ching Meditations – A Woman’s Book of Changes. She earned a PhD in art and the personal symbolic process while working with Jose Arguelles at the Union Institute University.



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Trump Train….Wreck

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, our daughter Megan received a text message from a former roommate, who was very excited about the surprise victory. She wrote simply: “Trump Train!”

My thought at the time, when Megan told me the story, was train wreck. From the most recent polls, it seems that many Americans at this point would agree with that assessment of the past four years. As with many mass events, meaningful coincidences erupt, and there have been no shortage of them during the Trump years.

First, a group of Republican congressmen and Trump supporters were headed to an annual policy retreat on Jan. 31, 2018 when the train they were traveling on crashed into a garbage truck. Train wreck.

The photo above appeared in the New York Times after the incident. Interestingly, the wreck took place near Charlottesville, where a few months earlier another ‘train wreck’ of sorts took place when Trump equated neo-Nazi racist marchers with the people who turned out to protest against them. He famously said there were good people in both groups. White supremacist and former KKK grand wizard David Duke praised Trump for his comments and said that’s why ‘we’ voted for him.

Now we have a new wreck. Veep Pence’s bus Thursday, July 30, crashed into a dump truck during a campaign swing through Pennsylvania. A fitting metaphor for Trump’s frequent bizarre Tweets that have been equated with a ‘dumpster fire’ that no one can put out. Pence abandoned the bus for a limo to continue the journey, but amazingly just minutes later two of his motorcycle escorts crashed and went down.


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August Star Power Forecast

If you prefer the written version, it’s in the masthead under August forecast. Enjoy!


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Over the years, I’ve had many cats. Siamese, Himalayan, black, white, tuxedo, orange and gray tigers. But Beowulf – Beo – is probably the oddest cat.

My sister adopted him and his two feral siblings six years ago and gradually acclimated them to the world of people. They lived in her bedroom, then in her basement, a sprawling cellar with plenty of peculiar human things to keep them engaged and curious.

It was in this massive cellar where I first met Beo about a year ago. Mary called for him and he ambled out – not immediately, but on his own time table. He sniffed at my outstretched hand, then rolled onto his back and batted my hand. Then, perhaps to show me it was nothing personal, he started nibbling at my bare toes and rubbing his furry head against my leg.

“Okay, I’ll adopt him. Can we meet in Orlando?” That was in July 2018. In February 2019, Mary met us in Orlando with Beo.

Two days later, I kept him in his carrier for the three hour drive to South Florida and he complained the entire way. Usually, once I’m in the car, I release a cat from its carrier and they find a spot to settle in and make the trip in comfort. But I didn’t know what he might do in a car and the carrier seemed safest.

For the next 10 days, he stayed under a bed, coming out only to eat and use the litter box. Then, gradually, he discovered the outdoors, where he had begun his life as a feral cat. Nala was curious about him and whenever he came out from under the bed, she was there, trotting after him, checking him out. This photo strikes me as a standoff.

C’mon, let’s play, Nala says.

Beo: Stop buggin’ me. I’ll play when I’m ready.

Now, I suspect they go on secret adventures together. I think Nala introduced him to the world beyond our backyard and the underside of our neighbor’s camper. He has brought in his share of lizards that invariably get loose in the house, and once, a mouse. Both cats get along well with our dog, Nigel, and with Nika, Megan’s dog, when we’re visiting. He’s affectionate, but not a cuddle cat like our orange tiger, Simba, was. He prefers his own space, is rather picky about food – no table scraps for him, although he likes a dollop of any kind of yogurt.

He’s a talker. He announces his presence at the porch door, the front door, my window. His meow for food is different than his meow for, I caught a lizard! And different for that meow where he looks up at me with that handsome face, those mysterious eyes, and meows softly, as if saying, Please, human, may I spent the night on the back porch, where I can smell wilderness in the air?

Beo was a cellar cat for most of his six years and now is re-discovering his feral roots. Except. Well, he has discovered a taste for certain types of cat food and for the company of Nigel and Nika.

He’s due for his shots soon and that will entail putting him in that carrier, where he griped and complained the entire trip to his new home. I hope he doesn’t run away afterward!

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