trump and cohen

Now that the Michael Cohen testimony on Feb 27 had settled in, this is the story the chart tells.

Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn – the planet that represents power and profound transformation, is conjuncting trump’s Vertex (Vx) at 22 degrees Capricorn in his 5th house of creativity, romance, pleasure, children. Capricorn is the sign that rules government. What this tells us is that trump’s kids – specifically Donald Jr. – may be the next to fall. He’s a Capricorn, 10 degrees, nowhere near an exact conjunction. But.

The Vertex is a point in a chart that speaks of agreements we make before we’re born into this life. Often, it corresponds to someone of that sign who is significant in your life. Since it’s in trump’s 5th house, this is about children, usually the first born. That’s Donald Jr.
Also interesting is that Jupiter – the planet of expansion – is hitting trump’s natal South Node in the 4th house of home and family, so the family came under congressional scrutiny  during Cohen’s  testimony. The family business, the family manipulations of finances, tax returns, all part of house #8, where we find transiting Mercury, the planet of communication.

So there was lots of talk about how family assets were used to shut up people. It’s forming a beautiful angle to trump’s Leo ascendant – the place where he entered this life, so for right now he’s protected. But on March 6, Uranus – the planet of unexpected and unforeseen events – enters Taurus. And I think this transit is what really shakes trump to the core. But I’ve been wrong before about trump’s survival.

At the heart of this lies the DOJ policy that a sitting president can’t be indicted. It came about in 2000 and was updated in mid-December 2018, when the Republicans controlled all 3 branches of government. Essentially, this ruling puts the president above the law. Like a king, a dictator. So if trump shot someone on 5th Avenue, as he said during his campaign, it wouldn’t matter. He wasn’t president yet when he said this, but you get the idea.

If he DID shoot someone now, would he be above the law? According to DOJ policy, yes. That puts him in the same category as Kim of North Korea,” as Putin, as Maduro in Venezuela, as Pinochet in Chile in the 70s, as Fidel Castro.

Uranus has a shock factor. Especially when Michael Cohen returns for public testimony on March 6. Let’s see how it manifests!


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Reading a Dead Horse

In 2009, we did a post about a book called A Mind for Murder: The Real Life Files of a Psychic Investigator, by Noreen Renier. We’d known Noreen for a number of years and had talked to her about her plans for the book, and also the continuing saga of her dealings with hard core skeptics. She actually took one of them to court and won a $25,000 libel case against a member of the Tampa Bay Skeptics, who had publically called her a fraud.

In that post, we quoted Noreen about how she uses her mind when she works as a psychometrist, picking up information from objects she held. Here’s what she wrote:

“As a psychometrist who works with both law enforcement officers and private individuals, it would depend on my clients needs how I use my mind. On homicide cases, the detectives usually send me an object off the victim or something the murderer left behind. They need specific information; what the person looked like that committed the crimes, where he lives, why, etc. I definitely can tune into the individual and become the murder as well as the victim and sometimes its just me watching and sharing with the detectives what I see.”

Recently, I was looking at Noreen’s book again as I was writing a chapter  about psychic detectives for an upcoming book called, VISIONS. I noticed one unusual case, which I didn’t use, but thought I would mention it here. It was Noreen’s reading on a dead horse. A race horse that had been shot twice in the head, and the owner wanted to know who did it.

She did the reading right at the barn where it happened after being called in by the county sheriff. She sat on a bale of hay and held the horse’s tail, all that remained of the horse. Here’s what happened. “Feeling like a witch doctor, I closed my eyes and gingerly put the long, course tail to my forehead. Right away, one face after another swept into my mind, lingering only for a moment. I couldn’t slow the swirl of images….There were too many and they came too fast.”

Frustrated, she expressed her dilemma. The sheriff asked Ted, the owner, if he recognized any of the faces Noreen had described. He responded: “It looks like you’re describing everyone who was close to Dandy Dancer. I recognized a couple of the farmhands, the handlers, and the horse’s trainers.”

Suddenly, Noreen came up with a possible solution. Whoever had shot the horse had loaded the bullets in the gun. She asked the sheriff if the bullets were available. He said they had been removed as evidence and he called a deputy to go to the station and get them. They took a break and Noreen left the barn and sat under a tree meditating. But it wasn’t long before the deputy arrived with the projectiles. She hoped that the energy from the people who had held the bullets since they were removed wouldn’t interfere. However, she knew from previous cases that the energy emanating from killers was powerful, enduring and could overcome the others.

She selected one piece of a fragmented bullet and sat down on a bale of hay and held the projectile in her hand. Feature by feature the face evolved and took form as she described the face to the police artist who was present. “When I opened my eyes she had the face of a small attractive woman in her forties.

“Oh, my God,” Ted blurted. “It’s my ex-wife.” Ted had initiated the divorce and married a younger woman. The enraged ex-wife wanted revenge and chose to hurt him by killing what he treasured most: his prize race horse. The sheriff confronted the woman, they found the gun, and she confessed. Ted was shocked, but he decided not to press charges. He just wanted to end the acrimony between them. Instead of sending her to jail, he paid for her psychiatric treatment.

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Heads Are Rolling…

I was gathering stories from psychics who had premonitions of crimes when I heard a strange one from Jane Clifford of Wales. She’d been lying in bed when she sensed a dark mass moving across the landscape, and then a voice a woman would be decapitated. Three days later, it happened. A schoolboy slit his step-mother’s throat, then cut off her head with an axe. I guess he didn’t like her.

That reminded Jane of a series of synchronicities from her past that related to decapitations. You can’t make this stuff up! Here’s what she told me.

“I was having a conversation with my partner about Mary Queen of Scott’s execution and how it was bungled badly. A short time later when George left, I was trying to shut the front door there was resistance to it closing. I thought it must be the doormat caught under the door. So I tugged at the mat and tried to force the door shut. That’s when I noticed a toad in the doorway and I had decapitated it! Without its head, its legs were still trying to crawl over the threshold. I was shocked upset and horrified, I felt energy shift like centuries in a second, and I knew it wasn’t a good omen at all.

“I next day I knocked a China figure over and it broke at the neck, separating the head from the body. I freaked out because now I knew I was going to hear about death by decapitation. The next day
an online friend, who didn’t know about these incidents, told me his first girlfriend was decapitated in a car accident. Then on the news was a story about woman being decapitated by a sword in a park in England. Over the following weeks all those decapitations in the Middle East filled the news. The headless toad as a premonition was scary.”

After relating that series of events, all related to decapitations, she wrote back a few minutes later with this:

“Okay, here’s something weird, After sending those messages about decapitation, I switched the radio on and a woman’s voice said, “They said when we find you, we will behead you.”

I was gathering stories from psychics who had premonitions of crimes when I heard a strange one from Jane Clifford of Wales. She’d been lying in bed when she sensed a dark mass moving across the landscape, and then a voice a woman would be decapitated. Three days later, it happened. A schoolboy slit his step-mother’s throat, then cut off her head with an axe. I guess he didn’t like her.

That reminded Jane of a series of synchronicities from her past that related to decapitations. You can’t make this stuff up! Here’s what she told me.

“I was having a conversation with my partner about Mary Queen of Scott’s execution and how it was bungled badly. A short time later when George left, I was trying to shut the front door there was resistance to it closing. I thought it must be the doormat caught under the door. So I tugged at the mat and tried to force the door shut. That’s when I noticed a toad in the doorway and I had decapitated it! Without its head, its legs were still trying to crawl over the threshold. I was shocked upset and horrified, I felt energy shift like centuries in a second, and I knew it wasn’t a good omen at all.

“I next day I knocked a China figure over and it broke at the neck, separating the head from the body. I freaked out because now I knew I was going to hear about death by decapitation. The next day an online friend, who didn’t know about these incidents, told me his first girlfriend was decapitated in a car accident. Then on the news was a story about woman being decapitated by a sword in a park in England. Over the following weeks all those decapitations in the Middle East filled the news. The headless toad as a premonition was scary.”

After relating that series of events, all related to decapitations, she wrote back a few minutes later with this:

“Okay, here’s something weird, After sending those messages about decapitation, I switched the radio on and a woman’s voice said, “They said when we find you, we will behead you.”

Yikes, I might’ve lost my head, if I’d heard that right then. But I’m sure Jane kept her head about it!

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“The Other Side”

Here’s an old blog post with a really good synchronicity tale. It was actually up on CNN’s web site a few years ago in a section of articles called The Other Side. The series was introduced this way: Some stories blur the lines between science, spirituality and the supernatural. These are stories from “The Other Side.“


Royce Burton was teaching history at a New Jersey university when he decided to tell his class about a frightening experience he had as a young man.

He was a Texas Ranger, patrolling the Rio Grande in 1940, when he got lost in a canyon after dark. He tried to climb out but lost his balance just as he neared the top of a cliff. Suddenly Joe, a fellow Ranger, appeared and hoisted him up to safety with his rifle strap. Burton thanked Joe for saving his life but lost contact with him after both men enlisted in the military during World War II.

Burton was in the middle of sharing his story when an elderly man appeared in the doorway. It was Joe, the fellow Ranger. He had tracked Burton down 25 years later and walked into his classroom at precisely the moment Burton was recounting his rescue.

“I’ll have Joe finish the rest of the story,” Burton said, without missing a beat as the astonished classroom witnessed the two men’s reunion.

You could call Burton’s story an amazing coincidence, but James Hollis calls it something else: “synchronicity” — a meaningful coincidence. (Yes, but it also could be an example of telepathy or precognition. That’s why we refer to synchronicity as an umbrella phenomenon that includes all other types of paranormal experiences.)

“Everybody has stories like that,” says Hollis, a Jungian analyst and author who knew Burton and shares his story in the book Hauntings: Dispelling the Ghosts Who Run Our Lives. “We live in a haunted world where invisible energies are constantly at work.”
Reading that story reminded us of another one that we’ve written about and referred to as the Plum Pudding story. It’s a classic in the genre of synchros. As I continued reading the article, what did I come across but the Plum Pudding story. Here it is:

In 1805, Deschamps, a French poet, was treated to plum pudding by Monsieur de Fortgibu, a stranger he met in a restaurant. A decade later, Deschamps goes to a Paris restaurant and orders plum pudding again. The waiter tells him the last dish has been served to someone else — a Monsieur de Fortgibu.
The story gets odder. In 1832, Deschamps goes to a diner where someone offers him plum pudding. He jokingly tells his friends that the only thing missing is de Fortgibu — and de Fortgibu, now an elderly man and lost, promptly wobbles into the diner.

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Psychic Detectives: What’s the Controversy?


Joe McMoneagle is best known as Remote Viewer #001 in the Army/CIA’s psychic spy program known as Stargate. But he’s also a psychic detective, one who has located close to a dozen missing persons over the years. Many of the cases were people who were missing in Japan. Because of his successes, he became a frequent guest on a Japanese television show called Psychic Detectives. His cases were documented, both the successful and unsuccessful ones.

Yet, skeptics to this day maintain that there is no proof that any psychic detective has ever successfully found a missing person or solved a murder case. We’ll get to the controversy, but first here’s a summary of one of McMoneagle’s cases.

This was a missing person’s case that Joe worked on about 20 years ago. He was given a blank sealed envelope containing the name of a 48-year-old woman who had been missing in Japan for twenty-seven years. Without even opening the envelope, he was able to remote view his target and give authorities the exact location of the woman, including the island, the city, and the specific prefecture within the city. He described the apartment complex, the apartment building, picked the right floor and even directed authorities to a specific apartment. Japanese police and television crews were suitably impressed.

“They were very surprised to find her actually residing in it under her maiden name,” McMoneagle said in an e-mail. “I think it woke the Japanese detective agency and police up. I don’t think they ever expected me to find her.”

It’s hard to come by statistics about the accuracy of psychic detectives. One poll of the largest police departments in the country found that one-third of them had used psychics on some cases. If they were unaware of any sound results found by psychics, it’s doubtful that any would admit to using them from time to time. Police departments that use psychics do so typically behind the scenes and don’t publicize the extent of help received from this non-traditional methods of investigation. The stories of success usually come from the psychics themselves, or observers.

It’s not surprising that skeptics say that psychics might occasionally make a lucky hit on the whereabouts of a missing person or the identity of a murderer, or related details. But they ask what about all the times they are unable to assist an investigation? Possibly because of the popularity of television series that feature psychic detectives, skeptics have come out en mass attacking the very existence of any evidence that a psychic has ever solved an investigation into a crime or found a missing person.

If you Google psychic detective, one article after another cites studies where psychics were wrong on cases. Some of the on-line reviews by skeptics are hostile or snide. One offers this headline: Psychic Detectives have a Perfect Record. The record is that they are always wrong, according to the article. Cases are cited in which psychics have said a missing person is dead, only to see the person turn up alive. The article evades explaining success stories, by simply rejecting them. “On closer inspection, other than anecdotal accounts, there are no documented discoveries of missing persons by psychics.” That, of course, is the only way to avoid looking at the overwhelming evidence of psychic successes as well as the decades of scientific evidence that attesting to the reality of remote viewing and other psychic abilities.

But hard-core skeptics miss an important point. If psychic were never successful, police departments and individual wouldn’t bother with them. The problem is not that no one has psychic abilities, but rather that psychics with limited abilities, who want to gain notoriety, take advantage of the fact that some psychics are successful. As a result, individuals who invest in such psychics come away disappointed.

In our decades of researching the paranormal, we’ve noticed that, unlike hardcore skeptics, psychics see both sides of the story. They know psychic abilities exist from their own experiences, but they are also well aware of psychic frauds. They are especially skeptical about psychics who are great at gaining publicity, but have minimal abilities and rely too much on their analytical minds over the intuitive.

Inside Edition set to test psychic detectives, selecting ten people randomly who called themselves psychics and were willing to be filmed. The interviewer showed each one a photo of a young girl who was said to be missing. All ten said the girl had been murdered. But the photo was actually the interviewer when she was a young girl.

The key word in the selection process was “random.” In other words, the television show didn’t examine the track record of the psychics they chose. Skeptics who debunk psychics often target individuals who have already been accused of fraud. Such exposes may provide a valuable service by warning the public to avoid such fakes, but hardly prove that all psychics are frauds or simply incapable of assisting police in cases.

In fact, Dean Radin, author and psychic researcher, points out in Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities that there are scientific reasons to accept that some cases of psychic detective work are valid. “Given that we know from scientific experiments that clairvoyant abilities do exist, the assumption that psychic detectives and psychic spies are always guessing is wrong.”

There are cases in which psychic detectives fail to assist police, and there are cases where they prove successful in assisting police. The controversy is really about the big picture of what it all means that psychic abilities are real.

As older scientists and academics die off, mainstream science and academia are slowly…very slowly…coming around to accepting the reality of psychic abilities. The problem is that the evidence, when taken seriously, will inevitably lead to a paradigm shift in beliefs as we recognize that we are more than physical beings living in linear time and 3-D space. At a deeper level of reality, we are all interconnected in a vast web of consciousness.

Philosophers and spiritual leaders have said as much for millennia. In Hindu mythology, it’s said that one tug on the god Indra’s net ripples through the Universe, everything being interconnected. In the Western World, 2,000 years ago, the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote: “Everything is connected and the web is holy.”

Now science is on the verge of proving it beyond doubt.

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Coast to Coast & the Lotto

In the aftermath of our appearance (or we should say our voices) on Coast to Coast recently, we’ve gotten a number of e-mails from people who heard the show. The most interesting was from a man named Gerald, a long-distance truck driver, who listened to the show while on the road. The next day, he stopped at a truck stop in Jackson,  Georgia and that’s when something odd happened.
He was walking by the lottery machine and he says, “All of a sudden I could clearly hear both of your voices saying to be open to the world. I figured that was a hint. So I bought a $5 lottery ticket and won $500. It is the most I have ever won and I would be remorse if I didn’t share this story with you.”
Good going, Gerald. Nice synchronicity!
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‘Someone I Used to Know’

Someone recently suggested that I (Rob) watch a documentary called Hellier. Strange name, I thought. What could this be? It turns out that Hellier is the name of a rural town in Kentucky where usual creatures have been seen and documented, at least through photos of their three-toed foot prints, and a few murky pictures. The creatures are supposedly about three-feet tall with large pointed ears and a face without a nose.

The paranormal researchers who set out to find the creatures or at least find out more about them were drawn into this quest by a series of e-mails from a man named David Christie, whose family seemingly was targeted by these creatures that he referred to as gremlins. The beings repeatedly came onto his property late at night, approached his house, and apparently were curious about his young daughter. He believed they lived in one of many abandoned mines in the area. After living in the house a mere seven months, the Christies became more and more frightened by events, and finally fled.

The documentary is well done and worth watching if you’re interested in stories of strange creatures, possibly alien beings. After Christie abandoned the house, he stopped writing the investigators, and they were unable to contact him for an in-person interview. Apparently, he didn’t respond to their e-mails or his account was closed. Eventually, they found the house, which was empty except for some children’s toys scattered in the yard.

Interestingly—at least for me—is that I used to correspond with a man named David Christie. We exchanged e-mails related to Carlos Castaneda and the people around him. David was fascinated with Castaneda and approached me because I had some dealings with one of the women in Castaneda’s orbit, who had gone on to write a couple of books herself.

So, of course, as I watched the video, I began wondering if the David Christie, who was e-mailing paranormal researchers about Gremlins, was the same one I had communicated with years earlier. On a whim, I decided to put his name in a Facebook search to see what turned up. I found several David Christies, but only one caught my attention. This David Christie had no picture, just the usual silhouette that’s posted before a profile picture is established. I clicked into the page and found no photos, no comments, just a single post. It was a link to a song: Someone I Used to Know.

So I was looking for someone I used to know and that’s all I got, a song with the exact same title. A puzzling synchronicity. I still don’t know if he was the same David Christie, but I guess it doesn’t matter. If it does, maybe I’ll hear from him.

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Full Moon in Virgo

Be sure to check your February prediction in the masthead for more details on this full moon.

On February 19, we have a full moon in Virgo, at 00 degrees. Full moons are about culmination, harvest, and Virgo is the sign of the perfectionist, the master of details. There are several things that intrigue me about this full moon.

It forms a beautiful trine (120 degrees) with Mars in fellow earth sign Taurus, which suggests a kind of relentless and steadfast movement toward a goal. Mars represents our physicality, sexuality, ambition, and in Taurus, it simply keeps moving forward, knocking down obstacles like – well, Ferdinand the bull in the children’s story.

It forms that same beautiful angle to the cusp of the 8th house, which governs mundane stuff like taxes, insurance, mortgages. That house also rules the paranormal, life after death, communication with the dead, reincarnation.

For earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – this should be a beneficial full moon, even if it may feature a tad of the nuttiness you often see during any full moon. For fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – it could feel like one of those days when everyone around you is nitpicking about something and you could care less. After all, you’ve got Jupiter in fellow fire sign Sagittarius right now, and that means Let’s have fun!

Water signs Scorpio and Cancer will feel the benefits of this full moon, which forms a beneficial angle to your sun sign that facilitates an easy exchange of energy. Pisces, though, may feel the brunt of this full moon because it’s opposite your sun sign. Before you even leave your home on the 19th, sit quietly for a few minutes and gather positive thoughts around yourself.

Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – is represented in this chart only in the Gemini ascendant at 5 degrees. The moon will square your sign, so it’s best to start the day the same way that Pisces should.

That said, there’s a big shift on the 19th for the asteroid Chiron, known as the wounded healer. Chiron stays in a sign from a year to 8 years, and takes about 50 years to circle the zodiac. It remains the longest in Pisces and in Aries, where it will be from now until 2027. However, it made a brief entrance into Aries last spring – April – and remained there until it retrograde back into Pisces in late September 2018. So, look back to what was going on in your life then. It may provide clues about what you’ll experience now.

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A Synchro about Breathing

One of my long-time yoga students sent me an article from Scientific American called, “Proper Breathing Brings Better Health—Stress reduction, insomnia prevention, emotion control, improved attention—certain breathing techniques can make life better. But where do you start?”

Basically, the article shows how scientific research has documented what yogis have been practicing for centuries. In fact, the breath is at the core of yoga. Although I’ve noticed that some of the current popular styles, such as vinyasa flow, don’t have much emphasis on breathing exercises.

Many years ago, I took Sivananda yoga classes, which usually included at least 10 minutes of such exercises, featuring several different forms of breath control. After reading that article, I was thinking about a man named Bharata, the teacher who taught those classes, when a text message came through from someone in the group text of yoga teachers at Moksha Yoga where I teach. To my surprise the text featured a photo of Bharata, with a link to his web site. He is not part of the group, in fact, he is retired from teaching yoga. So I was quite amazed to see his picture appear there, especially since I was thinking about him. I’ve also never seen any pictures appear in that group text.

A moment later, the person who put it up wrote and said: “Oops, that was meant for another group text. Sorry.” I responded by saying I was just thinking about that guy after reading an article about the importance of breathing exercises, and I left a link to the article for the teachers.

Of course it was a meaningful coincidence for me, and after reading the article I was moved to begin my yoga class this evening with a couple of the breathing techniques Bharata taught, including Kapalabhati (or Shining Skull breath) and alternate nostril breathing. I hadn’t done either of those particular breathing exercises in class for several years.

So that was a synchronicity for me. Psychic experiences, including synchros like that one, are referred to in yoga philosophy as siddhis. As with many synchronicities, I was left with the feeling that there was something bigger going on. What started with an article sent to me led to a discussion in the group text about the role of the breath, or prana, in yoga, and to my talking to my class about the article and leading them in breathing exercises they hadn’t seen from me in past classes.


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What we know about Uranus

This illustrates the relative sizes of Uranus, Earth and Earth’s Moon. The images are shown at the proper relative size, but not the correct relative distance from each other. Uranus is approximately 31,000 miles (50,000 kilometers) in diameter, or about four times the size of Earth. The Earth is approximately 7,900 miles (12,800 kilometers) in diameter, or about four times the diameter of the Moon, 2,100 miles (3,500 kilometers).


First: Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

The planet Uranus was discovered in 1781. From then into the 1800s, its discovery ushered in the invention of the parachute, the hot-air balloon, the steamboat, the guillotine, the smallpox vaccine, the battery, printing press, watches, typewriters, sewing machines…. You get the idea here. Astrologically, Uranus is associated with inventions, brilliance, the cutting edge. It’s about the thrust for individual freedom, individuality. It represents the rebel, rebellion, and respect no rules, no authority, no status quo.

It takes Uranus 84 years to circle the zodiac. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1935, when the U.S. was in the midst of the Great Depression. Unemployment stood at more than 20 percent. During its seven-year transit of Taurus, FDR raised the top tax rate to 79 percent. Unemployment shrank to under 17 percent. FDR began his second term as president and launched the third New Deal. In 1940, Hitler conquered France and bombed London. Congress reinstated the draft. In 1941, FDR began his third term, and on December 7 of that year, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and off to war the U.S. went.

Yes, the world is vastly different now. Uranus rules the Internet social media, the places where we spend much of our time now. Yet,  some of the same broad patterns may be repeated during this transit of Uranus through Taurus. We may actually be seeing hints of those patterns in the recent government shutdown where federal workers were calling in sick, taking second jobs, going to food banks. In a single week, 14,000 air traffic controllers called in sick, presumably because they weren’t being paid for working 60-hour weeks, and it impacted air traffic in some of the busiest airports in the U.S. – La Guardia, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Philadelphia.

On a personal level, this transit may initially impact your finances, for better or worse, depending on your situation. On May 10, 2018, Uranus entered Taurus for the first time in 84 years and continued in that sign, retrograded back into Aries, then turned direct in January and on March 6, will enter Taurus again until 2026. Think back: what was going on in your life in mid-May?

For us, our home had been damaged during Hurricane Irma in September 2017 and in November, we filed a claim with our insurance company. We had leaks in four rooms, our roof was basically shot. Our insurance company paid us a paltry sum, so we hired a public adjuster. He came out to the house, did a thorough assessment of damage, and filed a claim. Finally, six months later, four or five days after Uranus entered Taurus, we won the substantial claim and spent the summer having our house rebuilt.

Rob is a double Taurus, sun and rising. I have Taurus on the cusp of my 7th house – partnerships. Astrologically, this fit. I started examining Uranus in depth.

If you’re in ill health, it should be easier for you to heal if you engage your full power as an individual who has free will. Your finances are likely to change, for better or worse depending on whee Taurus appears in your chart and where you find yourself at this point in your life. Some things in your life will be chaotic, turned upside down and inside out. The stuff that no longer works in your life – jobs, relationships, beliefs – will fall out of your experience and new opportunities and relationships will arrive. You’ll have opportunities that will enable you to evolve to your full potential, but you have to be vigilant, aware.

Politically this will be a strange time. Governments worldwide will fall and rise. Rebellions and protests will spread as people seek to express their individuality. It may not be the best of times overall, but each of us will have opportunities to grow and evolve as individuals and, ultimately, as a collective of humanity.

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The Traveling Shoes

This story, from Sharon Catley, is one of the oddest I’ve heard. It’s ghostly, but so weirdly eerie it could fit into any number of categories.

I worked at the same company for 33 years. During that time I was moved into several different office locations within the same building. My department consisted of three offices – Mine, another coworkers and a large foyer that was used for storage. One of the things that were stored in that room were these special safety shoes. They were made of rubber and were kind of like galoshes with steel toes that you could put over your regular shoes to enter areas of our location that required additional safety.

There were about 10 pairs in various sizes and colors. We would laugh because they looked a bit like clown shoes. Anyway every morning when we came into work the shoes which had been stored on a two level shelf would be all over the floor. They stayed in place on the shelves all day but every morning they were off-the-shelf.

One morning I was just arriving and had not had a chance to pick up the shoes yet when the payroll lady came in to talk to me. She asked what the shoes were doing all over the floor? I told her the story. She was of Asian descent and said that in their culture this would be the sign of a ghost and that shoes in the house are considered bad luck. The shoes continued to be jumping off onto the floor for the next few years until it was decided to do a rearrangement of that storage foyer. The shelf with the shoes was placed at the opposite end of the room and for some reason the shoes suddenly ceased their night time wandering.

We had done quite a thorough investigation before to see what the cause for this movement might be (breezes or being moved by the night janitor but he did not come every night) We later learned that the ashes of a former employee had been stored in the shelves original spot. The urn had been brought to facilitate the scattering of the ashes at sea but had been forgotten there behind some boxes. It had been found and removed just before we and the shoes moved into those offices. The payroll lady and I concluded that the ghost of the person whose ashes had been there felt disrespected by us placing those stinky shoes in his area. The shoes have since been moved into a closet just outside these offices and are still behaving themselves. Just thought this was an interesting event and wanted to share.

Sharon later sent a postscript to this story, a bit of explanation:

The reason that the lady brought the urn to us was we are a marine transportation company and the employee whose ashes were in the urn had worked for us for many years. The urn was left in the storage room for a number of years as well. Perhaps another reason for the ghost’s displeasure was having to sit in the urn for so long, forgotten while he had been expected to be out floating freely in the Pacific Ocean. And maybe he was just expressing his displeasure by tossing the shoes around.

A bit of a trickster spirit, that one!


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Censorship: it’s one of the ugliest and most evil words in the English language, but particularly objectionable to writers.

There has been a lot of it in world history, often under totalitarian regimes – Hitler’s Germany, Chile under Pinochet, Cuba under Fidel Castro, and in Iran, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela…well, the list is long, but the reason is short: If you speak out against the current government, you are targeted, censored, and in some countries, arrested and killed.

Book banning, of course, has a long and ugly history. The Harry Potter books are particularly interesting. According to the American Library Association:

In an interesting twist, the Harry Potter books changed the focus of book challenges in schools and public libraries. Prior to 1999, most challenges had to do with sex, the human body or “inappropriate” language (Dunne), with most of the books themselves falling into the realistic fiction genre. Rowling’s books shifted the censors’ attention to fantasy with challenges asserting that Harry Potter glorified magic and the occult, confusing children and leading them to attempt to emulate the spells and curses they read about. There were some concerns over the violence and the increasingly dark tone of the later books in the series. But most of the censorship attempts aimed at Harry Potter were for religious reasons.

From 2000- 2009, the Harry Potter series topped the most frequently challenged list of 2000-2009.

But suppose, in the current climate of the U.S., the censorship isn’t the government, per se, or religious zealots, but social media platforms like Facebook?

I recently put up a post on Facebook that appeared initially on the blog. It was called The Playbook and features the book cover of Mein Kampt and compared Trump to Hitler.  About 4 hours after it went up, I received a notice from FB that it violated community standards and has been removed. I realize that FB may be overly cautious now because of the flack they’ve gotten from congress over the election, but c’mon, Hitler is one of the darkest pockets of world history. Since he and trump share some of the same characteristics, how does that violate “community standards?” Figures like Hitler and all his cronies throughout history need to be remembered and condemned.

Facebook also owns Instagram, which has its share of porn. How is porn okay for the community standards? I no longer follow people on Instagram with private accounts who follow me because all too often I then get a direct message from the person, which includes a naked photo and: click here for more naked pics of me. Or: Venmo me for a private view.

In the 21st century, here in the U.S., I find this type of censorship frightening.

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Star, the Cat, and Spirit Contact

Our deceased animal buddies, just like our deceased loved ones, often contact us once they’re in spirit. Like with any such contact, though, we have to be aware, to believe that such contact is possible, and to be open to it.

In June 2018, Melisssa’s cat, Star had to be put down. She was nearly 21. When the vet went to their house to help her along, Melissa and John were playing an Azure Ray song, “November,” which was her favorite song and made her more comfortable. As Melissa explains, “She was asthmatic and had anxiety and we would put that record on and it would soothe her, sometimes on repeat in the middle of the night. She loved it a lot.”

“Six months to the day that she left us (she left 6/6/2018 and this happened on 12/6/2018), I was thinking about her and for some reason happened to google the Azure Ray site and noticed that there was going to be a show in Brooklyn. It was a sign from Star.  I think a Xmas ornament fell off the tree that evening – a star ornament, if I remember correctly.”

Usually, Melissa sees 11, like in the photo of Star above that’s her screen saver. And she saw it that afternoon when she learned about the Azure Ray concert at a small venue in Brooklyn. “So our cat sent us to a concert and on January 19, 2019, we went to the show.”

On the night of the show, the synchronicities began almost immediately. “When we arrived at the venue, I had to use the restroom, so I did. It’s one of those venues where people put stickers on the walls in the stalls and graffiti all over the place. The particular stall I chose had a giant ‘Melissa’ graffiti.A few minutes later, as I explored the venue, I found a 2011 penny on heads! After that, Jon told me that he had seen 11:11 on the microwave clock earlier that day.

“We then sat down for a beer and Stereolab came on the radio. I told Jon a story about a concert I went to years ago in Atlanta. Stereolab opened for Sonic Youth. The song ended and the next that played was Sonic Youth.

“Before the band went on, I had to use the restroom one more time, so I went to another bathroom in another part of the venue. Inside the random stall I looked up at the door and ssw a sticker for my  Kat’s non-profit. This may be a stretch synchro. We both live in Brooklyn and she had  been to this venue, but I still think it is significant because Kat was one of the few people that Star really liked and Kat would often watch her when we went out of town.

“A few days before the concert, I did message the band and asked them to play their song, ‘November’, which is the song that we had playing when Star left us. It was her favorite song and her favorite band.

“When the band came out, Jon reached in his pocket. He had brought one of Star’s toys with him to the show.

They did play the song and I cried the whole time.

At the end of the night, as I was going home, I looked at my phone. 11:11 PM.

And just to close this out…the next morning, I was reading about the two girls in the band  to see which one was which and guess what the debut solo album of one of them is called? “11:11”

It is also worth mentioning that about a week before this concert, Jon and I had almost the same exact dream. I saw an 11:11 that morning and he woke up at about that time as well. The dream was about Star. I could see and feel her. Our dreams were very, very similar.

“Also worth mentioning I see 11s ALL THE TIME, so much in fact, that I’ve started taking pictures and screenshots when I do, and try to document what happened that day and around seeing the 11s.”

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