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Carl Jung on Hearing Voices

One of the chapters in the book we’re working on, Visions: A Thoughtful Guide to Common Paranormal Phenomena, deals with voices that people hear. Carl Jung  treated patients who heard voices. One of the most interesting cases, which he talks … Continue reading

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Archetypes of Death and the Trickster

I’m writing this on Hallow’s Eve, the day when the veil between the physical and spirit worlds is thinnest. We’re waiting to do a radio show on the topic of spirit contact and also, at the host’s request, the widespread … Continue reading

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Jung’s Castle

In 1975, I was a social worker in Vero Beach, Florida, and totally hated my job. The people who really needed assistance – food stamps and health care, the most basic needs – couldn’t get it. I can’t imagine what … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

Nine years ago today, on February 4, 2009, Rob and I started this blog, synchrosecrets. I’m not sure why we started the blog except that one day in late January 2009, I thought it might be a cool way explore … Continue reading

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Synchronicity, even when it doesn’t entail spirit communication, is a kind of kind of alchemy that transforms us or a decision we’re making in an essential way. The alchemy occurs because of what the synchronicity says to you, its impact … Continue reading

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Signs and Symbols

We live in a collective sea of signs and symbols. Nature, the universe, Source, God, whatever you want to call it, constantly chatters to us. But we’re so mired in the business of physical life that we don’t always hear … Continue reading

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The Pauli Effect Redux

We’ve written about Wolfgang Pauli before, but we’re taking a closer look now at some of the strange stories about his apparent psychokinetic powers as we begin research for a book on psychokinesis—sometimes referred to as mind over matter. + … Continue reading

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Jung, Pauli, and Peat

Jung Institute, Zurich *** F. David Peat, a theoretical physicist who worked with the legendary physicist David Bohm in the 1970s, wrote Synchronicity: the Bridge Between Science and Matter, one of the seminal books about synchronicity. He now lives in … Continue reading

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Golden Scarab

The next story needs a little background. Carl Jung’s investigation of synchronicity was triggered by a patient’s dream, in which she was given a golden scarab. Jung knew the scarab is a symbol of rebirth in Egyptian mythology and believed … Continue reading

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