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Madeline, the Turtle & a Precognition

On the second Thursday of every month, Orlando holds something called Wine Walk. People who attend pay $10 that entitles them to free drinks at the various participating restaurants, bars, and businesses along the route. Vendors set up booths and … Continue reading

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The Meter Man and Twinning

  Mike Perry, our blogging friend from the U.K., recently emailed me about two synchronicities he experienced after a dry spell of no synchros. This first one strikes me as precognitive. “We have planned a break away from September 23rd … Continue reading

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The Riddle of Time

This particular synchro is probably precognitive. It falls in a category I think of as general weirdness in life, but probably belongs in, Just Listen. When you just listen, it seems that synchronicity brings you something that blows you away. … Continue reading

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Wolf & Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut self-portrait Synchronicities can happen anywhere, anytime, even when waiting out a major storm. As Hurricane Matthew approached, we kept the Weather Channel on, listened and occasionally watched the latest updates. Our house was shuttered and Trish and I … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Psychic?

My first psychic reading was during my freshman year in college. A friend told me about a tea leaf reader in town, an Italian woman named Rosa with whom she’d had a reading, and suggested we go see her. I … Continue reading

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Is the Future Fixed?

One of the central questions in our book on precognition, Sensing the Future, is whether the future you experience in a precognition can be changed. The book begins with this story: A few years ago, we were driving on a … Continue reading

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Girl With the Red Hair

Here’s another one from Ray Getzinger, who contributed the synchronicity entitled Volcanos. It certainly illustrates how synchronicities occur in dreams. Author Fred Alan Wolf discusses this topic extensively in The Dreaming Universe. +++ When I was twelve years old I … Continue reading

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