Synchros in St. Augustine

Whenever we travel, we tend to experience synchronicities. Maybe it’s because we are taken out of our everyday routine…and things happen. That was the case again in early May when we journeyed to St. Augustine, Florida – the oldest city in the U.S. – for a couple of days.

A friend had said we should visit a bar called The Well. So after visiting the old stone fort, we decided to go find it. It turned into a half-hour hike, but we located it on the grounds of the The Collector Inn & Garden. By the time we finished our beers it was after 5 p.m. and we debated about walking to a restaurant called Catch 27 – also recommended to us. Google told us it was several blocks away, but Trish said she wanted to go back to our room first. So we headed back through Old Town.

As soon as we got in our car and left the parking lot, we noticed the bridge we needed to cross to the barrier island where we were staying was raised for boat traffic and cars we backed up for more than a quarter mile. Rush hour.We skirted the traffic, circled back through Old Town on what is apparently the only street that allows car traffic. Just a block before we were to exit onto a main road, we noticed a sign for Catch 27, which was more than mile from where we thought the restaurant was located. We managed to get back to our parking spot, which still had two hours left on the meter, and walked over to the restaurant.

As we were seated, I asked if there were two Catch 27s, and was told there was only one and that it had moved to the new location. So if we would’ve taken our other option and attempted to walk to the restaurant from the bar, we wouldn’t have found it. So, for us, what originally seemed like an inconvenience – the bridge raised and a long wait – turned into a lucky find. Instead of being blocked, we ended up right where we wanted to be!

Here’s one other one from that trip. A couple of days before we left for St. Augustine, I completed a script called Spinning Out. In the story, my main character, Jake, has an out-of-body experience in which he becomes stuck out of his body and ultimately is aided by a group of inter-dimensional beings that resemble odd-looking human children. These beings form a circle around Jake, lock arms and rotate around him, bringing him slowly back into his body. Yay, good aliens!

So, to my surprise, upon arriving at our airbnb in St. Augustine, I noticed a strange ceramic sculpture near the floor in one corner of the main room. It’s a group of odd-looking little beings with arms locked forming a circle. Of course, that reminded me of my scenario in the script. Here’s a pic of it. Another syncro.

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Animal Spirit Contact & That Rainbow Bridge

Melissa Fordham is one of the most interesting women I know. Years back when we lived in the neighborhood we moved to when our daughter, Megan, was 6 weeks old, she lived in the neighborhood with her family. She’s 11 years older than Megan, who will be 30 this year, and back then, when Melissa was in her teens, she used to babysit for Megan.

I saw her periodically during her college years, we went to her wedding, and then she and her husband, Jon, moved to New York. But she kept in touch. She’s a Leo who grew up with cats and who, for 20 years, had a beautiful cat named Star. Melissa also has an insatiable appetite for answers that don’t fall within the normal or usual scheme of things and in the past several years, has been exploring that unseen realm.

Last year, Star died and ever since, Melissa has been experiencing a lot of contact with Star. We’ve written about several of her contacts. The most recent event appeared in my text messages this evening. It’s a weird one, for sure.

Toward the end of her life, Star was on a med called Cosequin for her arthritis, featured in both pics.  It’s a joint supplement. But after the cat died, Melissa got rid of the pills and sent them to friends with older cats. “I’ve actually deep cleaned in the year since she died, so there’s really no explanation for what happened.”

On her kitchen floor, she found a single pill, Cosequin, and texted Jon about it. “There’s a Cosequin pill just in the middle of the floor in the kitchen. Just there. Randomly. We don’t have that anymore.”

Jon: Star put it there. She’s saying, “Hi! I don’t need this anymore.”

Melissa wrote that she left the pill there all day and into the next morning – well, just because.

“At first I thought it was a pill of mine, but then I was like, no, I haven’t taken any pills…and Jon’s been gone a week…so it wasn’t his. Then I got closer and was like…OH. MY. GOD.
I was almost afraid to touch it at first. I also liked Jon’s explanation of it.”

What I find so intriguing about her experience is that apparently animal spirits, like their human counterparts, seem to use whatever is most convenient to let us know they’re around.

Now I would really enjoy some type of communication from our Golden Retriever, Noah, who died on March 14. Or form our first Golden, Jessie, who died in 2007. Or from our cats Powder and Tigerlil, who passed in 2017 and 2012, or from our black and white tuxedo cat, Whiskers, who passed in 2006.

You get the idea here, right? We outlive all our animal buddies. And they do seem to reach out to us once they get to that Rainbow Bridge.

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Nala, Nigel, Noah, Nika

Nala is now at least 6 months old and quite comfortable around the house. She’s spayed, has all her shots, and now runs around outside in the backyard, chasing lizards and insects. She also climbs trees. But whenever I shake the treat jar, she comes dashing in.

Sometimes, Nigel or Nika or both of them play with her in the backyard,. Even though Nigel is many times her size, she doesn’t seem intimidated. Even Nika, Megan’s dog, is much larger than she is. But she likes dogs, cuddles up to them when she’s in that be my friend mood.  

Here are Nigel (blonde) and Nika at dinner with us one evening.

But because she was with Noah when he passed, I wonder about the effect of that. Does Nala sense him around? Do Nika and Nigel? I think they do, but it’s more natural for them  to see what we do not.

Today when we were leaving the dog park, a woman whose name I don’t know stopped me at the gate and said, “I heard about Noah. I’m so sorry.” And then she hugged me.

It’s this kind of compassion from virtual strangers that reduces me to tears. Every pet owner knows what it’s like to lose a beloved buddy. And every pet in a house with multiple animals and species feels the same void we humans feel, but not in the same way. At some level, I think animals understand that death isn’t the end of anything, that it’s just another level of being.


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Atticus Finch and the Era of trump

Remember Atticus Finch, the heroic lawyer in To Kill a Mockingbird, who did the right thing? Jeff Daniels is now playing Finch on Broadway and sat down with Nicolle Wallace to talk about the parallels in Harper Lee’s classic to life under trump. It’s chilling. It’s all about racism. And, unless trump is held accountable, it’s also the end of democracy.

You can watch the segment here.

Where are today’s heroes? Where’s the next Daniel Ellsberg who will leak the unredacted Mueller report to The Washington Post?

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Writing the future

Here’s an astonishing example of an author tuning into the future providing details of an event that would take place two years later. We wrote about this one here many years ago, but it’s worth taking another look at it, and considering the question of whether or not this fictional story created that actual event or did the author tune into what was  to come.

In 1972, Regency Press published a novel, Black Abductor, by Harrison James, a pseudonym for James Rusk Jr. It’s about a terrorist group led by a black man who kidnapped a college student, Patricia. Her wealthy father was well known and had right-wing sympathies.

In the novel, Patricia was kidnapped near campus while she was with her boyfriend, who was badly beaten by the abductors. For a while, the boyfriend was a suspect in the case. The fictional Patricia initially resisted her captors, but eventually subscribed to their ideology and became a champion of their cause. The terrorists sent Polaroid photos to her father and described the abduction as America’s “first political kidnapping.” They predicted they eventually would be surrounded by police, tear-gassed, and wiped out.

Two years after the book was published, in 1974, Patricia Hearst – daughter of newspaper baron Randolph Hearst and then a college student – was abducted from her apartment near campus. The kidnappers were members of the Symbionese Liberation Army, a terrorist group led by a black man. Her boyfriend, Steven Weed, was with her at the time and was badly beaten, but became a suspect in the case. Patricia Hearst, like the fictional Patricia, became a sympathizer of her abductors’ cause. She ended up robbing a bank with her kidnappers and was photographed carrying an MI carbine.

The FBI was either familiar with the novel or had read it and the author became a suspect in the case. The real abductors were eventually surrounded by the police, tear-gassed, and killed, just as the fictional kidnappers predicted they would be. All of this begs the question: had the terrorists read the novel? Or was this an instance where the author’s creative edge enabled him  to sense the future so deeply that he uncovered stunning details identical to those that came about two years later?

Realistically, would anyone read a novel with such a deadly plot and decide to duplicate it? Maybe. But it would be challenging to get the boyfriend to play the appropriate role and the authorities to do the same. Most likely, Rusk, through his creative endeavor, had somehow tuned into an event yet to come.

Two years later, playing on the similarity of real life events, the book was republished with an essay introducing it. That’s it in the image above. The author James called the similarities of the two stories a ‘coincidence.’ He also seemed somewhat embarrassed by the attention the book was getting, including interest from the FBI, and he notes on that the book was not only extremely violent, but also pornographic. He said the only reason it rated three stars on Amazon is because of the coincidence.

One other note, I initially was going to call this post by the title of the book, Black Abductor. But it occurred to me that it would be bad form to repeat the provocative title, which plays on race. I doubt that any mainstream publisher would play on the word ‘black’ as was done in 1972.

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Full Moon in Scorpio


On May 18, at 5:11 p.m. EDT, we’ve got a full moon at 27 degrees and 38 minutes of Scorpio. This sign is the most emotionally intense, secretive, and psychic of the zodiac. And since full moons often illuminate the stuff that’s roaming around, untethered, in our psyches, it’s going to be a bit nutty for most of us.

Pluto, at 23 Capricorn in house 3, forms a beneficial angle to this full moon and since Pluto rules Scorpio, this aspect is powerful. Transformative. Prepare for a huge energy shift of some kind. But let’s take a closer look at how each sign may be impacted.

Aries:The full moon in Scorpio on May 18 brings a financial matter into focus—your partner’s income, a mortgage or loan for which you’ve applied, an insurance settlement or refund or a tax issue. There may be news concerning any of these areas. Scorpio is an emotionally intense sign, so be prepared to be immersed in what you feel and intuit.

Taurus: The full moon in Scorpio on May 18 falls in your partnership area. Expect news about a personal or business partnership. Thanks to a close, beneficial angle from Pluto to this full moon, you’re empowered by the news. The Scorpio moon is one of the most emotionally intense, so be prepared to for some deep feelings.

Gemini: The 18th brings a full moon in passionate Scorpio and highlights your daily work and the way you maintain your daily health. Deep emotions often accompany a moon in Scorpio, and the trick is to avoid getting sucked into the inner conflict. All too often, inner conflicts find their way into the external world, and the last thing you want is conflict at work with anyone.

Cancer: The full moon in fellow water sign Scorpio on the 18th brings news about a romantic relationship or a creative endeavor. Scorpio is an intense sign, and with the full moon bringing everything into start focus, you may feel more emotional than usual. Any news you hear, though, should work in your favor, thanks to a beneficial angle from powerful Pluto.

Leo: The full moon in Scorpio on May 18 highlights your home life and family. Since Scorpio
is an emotionally intense sign, your feelings may get hurt by something someone in your personal environment says or does. There could also be news about a parent or another family member. Since Pluto forms a beneficial angle to this full moon, your emotions at this time are powerful.

Virgo: The 18th features a full moon in water sign Scorpio. This one receives a harmonious beam of energy from Pluto and any news you hear is positive and powerful. Scorpio urges you to dig deeper for answers, and because you’re a detail-oriented person, you accept the challenge. No telling what treasures you may find!

Libra: On the 18th, the full moon in Scorpio highlights your financial area. You’re able to understand the beliefs and thoughts that may be preventing you from achieving the financial prosperity you desire and grasp how to adjust them. Since Pluto forms a friendly angle to this full moon, any news you hear about money puts you in a more powerful position.

Scorpio: This month’s transits are more to your liking and include a full moon in your sign on May 18. This one lights up your personal life, allowing you to see deep within yourself more easily. Thanks to a harmonious beam from Pluto, any news you hear will put you in a more powerful position.

Sagittarius: The full moon in Scorpio on May 18 is ideal for delving into your own psyche. Your dreams will be more vivid and will contain information and insights that may prove valuable. Your sexuality is heightened during this full moon.

Capricorn: There’s a full moon in Scorpio on May 18 that you’ll enjoy. Your social calendar gets crowded during the several days leading up to this date, and you recognize the opportunity to network and connect with friends. Pluto is friendly to this full moon, indicating that any news you hear puts you in a more powerful position.

Aquarius: The full moon in Scorpio on May 18 highlights your professional life. You feel everything more intensely now and are able to see all the connecting pieces of your career with greater clarity. Pluto is friendly to this full moon, an indication that news you hear puts you in a stronger position to negotiate and bargain.

Pisces: The full moon in fellow water sign Scorpio on May 18 highlights that part of your chart that rules the higher mind—your worldview and deeper spiritual and philosophic beliefs, higher education and international travel. Thanks to a friendly beam from Pluto, news you hear about any of these areas is profound and powerful.

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Happy birthday, Rob!

This beautiful poster is what Megan had made for Rob’s birthday.It’s a collage of photos stretched onto a canvas and hangs now in our hallway.

Rob was always Noah’s human – I was the backup – and the photos express the speciaal place Noah had in Rob’s life.

Happy birthday, Rob!

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Synchronicity & UFOs


Here’s an article we wrote for Unknown Country in 2015. I don’t think we ever posted it here. If we did, well, here it is again.

Weekender: When the Unlikely and the Unbelievable Collide

In the aftermath of an early morning UFO encounter in his back yard that ended with both he and his wife losing consciousness, Charles Fontaine was haunted by a series of strange coincidences and paranormal experiences. Even though he rarely read books outside of his field in aeronautics, he went to a bookstore in a Montreal mall and picked up one book, the French edition of The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity.

He began reading it at home in rural Quebec and as he reached the second chapter, he paused and Googled the phrase ‘synchronicity and UFOs.’ That led him right into another synchronicity, an image on a blog that showed a hovering UFO beaming light to the ground, similar to what he had experienced. Looking more closely, he realized he was on a synchronicity blog written by the authors of the book he was reading.That was when he knew he had to contact the authors, and that was how we met Charles Fontaine, who became a central figure in our book, Aliens in the Backyard: UFOS, Abductions & Synchronicity.

Since Carl Jung first wrote about his concept of synchronicity in 1949, in the introduction to Richard Wilhelm’s edition of the I Ching, the word – the concept – seems to have reached a tipping point. If you Google the word, nearly 6 million links appear. And yet, twenty years ago, even ten years ago, if you mentioned this word in the company of strangers, you got a lot of weird looks.

A synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. As Jung defined it, it’s the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that is meaningful to the person who experiences it and can’t be explained by cause and effect. In its simplest form, you’re thinking of your college roommate, with whom you lost touch twenty years ago, and that very day you receive a friend request from that person on Facebook. In its more complex forms, it blows your head wide open and turns your life inside out like a dirty sock.

It’s an intricate component of the visitor/abduction experience, of afterlife communication, and may be the phenomenon that actually links the two. It seems to exist along the border of what quantum physicist David Bohm called the implicate or enfolded order of existence and the explicate order, what we perceive in our daily lives. It may be our most direct experience of who we are as individuals, as a species, a human collective. It manifests itself at juncture points in our lives – birth or death, marriage or divorce, a move, a change in financial status, an illness, any transitional point. It’s often a wakeup call that shakes us out of our established routines and rigid ways of thinking.

Sometimes, there’s a trickster component to a synchro, where the universe seems to be laughing at us, poking fun at us, whispering Ha-ha, gotcha on that one huh?The paranormal is often involved in synchronicity. In fact, phenomena like telepathy, precognition, remote viewing, telekinesis, retrocognition, and time displacement fall under the umbrella of synchronicity.It sometimes occurs in clusters, where the same songs, numbers, books, names, objects, or place occur repeatedly in a matter of hours or days. Jung believed this meant an archetype had become active in your unconscious and would continue until you got the message.

It often occurs in heightened periods of creativity. Several writers tap into the same story line and plot. Inventors and scientific researchers come up with simultaneous discoveries.When it appears in politics or in mass events – like 911, the Boston Marathon bombing, the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 -there’s often a trickster element involved, an in your face component that’s hard to ignore. When it manifests itself in tragedies the media seizes upon, synchronicity is often embedded somewhere in the story line.

Not all synchros are biggies. Many are small but so personally significant that they change the way we see the world and ourselves within that world. These synchros act as confirmations, guides, or startle us enough to take a deeper look. They are comforting allies in our journey through life. Some involve animals as messengers. Some unfold over a period of weeks, months, even years. The thing about synchronicity is that the sky is the limit and the only thing holding us back is how willing we are to expand our own consciousness.

Synchronicity is an equal opportunity experiencer. It doesn’t care about your social or financial status, your religious or political beliefs, your ethnicity and parentage, your age, gender, skin color, profession, education, or marital status. It doesn’t even care if you’re a diehard skeptic. It happens. And whether you acknowledge it or not is the key. Awareness is pivotal.

Where do you fall in this vast spectrum?


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The Melchizedek synchro machine – and happy mother’s day!



When my FB friend, Bill Homann, put up the above photo recently on his FB page, I was reminded of an incredible series of synchronicities related to the name Melchizedek. Now, thanks to Bill, I have a photo of the man who ten years ago inadvertently set off this mysterious compound synchronicity. Here’s the post from May 19, 2009. It was entitled: Order of Melchizedek.

* * *

If you’re not yet convinced that synchronicity is more than mere coincidence, this one might push you to rethink your reservations. The starting point is a comment from our entry on May 19- World on Fire from Gypsy Woman in which she referenced author Drunvalo Melchizedek. When I saw that last name, I was immediately reminded of a bizarre compound synchronicity experienced by two authors, Jacque Vallee and Colin Wilson. I wrote about the story in my book, PSYCHIC POWER: Discover and Develop Your Sixth Sense at any Age.

UFO researcher Vallee was interested in a Los Angeles cult known as the Order of Melchizedek, related to an obscure biblical prophet, Melchizedek. He searched for information about the prophet, but didn’t have much luck. (That was before Google. Now his name immediately elicits a site:

In the midst of his research, he took a taxi to the Los Angeles airport and asked the taxi driver for a receipt. To his surprise, the receipt was signed M. Melchizedek. He assumed the name must be more common than he thought, but when he checked the Los Angles telephone directory, the only one listed was his taxi driver.

Vallee offered a quirky explanation of how synchronicity works. He said it could be called “the angelic answer.” He suggested that it was as if he’d placed a message that read “Wanted: Melchizedeks: on a universal notice board. As a result, an earnest angel had asked, “How about this?” and handed Vallee the taxi driver.

To clarify his point, Vallee noted two ways a librarian could file information. One is alphabetical. But an easier way of filing would allow the librarian to place each new book on the closest shelf. Each book would have a beeper attached to its spine and could be located with a transmitter. Vallee proposed that the universe works on a similar system, and that explains synchronicity. In more modern terms, that would be like saying that the universe acted like a Google search, but with no computers involved.

The story doesn’t end there. When the prolific writer Colin Wilson wrote about Vallee’s theory for an article on synchronicity, he experienced a related synchronicity himself. After completing work on the passage about Vallee, Wilson took a break from writing to walk his dog. As he left his office, he noticed that a book had fallen from a shelf. He picked it up and looked at the title, You Are Sentenced to Life, by Dr. W.D. Chesney. He’d bought it years ago, but had never read it. He paged through it and near the end found a page headed “Order of Melchizedek.” It was a letter to the author by the founder of the order. Wilson noted that, of the more than 30,000 books in his house, it was that book which fell just after he had written about Melchizedek.

So both authors attracted their own Melchizedeks. Thank you, Gypsy Woman, for reminding me of the story!

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The more I see and listen to Kamala Harris, the more I like her. So tonight I Googled her birth data. She was born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California at 9:28 P.M. She’s born on my dad’s birthday, and that already tells me a lot and makes me biased about her and her chart.

As a Libra sun, she’s fair-minded, balanced, concerned about justice and doing things the right way. Libra is represented by the scales of justice. Libra dislike dissension, crave harmony. However, Kamala is feisty.

We’ve seen that in Senate hearings on Brett Kavanaugh and most recently in hearings with William Barr. That’s her fire sign Aries moon. Aries is the warrior who fights for what he or she believes. And that moon forms a beneficial angle to her Mars in dramatic, fiery Leo. So these two fire planets feed each other.

Her rising is Gemini – her ability to think on her feet and communicate in a clear, smooth manner. You can tell she used to be a prosecutor. She has that quickness about her, that preparedness that tells you she has studied what’s going on and reached a conclusion.That tells you she knows the law. That she has a moral compass.

Jupiter (luck, expansion, the law, government, higher education, foreign countries, people, cultures) in her chart falls in Taurus, in the 11th house of wishes and dreams and networks of acquaintances. She’s stubborn. She knows what she believes. And with Jupiter in the 11th, she’s a natural for the public arena of politics.

Mercury, which rules her chart because it rules Gemini (her rising), lies in Scorpio, in the 5th house of creativity, kids, romance. Scorpio is the sign that seeks the absolute bottom line. It means she digs for information until she finds exactly what she’s looking for. She doesn’t back down. And that Mercury forms a beautiful angle to the cusp of her 10th house – profession, career, at 2 degrees Pisces – so that’s where her communication skills really shine.

Interestingly, on November 3, 2020, there are some beautiful angles in her chart from transiting planets. On that day, Jupiter is at 21 degrees in earth sign Capricorn and forms a beautiful angle to her clusters of planets in earth sign Virgo in her 4th house (home, family, your foundation). These planets are Venus (women), Pluto (power) and Uranus (sudden unexpected events, genius, independence, freedom).

Also, transiting Uranus in Taurus at 8 degrees forms the same angle to Uranus and Pluto and a wider angle to her Venus in Virgo. More surprising support.

Let me put it this way. Since I haven’t done the charts of the other zillion candidates, I can’t yet tell how hers measures up. That’s my next mission! But if she’s the dem candidate running against trump, she stands a very good chance. Here’s one reason why: both she and trump have that warrior Mars in Leo. She’ll go head to head with this guy in debates and won’t back down. He can be his usual uncouth bully and she’ll hurl it back at him in an even, measured, courteous and yet brutal way, just as she in these hearings.

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Synchros with people and numbers

Several days ago, I received an email from Igor, a Russian, and his synchronicities were written with the help of Google translate. I’ve smoothed over the translations when possible. The first synchro involves something that seems fairly common when traveling. The second one involves numbers in a way I’ve never seen before – with backgammon.
My language is Russian, so I write with the help of the translator Google. The last few years, I notice that when I go on a journey – for a walk, to the store, on various matters, I see a person and very often I meet him on the way back. The time involved in these walks and encounters doesn’t seem to matter. For example, I might return in 30 minutes, an hour or a few hours. It happens sometimes in small villages, sometimes in big cities. When I first noticed this a few years ago, I felt uncomfortable – I was frightened by what seemed like predetermination. But over time, I began to take it more calmly.

Once I was walking with my mother and she witnessed such a meeting. We walked along the seashore, where there are many restaurants, places for entertainment, a lot of people were around. We saw a girl with the tattoo of a seagull on her leg. When we left the beach 2-3 hours later, we saw her again. She was also leaving the beach. We stopped on purpose to see her tattoo. so that mom would believe in my coincidences.

Here’s another one, involving numbers. was another case. I played a friend in backgammon. To see who would go first, we threw the game cubes. He threw first, dropped a 6, then I drew and also got a 6. On his next roll, he dropped 5, and my roll was 5. Also in decreasing order: he
had a roll 4, I had 4, he had a 3 and I had a 3. Then I threw a 2 and he threw a 3.

So it was 6, 6; 5, 5: 4, 4; 3, 3; and 3,2. I felt the excitement and rivalry, but I wasn’t at all surprised by this. Surprise – or rather the unusual nature of all this – came later.

I recently read Stan Grof, found out about Jung’s synchronicity, and now I’m starting to read your works. It is good that I am not the only witness of this unusual phenomenon.”

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Melissa and the Animal Communicator


Heather Bristol is a medium/animal communicator in central Florida. After our daughter’s cat, Piper, died suddenly and unexpectedly, Megan had a reading with her that greatly eased her grief about Piper’s death. After our Golden Retriever, Noah, died last month, I had a reading with Heather and was stunned. I’ve since recommended Heather to everyone I know who has lost a beloved pet.

Our friend Melissa, lost her cat, Star, last year (at the age of 20), and had some questions about one of her mother’s cats, Gwen, who has cancer in one of her legs. Here’s Melissa’s experience:

“ I sent Heather a picture of Guinevere, the kitty with cancer at my mom’s, and told her about Star…With Gwen, long story short, she pinpointed the health problem without my telling her and then said it might be time to help her along. She told me amputation would kill Gwen, and that is what I had wanted to do, amputate her leg and bring her home. She said it was a nice idea but it wouldn’t work so I should let it go and feel relieved.

“With Star, she said she is always around me and the signs I see are real. And that the ghost kitty I see is her. Heather said if I tell her hello when I see her she’ll come around more because it’s hard for her to make herself appear to us like that. Takes a lot of energy. She will be back as a grey and white kitten, and I’ll know. But not yet, she’s not been born so it’s not just any grey and white kitten. Right now Star is playing and chasing things and catching them. And she kept feeling something tapping on her lap. Star used to do this, Heather said, when she wanted to be on my lap, and she still wats to sit on my lap.”

“Star likes to be in the physical and she’s been with me before. Heather mentioned a black and white cat that Kathy (Adams, Cassadaga) also mentioned. We had one when I was a kid. But she warned me that the next time I have her it will be short… Then Heather was flooded by a million cats, a legion of cats, and wanted to know if I’d had a lot of cats. Ha! You have no idea, I said.

Melissa’s grandmother, who passed several years ago, “bossed” her way into the reading. “Nana cut off the kitties and said, ‘We’re doing this now…’ And wagged her finger at Heather and blew kisses, saying her bossy behavior was out of love. Nana said I need to find her recipes and get them out of Mom’s house because they’ll get lost. And they can’t get lost.

“At one point, Nana butted in again and told me to buy a brownstone and that I better be able to afford it. And to take time to look inward and reflect when I travel because I am always too busy busy busy. Even if it is for five minutes a day in the shower — and that happens to be when I talk to Nana and Star the most.

“Then Nana was telling me to take care of myself. And she kept yelling about some damn potato recipe and we couldn’t figure out why these potatoes were so important other than it was something she made every holiday. I tried to make these potatoes, but her recipes aren’t really easy to follow. Then Heather got quiet and after a few moments said she’d figured the potato recipe. Heather is so positive I’m an empath and have abilities that my guides are going to help me learn to use the abilities. When I make this recipe I need to ask for help and I will hear them.

“I laughed, like the field of dreams but not a baseball field, potatoes au gratin.”

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Fliers Take Off…

A script I wrote called Spinning Out, was listed today (May 2) on a web site frequented by producers looking for scripts. The producers first see the title and genre, then the logline, then the synopsis, and finally—if they are still interested—the script.

Spinning Out was adapted from my novella by the same name, which appeared as the lead story in a book of short stories  that Trish and I wrote called Outliers. Trish wrote most of  of the short stories.

Spinning Out  took some new twists and turns as I adapted it into a script. The story involves a secret government team, who have the ability to travel out of body and work as spies. Pretty handy deal for investigators. No warrant needed. No concern about civil rights. Handy, but of course abuses of such power no doubt would be inevitable. Rather than getting court orders and proving there is a legitimate reason for the intrusion, just send out the Fliers to gather evidence. That’s the name of the group, which spun into a  synchronicity today.

The Fliers are not only capable of traveling out of body in groups of two or more, but they’ve discovered that they can manipulate matter from the out-of-body state. For example, they could turn up at a  bar and randomly knock over beer bottles—which happens in the story. But they also have the capacity to kill through strangulation. That skill puts them in a powerful position, but also bodes their eventual downfall.

As for the synchro, an hour or two after I received notice that my script was accepted by Ink Tip and would go up on the site later today, a fellow Words with Friends player,  named Angel, started a game with me. She put up the first word, as seen above: FLIER.

Nice one, Angel! Meanwhile, as I was writing this post, another e-mail appeared from Ink Tip. They had just activated my script on the site at 1 p.m.. Yay! Now we’ll see what happens.


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