The Mystical Underground: Axl Rose And Aliens

A new episode of The Mystical Underground is live! “Axl Rose And Aliens”:

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with…

Our guest today is Debra Page, a long-time psychic investigator, student of Buddhism and Sufism, and a life-long experiencer with alien beings.

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This month is jammed with celestial events – two eclipses, Mercury turns retrograde, Neptune turns retrograde, and Venus, which turned retro in May, finally turns direct again on June 25. Also, on June 30, there’s the second of three exact conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto. The first was April 4. Buckle up.

About that first Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. On April 4, here are some facts about that day (CNN):

The figures: The novel coronavirus has infected more than 1.1 million people and killed more than 60,000 worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. The US has more than 300,000 cases and more than 8,100 deaths, according to revised figures.

The US: More than 8,300 people have died, with 1,224 deaths reported so far on Saturday, the most deaths reported in one day thus far. Wyoming is the only state yet to report a coronavirus death.

US marks record for most new coronavirus deaths reported in a single day.
Dr. Deborah Birx: ‘This is the moment to not be going to the grocery store, not going to the pharmacy.

Today (May 24) in comparison, the U.S. has 1,668,493 cases and nearly 98, 706 deaths. Each day there are 20,000 plus new deaths. But all 50 states are in some stage of reopening. Just pay attention to events that occur on or around June 30.
And also, during these times of uncertainty, pay attention to any synchronicities that occur in your life. It’s a guidance system.

The last time we had three eclipses back to back – the two this month and a lunar eclipse on July 5 – was 1988, so this is a relatively rare event. As with most eclipses, if you don’t experience anything on or within a couple of days on either side of the eclipse, something may occur a month to the date. So let’s look at June’s eclipses.

The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5 is a time of completion. Given the Mercury retro that begins on June 17, tie up projects before then. The eclipse gives you the opening you need in that regard. Mars forms a perfect square to the eclipse and that could mean that disagreements may occur and tempers flare. Also, this eclipse is opposed to Venus, so that may complicate your love life and/or your finances.

The dates for the Mercury retrograde in Cancer: June 17- July 12. The drill for these retros:

Don’t sign contracts
Don’t make travel plans
Don’t start anything new
Revise, review, reconsider
Don’t submit manuscripts
Don’t buy a car or anything electronic
Re-check appointments

To check on the June forecast for your, look in the masthead.


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The Mystical Underground: Star Power For June 2020

A new episode of The Mystical Underground is live! “Star Power For June 2020”:

Trish’s forecast for June 2020:

This month is jammed with celestial events – two eclipses, Mercury turns retrograde, Neptune turns retrograde, and Venus, which turned retro in May, finally turns direct again on June 25. Also, on June 30, there’s the second of three exact conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto. The first was April 4.

I’ll cover the eclipses by signs, but the dates for the Mercury retrograde in Cancer are: June 17- July 12. The drill for these retros:
Don’t sign contracts
Don’t make travel plans
Don’t start anything new
Revise, review, reconsider
Don’t submit manuscripts
Don’t buy a car or anything electronic
Re-check appointments

For those of you who would rather read than listen, the written forecast is in the masthead.

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Trump is a virus.

He’s contagious.

He’s lethal.

He has taken a country of laws, a democracy that is nearly 250 years old, a democracy with a constitution and a bill of rights and freedom of speech and religion, and turned it all inside out, upside down. And because he’s a conman who is media savvy – about the only thing he has going for him – he knows how to whip up chaos.

It’s a bully tactic, this chaos. The real hardcore bully doesn’t care if you know who he or she is. That kind of bully lies – and you get expelled from school. That kind of bully is your buddy – until he isn’t and trashes you in public. He’s the boss who lavishes you with perks until you do or decide something he considers to be disloyal to his vision. Then he attacks you through his twitter megaphone. He impugns you. Accuses you. He becomes the Pitt bull that you once thought of as a Golden Retriever.

He used to be a buffoon on reality TV. During his campaign, the media loved him, gave him billions in free air time because he was so outrageous, such an asshole, that he was good for ratings. But hey, they assured everyone. He won’t win.

The pundits and the polls, the astrologers and psychics, were all wrong. The electoral college loved him. The popular vote went to the woman, you know, that Clinton, Hillary. But with the electoral college involved, what the people voted for doesn’t count. And remind me, why do we have an electoral college in the 21st century?

Media pundits said, “Oh, he’ll act presidential once he’s inaugurated. Give him some time.”

Like he was puppy who would be house trained as soon as he understood the drill. Thing is, trump never got the drill because that’s not who he is. With him, what you see is what you get – the racism, misogyny, hatred, divisiveness and stupidity of a man who believes being president makes him king, emperor, supremo leader, a savior, a god.

This is the man about whom the children’s story was written, you know, about the emperor who wore no clothes. That same theme fit the wizard in The Wizard of Oz. Pull back the curtain and…oops, there’s the Big Lie. He’s all smoke and mirrors, a germaphobe who refuses to wear a mask when in public, and stuffs his face every night while glued to Fox News.

This “morbidly obese man,” as Nancy Pelosi referred to him, attacks his enemies about their weight, appearance, ethnicity, age, and anything else he can come up with. And then we look at him, a fat orange man with silly hair and belly fat that rolls over the belt of his golf pants. We look at his small hands and little stubby fingers and the way his mouth purses when he says things like the “virus is a hoax…it’ll magically disappear in April…hydroxychloroquine… disinfectant…”

A shot of Clorox, anyone?

What I would love to know is how republicans who acquitted this man during the impeachment trial feel now. Here in Florida, we’re surrounded by his sycophants: Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Governor DeSantis. My question to the three of you: why have you sold your souls to a fat orange man who lies every time he opens his mouth?

By the sources that keep count, there are more than 18,000 lies.

But all of that aside, I don’t understand how any woman- of any color, religious belief, culture, age – can support a man who talks and acts like your worst nightmare of a friend, a partner, a father, son, uncle, nephew, cousin. Go here to read about how he refers to women.

But hey, if you love the guy, if you think he inoculates you when you don’t wear a mask because he doesn’t, if you think he gives a shit about you and you family during this pandemic, if you believe he’s a tough guy who will keep all those awful immigrants from taking over this country,  then hey, vote for him.  And good luck in the coming apocalypse!

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Quantifying Synchros

Sometimes coincidences pass us by and we don’t even notice. Although later you might recognize some of them if the incidents come to mind, and you might wonder how you hadn’t recognized them immediately. For example, say you bump into another car in a parking lot as you were both backing out of your spots. You exchange insurance info and write down the car license of the other person’s vehicle. Only later, when you look at it, you realize the numbers on that license plate are identical to the numbers on yours…except in reverse. Beyond that you see now the person’s first name is the same as your spouses, who you were arguing with awhile before the accident. But you didn’t notice those two coincidences until later.

Once you notice a coincidence, you may write it off as just chance, or you might suspect that it happened for a deeper reason, in other words a meaningful coincidence—aka a synchronicity.

David Spiegelhalter at the University of Cambridge collected 4,470 coincidences, and found the 58 percent of them included words related to family or loved ones. That suggests that people are more likely to notice coincidence involving people close to them.

Spiegelhalter’ s research was featured in an article on coincidence that appeared in The Atlantic on May 6, 2016.

An analysis made of the findings found that the five most common types of coincidences were about:

  • Sharing a birthday with someone (11 percent)
  • Connections involving books, TV, radio, or the news (10 percent)
  • Vacation-related coincidences (6.1 percent)
  • Meeting people in transit—while walking around, in airports, or on public transportation (6 percent)
  • Coincidences related to marriage or in-laws (5.3 percent).

Notice that two of the categories involve travel – vacation or in-transit synchros. Those are quite common and the subject of our book,  The Synchronicity Highway. Coincidences related to marriage—like divorce and hospital visits—are about life events involving our emotions, which was one of our categories in our book,The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity. If you notice the patterns in the graphic at the top, the findings also show a lot of connections with numbers and dates, which often appear in clusters—another category in 7 Secrets.

Academics who study coincidence tend to be most interested in categorizing and quantifying, a traditional method of analysis. But it’s also a dry one. Because what people mostly want to know about their synchronicities is what do they mean? That’s a subject that is difficult to quantify. As the author of the Atlantic article wrote: “What I learned writing a feature about coincidences is that a coincidence is in the eye of the beholder. Or rather, the mind of the beholder.”

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The Mystical Underground: All In The Family

A new episode of The Mystical Underground is live! “All In The Family”:

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with…

Kathleen Marden is the author of CAPTURED: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO EXPERIENCE. She is a practitioner of regression hypnosis and the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Her interest in UFOs and contact began in 1961, when her aunt and uncle, Betty and Barney Hill had a close encounter and subsequent abduction in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

She has been a researcher of UFO contact phenomena since 1990 and is the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) Director of the Experiencer Research Team, a group of 30 specialists who offer support, nonjudgmental listening, and referrals to experiencers. She is an advisory board member and consultant to the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE). Kathleen has earned a B.A. degree in social work and worked as an educator and education services coordinator while attending graduate school.

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I’m recording this on May 22, but it pertains to March 27, nearly two months ago, when I made the actual entry. My human has been a little slow getting this together.

In February, I heard my humans  talk about a virus. I didn’t understand the word when I first heard it. My vocabulary with words that begin with V is limited. Vanish, victory, villain, vamos (I sometimes hear Spanish). I figured it might be a name.

Then one day in early March, I noticed how empty our city dog park was. It was me and two other dogs, my humans and two other humans. And while I chased my ball and the Frisbee, I overheard the humans talking about virus and numbers. Lots of numbers. And which states and countries had the most cases.

And I figured out that virus is an invisible enemy. It travels from person to person unless they’re separated by at least six feet, which these humans were doing. Virus apparently doesn’t have a scent. It’s not like squirrel, a word we dogs know well. Squirrel has a distinct smell – not pleasant, but enticing, exciting, you imagine what if I catch that squirrel?

I also notice that no other dogs come over to play these days. It’s  just me and the cats, who enjoy going outside now because the weather is no beautiful. I love them, but they aren’t much fun. So I bug my humans to play with me. I drop Frisbees and balls in their offices and since I know when it’s time to go to the dog park, I go into their offices and start panting really hard.

Two days ago when we went to the city dog park, I had the place to myself. It’s a weird feeling, all this space to run after balls and Frisbees, but no dogs. No squirrels, either. The humans sat at the picnic table in the shade and played with their phones. I kept dropping the ball or the Frisbee under the picnic table so they’d have to put down their phones to retrieve my toy and toss it.

I was doing that on the way into the park, too, dropping my ball, then stopping and waiting for one of the humans to pick it up. A woman who was leaving with two dogs, sort of chuckled and said, “He’s waiting for his managers to pick it up.”

The humans thought about that comment and now when I drop a ball or Frisbee, they point at it and tell me to pick it up. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Depends on my mood.

I’m a Gemini, you know, born on June 14 or 16, the humans aren’t sure which since I was a rescue. But I gather from the female human that it means I have two sides. The Happy Nigel and The Please Don’t Bother Me Nigel. I dislike confrontation and conflict and I’m sensing more of it around me now. I hear it in the barking of dogs in the neighborhood late at night, in the way my cat buddies don’t mind being brought in after dark, in the behavior of frogs, insects, birds. I hear fewer cars. And, oh yeah, the city dog park closed indefinitely.

So now in the evenings the humans hop on their bikes and the three of us race through the neighborhood to the park at the end of neighborhood. It’s probably five acres big, great for chasing balls and Frisbees, and in the evening, it’s just about perfect. Cool in the shade.

One evening, there were two other dogs that I sniffed and checked out, but their lives seemed pretty boring and I went back to chasing balls. Now, it’s pretty much me and my two humans.

The park is next to a school. When I was a pup, I remember racing down here with Noah and Nika and the three of us would pause at the back fence, watching the kids on the playground. Noah is still here with me some days in his ghostie form and Nika’s last visit lasted about a month. That was great! I had a dog buddy. Do I want a permanent dog buddy? I don’t know.

Right now, for tonight, I’m sharing the family room couch with my cat buddies. The three of us distract our humans from virus. For now, it’s enough. (Nala is the black shape at the end of the couch ). We’re discussing virus distractions.

P.S. It’s now May 22. The dog park is open! Nika is visiting again! I hope this means that life is slowly returning to normal.

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New Moon in Gemini

Love these new moons! And the one on May 22, at 2 degrees Gemini, is a beauty. It’s bolstered by a conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Gemini and by a trine to the new moon from Saturn in Aquarius.

Regardless of where this new moon falls in your chart, the new opportunities that surface will center around communication, information, and its dissemination. With the Saturn trine, at least one of these opportunities will be serious, with a long-term impact.

With more and more states reopening, a possibility exists that if there’s resurgence of the virus, countries may be better equipped to deal with it. In this country, that may mean testing is more widely available and that protective equipment is more abundant. It could also indicate an abundance of communication among government officials and health care experts about the virus, lockdowns, new test kits, a vaccine. Regardless, new moons are about new chapters, new opportunities, so I can consider this new moon hopeful.

Since trump is a Gemini, the new moon (conjunction of sun and moon) Venus, and Mercury all fall in his 10th house of career/profession. Venus and Mercury are conjuncting his natal sun and within a three-degree conjunction of his natal Uranus. This could indicate he’ll be tweeting up a storm, may be speaking publicly more frequently – perhaps at rallies? – and his apparent madness may be more bizarre than usual.

He may do something so totally out of left  field that it’s shocking even to a nation that has endured nearly four years of shocks.  Instead of recommending a dose of Clorox or some other disinfectant or advocating the use of hydroxychloroquine to prevent your contracting COVID-19, it may be some other alleged miracle cure. Or a complete meltdown about Obama. Or Clinton. Or China. Or some other facet of his delusional world.


Mike Pence is also a Gemini (time unknown), so he may also be in rare form. Pence, as head of trump’s virus task force, has stated some doozies recently. On Geraldo Rivera’s radio show on April 24, he said he thought the U.S. coronavirus outbreak could be over by the nation’s Memorial Day holiday on May 25. As I’m writing this near midnight EDT on May 18, the number of U.S. cases are 1,550, 295, and the number of deaths in the U.S. are 91,981. Today’s increase in deaths was over a thousand. At that rate, we’ll be at 100,000 deaths in the U.S. by Memorial Day. So much for the virus being over.

So on a personal level, the new moon should be hopeful and helpful. On a national scale, however, that this new moon, in the sign of communication and information, says we should be discriminating in the source of information we use to make informed decisions. And right now, those informed decision probably include things like, Is it safe to go shopping? Eat inside a restaurant? Should I wear a mask?

For the full May horoscope by signs, look for the May forecast in the masthead and stay tuned for the June outlook.

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What Quarantine Shows Us


Rob jokes that we’ve been in quarantine since 1985, when we both started working full-time as writers, without part-time employment as a teacher or a journalist. But since we never have been strictly under a nationwide lockdown – unable to run to the grocery store the hardware store, etc., – the joke isn’t quite accurate.

Yes, writers do most of their work alone, but most writers I know also have outside interests. They get out of the house, out of their work areas, out of their heads. They make time for other people, for social connections, for doing things they enjoy. So in that sense, the quarantine, lock down, partial lock down, whatever you choose to call it, has been different.

Our gym, of course, has been closed. The yoga studio where Rob taught is closed. The mall is closed. The dog park is closed. We haven’t seen our daughter since mid-March, the longest period in many years. Even for Nigel, our Golden Retriever, life has been vastly different.

Until WHO declared that COVID-19 was a pandemic, we were doing doggie day care so Nigel would have other dogs with whom he could interact. We also boarded other dogs. Some of them he liked and played with, some he ignored, but at least there were dogs. Before the pandemic, we had Nika, our daughter’s dog, here for a month. Before the pandemic, he went to the dog park every afternoon and wore himself out chasing balls and Frisbees, and sniffing butts, as dogs do. Now, there’s no dog companionship. He’s lonely. He gets along well with the cats and vice-versa, but cats aren’t dogs.

When the dog park closed, we took him to our neighborhood park, riding down there on our bikes, Nigel racing alongside us. Then that park closed so we found a vacant lot where he could run. Now that park is open, so off we go on our bikes every afternoon. But no other dogs go there. A couple times a week, I take him over to a friend’s house. Arlene lives on two acres, has two dogs, and the squirrels on her property are plentiful and he loves chasing them and visiting with her dogs.

But. It’s not normal life. For any of us – humans, dogs, cats. Sometimes late at night, the repercussions of this pandemic, the economic meltdown, the entire mess, washes through me. I think about the people who have lost loved ones who might have lived if our country’s response has been quicker, more focused, and if trump hadn’t dismissed it early on as “a hoax.” I think about how my daughter’s future will be vastly changed, diminished, more restrictive. I think about the countries I’ll never see, the cultures I’ll never get to experience. I think about our mortality.

But tonight, as I listen to the wind outside, as Nigel and the cats and Rob sleep, I also think about how this country could emerge as a better, more egalitarian place. The age of Aquarius and all that.

In December, both Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius, the sign of the visionary, the rebel, the sign of revolution. Perhaps the 99 percent will find their collective voice and rise up against the one percent and demand a decent minimum wage, universal health care, and a real say in the system their taxes fund.

Perhaps the republican party as it exists now will be swallowed up by its own greed and corruption and the democrats will really stand up for what they profess to represent: the people. Perhaps the anachronistic electoral college will become as extinct as the 467 species that have vanished in the last decade and our presidents will be chosen by popular vote, not the parties, not the delegates. Maybe we’ll finally wake up to the threat of climate change and realize that COVID-19 may be one way the planet is fighting for its own survival.

And so are we.  I mean, c’mon, we’re reduced to THIS?

If nothing else this, pandemic has revealed just how democracy has failed, where the constitution is weak, and where the inequalities lie. It has laid bare the simple fact that we haven’t had  federal guidance, a federal plan, and that trump really is the manifestation of America’s dark underbelly. He’s the emperor without clothes, the little man behind the curtain in Oz, and he has served his purpose. It’s time we find and shout our collective  voice.

So please, can we now move on?

IP.S. It’s now May 19. Florida opened up yesterday. The dog park is open. There’s toilet paper on the shelves, paper towels, flour. We saw our daughter this past weekend. We can go out to eat in restaurants, go to the gym, have our nails done. We can now move about as though the old normal is back and better than ever.Except: yesterday, Florida had nearly 900 new cases. More than 91,000 people in the U.S. have died. And although the curve seems to be flattening in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, it’s spiking in the rest of the country.  It seems we’re still transitioning from the “old” normal to the “new” normal.


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The Mystical Underground: Indiana Jones And The Synchronicity Matrix

A new episode of The Mystical Underground is live! “Indiana Jones And The Synchronicity Matrix”:

Dr. Bernard Beitman is the first psychiatrist since Carl Jung to attempt to systematize the study of coincidences. He is a visiting Professor at the University of Virginia and former Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He attended Yale Medical School and completed a psychiatric residency at Stanford. He is also author of Connecting with Coincidences:The New Science of Using Synchronicity and Serendipity in your Life.

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Back to Arcturus: A Tribute to Connie Cannon

Some of you who have visited the blog over the years may have noticed that one person who often responded to our posts with relevant and often expansive comments hasn’t been seen for awhile. Her name is Connie Cannon. She died April 13 in St. Augustine, Florida,where she had lived for nearly 30 years.

Connie was an amazing woman who enchanted us and others with stories from her lifelong journeys through the world of the paranormal. Initially, she had contacted us after reading one of Trish’s paranormal suspense novels.  We found out that she was a psychic/medium and Trish once had a reading from her that lasted three hours. During that time, Trish wasn’t allowed to speak.

Not long afterward,  Connie stopped giving readings because of health issues. In the years that followed, we learned of her journeys through the world of Wicca and her involvement in a coven in Atlanta. Interestingly, she had graduated from Druid High School in Atlanta, an appropriate name that sounds a bit like Harry Potters Hogwarts School. To that end, beyond her Wiccan journey, she was also a 33rd degree Mason.

In the daily world, she went on to nursing school and worked for years as a respiratory therapist. She also became a personal assistant to Dr. Forrest Bird, renowned inventor of the Bird respirators and ventilators. She married and had three children.

Connie was called occasionally by police departments in Atlanta to help in solving cases, and she was also involved in dealing with hauntings and sending trapped spirits on their journeys. Along the way, she dealt with some nasty beings that didn’t want to let go of earthly trappings.

Beyond all that, it was years after we became friends with Connie that she revealed she was an alien abductee and had been taken repeatedly from early childhood and well into adulthood. Most often it  was the greys, who seem ever present in these abduction scenarios. But she also had contact with a variety of other beings who came in various shapes and forms.

Connie’s stories found their way into our books on the paranormal. We included so many of hers in Synchronicity and The Other Side that we gave her a pseudonym for some of the stories. We could easily have written a book just about her various experiences, but she was wary of putting herself out to a wider audience, mainly because she didn’t want to attract any more dangerous encounters than the ones she’d already experienced. That said, we’d hoped to  have Connie on our podcast, The Mystical Underground. But by the time we began the podcast, she was already quite ill and no longer able to even come to our blog.

Before I began to write this post about Connie’s passing, I went to the blog and put her name in our search engine. The first thing that came up was the following blog post that featured Connie’s unusual sense of where she’d come from and where she would be going after this life. It is, of course, an appropriate synchronicity.

Here it is from Feb. 27, 2017:

We don’t get many synchronicities about other star systems. But here’s one about Arcturus, courtesy of Connie Cannon. Connie has provided us many unusual stories over the years. And this one is right up there. Enjoy…and maybe you can even answer her question.


With permission from the MacGregors, I have a story to share. There is a question in it, and also a profound synchro. So, here goes…..and I promise to not add or omit anything.

Occasionally I have mentioned my Dad here on the blog. That is because during the eighteen years he was in my life prior to his death at 42, he had the most significant and permanent influences on the person I am. When I was in high school, we lived in Arcadia, CA, which is next to Pasadena. Dad, as previously mentioned, was a cattleman. He was strong, extremely grounded, down-to-earth, had been an award-winning athlete in track and field and swimming when he was in school, he was a 33rd Degree Mason, and he was a math genius. But there could never be a sweeter, more kind, more quietly spiritual man.

From the time I was able to walk, he took me with him to the farms and ranches where he bought cattle, and we rode our horses among hundreds of cattle in meadows and pastures and sometimes n pens.

Our home was located ten blocks from the base of the mountains, and on clear days, the white dome of the Mt. Wilson Observatory could be easily seen. From time to time, before he became ill, my Dad would drive me up to the Observatory. Inside, we would sit in reclining chairs in the darkened arena, and the heavens would very slowly revolve around above us, with an unseen narrator describing what we were seeing.

During out initial visit, Dad leaned over and whispered to me, pointing at a very large, very bright orange orb. He said, “Honey, that Star is Arcturus. It is our Home. We came to Earth from there, and we go back to there. It’s our Home”. My Father had never lied to me, and I had no reason to doubt what he was telling me. As I gazed at that bright orange Star, a tremor of a thrill enveloped me. I asked, “Daddy, how did we get here, and how do we go back?” His response: “Deep, deep within the Great Giza Pyramid in Egypt, deeper than Man can go, there is a portal; a vortex. That is our doorway between Earth and Arcturus. We come and go through that portal.”

I was completely absorbed, enthralled, astonished, and I KNEW, even tho I was only 17, that I was looking at my True Home.

That was in 1958, so of course computers were not available, which meant encyclopedias were the sources for research. I went to World Book and Compton’s and every text on astronomy that WAS available. I learned that Arcturus is close to us, just 37 light years away, and that it is actually a giant red star but appears orange to the naked eye. I learned that it resides in the Constellation Bootes, and other similar facts.

Once in a while I would ask to be taken to the Observatory, and Dad would drive me up the mountain again, and I never ceased feeling such a powerful sense of BELONGING, and of YEARNING, whenever I gazed at Arcturus.

It became totally stunning to me fairly recently…..decades after the fact of learning where I belong. And here is what I learned: Arcturus derives from the Greek words
“arktos”, meaning “bear”, and “ouros”, meaning “guardian”. But THIS is what has blown me away, and it was not available to us in 1958 except perhaps in university library texts. As stated, Arcturus is in the Bootes Constellation, Bootes is pronounced “boo-oh-tees” and it’s meaning? “HERDSMAN” I couldn’t believe what I was reading, because what was my Dad? He was a HERDSMAN, a CATTLEMAN, who spent his working years herding and buying cattle. He could not possibly had known that about Arcturus, except perhaps and probably on his Souls Level.

That is one of the most astonishing synchros I have ever seen, and it simply takes my breath away.

But, I have a question for anyone and everyone on the blog; Is anyone else here who originated from Arcturus? I would so very much like to know!

One more comment…..I had a dear friend for many years, Sherry, who was born eight days after I was born. She lived a few blocks down the beach from us, and was
incredibly spiritually evolved and knowledgeable. (She died three years ago.) Sherry and I often exchanged books, and one day she dropped by to bring me a book. I had never mentioned anything to her about Arcturus. It was something I have felt extremely cautious about disclosing, even to my closest spiritually-minded friends.
The title of the book Sherry brought me that day: “WE, THE ARCTURIANS”. I almost fell to the floor is shock. She told me she had been “guided” to bring me the book….thst SHE was Arcturian! She’s gone Home now.

Are there any more of us HERE?

Thank you all for listening. I’m Homesick, I think.

Star Seed Portal: Arcturus

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Meditation with the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

This evening, thanks to technology (Zoom) and Bill Homann, we did a group meditation with the Mitchell Hedges crystal skull. The intention was healing the planet of COVID-19.

Last summer, Bill came to our house and a group of us meditated in person with the skull.  That was powerful. The intention that night, August 31, was to chase Hurricane Dorian back out into the Atlantic. It had stalled off the coast of Florida. The next day, Dorian began to move away from Florida.

Surprisingly, this meditation through Zoom was also powerful. There were 20 of us from various part of the country and Bill led us through the meditation. At one point, I opened my eyes and saw the turquoise in the skull’s eye and grabbed my photo and snapped a photo.  I wanted to know if I was imagining it or if it was real. Then I saw the color change to purple:

Another woman who was meditating said she “saw” a lot of different colored crystals as she meditated and wondered if the colors I saw were a part of the same mosaic. The skull definitely emanates a powerful energy that you feel, even at a distance like this. I felt euphoric by the end of it and snapped a final photo. The color had changed to pink.

Rob and I both heard a clacking noise and asked Bill about it. He also heard it, but it wasn’t coming from within his room.

If you missed our podcast on The Mystical Underground with Bill, you can find it on any podcast platform or here.

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More on astrology and corona

Several days after I posted something on astrology and the corona virus, I received an intriguing email:

In the process of comparing corona virus deaths with mild cases. I’m counting number of aspects involving each planet in the natal chart. Highest counts are Jupiter 25 Mild, 12 Deaths. Pluto 29 Mild, 21 Deaths. 60 charts so far. Orb 0.

This email conveyed several things. The person who wrote it probably works in the health profession, has access to birth information for patients and for the times of death as well as medical info about the patients’ infections. He also knows astrology. He noted that the orbs he uses are 0 degrees; that means they’re exact. I replied and asked what types of aspects did these transiting planets make to patients’ natal charts? That’s important.

An aspect is the angle a planet makes to another planet. In this instance he was referring to the angles that transiting planets make to natal planets.

A conjunction – 0 -5 degrees – is same sign, same or close to same degrees. It reinforces the energy of the sign, house, planets.

A sextile is a 60-degree angle with a few degrees on either side. Sextiles are facilitators, points of ease, of flow. Think air/fire signs, like Aries/Gemini.

A square is 90 degrees or a few degrees on either side of an exact square. Squares are points of friction and conflict. They’re challenging, like the itch you can’t scratch. Example: Gemini/Virgo. Libra/Capricorn

An opposition refers to planets that lie 180 degrees apart (again within a few degrees). Oppositions are tug of wars between energies. They’re also like see-saws. Aries/Libra. Taurus/Scorpio. Gemini/Sagittarius. Cancer/Capricorn. Leo/Aquarius. Virgo/Pisces.

There are other, minor aspects, but these are the big four.

So you can see why I’m curious about the particular aspects (that he says are exact), he’s looking at. He says they involve Jupiter and Pluto, which are both in Capricorn right now. And in which houses do these aspects occur? To which planets in the natal chart? He says he’s done 60 charts so far. That’s the start of a data base!

The man hasn’t answered yet, but I hope he does.

UPDATE – 4/9

I heard from Gil. He doesn’t work in the health field,  a reminder why I should never assume anything! Here’s his email:

Hi Trish,

Thank you for your enthusiastic response but you give me way too much credit. I’m not a medical worker and have no special access to data. I collected 60 birthdates, no birth times, from the internet. 30 deaths and 30 mild cases. Having read your item on the corona virus which discussed Jupiter – Pluto conjunctions I noticed in my results that  these two came up with significant differences in aspect totals. Deaths Jupiter 12 Pluto 21, Mild  Jupiter 25 Pluto 29. By aspect totals I mean counting up all the aspects involving Jupiter and then Pluto. Oddly enough the single highest aspect count is Jupiter aspecting Pluto = 6.

This is all natal work. I am interested whether the natal charts reflect physical differences in responding to the virus. I can see that you’re more interested in transits which could also be looked though it’s more complicated.

Hope this helps.

What’s particularly interesting about what he’s doing is counting all the aspects from Jupiter and Pluto  based on nothing more than birthday charts. It’s much easier to do this and for those 2 planets, your time of birth doesn’t matter because it wouldn’t change their signs or the angles they make to each other.  I’m going to try Gil’s  method.

P.S. May 13: I haven’t had the time to follow up on Gil’s research and method. But stay tuned for the report on the New Moon in Gemini on May 22.


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