Today’s new moon at 4 degrees Pisces is a beauty. New moons are about new opportunities, new people, situations and events and there aren’t any planets rising up against this Pisces moon. Mars, which is exactly sextile at 4 degrees Capricorn, energizes it and facilitates taking what you can imagine and turning it into  a physical reality.

Uranus in Taurus is also closely sextile and promises that opportunities come out of the blue. Mercury, also in Pisces and closely conjunct to the eclipse degree, brings an intuitive quality to the conscious mind.

To see how this new moon impacts your specific sign, read the February forecast in the masthead.

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In the 2016 campaign, there was a point where the head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, manipulated media in subtle – and sometimes not so subtle – ways to favor Hilary Clinton. During one of the debates, Clinton was shown the questions ahead of time. Stuff like that. Now, in 2020, the same thing is happening again.

Even though Bernie leads in most of these polls, the media pundits – including “liberal” MSNBC, are having fun trashing Bernie. “He only has 25 percent,” one of these pundits commented. Well, yeah, but that’s way over what any other candidate has.

Or, this one: “Democrats don’t want a socialist. We need someone more moderate.”

Or. how about this one from Pete Buttigieg? “We’ve got to wake up as a party. Most Americans don’t see where they fit if they’ve got to choose between a socialist who thinks that capitalism is the root of all evil and a billionaire who thinks money ought to be the root of all power.”


A moderate isn’t going to beat trump – not Biden, not Buttigieg, not Klobachar. This country needs radical change and Bernie and Liz Warren have those radical ideas.

So let’s start with Medicare for all. Bernie’s argument is that health care should be a human right, not a for profit business.The main argument I’ve heard against it – from Liz, Buttigieg, Klobachar – is that 160 million Americans LOVE THEIR INSURANCE and shouldn’t be forced to drop it. When I first heard this argument, I exploded with laughter. C’mon. Who are these Americans who LOVE their insurance? Well, supposedly the culinary union in Nevada does. They have 60,000 members. Fine. But who else? 60,000 is way short of 160 MILLION. You? You? Or maybe you?

Socialism, the weaponized word the republicans toss around like they know what it means, is not communism. Social Security is not socialism – we pay into it over the course of our lives, just as we pay into Medicare. This country already has socialism – for the wealthy. It’s why Jeff Bezos, the richest dude on the planet, and Amazon don’t pay anything in taxes. It’s why oil and gas companies get government subsidies. Socialism for the wealthy is now the norm.

So I looked at Bernie’s chart on the night of super Tuesday, March 3, and on election night, November 3, and realized that on both nights, Mercury – the planet of communication that rules voting- will be retrograde. There’s a post coming up soon on how the 2020 election may be a repeat of the one in 2000, when Mercury was turning direct. Hanging chads, recounts, and then the supreme court. The fact that Mercury is also retro on super Tuesday is a kind of mirror of where the democratic party is in 2020.

We have the mainstream dems who want a moderate…you know, the status quo with some minimal changes – and then you have the dem Millennials who, by most reports, are avid Bernie supporters. And with good reason.

They’re inheriting the mess their Boomer parents have left them. Many of them have outrageous student debt with interest rates that rise annually, can’t afford health insurance, and may never own a home because of that student debt. Climate change is real to them. Those kids born around the turn of the millennium – like the Parkland survivors – are a group unto themselves, many of them activists who live on social media, activists who demand change.

I could go on. But here’s the irony. Bernie, who will be 79 on September 8, has the visionary ideas for these younger adults who will inherit the future. And for Boomers who in the 60s called themselves hippies, anti-war protesters, anti-establishment everything, and are now Republicans, Bernie is your worst nightmare. He’s the reminder of what you once rebelled against when you marched for Civil Rights and protested the war in Vietnam. He’s the reminder of what you aspired to – and failed to achieve.

The DNC will fight him all the way. The republicans will dump on him and tear him apart. But that precise Virgo mind of his will prevail, he won’t ever backtrack on what he believes, and he definitely won’t do it for expedience. Around the time of the election, he has some beautiful aspects to his chart that leave me hopeful in spite of Mercury’s tricks.

Liz’s chart is next.

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Tecumseh’s Curse & the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction



Tecumseh’s Curse came about as a result of William Harrison’s dirty dealings over native land. Tecumseh, a Shawnee Native American chief, laid the curse on U.S. presidents who were elected in years divisible by twenty. This curse happens to coincide with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that occurs every 20 years.

Every American president in the past 200 years who has been inaugurated on a Jupiter–Saturn conjunction has either been assassinated or survived an assassination attempt or else has died while in office. Only three, Thomas Jefferson, James Munroe, and George W are exceptions to this rule. Here’s the history of that curse.

In Jan 1841, the conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn was in earth sign Capricorn.  On April 4, 1841 Harrison died of pneumonia contracted at his inauguration in 1840.

In 1861, when Lincoln was elected, the connjunction took place in earth sign Virgo.  On April 14,    1865 Lincoln was assassinated.

In 1881 when Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in earth sign Taurus, Garfield was shot at the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station in Washington D.C. by Charles J. Guiteau, a disappointed and delusional office seeker. The wound was not immediately fatal for Garfield, but he died on September 19, 1881 from infections caused by his doctors. Guiteau was executed for the murder of Garfield in June 1882.

In 1901, when Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in Capricorn, William McKinley was shot. From Wikipedia: “United States President William McKinley was shot on the grounds of the Pan-American Exposition at the Temple of Music in Buffalo, New York, on September 6, 1901. He was shaking hands with the public when anarchist Leon Czolgosz shot him twice in the abdomen.”

From PBS News Hour:

At 7:20 p.m. on the evening of Aug. 2, 1923, a terrible event of national importance occurred in the presidential suite of San Francisco’s Palace Hotel. President Warren G. Harding’s wife, Florence, was reading the “Saturday Evening Post” to him. The article in question was about Mr. Harding and appeared to please him because he was last heard to utter, “That’s good, go on.” Immediately thereafter, he shuddered and dropped dead onto his bed. Jupiter/Saturn were conjunct in air sign Libra in 1921.

FDR died in office in 1945, an event presaged by the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in earth sign Taurus in 1941.

In 1961, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction was in Capricorn, presaging the assassination of JFK in November 1963.

Reagan was elected in 1980 when Jupiter/Saturn were conjunct in air sign Libra, and was shot in 1981 but survived. Did Reagan, whose wife employed astrologer Joan Quigley, break the curse?

In 2000, the conjunction occurred in earth sign Taurus, but George W didn’t die in office.

The next Jupiter Saturn conjunction is on December 21, 2020. It’s at 0 degrees in air sign Aquarius, signaling the beginning of a new age.  It will happen several weeks after the November 3 election. How will this one play out?


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The Mystical Underground, Cassadaga II, episode #0004,

Here’s the second part of our podcast about Cassadaga, where psychic Kathy Herman does an on-the-air reading for Jon.




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Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, communication, short distance travel, siblings, relatives,  your neighborhood.. And yes  Mercury is a trickster. It turns retro three times a year, when it appears to be moving backward relative to earth. In other words an optical illusion. The first Merc retro in 2020 begins on Feb 16, in Pisces, at 7:54  PM ET and ends on March 9, in Aquarius.

We all communicate, so no sign is immune. But because Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, they feel it as much as Pisces, where it turns retro this time. All three signs are mutable signs – flexible in different ways that help them navigate the uncertain terrain.

My advice for getting through these retro periods hasn’t changed much:

Don’t sign contracts unless you don’t ind revisiting the terms.

Don’t make travel plans.

Don’t buy anything with moving parts -cars, electronics, computers.

Don’t travel unless you’re flexible because your plans may change suddenly, inexplicably.

Since miscommunication is rampant, be as clear as possible when you talk or write.

Don’t have surgery.

You may return to the place where you travel.

Old friends and former flames may resurface.

Don’t start new projects.

Don’t make submissions of any kind.

The best advice? Review, rethink, reconsider.

As a Gemini, I’m no fan of these retros. BUT. When I heed my own advice, they are easier to navigate.









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From Nigel’s Secret Journal

Jessie  after Hurricane Wilma, 2005

Nigel & his binky                                                  Los tres amigos

Noah’s final day at the beach                  Noah teaching Nigel how to travel


We love you.

Period. No conditions, no post scripts. No second thoughts. You can be whatever you want to be and that’s fine with us. Fine as long as we aren’t abused or compromised in terms of our own safety. It’s our only condition.

We flow with the fluctuations of your moods, your perceptions, your beliefs. We’ll play when you want to play with us and we’ll bug you when you want to sleep or work or whatever.

Like you, some of us have issues, especially if we’re rescues. We know our own history, personally and collectively, but the only way we can communicate it to you humans is through our behavior. So those of us who misbehave at the dog park – jumping up on you, mounting your dogs, starting fights – well, we’re acting out, we don’t intend harm.

We know you guys don’t think we can communicate with each other, but we have our own language. Sometimes you detect it when a dog has a ball that we want and our bark is insistent, constant – C’mon, share! C’mon, give it to me! Other times, you detect it in our howls, growls, snarls, our wild, carefree barking. You also detect it when you’re watching TV and one of those Golden Retriever ads come on where the Goldens are driving the Suburu and, well, we react.

According to an article in the Smithsonian, we’re all descended from wolves and that it happened some 20,000 to 40,000 years ago.

I don’t think our conscious memories go back quite that far, but our deeper, collective memories do. I can’t let you in on all that since those really deep memories are closely guarded. But I can tell you this: you would not have survived without us and we wouldn’t be what we are today without you.


Love. Unconditional.

And here’s what’s telling in terms of American politics: trump is the only prez in years who hasn’t had a dog in the white house.

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Religions & UFOs

It’s always a tricky matter to ask academics about UFOs and not get a standard dismissive comment. After all, mainstream science doesn’t recognize what many of us have seen and interpreted as something out of the ordinary.

But if you phrase the question the right way, you can get some interesting answers. That’s what did asking a number of academics:  “What religion is most amenable to life on other planets?” (Notice no mention of UFOs or aliens in the question.)

These are abbreviated answers. If you want to see their full answers, go HERE.

Diana Walsh Pasulka

Professor, Philosophy and Religion, University of North Carolina Wilmington, and the author of American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, and Technology

“In many indigenous spiritualities, for example, extraterrestrials, often called “star people,” exist and are even ancestors of certain tribes on Earth. Even in certain Western indigenous spiritualities, such as pre-Christian Irish, for example, extraterrestrials came from the clouds and provided humans with knowledge about how to live.

“Even in the Western traditions—take Catholicism for example—talk of extraterrestrial life has been going on for more than one thousand years. In 1891 Pope Leo XIII established a space observatory (which was there already) to study “unexplained flying objects.” Buddhism also references the existence of other worlds. It is obvious that most religions and spiritualities have considered the existence of beings from other worlds. It is actually not new.”


Buddhism was a popular choice…

Liz Wilson

Professor, Comparative Religion, Miami University of Ohio

“Buddhism, hands down. No other religion offers as vivid a depiction of what life is like on planets far from ours. In Buddhist texts we learn what it feels like, phenomenologically, to be on another planet.”

Karen Pechilis

Professor, Comparative Religions, Drew University

“I think Buddhism is a good candidate for being the religion most friendly to the idea of life existing on other planets….The universal Buddhist prayer is “may all beings be (unselfishly) happy,” which is directed towards everyone, everywhere.”

This researcher included a couple of Christian sects….

Douglas Vokoch

President of Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI), a non-profit research organization that creates and transmits interstellar messages to search for extraterrestrial civilizations

“Admittedly, some traditions will have an easier time than others in absorbing the news that we’re not alone in the universe. Numerous schools of Buddhism and Hinduism posit countless celestial realms, populated by beings more or less spiritually advanced than humans. News of extraterrestrial neighbors would be welcome and easily assimilated.

“Within Christianity, two prominent denominations arose recently enough to be informed by nineteenth-century astronomical observations of planets in our own solar system. The founder of the Seventh-day Adventists had visions of extraterrestrials, and the Latter-day Saint scripture The Pearl of Great Price claims the existence of other inhabited worlds than Earth. In these traditions, aliens are assumed to exist, so no adaptation will be needed.”

Islam got a vote from this prof….

Chris Taylor

Professor of Islamic Studies and Director of the Drew University Center on Religion, Culture & Conflict (CRCC) at Drew University

“In the Islamic tradition, for example, the great twelfth and thirteenth century mystical philosopher Ibn al-‘Arabi would have likely been very comfortable with contemporary theory in physical cosmology that our own universe may well be only one of multiple universes, likely occupying multiple and different dimensions of time and space. Once you can accept something as wild as that, getting your head around extraterrestrial life should be a breeze.”


This lecturer knows which religion doesn’t want any space aliens showing up….

Christian Weidemann

Lecturer, Protestant Theology, University of Muenster; recent papers include ‘Did Jesus Die for Klingons, too?’ and ‘Is the Origin of Life a Fluke? Why the Chance Hypothesis Should Not be Dismissed Too Quickly’

“Every major religion on Earth could easily accommodate the discovery of (intelligent) alien life, with one exception: Christianity.”

And finally, let’s not forget the space brothers…

Kelly Eileen Hayes

Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Indiana University

“While it might sound like the plot of a sci-fi novel, the idea that benevolent and highly advanced beings from other planets are secretly facilitating human evolution is common to a number of religions. Members of the Brazilian religion called the Valley of the Dawn (Vale do Amanhecer), for example, claim to be the spiritual descendants of a race of beings from the distant star Capella, sent by God to jumpstart Earth’s evolution. According to Valley teachings, the elaborate pyramids built by various ancient peoples were actually technologically sophisticated structures for maintaining communications with Capella.”


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Cassadaga – episode #0003 of The Mystical Underground

Here’s our third podcast, where we talk with our first guest, Kathy Herman, a  psychic and psychometrist in the Spiritualist town of Cassadaga, where nearly everyone talks to the dead. We couldn’t do this without our tech wizard, Jon Posey,  who gets a reading from Kathy in the second part of this podcast, which will be posted next week.

Enjoy! We hope you subscribe. You can also find the podcast on all the podcast platforms.




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Today’s full moon in Leo should be filled with – DRAMA! EXCITEMENT!

In the lunar chart above, the full moon forms a beautiful angle to Mars in Sagittarius. Mars is about our physicality, motivation,  ambition, so expect people around you to be revved up.

To find out what this moon means specific to your sign, take a look at the February forecast in the masthead.

Happy howling!


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An “Amazing” Synchronicity

Amazing: overwhelming surprise or astonishment.

For a year or two and probably longer, I’ve heard people over-using and improperly using that word. It has become a handle for almost any situation imaginable. In fact, it’s so overused that if you hear someone around you say, “That’s amazing,” and then hear the very same phrase on the radio or television within seconds, it’s probably not amazing or a synchronicity. It’s just more over-use of the word.

While I was aware that “amazing” was trending in our vocabulary, blowing away “awesome,” it really came into focus for me one day when I was playing disc (Frisbee) golf. I happened to find someone’s lost disc, turned it over and saw a phone number and the name Alex. I texted Alex, telling him what I found and where I found it. A minute later, I got a text back. “You’re amazing.” Gee, I don’t even know this guy and he says I’m amazing. So you would think that he really liked that disc and was very excited about getting it back. Not at all. He went on to say, keep it. He didn’t care about the disc. So maybe he thought I was amazing for taking the effort d to text him. Whatever. (Oops! Another over-used term.)

So after that, I started noticing that the word, more and more frequently, referred to things that definitely were not amazing. “This salad is amazing;” “Your eyebrows look amazing;” “The lighting for this selfie is amazing.”

Those examples were  how an article about “amazing” began in the New York Daily News recently. It was headlined: Why celebrities and millennials should stop using the word ‘amazing.’ The writer not only noted that ‘amazing’ at some point replaced awesome, but that long ago in the Sixties before the Millennials were born all things were ‘groovy.’  The article reports that there are curmudgeons among us who write on a blog dedicated solely to complaining about the overuse of the word. The writer ends her piece by saying we should go back to the basics. “The truth is, we should reserve amazing for truly astounding moments. That would be groovy, awesome and amazing.”

Back in the day, as in 1779, when amazing was really amazing, John Newton wrote Amazing Grace, a hymn that was truly amazing.

Finally, no sooner had I stopped reading the Daily News article when I got a group e-mail from an on-line friend, Brandon, who was promoting an acquaintance’s website. He wrote: “Her Native American artistry grows more amazing to me each time I go to her website to see what her latest creations. Take a look for yourself. I did. It’s actually a blog.

Her work does seem quite unique, and yes, maybe  amazing. Brandon, by the way, is about fifty years older than the millennials, and probably has a good idea when something is really amazing.

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Pudding Synchros – Again

This synchro story posted on Facebook by Michael R. Donohue popped up on my phone the other day. I noticed that two or three people had shared it, so I figured Michael wouldn’t mind my repeating it here. What caught my attention about it is that the subject matter – pudding – reminded me of a well known mind-boggling and humorous synchronicity about pudding. I retell that one after Michael’s story. Here it is:

“Some time ago, I had an odd disturbing dream. I was in a dark creepy haunted house. My mother was there which I would find somewhat disturbing even when she was alive. She had made bread pudding. And I have never had bread pudding as far as I know, and had no clear sense of what it is. In the dream in that house it seemed pretty weird and gross. Being silly, a day or so ago I referred to a Facebook friend’s dessert photo as “blood pudding.”

“This brought that dream to mind. Tonight my son and I went out for dinner and dessert. He ordered bread pudding, of all things. This again put me in mind of the recently remembered dream. I was thinking that seemed like a synchronicity when my gaze fell on a cappuccino machine with “Synchro” emblazened upon it, as pictured. Weirdsville.”


Okay, that’s a somewhat interesting synchronicity, especially since it came with related art! Haha. However, I probably wouldn’t have copied it for a blog post if the story hadn’t reminded of the baffling series of synchronicities experienced by a 19th century French poet named Emile Deschamps. Synchronicities usually take place instantly when two similar, but unrelated experiences come together.

For example, I (Rob) was getting ready for an interview on a podcast in which the interviewer wanted to talk to us about synchronicity. So I was paging through our book, The Synchronicity Highway,  and noticed that in a chapter called, “Critter Coincidences,” we’d written a section about flies. I had no recollection of what that was about, so I started reading it and immediately a fly buzzed past my head. So the two similar but unrelated experiences came together at once.

But in the case of Emile Deschamps, his synchronicities literally took place over decades. Here’s his story.

As a teenager, Deschamps meets a man with a strange name, Monsieur de Fortgibu. De Fortgibu was an immigrant from England, and he introduces Deschamps to a very English dessert: plum pudding.

Ten years went by. One day, Deschamps passes a Paris restaurant that had plum pudding on the menu. He goes inside, only to be told the last of the plum pudding was just sold to a gentleman sitting in the back. Amazingly, Deschamps recognized the man as Mr. de Fortgibu. In one version of this story, de Fortgibu shares that last pudding with Deschamps. In that version, the waiter calls out, “Mr. de Fortgibu, would you be willing to share your plum pudding with this gentleman?” (Hard to imagine that part of the story!)

Years pass, and Deschamps is at a dinner party with some friends.

The host announces that an unusual dessert will be served. You guessed it — plum pudding. Deschamps jokingly says that one of the guests at the party must be Monsieur de Fortgibu. He’s about to tell his plum pudding story when the doorbell rings and an old man enters. Amazingly, Deschamps recognizes him as none other than  Mr. de Fortgibu. The doddering old man looks around and realizes that he has knocked on the wrong door. He was invited to a dinner party — but not there.

We told this story before on the blog, maybe a couple of times. So after reading the bread pudding story, it seemed about time to re-tell the famous plum pudding synchro.

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Who is John Bolton?

He’s a Scorpio.


Anyone who ever watched old Perry Mason TV shows or Law & Order or To Kill a Mockingbird knows that all trials have evidence. And witnesses. And a judge. The travesty today in the senate lacked evidence, witnesses, but not a judge. Roberts did what he was assigned, kept the decorum, asked the senator questions, introduced who would speak – PTA type stuff.

But what was he feeling throughout a sham trial in which no evidence was presented and witnesses were denied? Was he embarrassed? Apparently not. He took that last vote with a relatively expressionless face. Oh so sorry the senate voted, we don’t want witnesses.
With Bolton’s two revelations today – from his upcoming book – why hasn’t be gone on some news shows, and vomited what he knows? C’mon, dude, you have your pick. Get in front of a mike. But I suspect these revelations are his tease – to publicize his book and to drive trump nuts.

Bolton is a Scorpio. He’s playing a Scorpio game and that means he intends to get even with trump. But first, those book sales.

The pre-orders for his book on Amazon have multiplied. And the book won’t be out until March 17. I won’t be buying it. Bolton lacked courage in the way he handled this. When he was subpoenaed by the house, he went to the courts and asked them to rule on if he could testify in spite of trump’s orders not to. But he claimed he was willing to testify before the senate if he was called. And on the day of a crucial vote, two excerpts from his book were leaked/released that were damning for trump’ defense. Trump’s lawyers mentioned it only at the end of their defense and trump himself tweeted, of course, that Bolton was lying.

So Bolton, who should have done the honorable thing by going on any news channel, did the expedient thing, tossed out a few tantalizing nuggets to sell books.

Our government isn’t just broken. It’s a total mess, chaotic. Pat Cipollone, trump’s attorney in the senate trial, was supposedly in the room when trump made that call to the Ukraine. That’s from Bolton’s book. And if it’s true, how is it legal for Cipollone to be a witness AND the defense attorney?

On Tuesday, Feb 4,  trump will give the state of the union speech. This will the night before the senate will acquit him.  The next nine months until the election wall feature trump at his wildest and most unpredictable and, most of the time, as just batshit crazy.

Welcome to America, home of the coward, the easily intimidated, the soulless autocrats. C’mon, Bolton. Step up to the plate apart from pushing your book. Tell us. Speak publicly.  Defy that Scorpio penchant for secrecy. Become a hero.


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Episode 2 of the Mystical Underground Podcast

Here’s our second podcast. We’re anticipating that the third will have our first guest and be 60 minutes. Enjoy!



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