A more positive spin on Mercury retrograde

Three times a year, Mercury – the planet of communication – turns retrograde, where it appears to be moving backward relative to earth. It’s typically a time when communication goes haywire, travel plans change without warning, computers and phones crash, you miss appointments, emails don’t arrive, money is late arriving. There are plenty of do NOTs for these retro periods – which we’re in until July 12 – but how can we use these periods in a positive sense?

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to reconsider, rewrite, rethink. But it’s also a time when our natural intuitive and psychic ability can roar out of hiding, as if to help compensate for what’s going haywire in the outside world.

Along with heightened intuition, synchronicities are likely to proliferate – often to guide us or to confirm a pending decision. Sometimes, these synchros manifest themselves as an impulse to do or try something we haven’t done before. This type of synchronicity seems to have become more prominent during the pandemic. I think this is because our natures are inherently creative and when we’re cooped up and living through unfamiliar chaos, synchronicities occur to remind us of who and what we are and who we are becoming. They show up to illustrate that magic exists regardless of what’s going on around us.

We can be more reflective during Mercury retrogrades and often emerge from these periods with greater clarity about where we’re going.

I know it’s tough to look at retrogrades favorably when your computer is crashing and someone has stolen your credit card. But try!




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The Mystical Underground: Hilary Hemingway: The Spirit Of Hemingway

A new episode of The Mystical Underground is live! “Hilary Hemingway: The Spirit Of Hemingway”:

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with…

Hilary Hemingway is a screenwriter and coauthor of five books, two on alien abduction, Dreamland and Dreamchild, one on time travel called, Time Blender. She also wrote a semi-biographical novel, Hunting with Hemingway, and a biography of her uncle titled, Hemingway In Cuba. Hilary has also worked in broadcasting TV for WGCU – PBS where she produced segments of Media Watch, Expressions and a episode for Literary Explorer. It featured Hemingway’s life and work in Cuba and was hosted by her husband, Jeff Lindsay, creator of the Dexter novels and the Showtime TV series.

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Where’s the love?


In early 1980s, Robert Plutchik, an M.D., psychologist, and researcher, defined eight core emotions that everyone experiences. He grouped them into four pairs of polar opposites— joy-sadness, anger-fear, trust-distrust, surprise-anticipation.

In the 90’s, Paul Ekman, another psychologist specializing in emotions, reduced the number of core emotions to anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise. He refined Plutnik’s concept of emotional intensity. In refining Plutnik’s concepts, he established a classification system based on measuring the 42 facial muscles, which we use to express those six core emotion.

More recently, new research from the University of Glasgow suggested there are only for core emotions—happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. Apparently, fear and surprise shared common facial signals, such as eyes wide open and others, indicating that they constitute one primary emotion, not two. Similarly, for anger and disgust, the researchers found that the nose initially wrinkles, implying anger and disgust are the same core emotion as well.

Meanwhile, Lance Drozda, founder of I-Am-Heart, an emotional support organization for young boys, spells out five basic emotions: joy, fear, anger, disgust and sadness in an article on his website www.iamheart.ca.

However, none of these researchers include love as a core emotion. In the chart at the top of the post, you can see subsets of emotions, and love doesn’t fall into any of them. So what happened to love?

So I went to the www.theanatomyoflove.com to find out why love isn’t an emotion recognized by the scientific mainstream. Here’s what I found.

“Love certainly feels like an emotion; an incredibly strong one. But in the scientific community, the conservative definition of an emotion is a facial expression.  Happiness, sadness, disgust, anger, surprise:  these and the other basic emotions can be seen easily on the face.  But drives (like hunger) are not linked with a specific facial expression.”

Grimace…Where’s the passion in these studies?

Let’s go back to an ancient times. The concept of “basic” or “primary” emotions dates back at least to the Book of Rites, a first-century Chinese encyclopedia that identifies seven ‘feelings of men’: joy, anger, sadness, fear, love, disliking, and liking.

Interesting that the Chinese from 2,000 years ago included most of the same emotions with one notable exception…the addition of love.

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If you live in PDT, this lunar eclipse happens at 9:44 p.m. tonight. If you’re in EDT, it happens at 12:44 a.m. tomorrow morning.

This eclipse is the third in a series that started on June 5 (lunar, Sagittarius), with a solar eclipse (Cancer) on June 21, and now this one, a lunar eclipse in Capricorn. It’s the last until December. Lunar eclipses concern internal events – how we feel, what we intuit, and are usually deeply personal. To find out how this one impacts you, look here, under the July forecast in the masthead and your sign.

P.S. Usually on July 4, we wish each other Happy 4th, but this year, it’s hard to celebrate. The country is embroiled in such chaos – pandemic, economic meltdown,  the deaths of more than 130,000 Americans, and the daily risk of an incompetent and criminal administration and president – that there’s not much to celebrate. But  stay safe, wear masks,  and stay well!

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Chaos by the Numbers


Holly Granquist is a numerologist. She and I connected initially through IG, then she sent me an article she’d written in 2018 that connected a number of events through numbers. It was long and complex. In this email, she spells things out.  There’s a lot of information here.

from Holly:

Hi Trish,

Here are some thoughts on the Pandemic that I said I would send you.

But before I go into that, I have a revision to make on the Presidential election. I missed something important. With regard to mail in votes, the results could well be delayed even up to a week, and then there very well may be a different result with regard to the prediction I made. I know a lot of money is being put into Joe Biden’s campaign, even from a group of Republicans, but Trump is a crook, and he scams most everything he is involved with. Regarding the date December 21 or 31, 2020 and the Age Of Aquarius, I know that you are the one who knows about this, but I do believe the world as we know it is about to change drastically. I also believe that the President in 2024 will be a democrat and a woman. Millions and millions of people in the US will not sit placidly by while democracy is destroyed and a fascist regime gets a stronghold.  This will not work out and particularly as we come into the Aquarian age.

Here the numbers I got on the Pandemic: First case in china – 11-17 2019 = 13.4, in the Tarot the number of death and a bad number with regard to the virus.  Number 11 –  first master number and powerful. Number 17.8 is the number of death.  While 14.5 has a component with death and resurrection, number 17.8 is the death number (in Italy it appears on Roman tombs). And  2020 = 4, physical structure. So it might be said that this date brought about something that was powerful, deadly and physical in nature.

Date of first diagnosed American citizen with virus: Jan. 19 2020 = 6 – home family and harmony. The person who had the first diagnosis in the US returned from Wuhan, China on Jan. 15, 2020 = 11, first master number and very powerful. 6+11=17.8, the number of death. 8 can also be a travel number.

Regarding how long the virus will be in around, I believe the essential structure of the virus will be in play for 101 year, and here’s why. The Spanish flu in 1918 was 101 years from the current Pandemic in 2020, with a global palindrome on Feb 2, 2020 = 33.8.333. ^The next global palindrome will be in 101 years, on 12 12, 2121 = 3-3-3-3. The 4th 3 is the cure. In the coming years working from home will become more important, and harmony in the home will become more of an issue with changes happening there – 33  – 333 = 15.6  the number of home and family.

Well I could go on and on with this as I am fascinated with the numbers connected too the Pandemic. It is easier to put facts together with numbers in retrospect, but my hope is to make predictions for the future that are accurate.

Best regards,

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Pandemic Stuff


Dates. On Wednesday, March 11, WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. The next day, on March 12, I drove to Orlando for wine walk that evening. Rob stayed at home. He was supposed to have elective surgery the following week and needed to go through X-rays, blood work and so on.

Megan and I returned the next day, Friday March 13, and she stayed for the weekend. Rob didn’t feel great that weekend and Megan and I kept our distance.

By the time she returned to Orlando on Monday, March 16, Rob’s elective surgery was postponed for a week because there were several COVID patients in the hospital where he would be. But the following week, elective surgeries were cancelled. He no longer needs the elective surgery. My joke is that COVID cured him.

Am I asymptomatic?

Two weeks later, on May 17, Florida had 44,811 cases. Today, June 26, we’ve been open since Memorial Day weekend and we have 122, 960 cases, with nearly 9000 new cases today. And today – in about five weeks – the number of cases have increased by 24,592 cases a week. Today, Florida is a hot spot because it closed too late and opened too early.
And today, Pence, the self-declared Christian, remarked that the country is in a good place. We’ve come back, we’re ready to move forward. Really? With more than 46,000 new cases a day in this country, more than 126,000 deaths, well, none of that is real in the trump bubble. And wearing masks has become politicized.

Overall, it’s a shit show.

Where will be by July 11, four months to the day that WHO declared a pandemic?
For accurate statistics, I monitor several sites. I’m less trustful of anything the CDC puts out because they seem to have abdicated whoever they used to be. For global stats, I use the worldometer – independent of the U.S. and CDC.

For Florida statistics, I’ve bypassed the Florida Department of Health since I learned that scientists Rebeka Jones was fired for refusing to fix the case numbers to justify opening the state of Florida. I think she was fired in early May. Since then, she has created her own dashboard .

She offers information that Governor DeSantis and his health department don’t. In fact,
according to an interview that Jones gave to The Guardian UK, DeSantis is trying to massage the numbers of cases to make things in Florida look like it’s all under control so y’all come on down for July 4, our beaches are open!

So here we are. Tomorrow, I’m going to find a place where I can be tested for antibodies, for free. I don’t know is antibodies makes us immune, but it will at least tell me whether I’ve had the virus and have developed antibodies.


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July kicks off in the shadow of the second Jupiter/Pluto conjunction of 2020 that occurred on June 30. Both planets are retrograde, so the focus is on large-scale achievements in the past. This conjunction occurs ever 13 years and the last one occurred in December 2007.

On July 5, at 12:44 a.m. EDT and on July 4 at 9:44 p.m. PDT, there’s a lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn. Jupiter is widely conjunct the eclipse degree and Uranus in Taurus forms a beneficial angle to it. Because it falls on the country’s birthday, there may be a surprise of some kind involving the presidential campaigns. Given the recent spike in corona virus cases in some states, there could be news of some sort about a landmark reached in terms of cases. As of today, June 29, the U.S. has more than 126,000 deaths from the virus and more than two and a half million cases. Worldwide, there are more than eight and a half million cases.

July 12 marks the end of Mercury retrograde and a sun/Neptune trine helps us all move forward again. Sign your contracts, touch base with your employees and employers, send out resumes and manuscripts, and book a trip if you’re comfortable about traveling again.
July 20 features a new moon at 28 degrees Cancer, the second new moon in Cancer this month. With Mercury now in direct motion and Neptune trine the moon, things generally feel softer, more compassionate, and creative.

On July 30, Mercury and Jupiter are opposed to each other and it’s easy to get caught up in excessive optimism.

For the full July forecast for all 12 signs, look in the masthead.

Or, you can listen here:


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The Mystical Underground: Mike Clelland – Owls, Aliens, And Synchronicities

A new episode of The Mystical Underground is live! “Mike Clelland – Owls, Aliens, And Synchronicities”:

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with…

Mike Clelland is the author of “The Messengers,” a book that explores the mysterious connection between owls, synchronicities and UFO abduction. It was his first-hand experiences with these elusive events that have been the foundation for his research. This book is also a personal memoir, and a journey of self discovery. But it also has dozens of stories from other people who have had strange and startling experiences with owls.

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Arlene’s Triple Synchro

My friend Arlene Ortner called me today while Rob and I were at the dog park. She had a synchronicity- and could I talk now?

Arlene’s synchros are always terrific, and often layered, like this one,  which involves her sister Barbara, who died on July 11, 2013. She was Arlene’s older sister, born on September 30, 1944.

On this particular morning , June 24, Arlene was having her coffee and doing her Palm Beach Post crossroad puzzle, as she does most mornings. She followed  a clue and wrote a fancy B, like her sister, Barbara used  to. She wrote over it, fixing the B so it looked like her handwriting, sort of smudging it. You can see it highlighted in yellow in the picture.  Then she looked at the clue for the word under the B. It’s BARB.

First the fancy B, then the word Barb, a shortened version of her sister’s name. Later that day, Barb’s husband, Lance, dropped by the house to see Arlene and her husband, Neil.  She told him about the synchro.

This cluster of synchronicities about her sister also points to spirit communication, I think. In some way, Barb is reaching out to Arlene, perhaps telling her that life is a puzzle that each of us must work out. And sometimes synchronicity holds the key.

As Arlene says, “I think about her every day.”



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What If…


Two decades into the twenty-first century, more and more people are accepting the reality of paranormal experiences, according to the polls. While mainstream science and skeptics argue that you shouldn’t trust your own experiences related to the paranormal, it is those personal encounters with the paranormal that turn people into believers. Meanwhile, more and more scientists, through their research and own experiences, are endorsing the validity of visions, of phenomena. Even taboo subjects such as UFOs and alien encounters are on the table for consideration.

The power of the Internet and social media, websites and blogs, online magazines, and podcasts, have made it easy to connect with others worldwide who have experienced what you have. Fear of ridicule is a fading anachronism of the past.

A Google search for “radio shows and podcasts that focus on the paranormal” returned nearly eight million links. A search for “websites, blogs, and online magazines about the paranormal” delivers more than eight million links. When you limit the search to “UFOs,” the links soar to 214 million. If you simply Google “synchronicity,” more than eight million links come up. All told, Google delivers 238 million links for the types of experiences included in this book.

That’s a lot of company! Maybe some of those millions have only experienced hunches or dreams that seemed to presage a future event or a powerful synchronicity that seized their attention. But they’re open minded and interested in these events and experiences.

This growing collective curiosity and fascination with the mysterious and unknown is everywhere in popular culture. TV shows like Stranger Things to Travelers, Timeless, Dark, and Project Bluebook reflect the notion that reality is vastly different from what we’ve been taught. Movies like The Matrix, Twelve Monkeys, Inception, Get Out and Us carry these ideas about the paranormal into even newer and stranger territory that compel us to speculate about what ifs.

What if, as the Many Worlds Theory contends, there are worlds that spin off from every decision we make? Suppose there’s a version of you living a life where you didn’t marry your current spouse? Where you had three kids? Where your mother didn’t die from complications of Alzheimer’s?

What if it’s possible to cure cancer and other diseases through the focus of our minds and emotions?

What if there are people who can move objects with their minds, see into the future, feel planetary or manmade disasters hours, days or even weeks before they occur?

It begins to sound as if we’re all living in a Stephen King novel, where nothing is the way it should be, the way we were taught.

Perhaps the true nature of what it means to be human is found in these what if scenarios, where a new paradigm intends to be born regardless of the way the old paradigm pushes against it, criticizes and ridicules.

Throughout history, people have been guided by visions, trances, dreams, spirit contact. Mystical experiences are about journeys beyond our physical limitations, beyond the everyday world, journeys in which we recognize the interconnectedness of all things, and come away with a sense of peace and universal love, an awareness of a guiding force, a sense of being changed. Even though our culture seems permeated with polarizing points of view, at a deeper level we are all manifested from the same Genie bottle of consciousness.

We all have psychic abilities to one degree or another. We are more than just our physical bodies. We can tap into a collective soup of knowledge and wisdom that expands who we are and what we can do. We aren’t all Marvel super heroes, but the potential exists in each and every one of us to become more than who we currently are.

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Trump’s Tulsa


There’s probably not a synchro here, unless we consider that trump got duped into believing his Tulsa rally would be like nothing no one had ever seen by a bunch of media savvy teens. It sort of feels like the trickster is alive and well.

Full disclosure: I don’t like John Bolton. He’s too much of a war hawk for me. He should have testified at trump’s impeachment hearing, but held out instead for making royalties on the sales of his book. The book, In This Room, was supposed to have been published in March, but the trumpies went to court to block it. Recently, a federal court judge ruled that the book couldn’t be blocked. It’s supposed to come out on Tuesday, June 23.

I’m deeply curious about Bolton’s book, but I didn’t intend to buy it. I might have considered it if he’d testified at trump’s impeachment trial, but not now.

Yet, today, a friend sent me a PDF of the book and into my library it went. Trump, of course, is already calling it just a bunch of lies, which is humorous considering he’s the Thor of liars. Lies are his thunderbolts – and those bolts fell flat in Tulsa. Oops, your supposed ticket reservations that were supposedly in the millions were perpetrated by a bunch of media savvy teens who requested tickets and never showed up.

That stage your people were setting up outside for the overflow crowd? It was quickly dismantled. You didn’t look too happy, trump, when you returned to D.C. Kinda hurts, right? You got duped by teens.

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The Mystical Underground: The Magic In the Madness

A new episode of The Mystical Underground is live! “The Magic In the Madness”:

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with…

Alexis Brooks is a #1 best-selling author, journalist, researcher and talk show host covering alternative news, spirituality and subjects rooted in metaphysics.

http://www.higherjourneys.com is her official web site where you can explore and examine the true nature of consciousness and reality, the universe, and our innate connection to it all!

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Solar Eclipse in Cancer

June 21. The longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, Father’s Day. It’s also the day of a solar eclipse at 00 degrees Cancer. This eclipse in the 2nd of three this summer – a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5, this solar eclipse in Cancer, and on July 5, a lunar eclipse in Capricorn.

Solar eclipses take place during a new moon and are generally about new beginnings. But there are several things moving against it with this eclipse. First, Mercury is retrograde in Cancer and Venus is retrograde in Gemini. The Merc retro lasts until July 12 and the Venus retro until June 24. Mercury governs communication and travel and Venus governs your love life and finances.

So, with this kind of iffy stuff part of the eclipse picture, what can we expect?
The focus here is on new opportunities that emerge around home, family, your roots, your country. The 00 degrees of a cardinal sign is powerful and given all the turmoil now in the country, it will impact each of us differently.

If you live in one of the states where corona virus cases are spiking because you reopened too soon, you may decide to retreat for a few weeks. If that isn’t an option for your current job, be sure you take the usual precautions that have become our new normals. Face masks. Hand washing and sanitizers. That six feet of physical distancing.

Whatever you’ve learned about yourself and your life choices so far during the lockdown may prove helpful. Some of us may have realized we dislike what we do for a living and are prepared to make changes, to move toward our passions. Others among us may have realized our current partnerships are flawed at a level too deep to reconcile – or are ideal for who we are becoming. The past several months have been a wakeup call and whether or not we heard that call will be obvious during and around this solar eclipse.

Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius forms a perfect angle of 150 degrees to the eclipse. Saturn represents structures, government, the status quo, business as usual. But this particular angle suggests adjustments in that status quo. We’re starting to see that after the murders of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks in proposed legislation to rein in police. This adjustment is also apparent after trump’s shameless display in Lafayette Square, where he used the U.S. military to clear protesters for his photo op in front of St. John’s church. You know the op I’m talking about – where he held an upside bible.

According to The Guardian, this stunt peeled away some of trump’s most loyal Evangelicals. “The staunchest of evangelicals, 90-year-old televangelist Pat Robertson, split from Trump on Tuesday,” – the day after the stunt. “Trump can’t afford to lose evangelicals, even by the handful. A record 81% of white evangelicals voted for him in 2016, and he only narrowly won the presidency, sometimes by just a few thousand votes in crucial areas.” So be on the lookout for news in this area, too.

It’s possible the eclipse could reveal what type of paradigm shift this is.

For how this eclipse affects you personally, take a look at the June forecast in the masthead.

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