Number Cluster Synchros

Most of us experience numerical synchronicities at some point in our lives – repetitive numbers that represent, as Carl Jung believed, an archetype that is becoming conscious. 11, 111, 1111, or 11111 are among the most common. But recently, I’ve been experiencing some outliers.

On June 30, we attended the rally and march to trump’s place in Palm Beach with our friends Estis and Marcio. Afterward, we found a restaurant in downtown West Palm Beach for lunch. We settled on Field of Greens, a salad place where the reasonably priced food was fresh, heavily vegan, but also offered chicken and fish wraps. Our bill was $25 and change. Rob gave the cashier $26, then the cashier handed him his change and order number: 26.

I didn’t think much of it at the time. It wasn’t exactly a cluster – just two instances – but I snapped a photo of the order number.

Two days later, I went to Target to buy a pair of sandals because our dog, Nigel, had enjoyed a chew fest on my favorite sandals. En route, I filled up my car with gas. The bill? $15.15. I thought back to the two instances of 26 and realized some interesting number stuff might be unfolding, and kept the receipt.

Tonight, while watching Rachel Maddow, I was finishing a game of solitaire on my phone that I’d started this afternoon at the dog park. This game always displayed the time it took you to complete the game. The time? 37 minutes, 37 seconds. Here’s a screen shot:

So here I have a cluster of numbers that occurred in varied ways. Even though the 26 isn’t a repeat of the same number, it happened twice in the space of about 5 minutes. The other two clusters are repeats of the same number and happened just once for each.

I have no idea what these numbers mean, if anything. 2+6 =8; 15+15=30 – or 3; and 37+37=74 or 7+4=11. So, 8, 3, 11. When I broke it down like this, I realized I had two 11s – 8+3, and the 11 from the two 37s. So that brings me to the ever powerful number 11 or, when I add the 11s together, to #22.

For stuff like this, I go first to the I Ching, 5000-year-old Chinese divination system based on 64 hexagrams. Interestingly, Hexagrams 11 and 22 are among my favorites. Hexagram 11 is called Peace and Hexagram 22 is called Grace.

For Hexagram 11: “This hexagram denotes a time when heaven seems to be on earth. Heaven has placed itself beneath the earth, and so their powers unite in deep harmony. Then peace and blessings descent upon all living things.”

For Hexagram 22: “Grace brings success. However, it is not the essential or fundamental thing; it is only the ornament and must therefore be used sparingly and only in small things.Grace – beauty of form – is necessary in any union if it is to be well ordered and pleasing other than disordered and chaotic.”

Number clusters can happen at any time, but seem to be most common when we’re under stress or have a lot going on in our lives. Right now, we’re talking to contractors about estimates on the damages to our house from Hurricane Irma. This process is lengthy and labyrinthine if you’re complete neophytes like us. So these two hexagrams indicate that we’ll be satisfied with the results (Hexagram 11) and that it’s necessary that we go about this in an orderly way Hexagram 22) and choose the right people for these jobs.

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Ghost Key loglines, trump, and dystopia


In 2013, my Gemini buddy  Hilary Hemingway and I spent a week together, writing the first draft of a script for my novel, Ghost Key, initially published by TOR/Forge Books.  She’s am author and  screenwriter and was teaching me the fundamentals. Eight drafts and months later, we felt we had a completed script.  She added an entire new layer to the story – a medical mystery angle – that enhanced the original idea in the novel.

The script didn’t go anywhere, Ghost Key went out of print and is now available as an ebook. Through a sequence of odd events, I recently decided to take another look at the script – only to discover that my Final Draft software didn’t work on my new computer. I downloaded an updated version, to Final Draft 10, and ran across something called Ink Tip, which partners with Final Draft.

The idea with Ink Tip is that you can submit a script, logline, and synopsis and for $60, it remains on the Ink Tip site for 4 months, where it’s supposedly seen by producers etc. There’s also a site called Blacklist which does the same thing, for less $ per month. This lengthy explanation brings me to the point of all this: the logline.

A logline is the pitch for the idea. After endless rewrites, here’s the logline I used for Ghost Key:  A government biologist uncovers the shocking truth behind the quarantine of a Florida island, where inhabitants are being seized by ancient ghosts.

And this led me to wonder if we’re living primarily  in loglines. In this trump era of lies and more lies, of hourly scandals, where every media outlet is fake news and the Dystopian prez speaks to the country through his Twitter madness, who has the time or inclination to absorb anything else?

A special prosecutor closes in on the Dystopian prez who reveres his Russian handler.

Russia has dirt on the U.S. prez.

The mad hatter laughs wickedly whenever a young child is torn away from his parents at the border.

An obese, 71-year-old, whining  dictator with orange hair makes fun of overweight women, older women, women of color, women who are smarter than he is, all women. He boasts that if Oprah runs against him, he’ll win.

I think my favorite logline, though, hasn’t fully happened yet:

Fat Boy, the 71-year old mental case, wanna be dictator, and illegitimate prez is exposed as a pauper, racist, misogynist, criminal, and traitor. He’s now doing 20 years to life with most of the republican members of congress who were complicit in his attempted  heist of democracy.

Now: back to Ghost Key. Somehow, being seized by ancient, malevolent ghosts seems far preferable to a world in which the republicans hold onto congress in 2018 and Fat Boy wins in 2020. By then, we may well be living in a Dystopian universe of blatant racism and hatred toward “other,” with Roe v. Wade a footnote in history, breathing toxic air and fleeing  inland from the coasts, with corporate giants and banks reigning as the true kings.

Yeah, give me evil ancient ghosts any day.


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“I don’t believe in coincidence”

We’ve all probably heard someone say that he or she doesn’t believe in coincidences. Every time I hear that I find it annoying because it’s a stupid comment.

I just heard it again recently when Jeremy Bash, a former CIA chief of staff, was asked about the Russians hacking the Democratic National Committee’s e-mail a day after Donald Trump said, “Russia, if you are listening, find Hillary Clinton’s missing 30,000 e-mails.” Bash responded, “I don’t believe in coincidences.”

What he’s saying is that what might appear to some as a coincidence of events was really a matter of cause and effect. But does that mean Bash thinks there is no such thing as coincidence? That’s a good question, and I think if he would really think about it, he would concede that there is indeed such a thing as coincidence.

For example, the same day Bash made that comment Trump spoke to the press to clarify his comments in Helsinki that appeared to favor Putin’s words over that of all the U.S. intelligence agencies. During his comments, which he read from a prepared statement, the lights suddenly went out for a few seconds, causing Trump to stop reading his text. An interesting coincidence…unless someone intentionally turned off the lights. But no one did. There was a powerful thunderstorm taking place in Washington D.C. while Trump spoke and the storm caused the temporary blackout.

If Bash really believes that there are no coincidences, then he would see the blackout as a random event and would overlook the interesting coincidence. Lights out, Trump! That was another lie!  Meanwhile, many of us would consider it meaningful coincidence or synchronicity.

But I suspect that Bash has a sense of humor and probably found the blackout a humorous coincidence. Nature strikes at an appropriate moment.

Those who say: “I don’t believe in coincidence,” might turn to a more accurate commentary say: “I don’t believe that was a coincidence.” So the next time you hear someone say they don’t  believe in coincidence, you might send them this little ditty. Maybe he or she will realize that the comment really doesn’t make any sense.

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But Something Is There

This trailer is eerie, remarkable, and worth two minutes of your time. Whitley Strieber interviewed this man on Dreamland.  His story feels real.

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A Busman’s Holiday Synchro

I call this post a busman’s holiday because I’m reading a book on the same topic as a book that Trish and I have coming out in August called, Secrets of Spirit Communication: Techniques for Tuning In and Making Contact. Our book won’t be out for another month, but Leslie Kean’s wonderful tome, SURVIVNG DEATH is out now, and I’m greatly enjoying it. It differs from our book in that she focuses strongly on the science related to the controversial subject—at least controversial in mainstream science—whereas our books focuses on stories, both personal and from many others, and emphasizes the how-to aspect. In other words, how to contact your own deceased loved ones.

Maybe I should’ve put our book at the top and Kean’s at the bottom of the post, but right now I’m writing about hers and my contact experience with it, as I’ll explain. Each night before I go to sleep I read a few pages or a chapter, depending how tired I am. Several of her chapters are actually written by scientists researching some aspect of the subject. Some read very well, others a bit dry. Kean’s own writing is always on point and revealing her deep research on the subject.

What I discovered in reading about life after death and possible contact with the dead (who it seems are NOT very dead at all) is that simply reading about the subject at bedtime is another way of making contact. It’s one method that didn’t occur to us while writing our book.

Case in point, last night as I was reading a chapter about research on mediums—those who portend to connect with the other side and bring back messages—I clearly heard my name and it was my mother’s voice. She died June 15, 2017 and a psychic/medium friend of ours told me recently that she’s been trying to contact me. Up to that point, I hadn’t experienced any sense of contact, even though I’d tried. But then last night merely by reading about the subject, not thinking about my mother at all, she came through. Besides recognizing her voice, she also used the nickname that only my parents and sister called me by: Robbie.

This story, of course, is an anecdote, not proof of anything. However, with spirit contact, as we emphasize in our book, the most important means of coming to terms with life after death and accepting it is through such personal experience. Contact.

We hope you read our book when it comes out and learn some of these techniques for making contact and read some of the fantastic stories that we’ve gathered,  but I also recommend Kean’s book if you want to learn the latest on research on the subject and some very significant cases that she documents.

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Carol Bowman at MUFON

This is an intriguing video! Carol is an expert in the field of children’s past lives.


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Solar Eclipse in Cancer


Solar eclipses occur every six months and are usually times of new opportunities, new relationships, new doorways opening. They’re like double new moons. The second one of 2018 will occur on July 12-13, depending on where you live in the world, at 20 degrees 41 minutes of Cancer. EDT for the eclipse is 10:48 PM July 12.

Globally, eclipses can signal mass events. The solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 was called the Great American Eclipse because for the first time in 99 years – the path of a total solar eclipse traversed the U.S., 14 states in all.  Just four days after the eclipse,  Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. Harvey was followed by Irma and Maria. It was the first time in U.S. history that three category 3 hurricanes hit the U.S., with two of them reaching category 5 status. Maria wiped out Puerto Rico’s power infrastructure and revealed an unbelievable level of incompetence in the Trump administration. Nearly a year later, Puerto Rico is still suffering.

None of this means that the July 12-13 eclipse will bring the same types of events. This eclipse will be visible in southern Australia, but will occur mostly over the Pacific and Indian oceans.

It’s the first of a series of eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn that will be happening through 2020 and looks especially good for water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. It features two grand trines (120 degrees) – one in water signs – Jupiter in Scorpio, the sun/moon in Cancer, and Neptune in Pisces –  and another in earth signs in a grand earth trine (120 degrees) with Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus.

Grand trines are especially powerful, facilitating the flow of energy. Since Cancer rules women, home, and families, we should be hearing more about families at the border being separated from their children. It’s a good day to focus on your own family, hopes and dreams, and to make a list of what you desire for yourself and your family and the society in which you live during the next 6 months. The other good thing about this eclipse is that Jupiter, the giant that represents luck, expansion, turned direct on July 10,  so now it will be functioning at full capacity. Jupiter also represents the courts and law and trump has just announced his awful pick for the supreme court.

Those of you with a Cancer sun, moon,  rising, or any planets  between 19-21 degrees Cancer, should benefit from this eclipse. But there’s a caveat.

Pluto at 20 degrees Capricorn opposes this eclipse. This aspect may reveal our shadow selves, what’s usually hidden, and could activate emotions and themes that occurred at the last set of eclipses – a lunar eclipse on January 31 and a solar eclipse on February 15. It could also bring out the worst in a boss or other authoritarian figure and a confrontation of some kind may ensue.  It’s probably a good idea to move through the next  day, weeks, or 6 months with love and appreciation in your heart. Yeah, it sounds silly, I know. But more often than not, it helps to circumvent arguments and disagreements.

And, with two grand trines in this eclipse chart, there’s plenty of powerful energy to deal with whatever arises.


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Dear Mr. Mueller:

UNITED STATES – JUNE 19: FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Dirksen Building on oversight of the FBI. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Dear Mr. Mueller,

I know you’re busy. I know you’re gathering evidence about whether trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election and obstructed justice. I understand that you’re not a PR guy, don’t leak info, and are pursuing the legal avenues.

But in the meantime the trump admin is tearing kids away from their moms at the border and creating one more reality show drama after another to distract us from your investigation. Trump’s tweets calls your investigation a witch hunt, claims that the Department of Justice is a broken system, and always, always, their mistakes can be traced back to Obama and Hillary Clinton. More lies. The only thing this administration does well is lie, one piled on top of another, the labyrinth of lies repeated so often the for his supporters, those lies become the truth.

I know you’ve issued more than 20 indictments, that Paul Manafort’s bail was rescinded for attempting to tamper with witnesses, and that he’s now in jail until his trials. I know you‘re closing in on trump and his family. But in the end, what will come of this? Impeachment? Doubtful, not with a spineless republican congress. And if you do indict trump, then his lackey Giuliani will make the TV rounds, spouting more lies about how the prez is above the law.

So all of this happens on a daily basis, trump creating one reality show distraction after another so that we’ll forget about your investigations. Meanwhile, young immigrant children are being interred, just as the Japanese were during WWII, just as Jews were in Nazi Germany. We’re not just in the beginnings of Fascism, but are in the midst of it. If trump and his lackeys get really ticked off, maybe you and your team will be interred with journalists, business people, and other people who criticize him.

In the daily world, these events have a profound impact on ordinary people. I don’t sleep well at night. I think about moving to another country. I think about the world my daughter is inheriting. I argue with a neighbor who thinks trump is the best president ever, but can’t name a single thing he has done that benefits Americans. When I mentioned that Harley Davidson is moving some of its operations overseas because of trump’s tariff/trade war, she just shook her head. “No way they’d do that. They’re too American.”

Yes. And they don’t want to be taxed when they sell their products to Europe.

This same neighbor informs me that the words on the back of Melania’s jacket when she visited an internment camp were photoshopped. The words: I really don’t care, do u? I queried about this. They says that the words on her jacket are real.

Yes, we may be placing too much pressure on you, Mr. Mueller, to save us from Fascism. Maybe it’s karma, payback for what we did to to people of color, Native Americans, the Japanese, the “other,” whoever they were at any given point in time. Maybe there’s no end to this nightmare because in 2020 trump wins and declares himself prez for life.

Will we, by then, be able to escape to another country?

Could you please speed things up, Mr. Mueller?



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Fiddling Around

When I was in elementary school, my father gave me a violin. I think I was in fourth grade. I joined the orchestra and stuck with it for six years up to my sophomore year in high school. I remember it wasn’t cool to play the violin, but that wasn’t what stopped me. Frankly, I just wasn’t very adept as a violinist. It wasn’t a natural talent for me. In other words, in my case, practice did NOT make perfect. However, I did  enjoy playing the classics in our school concerts, something I’ll always remember. But I knew I was not destined to be the ‘first chair.’ So I gave it up.

I recall as a kid looking inside the violin at the label and puzzling over the strange words. If I asked my father where the violin came from, I don’t remember doing so. It was a hand-me-down, something that had been in the family maybe for generations.

Last year, after my mother died, I went back to Minneapolis and helped my sister clean out the house where we had both grown up. In the closet of my old bedroom, I found the violin in its somewhat battered case. I didn’t have room to take it back with me on the airplane so I had it carefully packaged and sent through the mail.

Last week we visited friends who are professional classical musicians and have played many international venues. One of their daughters is a violinist and I noticed her violin case near the door. For some reason, that triggered my interest in my old violin. I took it out of the closet and examined it closely for the first time in many, many years.

I realized that now with Internet resources, I could look up the Latin or Italian writing on the inside. A few of the letters have become difficult to read, but by Googling what I could read, I was able to figure out the entire label. Here it is:

Andreas Guarnerius fecit Cremonae fub
Tituto Sanctae Theresiae anno 1701

That translates to:
Andreas Guarnerius made this in Cremona under the title Saint There’s in 1701.

I also found out that Guarneri dedicated all of his instruments to St. Theresa. Do I have an antique Guarneri violin, I wondered. Andreas Guarneri was a student of Antonio Stradivari. He died in 1698 and his son or nephew continued his work under his legend. I continued my research and found that there were thousands of copies of Stradivarius and Guarnerius violins made in the late 19th century and early 20th century in Germany and Italy. Finally, those luthiers were stopped from continuing those copies because so many people around the world were wondering—and still do—if they owned a real Stradiverius. Unfortunately, most do not. Same with the Guarnerius violins.

Out of curiosity, I’ve recently sent out photos of my violin to two luthiers, who requested pictures of the violin after I described the label. I have yet to hear back from either one, but in all likelihood I have a Guanerius copy. Regardless, it’s a very nice instrument…though now missing a couple of strings.

If I get an interesting update from the luthiers, I’ll add it on here.

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People of Praise

Amy Coney Barrett

Have you ever heard of a religious group called People of Praise? It’s a conservative cult-like group that mixes Catholic traditions with Pentecostalism. It was founded in 1971 in South Bend, Indiana, with a core group of 29 people, and now has groups in 11 other states. The groups emphasize “intentional community living,”  not like you and the folks in your neighborhood,  but rather committing to deeply sharing  one another’s lives. “We’re not just praying together, we’re putting our lives in common,” Craig Lent, the group’s current leader, said in an interview. (Having grown up Catholic, I can’t think of a better name for a charismatic group leader than Lent. Synchro one.)

Why is People of Praise cult-like? Members swear a lifelong oath of loyalty to the group. Each one is accountable to a same-sex adviser, called a “head” for men and a “handmaiden” for women, who gives input on a wide variety of personal decisions. Anyone who has  read The Handmaid’s Tale or has seen the TV series by the same name can’t help but notice the irony of that designation for advisors. It also certainly sounds like a trickster synchronicity, and possibly a warning of more to come from this group. But how could People of Praise have any effect on the rest of us non-members? Read on.

President Trump is currently considering a member of People of Praise for the Supreme Court, a woman who has a handmaiden advisor or possibly is a handmaiden herself! Her name is Amy Coney Barrett and she has emerged as a strong potential favorite to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy after he resigns from the Supreme Court later this month. Barrett is fiercely conservative, a former law clerk for fellow Catholic Antonin Scalia and holds  membership in the extremely conservative Federalist Society.,  in an article on Barrett,  cited one blogger who described her this way: “Barrett is a dangerous religious extremist who believes a federal judge can subvert the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the United States in order to promote her own religious agenda.”

You’ve got to wonder if Barrett has ever watched The Handmaid’s Tale and seen her image among the powers-that-be that rule.

Hang on.Trump says he will make his pick for the court July 9.

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A Synchro at the Rally & March for Immigrant Families

This is what freedom looks like. Happy July 4!!

On June 30, we joined five or six hundred protesters for a Families Belong  Together march on trump’s Palm Beach hideaway, Mar de Lago. On our way across town to the march with our friends Estis and Marcio, our phones suddenly started blaring.  An amber alert:

A Florida Amber Alert has been issued for three children out of Volusia County. 

  • Three kids missing out of New Smyrna Beach
  • Kids may be in the company of grandmother
  • Anyone with info to call 386-424-2220 or 911

Law enforcement is searching for 3-year-old Akeem Dorset, 8-year-old Makylah Brown, and 10-year-old Aaliyah Brown. Officials said the kids were last seen in the area of the 800 block of Oleander Street in New Smyrna Beach. 

Officials believe the kids are in the company of their grandmother, 65-year-old Venita Porter-Carter. They may be traveling in a 2010, white Suzuki Grand Vitara with the Florida tag number 632RKB. 

The actual alert said “multiple children.” I didn’t think much about it until we were at the rally before the march when an immigration attorney – herself an immigrant – spoke. She noted that on her way to the rally this morning, she’d heard an amber alert about multiple children and thought it was “ironic” and somehow fitting since this rally and march were about stopping the trump policy of separating children from their familiar at the border.

As soon as I heard her say it, I realized she had recognized the synchronicity and Rob and I had missed it!

The rally and the march across the bridge to Palm Beach were a wonderful mix of old and young and everything in between. Several politicians attended – Representative Lois Frankel, the mayor and West Palm Beach and the former mayor. A rabbi gave an outstanding speech in both English and Spanish and later on, in our way across the bridge, I heard him speaking both French and Creole to several Haitian women.

Due to construction on the bridge, with traffic reduced to a single lane, we were allowed into Palm Beach only in groups of 40. A woman in front of us had brought her two young daughters and for a while as we crossed the bridge, they were directly in front of us. One of the girls, who was 5 or 6, remarked, “Trump is as bright orange Cheeto!”

On our way in, we passed the “service entrance” to trump’s palace.

Here’s the palace. Rather phallic.

His place straddles both sides of the road.

There was a strip of grass just beyond the curb and two men on trump’s property told us to stay off the grass because it was “private property.”

The con man wasn’t home.

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Time Travel Views



We are long-time fans of time travel stories as writers, readers and viewers. Trish has written three time travel novels, Running Time, Kill Time, and Black Water. My time travel novel is called Romancing the Raven. As readers, Trish and I both think that Time and Again by Jack Finney is perhaps the best time travel story ever written. As viewers, in recent months, we’ve watched two television series recently that feature time travel—Travelers and Timeless.

Travelers, a Netflix series, is a post-apocalyptic tale, in which teams of travelers come back from the 24th century and attempt to alter some events that will change their history and save the world. It’s an unusual time travel story in that it takes place in our present! The time travelers come to us. Very tricky. They take over the bodies of people who they know are about to die. The team leader, for example, takes over the body of an FBI agent who was about to meet his end on a case. So these folks from the future have to fit into the lives that their new bodies were living. That, of course, leads to some interesting scenarios.

The travelers apparently are never going home. They’re stuck in these bodies. Their rules include: Never jeopardize your cover. Do not call each other by future names—”Leave the future in the past.” Do not use future knowledge for personal gain. Don’t take a life; don’t save a life, unless otherwise directed.

The other TV series, which is on NBC, is Timeless. It’s more of a traditional time travel story with a time travel machine taking them to significant past events—a trip through history. So we meet famous people and view famous incidents, such as the explosion of the Hindenburg, the assassination of Lincoln, the fall of the Alamo, the Watergate scandal, Charles Lindburgh’s cross-Atlantic flight.

Of course, there’s a purpose to these journeys. Someone has stolen a time machine and is attempting to change history. So while the travelers from the future in Travelers attempts to change the past (our time), in Timeless the time travelers are attempting to prevent the group in control of one of the time machines from altering the past, which would change the world and their own lives. In Travelers, the nemesis is another group from the future aligned with a different power base with different interests.

In both series, the time travelers live communally in dinghy warehouses equipped with really advanced computers. Both series have some flaws, which can be overlooked by letting go of your sense of disbelief. For example, in Timeless there’s an annoying telescoping of time after they arrive at a new time frame and abandon their time travel vessel. We never see how they get from the rural, isolated areas where they usually arrive, to the city or place of action. They often arrive in 21st century street clothes, but then must go and buy new duds. We never see how they pull that off.

In Travelers, the shortcoming is how these people from the future manage to adjust not only to the 21st century sensibilities, but how they are able to fit into their new families and jobs without betraying who they really are. We manage to overlook these lapses in storytelling and enjoy the episodes.

Time travel fascinates. There’s no doubt about it. Another TV series we enjoyed—at least for two seasons—was Outlander which is set in Scotland. But, for me, what’s even more fascinating and mind-boggling than any of these shows is a story of true time travel.

If we are to believe former Coast Guardman, John Murphy of North Carolina and his friend Barbara. Those two seemingly moved back in time nearly 200 years for at least two hours in 1964 on the island of Bermuda. Their story is summarized here. It’s also included in detail in our book, Beyond Strange: True Tales of Alien Encounters and Paranormal Mysteries. 

Unlike time travel in those two TV series, John and Barbara required no advanced technological device to move them back. Yet, somehow they walked through a window in time,  and into a 18th century village and out again, only later to discover that the village no longer exists, that it was destroyed in the so-called Great Hurricane of 1780. It’s hard to imagine that this pair would make up the story, especially since they had lost contact shortly after the incident for more than four decades and Barbara had no idea that the village didn’t exist until John asked her in 2008 if she recalled walking into that village with him.  She did, and then was told the rest of the story.

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Auspicious timing through astrology

Whether you’re moving or applying for a job, signing a contract or buying a lottery ticket, having surgery or launching a company, taking a vacation or getting married, there are auspicious times to act – and times when it’s best to lay low. In this 5 hour workshop, we take a look at common situations and learn when the deck is stacked in our favor.

The sessions will run for 75 minutes, once a week for 4 weeks, on a closed Facebook group. The only prerequisite is that you come with a couple of questions – like those in the list below – and email them to me before the workshop, with your birth information – date, time, and place of birth.

Best times to:

Sign a contract
Get married
Buy a home
Pitch an idea
Get divorced
Start a creative project
Review and revise
Initiate a legal matter
Find a doctor
Have surgery
Beautify personal appearance
Plan a vacation
Buy a lottery ticket
Send out resumes
Look for a new job
Schedule interviews
Have a party
Publicize a product
Start a new job
Adopt a pet

1st session: Each planet and house of a horoscope rule particular situations and areas of our lives. We explore the roles of the moon and sun, and planets, what areas they rule, and do the same for the 12 houses in a horoscope. We then discuss the auspicious angles or aspects that transiting planets make to our natal planets to help determine the success of the endeavor.

As an example, we’ll look at a good date and time to buy a lottery ticket, then compare it to your natal charts to see how the date and time fit. This one is fun to experiment with, finding several times to buy a lottery ticket between this class and the next and seeing what unfolds.

2nd Session We explore the roles certain astrological points play in the timing of an event. These include the North and South Nodes, the elusive Vertex, and the part of fortune. We discuss the auspicious angles in detail – the conjunction, sextile, trine, and some of the astrological patterns that help bolster the chances for success. Then we’ll take several timing situations you’ve emailed me during the week and will analyze the charts to determine the success quota.

3rd session: We explore the most common situations that people ask about in terms of timing and discuss the specific steps to determine the planets, houses, and aspects involved. These situations include: – moving, signing a contract, getting married or divorced, buying a home, interviewing for a new job, having surgery, starting a creative project. We delve into any specifics questions you have about the timing of a particular event.

4th session: Now we put it all together and test what we’ve learned. We explore any upcoming events and situations in your lives where timing may prove to be critical.

When: July 11, 18, 25 and August 2, 7:30-8:45 PM. I’m flexible on times.

Price: $111, Venmo or Pay Pal


I’m capping the workshop at 7 so that everyone gets individual attention! Please let me know by  July 4. Once you’ve paid, I’ll send you an invitation to the closed FB group.

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