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Traveling in a Second Body

It’s one of the most unusual types of phenomena—leaving your body and flying off in a second body. These experiences typically happen spontaneously, are startling, and short-lived. They may occur once or twice, then never again. But some people learn … Continue reading

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Projection of Consciousness

In preparation for an upcoming move from the house where we’ve lived for 18 years, we’ve been going through our massive collection of thousands of books, packing some for the move and turning others over to the library or Goodwill. … Continue reading

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Going out of body from a dream…

OOBEs are not dreams We get e-mails occasionally that are literally out of this world. In other words, they concern matters that are outside the realm of the everyday world. Such was the case recently when Wes Meeks from Texas … Continue reading

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A Past Life OOBE

Recently, I reconnected with ‘Larry,’ a former police officer in central Texas who has had numerous alien encounters and also out-of-body experiences. He first wrote us about his experiences last year and his stories were quite compelling. We published them … Continue reading

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