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What the August Solar Eclipse May Portend

Alex Miller is a master of asteroid astrology and his recent post on the August 21 eclipse and what it may portend from trump – and the rest of us, in a collective sense, is fascinating. The American Eclipse

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What the Astrology of Asteroids Tells About Trump

Several years ago, I came across an article in The Mountain Astrologer by Alex Miller. It was one of the most unusual things I’ve ever read. Alex’s specialty is asteroids. He now has a website  where he discusses politics (he’s … Continue reading

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Astrologer Alex Miller & the 2016 Election

One of the most interesting and savvy astrologers I have run across in recent years is Alex Miller, who specializes in asteroids. I first became aware of him when I read a piece he wrote for The Mountain Astrologer that … Continue reading

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