That’s a Sign!

What’s in a name? In this case, it’s an hilarious synchronicity. Maybe it’s just a joke somebody created. But unless we otherwise find out, we’ll always wonder if that sign is actually on the door of a law office somewhere.

Yes, a joke. Here’s the source….



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Global Synchros & the Impeachment Trial



In our book 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, the 7th secret is called The Global. Here’s how we defined  it: When synchronicities manifest themselves through global events, the universe seems to be addressing us as a collective.

As with any kind of synchro, we still ask, What’s the message?  So let’s take a closer look.

On January 21, 2020, the impeachment trial of donald trump begins. As is so often the case, there are some global synchros connected to this. Here they are:

Three years ago to the day, January 20, 2017, trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the U.S. And today his impeachment trial begins in the senate, marking that three-year anniversary.

The other thing that happens today: the release of A Very Stable Genius by Washington Post journalists Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig, both Pulitzer Prize winners. They have more than 200 sources, many of them individuals who don’t make appearances on cable TV, who haven’t spoken out publicly.

Now, it’s possible the publisher saw an advantage in releasing the book three years to the day trump was inaugurated. But unless the publisher had some prescient editors who are able to glimpse the future, synchronicity was at work in the timing of this book’s release on day one of trump’s impeachment trial.

“[Rucker and Leonnig] are meticulous journalists, and this taut and terrifying book is among the most closely observed accounts of Donald J. Trump’s shambolic tenure in office to date. . . . Their newspaper’s ominous, love-it-or-hate-it motto is ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness.’ A Very Stable Genius flicks the lights on from its first pages.” —Dwight Garner, New York Times


“Imagine, for a moment, a high-octane courtroom prosecutor summing up for the jury a case built on the vivid testimony of multiple eye-witnesses…. You could scarcely ask for more capable advocates. Leonnig won a Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on the U.S. Secret Service in 2015, then joined Rucker and others on a team awarded the Pulitzer for stories on Russian interference in the 2016 election.  Their new, collaborative account….walks readers step by step through the first 30 months or so of a presidency like no other. They leave little doubt that they and many of their sources regard that presidency as an unmitigated and deepening disaster — a threat to American government as we have known it.  Whatever may happen to that impeachment effort in the weeks and months ahead, it creates a moment of intermission in the Trump saga and a chance to consider how the landscape has already been altered by this president. A Very Stable Genius offers a harrowing companion narrative to be read during intermission.” — NPR

The message? We’re a critical juncture in our democracy.

If trump isn’t removed, he will strut through the next year with his usual diatribes about fake news, witch hunts, and wah wah wah, oh poor is me, I was picked on, and will  continue to dismantle the constitution and democracy in any way he can. He’ll become more dangerous, will distance us even farther from our allies,  and will hammer away to establish himself as a dictator,  autocrat, king of the world.

Now I’m waiting for more synchros to surface. And they will.

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Phenomena111 & The Mystical Underground

We have a new website for just our non-fiction books on synchronicity and the paranormal – We’re slowly adding to it and will be posting links to our podcasts, The Mystical Underground, once the podcast is underway.

The podcasts initially will be 30 minutes, then will expand to an hour when we start having guests. Stay tuned!


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Falling from the Sky

In late December of 1971, German  director Werner Herzog was scouting locations for his film, Aguirre, the Wrath of God, (a good one!) when he decided to change his itinerary at the last moment and didn’t board LANSA Flight 508. Lucky thing he didn’t, because the plane was struck by lightening, broke apart and disintegrated two miles up, and crashed deep in the Amazon.

Amazingly, one passenger, a 17-year-old German girl named Juliane Koepcke not only survived the crash, but spent 11 days hiking through the jungle until she came upon a loggers, who rescued her. The next day, a pilot flew her to a hospital in Peru where she recovered.

Twenty-five years later, Herzog revisited the astonishing survival story in his film Wings of Hope (1998). Koepcke accompanied him on a visit to the crash site, a journey she described as “a kind of therapy” for her. She went on to write a book, When I fell from the Sky, that was published in 2011. She wrote that she had “nightmares for a long time, for years, and of course the grief about my mother’s death and that of the other people came back again and again. The thought of why was I the only survivor haunts me. It always will.”

Over the years, there was a documentary about her experience and another movie, Miracles Still Happen in 1974. Her story has led to much speculation about why she survived. She said that she had  remained strapped in her seat and fell with a section of three attached seats. Possibly, the seats acted as a parachute, slowing her fall. Also, possibly updrafts from the storm and landing in the dense forest also contributed to her survival.

She credited her parents, who had taught her jungle survival skills, for her ability to survive in the jungle for 11 days following the crash. She came upon a stream and followed it, recalling that her father had told her that streams would eventually lead to civilization. After ten days, she came upon a boat, and waited there. She poured gasoline from the engine on her injuries to kill the maggots. The next morning, loggers arrived and took her to their village.

She and her parents, who were biologists, had established a research station in the Amazon Rain Forest three years earlier, and Juliane had become “a jungle child.” She went on to follow in her parents’ footsteps and became a mammologist. Now known as Juliane Diller, she serves as librarian at the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology in Munich.

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Lighting the Void and BITEradiome

We spent a delightful two hours talking to Joe Rupe at Lighting the Void talking about all our favorite topics – synchronicity, precognition, spirit contact, UFOs. Joe is a terrific host with a genuine interest in the paranormal and spiritual journeys.

You can listen to the show here.

Tonight from 7-8 PM,  we’ll be on Bringing Inspiration to the Earth with Robert Sharpe on BITEradiome. You can listen live here or listen after it’s archived.



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Jupiter and the Trickster


In researching the impact of Jupiter in the various signs, I discovered that Galileo’s natal Jupiter was in Cancer. Ultimately, his natal Jupiter had his back.
In 1609, the intrepid Italian astronomer Galileo began a serious observation and study of the giant planet. In January 1610, he discovered the four largest moons that orbit Jupiter: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.

His discovery proved to be a critical curve ball for the geocentric scientific theories at the time that said all planets orbited Earth. It laid the foundation for the heliocentric model of the solar system – i.e., all planets orbit the sun. Ultimately, Galileo’s discovery also proved to be his nemesis. The Catholic Church contended that scripture was absolute about the sun moving around the Earth, that Earth was, in fact, the center of the universe. They deemed Galileo’s beliefs as heretical.

In 1616, Galileo was brought before the chief inquisitor and forbidden from holding or defending his beliefs. Seventeen years later, in 1633, he was brought before another chief inquisitor, Father Vincenzo Maculano de Firenzuola, and was tried for his belief that the Earth revolved around the Sun.

Galileo was 69 at the time, frail and in poor health. His arguments – the fact that he talked about this issue as “discussion” rather than belief” – didn’t convince anyone. On June 22, 1633, the church issued its verdict:

“We pronounce, judge, and declare, that you, the said Galileo… have rendered yourself vehemently suspected by this Holy Office of heresy, that is, of having believed and held the doctrine (which is false and contrary to the Holy and Divine Scriptures) that the sun is the center of the world, and that it does not move from east to west, and that the earth does move, and is not the center of the world.”

His penalty was that his book, Dialogues of Galileo, would be prohibited, that he would go to prison, and that once a week for three years he had to recite the Seven Penitential Psalms. Galileo was forced to recant his own scientific discoveries as “cursed.” It caused him profound anguish but saved him from being burned at the stake.

He spent the rest of his life under house arrest.

The really appalling part of this story is that it took the Catholic Church 350 years to admit that Galileo was right. On Halloween 1992, the New York Times published an article about it.
“More than 350 years after the Roman Catholic Church condemned Galileo, Pope John Paul II is poised to rectify one of the Church’s most infamous wrongs — the persecution of the Italian astronomer and physicist for proving the Earth moves around the Sun.

“With a formal statement at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Saturday, Vatican officials said the Pope will formally close a 13-year investigation into the Church’s condemnation of Galileo in 1633. The condemnation, which forced the astronomer and physicist to recant his discoveries, led to Galileo’s house arrest for eight years before his death in 1642 at the age of 77.”
If this sort of thing had happened in the twenty-first century, every media outlet in the world would be there. Journalists would be tweeting their latest opinions on the inquisition. Foes and fans would be videotaping the whole thing on social media. Galileo would have a Facebook page. He would be a hero to some, a despicable traitor to others.

From an astrological point of view, the conflict in belief systems between a single individual with mass appeal and the tyrannical power of the Catholic Church at the time is seen in Galileo’s natal Jupiter. It’s in Cancer, which has a collective appeal. His Jupiter falls in the twelfth house – that area of a natal chart that represents, among other things, institutions like hospitals and prisons. This area of the chart also represents our deepest beliefs, those that often rise unbidden from some dark closet in our psyches and leave us in turmoil, scratching our heads and thinking, Huh?

Even though Galileo spent his last years in confinement, Jupiter really did have his back. His theories, his name, his story have persevered for more than 400 years. Without Google, who can name the man who was pope then? Or the name of the inquisitor? But most elementary school kids recognize the name Galileo. They may not have any idea why he’s famous, they just know that he is. There’s a trickster quality in that.

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Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

For months now, Saturn and Pluto have been playing tag in Capricorn. Their conjunction becomes exact on January 12, at 11:59 PM, when they meet up at 22 degrees and 46 minutes Capricorn. Actually, they technically have been conjunct since late December 2019, when they were only a degree or two apart. If you Google Saturn-Pluto conjunction, you’ll find all sort of links with dire predictions.

These predictions are due to what the two planets represent. Saturn governs authority, discipline and responsibility, the status quo, the existing structures of government, society, reality, Pluto rules death, destruction, decay, reincarnation, sex, life after death, regeneration, and profound and permanent change. Pluto’s energy is always intense.
Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, practical, focused, grounded. Capricorn gets things done. So when Saturn and Pluto come together in this particular sign, we can see government structures and societal norms crumble, as they’ve been doing for the last three years, but mostly notably in the last year. Presumably, what crumbles will be rebuilt from the ashes.

The last time this conjunction occurred, in 1982-1983, the two planets were in cardinal air sign Libra, with the conjunction exact in November 1982 and for parts of 1983. Google historical events for these periods. It will give you some insight into how global events play out with this conjunction.

Right now, we see can see how this is unfolding in the U.S. – the impeachment hearings, then the impeachment of trump by the house, making him only the third president in history to be impeached. There supposedly will be a trial in the senate, where trump is expected to be acquitted unless republican senators suddenly developed a moral compass. If he’s not impeached and if he’s elected to a second term, we can expect more breakdown of norms within government and society.

However, trump’s flagrant dismissal of congress and laws, his constant stream of lies, and the assassination of Iranian military leader Soleimani, that may lead to war with that country, may be his undoing. Saturn and Pluto are both karmic planets.

These astrological cycles impact us globally and personally. How will this conjunction play out for you? If you’re old enough, look back to 1982-1983 for what was going on in your life then.

For me, this period was great. In the fall of 1981, I started teaching English to Cuban refugees through a government program at Florida International University in Miami. It took us three months to find a site for the Fort Lauderdale center because there was considerable animosity toward refugees and fear of them. (Sound familiar?) In November of 1981, I met Rob, then a reporter who had come to the center to find out if the refugees were learning English. By April 1982, we were living together. In July 1983, we got married. By the fall of 1984, we were full-time writers.

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Lunar Eclipse in Cancer



Lunar eclipses are about our inner worlds and tend to trigger our emotions in positive or challenging ways, which are then expressed in the outer world.

Today’s lunar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer is going to impact everyone differently, especially with the lineup of planets in Capricorn. Before we take a closer look, be sure you don’t sign anything on the day of the eclipse or make any had and fast decisions. Wait till next week. So let’s take a closer look.

Aries: For you, the eclipse occurs in the moon’s natural domicile, the fourth house of family, home, your foundations. It’s possible that someone in your immediate environment pushes one of your buttons. Even though Mars in fellow fire sign Sagittarius wants to be a warrior and is tempted to lash out, count slowly to five. You’ll be glad that you did.

Taurus: The eclipse in Cancer is friendly for you and may spur some deep thought about how and what you communicate. It falls in your third house of communication and favors writing that comes from the heart and through intuition. Elusive and dreamy Neptune forms a beautiful angle to the eclipse degree, and may put you in the mood for socializing with friends or your network of acquaintances.

Gemini: The eclipse occurs in your second house of finances and personal values. If anything pushes your buttons around January 10, it’s likely to be about money – lack of income or money that’s owed you. But Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius comes to your rescue and you’re able to walk away from your potential reaction through romance or because your situation really isn’t as dire as you may think.

Cancer: The lunar eclipse in your sign prompts you to look more deeply than usual at what make you tick – your desires, goals, how you treat and interact with other people, especially family and loved ones. Thanks to the angle Neptune makes to the eclipse degree, you can create an opportunity to travel abroad or take a workshop or classes in something that has captured your passion. Or you might volunteer for a cause in which you believe.

Leo: The eclipse occurs in your twelfth house of the personal unconscious, what’s hidden. So if issues surface on or around the day of the eclipse, deal with them and move on. As a fire sign, you’re all about doing things your way. But with half the zodiac in earth-sign Capricorn, and the eclipse in a water sign, you may feel irritable and out of sorts. So hang loose today and don’t sign any important documents until next week.

Virgo: With the solar eclipse happening in your eleventh house of friends, wishes and dreams, and Jupiter forming a beautiful angle to your sun sign, you’re in your element. Your intuition is working overtime, ideas are plentiful, and all you have to do is find one that feels right and run with it. One of your friends or acquaintances may say or do something that gets on your nerves and rather than react, just walk away.

Libra: Your tenth house of profession and career is highlighted with this eclipse. A boss or other authority figure may say or do something that triggers an emotional reaction. Mars in fire sign Sagittarius is on your side, urging you to speak your truth. If you can do so without rancor or anger, then go ahead. Otherwise, so what Libra usually do – avoid conflict.

Scorpio: As a water sign, like Cancer, it’s likely that you’ll benefit in some way from this eclipse. It falls in your ninth house, which favors overseas travel, foreign cultures and people, publishing, and your worldview. You gain insights into those areas and thanks to a beautiful angle from Jupiter to your sun, your communication ability is greatly heightened. Take advantage of that.

Sagittarius: The financial axis in your horoscope is the focus for this eclipse, specifically the income of a business or personal partner. Jupiter in your second house of earned income is busily working away at increasing what you earn, but the eclipse comes along and prompts you to question something you think is an irregularity. With Mars in your sign, you may be too blunt about expressing this and risk creating conflict. So, be measured and certain of your facts.

Capricorn: With half the zodiac in your sign right now, you may feel pressured about goals you’ve set for yourself for 2020. Or maybe things are expanding so rapidly you’ve bitten off more than you realistically can handle. A business or personal partner, highlighted by this eclipse, may prove to be a helpful a helpful ally and cheerleader. Uranus forms a beneficial angle to your sun sign, so news you hear seems to come out of nowhere and is positive and exciting for you.

Aquarius: The eclipse highlights your sixth house of daily work and the maintenance of your health. You may complete a project for work that a boss or other authority figure questions and are tempted to set the person straight. But that person may just be a reflection of what you’re learning about yourself. Jupiter in Capricorn – along with four other planets in that sign – is busy expanding your self-awareness. Hang in there, Aquarius. Your time will come.

Pisces: Oh, lucky you, Pisces! The eclipse occurs in your fifth house of creativity, romance, kids, and forms a beautiful angle to your sun sign. Your intuition is working overtime to bring you the insight you need and your friends, represented by all the planets currently in your eleventh house, are eager to help. Jupiter is expanding your network of friends and acquaintances and step by step, you are achieving your dreams.

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Ah, those 11s

Recently, I’ve been seeing 11, 1:11 and 11:11. I’m not consciously looking for them, but I’ll be doing something else and suddenly glance at the time on my computer or phone or on my car’s dashboard and there are the numbers. When I see them three times in a short period, a cluster of these numbers, then I pay attention.

Not sure what they mean yet, but here are some historical 11s and some results of the hype around 11s.

The WWI armistice was signed at 11:11 a.m. on the 11th day of the 11th month.

JFK was assassinated on 11/22.

The Mayan calendar ended at 11:11 universal time in 2012.

The U.S. Navy listed the 2012 solstice for 12/21/12 at 11

The Berlin Wall fell on 11/11/89

Yassar Arafat died on 11/11/04

At 11 a.m. on 11/11/1811, Cartagena, Colombia became the second city in South America to declare its independence from Spain.

By 11-11-11, there had been so much hype about 11s that the awareness of the numbers had spread worldwide and resulted in some interesting news stories:

Egypt briefly closed the Great Pyramid on that day because of rumors that it was going to be used for ceremonies celebrating 11-11-11.

USA Today reported, “A lineup of digits a 11 minutes past the 11th hour on 11/11/2011 marks a moment that won’t repeat for 100 years.

In Las Vegas, 3,200 marriage licenses were issued for 11-11-11, three times the usual amount. According to the county clerk, there hadn’t been anything like that since 7-7-07, when 4, 333 licenses were issued.

11:11 on 11-11-11, Veteran’s Day, a boy was born to parents whose mother is an Air Force veteran and whose father is currently serving in the Air Force.

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The Cosmic Journal and Yanik Silver



In late December, we received an email from Yanik Silver through this blog and he asked if he could send us a copy of his new book ahout synchornicity.  The book arrived early in the new year and what a delight it is! Yank illustrated it, the pages are handwritten, and and filled with wisdom. The journal can also be used as an oracle. Ask a question, open the journal at random, point at the page.

I emailed my thanks for this wonderful book and he sent along this synchronicity connected to the writing of the journal.

From Yanik:

What started as an interesting experiment turned into something much bigger than I could have imagined…

Every night for 108 nights, I illustrated a new journal entry.

Originally I saw a challenge online for 100-days of art but I didn’t really think I could do it with all my travel and other things going on. I remember writing in my own journal, I might as well do it and see what happens. But instead of just 100, I wanted to make it more meaningful for me.

In the yogic tradition 108 is a sacred number. I do 108 sun salutations each summer solstice and 108 is a powerful number in many ancient traditions

So many nights I really didn’t want to sit down and work on a new entry. Sometimes it meant a few 4 AM nights, but I made that commitment. I remember one night I literally fell asleep as I drawing a quote and my pen slipped but the entry ended up being so much more powerful with that “on-purpose mistake.”

I did just for myself.

These were direct downloads. Normally, I’d meditate and then just see what wanted to come through me. Pretty personal and sometimes a bit out there.


Sometimes I couldn’t believe “I” had written it. It just flowed through me. I didn’t intend to publish them but as I slowly shared a few with friends, they would love them. Then very hesitantly I put a couple out and got a great response. And then I showed them to a friend who invested in a limited run published, thereby ensuring I actually paid attention and made it a real book.

I’ve never had a project like this. I never had a specific order to the pages when I wrote them for myself, it was just whatever showed up that night. After I sent the original journal to get scanned, I got back contact sheets of these little 2”x 2” squares for each page. My entire kitchen island was covered in these thumbnails figuring out the divine order.


And I knew I was on the right track because I finished sorted the order at exactly 1:11AM.

I then created left-hand prompt pages for the Journal over several days and also finished them at exactly 1:11AM. Wow!! It’s not like I had an alarm and decided to stop at a certain point, it was just divine timing.

But that still isn’t the end of the story…

One of my good friends introduced me to the president of Hay House publishing (the same people that publish Wayne Dyer) and after a quick breakfast meeting, he said he’s never seen anything quite like this. So I immediately fast tracked a book deal for the Cosmic Journal and an oracle deck (coming out later in 2020).

As I was reviewing old journal entries from years back, I stumbled upon this page I drew about Carl Jung from his mysterious Red Book. Jung really wrestling with his “science” and “spiritual” side and The Red Book was published posthumously because he didn’t believe he would be taken seriously as a therapist if he shared everything he channeled. This oversized volume is magnificent with his gorgeous illustrations and calligraphy, he labeled this period of time as fodder for his most meaningful work.


I had doodled a little comic bubble having Jung telling me, “Create Your Own Red Book,” which I feel like the Cosmic Journal really is. And then I did a double-take…111 again! I had to look it up in the Red Book and 111 was the number of the illustration I doodled of the snake and it was plate #111 in there. Love it.

I’ve started referring to the Cosmic Journal as, “The galactic instruction manual you were missing when you were born to fulfill your destiny.”

You can read it cover to cover or flip to a page at “random” like an Oracle to see the perfect message awaiting you from the Universe. I’ve been stunned each time I’ve done this. I’ve had so many synchronicities occur giving me moments of awe and wonder.



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Florida’s Medical Marijuana Cards


In 2016, Floridians overwhelmingly voted in favor of a constitutional amendment to allow medical marijuana. At least 60 percent of voters had to cast a ballot in favor of the amendment, and that happened. But in 2017, Gov. Rick Scott – now a Florida senator – signed a law that banned marijuana smoking in all forms.

That ban was overturned when Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation to repeal it.
Shortly after DeSantis took office in January, he called on the Florida legislature to send a bill to his desk that would legalize medical marijuana by March 15. That happened. It’s now legal in Florida to obtain a medical marijuana card.

There are plenty of doctors to choose from and for the most part, they’re pricey. Several of our friends got their cards, so we asked for the names of the doctors they used. The services ranged from $99 a visit to $249. In addition to the doctor’s visit, the state card costs $77. I chose the doc who charged $99, who was about 12 miles south of our house.

I was early for my appointment and had to fill out a 14-page history on myself. One of the sections included why I thought I would benefit from medical marijuana. I cited an arthritic ankle, which had been sprained many times over the years. The orthopedic doc I’d seen several weeks earlier diagnosed it as osteoarthritis and didn’t understand how I was still able to walk. He scheduled me for an MRI because the X-ray didn’t show enough detail. It turned out my health insurance didn’t cover the particular facility he recommended. I looked for an alternative and ended up in Dr. Wolff’s office on Halloween, the day that Mercury turned retrograde.

“So what other stuff do you have besides your ankle?” he asked.

“Anxiety about trump.”

He laughed. “Yeah, me, too.” He proceeded to tell me about his wife’s experience with a trumper during the test that led up to her open heart surgery.

Once he approved me for basically everything, he explained I would receive an email confirmation about my eligibility in about two weeks and could use that to go to a dispensary. He also advised that I should try the various hybrid products that had both THC and CBD.

My email arrived on November 14. What I learned is simple: medical marijuana is now a booming business. From the local doc to the state card to the number of business dispensaries, weed sells. The business is lucrative. And legal.

Card holders are permitted 2.5 ounces of weed – now termed flower – a month. That’s more than a pound a year, enough to last me a decade. But more importantly are the products offered by these dispensaries. At a dispensary here in Wellington, I bought something called pain relief cream, which is 1:1 THC/CBD. This stuff is amazing, better than Advil, better than anything prescribed by the orthopedic guy who originally saw me. It cost $65 for a 1.7 ounce tube as opposed to the orthopod’s prescription for $100, which didn’t do much.

I returned to the dispensary a week later to see what else they had for pain relief and got a product with a stronger dosage, 250 mg of THC, 25 of CBD. The young man who waited on me informed me I had over 13,000 milligrams left of pain relief gel products. Yes, the state restricts the topical stuff too. But here’s the thing.

When I wake in the morning, my ankle feels fine, swelling is minimal. As I move around through my day, it swells but discomfort is an afterthought. At the gym, I barely notice anything. Today when I went to the dispensary the place was jammed. Yes, some of these people may have been there just to get weed, but so what? Marijuana is not heroine, not cocaine, not oxycontin. It’s what the hippies knew way back when the Vietnam War was raging and the Beatles were still alive. It’s the high that pushes you into the groove of no pain, no discomfort, no hostility, no negatives, just embrace joy.

And hey, my ankle is doing fine!

But here’s an irony. My hairdresser, Angie, told me about a Colombian product sold on Amazon, a homeopathic remedy for inflamation that’s made from marigolds, It’s called Dololed, costs $24 on Amazon, and it essentially has cured my ankle. Inflammation is way down, I can walk normally. And the medical weed card has nothing to do with this.



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Heart breaker…

Philip Merry, a Brit with a cheery name who lives in Singapore, is someone we’ve known by way of  the internet for years, ever since he reached out to us after reading The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity. At the time, Philip was working on his Ph.d in psychology and writing his thesis on synchronicity. For years, he has led self-help seminars and workshops throughout Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

He has teamed with the HeartMath Institute, where researchers have provided breakthrough research linking the physical heart to the spiritual (energetic) heart. To that end, Philip recently was the keynote speaker at the group’s annual conference, this year held in Cancun. That’s a synchronicity of sorts for us since we are writing a book now called Heart I.Q.—Get Out of Your Head and Let Your Heart Lead you to Happiness.

Maybe it’s a double synchronicity since Philip has published a book on happiness. In fact, it was that book that triggered a prophetic moment for him. He was signing the book for a friend at an event and wrote in part, “Keep on breaking hearts.” At the time, he didn’t know why he wrote that. Here’s what he said about it.

“When I sign my book – I am guided what to write – the words just come to me – it feels like I am downloading the words from an energy field.

“In Mexico last month when signing my book for a friend I was guided to write “keep on breaking hearts” (see actual words above) – a strange message, but I just went with the flow. A week later my friend was at a talk where the theme was ‘breaking hearts’ – the speaker said, Hearts must be broken in order to release their light.” My friend wrote to me saying, ‘the idea made a lot of sense to me, and in that very moment I understood why you were inspired to write that for me.’ When you are guided to say or do something – pay attention – your words may be a prophecy of things to come.”

Good advice, Philip.


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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020 and the beginning of a new decade!

January has some interesting astrological events that you can read about in the masthead and in upcoming posts.

We’ve also created a website – – for our non-fiction books on synchronicity and the paranormal. It will include  upcoming books and radio shows/podcast where we’ll be talking about our newest book, Phenomena: Harnessing Your Psychic Abilities.

The print edition of the book will be out this month.


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