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But Something Is There

This trailer is eerie, remarkable, and worth two minutes of your time. Whitley Strieber interviewed this man on Dreamland.  His story feels real.

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Alchemy in Cassadaga

We’re written before about Cassadaga, the Spiritualist community in central Florida where nearly everyone talks to the dead.   Recently, though, a series of synchronicities took place involving the town. On January 7, I taught an astrology workshop at the Cassadaga … Continue reading

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The Afterlife Revolution

Certain authors break new ground and usher in new ways of looking at this matrix we call reality. Whitley Strieber is one of them. He did it initially with Communion and he and Art Bell did it with their book … Continue reading

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Dreamland with Whitley Strieber

About a week ago, we were on Dreamland with Whitley Strieber to talk about Sensing the Future. It’s always a pleasure talking to him and this interview was particularly enlightening. Whitley kindly introduces us this way: “Trish and Rob MacGregor … Continue reading

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