For the last several days, Rob and I have talked about writing a book on luck, happiness and synchronicity. The discussion was the result of several books and articles we’ve read recently about luck and happiness and how both of these topics often have synchronicity woven into them. And, par for the course, the universe delivered material.

This morning I received an email from a friend, let’s call her Anne, who said her daughter, Lynn, had been in a car accident and was in the hospital. Her car had been totaled. This is not the kind of news I relish hearing on any given morning. But this story was particularly bizarre.

The man who struck Lynn’s’s car on September 8 was on the run from the police. He hit a cop, then struck Lynn’s car at an intersection, then a gas station and escaped on foot. But the cops caught him. Lynn was in pain because of the way her seat belt snapped back and the air bag hit her. But she has no broken bones, so internal injuries, and was released today with a script for pain killers.

“She has such bad luck,” Anne said.

Well, maybe. But maybe not. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

Five years ago almost to the day, September 11, Lynn was hit on the driver’s side of her car, and this time, was struck on the passenger side. Both times her car was totaled,  she escaped without serious injuries, and the driver was fleeing from cops. That last detail is the most significant one in this pattern. Just contemplate the odds: two accidents, separated by nearly five years to the date, caused by a male driver fleeing from police. That alone qualifies the incident as a synchronicity. But what’s the message?

Given the nature of the accidents and the damage to her car, it’s incredible that Lynn wasn’t seriously injured or killed. To me, both events qualify as lucky. BUT…how can Lynn break what seems to be an emerging pattern?

Let’s look at the specifics. She’s driving along, seat belt on, comes to an intersection and stops. A driver  who is fleeing cops, slams into her on the driver’s side of the car. Direct. The second time, it’s the passenger side of the care. l  So, in a very real sense, does Lynn need to be paying attention to what is to either side of her?  In a metaphorical sense, should she try to rectify issues in her life that make her feel like a victim in that she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time? What is the repetitive event telling her? Is she running from something or toward something?

I realize that therapy helps many people and that there have been times in my life when I probably should have seen a therapist. But I believe an axiom I read long ago in a Seth book, channeled by mystic Jane Roberts: You get what you concentrate on…there is no other main rule. It seems to be the basis of the law of attraction. So if you and your therapist or you and your friends or support group focus on what has gone wrong in your life you may get more of it.  To break the pattern, it’s vital that your focus changes. Ask, instead: What is going right in my life?

Focus on that.

Years ago, my sister seemed to be locked into a pattern that involved the wrong men. Two marriages- an alcoholic and then a control freak – and this pattern was reflected in her work as a nurse in charge of an assisted living facility. Her boss was a jerk and had faulted her on things she hadn’t done. He threatened to fire her. So she went to his boss and enumerated what he’d done wrong and the upshot was that he got fired. She broke a pattern. Not long afterward she met the man who became her third husband, the absolute best guy of the three.

Breaking these patterns often involves nothing more than standing up for ourselves – who we are, who we wish to be, and who we hope to become. And synchronicity illuminates that path forward.

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Observatory disappears

The shredded fiber-optical cable…all that is left of the 1-ton observatory – Photo: Research Dive Center of the CAU

Yes, it’s true and very strange. A large underwater observatory resting 72 feet below the surface off the coast of Germany has vanished, baffling researchers. All that remains of the one-ton structure is a frayed cable that connected it to an on-shore research center. This article is based on reports  from and, but we first saw it on Whitley Streiber’s Unknown Country.

According to the BBC, on August 21, 2019 at 8:15 p.m. local time, the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel lost contact with the observatory, originally installed at the mouth of Eckernförde Bay in the Baltic Sea, north of the city of Kiel, in 2016.

But when divers visited the site to investigate the cause behind the observatory’s sudden silence, they found that it was missing entirely, with only the tattered end of the platform’s communications cable left behind. Experts are perplexed by the disappearance of the 770-kilogram (1,700-pound) platform.

“[At] first we thought of a transmission error. The devices were gone, the divers could not find them anymore,” according to Hermann Bange, project coordinator for the Boknis Eck Observatory. “When the divers reached the bottom of the sea last week at the observatory’s location, they found only the torn off land cable. It was completely shredded.”

The €300,000 ($332,000) observatory measured local seawater quality, including water temperature and the levels of salt, oxygen, nutrients, chlorophyll and methane from the seafloor at a depth of 22 meters (72 feet). This data was used to evaluate the health of the ecosystem in and around the southwestern Baltic Sea. By monitoring these changes, scientists can be alerted to potential problems and take the required countermeasures. Scientists have been collecting data in the bay since the 1950s. The observatory is also used in the COSYNA network (Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas) of the HZG.

The missing observatory consists of two racks, one weighing 250 kilograms (550 pounds) and the other 100 kilograms (220 pounds) each. The racks include a frame holding the power supply (along with a heavy cable connecting the station to the coast) and a frame to hold the sensors. Both racks were “removed with great force from their position,” according to the GEOMAR statement.

So WTF happened? Who or what removed the science station, and why? German police were alerted to the incident and are now investigating. Imagine being a detective assigned to that mystery! Find the missing underwater observatory. GEOMAR researchers have ruled out the possibility that the structure was dragged off by a storm, the tide or a large animal. Hard to imagine what kind of animal that would be!

GEOMAR suspects that the platform was stolen by looters for the steel in the racks, and possibly for the scientific instruments themselves. However, that explanation is puzzling when you consider the difficulty of the task vs. the reward, and the fact that the observatory was located in a restricted area where even local fishing boats are verboten. Apparently there was no video feed from the observatory being sent to the research center. That would’ve help solve the mystery.

An article in suggests that the disappearance could be the result of a nefarious military operation conducted by an unknown state actor. The article also notes that the unusual event is similar to the disappearances of lost naval vessels that previously rested on the ocean floor. Huh?  What sunken ships are they talking about? We are going to look into that one. Supposedly, looters took them apart, the article says. How do you dissemble a ship on the bottom of the sea to the extent that it disappears?

We want to propose another option about the missing observatory, one the authorities haven’t mentioned. Could the disappearances be related to activity by USOs—unidentified submerged objects, the underwater version of UFOs? If a USO can swallow the observatory, such underwater crafts might also be responsible for the missing sunken vessels.

USOs have been reported in oceans around the world over past decades. One hotspot of USO activity is in the deep waters of the Tongue of the Ocean off the coast of Andros Island in the North Atlantic, which happens to be the location of the secret U.S. naval base, AUTEC—Atlantic Undersea Testing and Evaluation Center. That base is sometimes referred to by UFO researcher as the underwater Area 51.

Of course, the idea of alien looters might be a bit out of the mainstream. Yet, just yesterday (9-21-19)  the U.S. Navy officially verified that three videos that were recorded by Navy pilots and shown on a recent documentary TV series were UFOs and fake videos.


One of two frames that comprise the missing Boknis Eck Observatory.Image: Research Dive Center of the CAU

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Rover is an app where you can sign up to walk or house sit dogs – or find a dog walker or dog sitter for your pooch. It’s a terrific service. However, the app is subject to scams, just like any other app, and today was my first experience with one.

We signed up not long after our Golden Retriever, Noah, passed suddenly in March of this year, because we felt it would alleviate Nigel’s loneliness.

Here was an email I received from someone today allegedly looking for a dog sitter.


How are you doing? Thanks for getting back to me, am really excited to have you to take care of my dog. Like i told you earlier that I’ll be traveling to Istanbul(Turkey) for holiday,my mover will be moving my belongings with my dog over to my new apartment,I will let the house agent mail the key to my apartment to you,the mover will be the one to arrange my belongings into my apartment,it’s really nice to meet you.

About the payment,i would have love to do it through rover but i don’t have credit card or Paypal,i hope you understand this,so i will like o pay your service by sending you a cashier’s check because am trying to make my plan fast. Kindly provide this information below :

Full name : (To appear on the payment)
Full mailing address (address,city,state,and zip code)
Cell Phone number:

Kindly provide this information so that i can quickly process the payment before traveling. I’ll let you know my traveling schedule as soon as i have it.

Hope to read from you soon…”

Lots of red flags here. First off, what dog lover/owner has their mover move their dog into a new place – or into someone else’s place – and takes off for Turkey? Then there is the cashier check thing.

One version of this scam is that the scammer sends the sitter a check that’s lore than what the job is paying, and asks the sitter to return the difference. Then, no surprise, the check bounces and the sitter is out that difference.

I find this type of scam particularly pathetic because it involves dogs. Tis scmmer even included photo of her dog. Here is Meadow Gonzalez’s pooch:

So consider this an APB, Meadow or whoever you are.

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Recently, Rob posted the above image on Instagram. He noted that Egyptians loved and honored their cats. When their cats died, they shaved their eyebrows in mourning.

Several days later, our blogging friend in Nepal, Isabella Dove, sent me a photo of a cat that her daughter, Naa’ila, had decorated in 2009.


The likeness is striking. It’s one of those odd synchronicities, I think, that defy the odds.

Naa’ila passed away in 2014, a tragedy that no parent should have to experience. Our kids are supposed to outlive us. But Isabella has not only endured, the tragedy has deepened her conviction that our souls not only survive death, but the spirits of loved ones communicate with us using whatever tools are available to them – even cats. Felines played a significant role in their relationship and during the memorial services for Naa’ila. And before she died, Naa’ila said she wanted to be reincarnated as a cat.

Isabella is completing a memoir, The Mango Girl. I can’t wait to read the book!

You can read about the book  here.   Isabella’s Instagram is the_zen_yogi_coach

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On any given day, how happy are you? Do you get out of bed and immediately start fretting about things? Or do you awaken with a sense of optimism about the day that lies ahead? Are you someone who sees the proverbial glass as half-empty or half-full? Is happiness something we learn or are we born with a certain capacity and potential for it?

In astrology, those questions are answered by both your sun sign and the planet Jupiter, the biggest dude in the solar system. Your sun sign is the sum total of your personality, where and how you shine in life. Jupiter allows you to reach out beyond yourself, expand your consciousness, manifest your desires, and represents your capacity for happiness, abundance, success and optimism. The energetic combination of the sun and Jupiter is magical, but it’s up to you to embrace that magic and put it to work for you.

This is from the introduction of my newest book: Cosmic Bliss, The Astrology of Happiness. Right now, it’s just in its infancy and as preparation for completing it, I picked up a Time Magazine bookazine called The Science of Happiness. Bookazines look like magazines, but cover specific topics, cite the latest scientific findings about the topic, run about 100 pages, and cost about three times what a normal magazine costs. And usually, they aren’t plastered with a bunch of advertisements.

In this one, I ran across some fascinating statistics. Here some findings about the happiest states in this country. They were ranked according to 5 criteria.

Purpose: like what you do you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals; Social: having supportive relationships and love in your life; Financial: managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security; Community: liking where you live, feeling safe, pride in your community; Physical: having good health and enough energy to get things done daily

Hawaii and Colorado have ranked among the top 10 states in well-being for 11 consecutive years, the only two states to do so.

In 2018, Hawaii had the highest level of well being for the 7th time.

Naples, Florida, is the community with the highest-rated well-being in the nation

Arkansas scored the lowest in financial and physical metrics – 49th.

Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, South and North Dakota and Vermont are the happiest

Here’s another interesting set of statistics:

Currently, Americans are very happy – 31 %

Pretty happy – 56 %

Not too happy – 13 %

In groups – WORK, MONEY, FAMILY, WORSHIP, POLITICS AND AGE, the statistics about who is happiest are interesting:

WORK: 32 % employed, 31% retired or not in work force; 17% unemployed

MONEY: 47% who make $150K+ are happy; 39% who make 75K-150K; 30% who make 30K-75K; 23% under 30K

FAMILY: 41% married without children; 36% married with kids; 17% single parent

WORSHIP: the happiest are those who “pack the pews.”

41% nearly every week
32% once a month
28% seldom or never

POLITICS: Extreme conservatives supposedly have the edge here:

35% Republicans
30% Independents
29% Democrats


65+ – 36%
50-64- 32%
35-49 – 34%
18-34 – 25%

I have questions about two of these categories – WORSHIP and POLITICS.

Worship: Except for weddings, I haven’t stepped into a church in decades. I dislike being told what I should believe. I would rather discover it for myself.

Politics: I think these statistics were compiled in 2018, at least a year into the trump presidency, so yes repubs would be happier. Do this poll in 2020, when the dems take back the senate and the white house, and that repub figure will be in the pits.

Frankly, I think our birth charts more accurately describe our capacity for happiness because in between lives, we choose  the circumstances of our next lives – parents, siblings, general and specific issues to work on, our profession, creative thrust, the whole nine yards.


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An excerpt from our forthcoming book, Phenomena


When you Google telepathy, one of the first links that comes up is a dictionary definition: the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses; mind-reading; thought transference. Notice the supposed? It’s a subtle way of telling you that telepathy hasn’t been proven scientifically, which simply isn’t true.

The problem is that the consensus among mainstream scientists is that studies of telepathy and all psychic abilities are pseudoscience, fringe stuff. When Sheldrake published his experimental findings in peer reviewed scientific journals, mainstream scientists and skeptics attacked his methodology, insulted him personally, and the science journal Nature even suggested in an editorial that his books should be burned.

In 2013, Sheldrake was invited to talk about his new book, Science Set Free, at a TEDx White Chapel event. Afterward, an anonymous panel of scientists working for TEDx determined that his talk should be banned because his theories crossed into pseudoscience. So the talk was banned, which ultimately provided Sheldrake and his ideas far more exposure and recognition than if the panel had simply ignored him. The talk can be found on You Tube and it’s fascinating.

In his book, The Sense of Being Stared At, Sheldrake lays out his evidence for the existence of telepathy. From his scientific tests on telephone telepathy to the sense of being stared at to his research into the telepathy between people and their beloved pets, his case for telepathy is compelling.

His telephone experiment involved one individual and two to four callers. In a test run with three callers, there were 2,080 trials. In this test, a caller selects three people with whom they have a social bond. The monitor of the test uses a random number generator or a die roll to choose one of the three callers.  That caller is then selected to call the participant.  Before the phone is picked up, the participant is asked to choose which of the callers he or she thinks it is.  The results were impressive. On average, participants guessed the caller 41.8%, considerably above the chance rate of 33.3 %.

“Seemingly telepathic experiences with telephones are very common,” Sheldrake writes in The Sense of Being Stared At. “Indeed, they may be the commonest kind of telepathic experience in the modern world.” He notes that the “evolution of telepathy “ is ongoing and that email telepathy is the second most common type. “People find that they think of someone they have not thought about for a while, and shortly afterward receive an email from that person.”

Telepathy is also common among parents and their children, people and their pets, close friends, married couples, and identical twins. Our neighbor, Annette, has an identical twin, Jannette. Over the years, they’ve experienced some dramatic instances of telepathy.

Some years ago, Jannette was living in Memphis with the man she was dating at the time. She worked for Channel, so numerous bottles of perfume lined her bathroom shelves.  One night, a loud crash from the bathroom awakened her and her boyfriend. “Someone’s broken into the house, they’re in the bathroom,” she whispered.

Her boyfriend grabbed a baseball bat and moved quickly and silently toward the bathroom, Janette right behind him. No intruder. But every bottle had fallen from the shelves and shattered against the floor, almost as if someone had swept an arm across the shelves, knocking them down. “Right then, I knew something had happened to Annette. I just knew it.

Moments later, the phone rang. It was Annette, who lived in another city, and she was hysterical, sobbing. She had just been robbed at gunpoint while delivering a night deposit to the bank for her employer. “While it was happening,” Annette recalls, “I was praying that the guy wouldn’t kill me. I was telling God that if I was killed, Jannette wouldn’t survive it. My husband would, he would get past it, but Jannette wouldn’t. I called her before I even called the police.”

We asked how the bottles had gotten broken. She didn’t know. The incident was an example of synchronicity, telepathy and – what else? Psychokinesis? But by what?

And that’s often how these experiences end – with more questions!


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A psychologist on synchronicity

Australian psychotherapist and newspaper columnist Chris Mackey takes an interesting look at synchronicity as he looks at the changes taking place among psychologists. It’s a good article for people on the fence or those who don’t yet recognize synchros.

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On September 13, 2019, at 9:33 PM, we’ve got a beautiful full moon at 19 degrees Pisces. It forms positive angles to Pluto in Capricorn in the 9th house, to the part of fortune (that circle with the x in the center) in Scorpio in the 7th house, and to the North Node at 15 Cancer in the 3rd house. It also features a grand trine in earth signs – 20 degrees Taurus rising to Pluto at 20 degrees Capricorn in the 9th, and to the sun at 20 Virgo in the 5th house.

You can see that grand trine – a blue  triangle – in the center of the circle connecting those 3 spots. Trines are angles of 120 degrees and are indicative of an easy flow of energy. Grand trines connect 3 planets of the same element (earth in this case) and increase the ease with which the energy flows.

Those of you with a Pisces sun, moon, or rising or any of those points in another water sign – Cancer or Scorpio – will feel the energy of this moon most strongly.  Neptune, which rules Pisces, is at 17 degrees Pisces, closely conjunct the full moon.  This planet rules the seas and oceans, imagination, escapism, psychic phenomena, and can also cause confusion at times due to lack of information.

The four planets in Virgo in the 5th house – Mars, the sun, Venus, and Mercury – create a detail-oriented energy, particularly in the areas of creativity, children, and what you do for fun and pleasure.

The energy of this full moon is  wonderfully positive. Full moons are times of culmination and completion, when we often hear news that delights us. For how this full moon impacts you, check out the monthly forecast for your sign in the masthead.

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Airports in 1775, Hurricane Dorian and Alabama, all the lies…

When you Google the definition of stupidity here’s what you get:

behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgment.”I can’t believe my own stupidity”

When you listen to trump’s July 4th speech, you hear stupidity that sounds like this, from the BBC news:

“Trump claims army ‘took over airports’ in 1775.”

A speech delivered by President Trump at Independence Day celebrations contained historical errors. At the event in Washington DC, for the 4th of July “Salute to America”, he referred to airports existing in 1775. The mistake was attributed by some US media outlets to difficulty reading the teleprompter.

The US president also mixed up the War of 1812 with the War of Independence.”

Okay, we had airports in 1775 and Washington’s luggage got lost in transit and eventually had to be delivered by horseback. Don’t believe it? The You Tube video is at the top.

More recently,  there’s trump’s infamous: Dorian is going to hit Alabama. and the exhibit of his sharpie-altered weather map. This was quickly followed by a statement from the Alabama center that trump’s statement was incorrect. Now its being reported that Wilbur Ross head of the commerce department that oversees the weather services, threatened to fire the meteorologists at NOAA unless they backed up trump’s statement.

So, just to unravel the facts here: the head of the commerce department ordered meteorologists at NOAA – the National Oceanic and  Atmospheric Administration – to forget science so trump could save face. These people are the ones who forecast weather based on SCIENCE, not politics. Their forecasts, especially during times of violent weather, save lives. Wilbur Ross, one more trump sycophant, should resign.

But the bigger picture is even more disturbing. When science becomes a tool of politics, we enter really dangerous terrain. And we’ve been there for some time. Trump is a climate  change denier, as are many of the people in his administration. But the widespread obliteration in the Abacos  is just more proof that we are in the midst of what these deniers are claiming.

If this category 5 storm had stalled over the South Florida area for two days as it did over the Bahamas, the peninsula would look like the Abacos, a junkyard. I doubt that much of anything in South Florida can withstand a two-day assault by winds of 185 mph, with gusts up to 220 mph, storm surges of 30 feet, and two-feet of rain. The east coast of the peninsula would be underwater, including Mar-a Lago. In addition, it’s likely that an assault like that would bring Lake Okeechobee surging over its dikes – or breaking them altogether, flooding the entire western part of the county until it merged with the Everglades.

Today, trump declared that a  ferry  with Bahamian refugees on board couldn’t enter the U.S. without visas. He cited the presence of gang members, murderers, very bad people,” all his usual diatribes against immigrants. But there’s one very significant difference here: 70,000 Bahamians were left homeless by Dorian. They’ve lost everything. To deny them entry to the U.S. is inhumane, a travesty, and for any christians who still support this mad man, such an act goes against the fundamental tenets of christianity. Ask yourselves: would Christ turn away the needy? The desperate? The ones who have lost everything?

Whenever I read something about the state of things on the Abacos – the stench of death in the air, the bodies found in heaps of rubble, the utter devastation – I think, This could have been us. With the slilghtest job to the west, Dorian’s eye would have come on shore in Florida. So I give what I can to relief and rescue organizations I trust. I wish I had some skill that I could contribute on the ground – medical skills, zillions of bucks to bring in food, to rebuild homes and lives.




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4 Disasters and – was Mercury retrograde?


A recent blog comment from Dale Dassel led to an interesting discovery about Mercury retrograde:

“I’m presently reading a newly published book called The Triangle by Mike Bara (a frequent commenter on Ancient Aliens), and something just occurred to me during the chapter detailing the vanishing of Flight 19 in December 1945: Was this a Mercury retrograde period? Because it seems that virtually everything that could possibly go wrong during that mission, invariably did, including the disappearance of one of the search planes sent out to find the lost squadron. The entire episode was fraught with one mishap after another, an unbelievable string of bad luck.

And while we’re on the subject, I can’t help but wonder if Merc retrograde also played a hand in other notable disasters, like the April 1912 Titanic sinking, the May 1937 Hindenburg explosion, or the disappearance of Amelia Earhart in July 1937? That would certainly be an interesting pattern!”

So I looked up the 4 events that Dale mentioned. Flight 19, which took off from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on December 5, 1945, and disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle was the first date. And yes, Mercury was retrograde in Sagittarius that day.

The Titanic sank on April 14-15, 1912. Yes, Mercury was retrograde in Aries.

The Hindenburg explosion happened on May 6, 1937. Yes, Mercury was retrograde in Taurus.

Amelia Earhart disappeared on July 2, 1937. Mercury was in Cancer  on that date, but it was in direct motion.

Out of the 4 disasters Dale asked about, 3 featured Mercury retrogrades. Beats the odds!

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Hurricane Dorian was forecast to hit South Florida on Saturday, August 31. I returned from Orlando on Thursday, August 29, and encountered the effects of panicked hurricane buying – gas stations without gas, grocery store shelves empty of water, ice, and other essentials, people frantically putting up hurricane shelves, and a kind of eerie uncertainty underlying everything.

Then Dorian’s arrival was pushed back several days. This enabled gas tankers to replenish stations, grocery stores restocked their shelves and limited the sale of water and ice to a certain amount per person. The delay gave procrastinators additional time to get ready.

By Friday, August 30, we were in good shape. Fridge and shelves stocked, 30 pounds of ice in freezer, full propane tanks for grill, enough bottled water to last until Armageddon, full gas tanks in cars,  flashlights and batteries stocked, backup batteries for computers and phones powered up, our generator tested and ready to go in the aftermath.

Saturday, August 31, was a gorgeous day here in South Florida. I stopped by our local grocery store to pick up a couple of things and found the place nearly empty. I even found water! By Sunday morning, it was still beautiful here but conditions were predicted to deteriorate by Monday morning, so we started closing our accordian shutters. This should take about 15 minutes but the shutters were stiff – they hadn’t been shut since Irma in 2017 – and needed generous doses of WD-40. It took a lot longer than expected. We brought in outside plants and anything else that might become projectiles.

On Sunday, Dorian raked through the Bahamas with winds of 185 mph and gusts up to 220. It was a clear day here, hot and humid but I became obsessed with weather reports about Dorian. The hurricane still hadn’t made that predicted turn that would take it up the east coast of Florida and beyond and eventually out to into the Atlantic.

On Labor Day, Monday, September 2, we were going to head to the gym, but found out it was closed until Wednesday, same as the public schools. We had some rain, some wind, but nothing worse than an ordinary summer day. We monitored a local TV channel for updates, I downloaded a couple of apps I could access through wireless in the event we lost power. It’s now 1 a.m. on Tuesday, September 3, and Dorian is still pounding Grand Bahama Island with cat 4 winds, and it’s calm here. Dorian is still forecast to turn north along the coast, but…

Now it’s later on September 3. We’re still under a tropical storm warning, Dorian has started moving to the northwest at 2 miles an hour, and photos of the devastation in the Bahamas are surfacing. They’re heart breaking and stagger any concept any of us have about the power of nature. The Abacos and Grand Bahama Island experienced nearly three days of category 5 winds – and beyond. Winds at 185 with gusts over 200 mph. Cat 6 should be a new category.  And the early aerial view of the Abacos looked like a junkyard.

In 1992, no one really knew what Homestead looked like in the wake of Hurricane Andrew until Dan Rather got there. The same is true with the Bahamas – only this time the truth came out much faster, thanks to Smart phones and social media and the Internet. By today, September 4, more images surfaced. Hurricane Dorian was nature’s destruction machine and the videos I watched made me cry. This could have been us, flattened neighborhoods inundated by the ocean, roads and homes, people and pets and families submerged, drowning.

What do you do when you’ve lost everything? One couple, who’d lived in the Abacos for 50 years, survived by standing on their floating machine. All they had left was the clothes they wore. How do you survive that kind of loss?

The bottom lines here are multifaceted. We’re in the midst of climate change and the destruction is going to be massive even if we ever arrive at a global agreement on how to deal with it. The paradigm is shifting and it’s doing so in dramatic, profound, and painful ways.

Meanwhile, we have a president who seems more interested in  clinging to his lie about how Dorian would hit Alabama – a statement that brought a pro9mp0t correction from the National Weather Service, a president who takes money from FEMA – in the midst of a hurricane – so it can go toward building his stupid wall. We’re now living in an alternate universe.


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More on Crystal Power



There are several channelers on the Internet who post material that’s supposedly from higher beings from elsewhere. Jane Clifford  sent me this one because she thought it was a good synchronicity. The morning after I told her about our experience with the Mitchell-Hedges skull, she said she opened a daily posting from channeler Daniel Scranton and found the following message that deals with crystal power.

We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have a certain piece of information that we know is going to excite those of you who are awake. We have been watching and noticing what all of you have been able to tap in to as you make it your mission to be more connected to your planet, your Mother Earth. What has resulted is that many of you are finding that you have connections to extra-terrestrials and ancient civilizations.
Now those connections are coming to you by virtue of the fact that many of you are beginning to discover the energies that are buried underneath the surface of your Earth, and those crystals have been programmed. They contain information. They connect you to your past lives on Earth and to the seeding of Earth by the extra-terrestrial beings who put all of the life there.
Now, the stream of consciousness that these crystals represents is going to take you even further to your mission of ascension. These crystals were always meant to awaken the truth of who you are, giving you more access to your power and linking you to your extra-terrestrial roots. As all of you who take an interest in these types of things already know, these crystals have been available to you for quite some time. However, there has been a critical mass that has been reached and surpassed in regards to the evolution of your consciousness.
And so, you have more and more individuals discovering that they do in fact have links to Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, the Mayans, and the other star systems in this galaxy. We are so happy to see these awakenings occur, and we are very interested in helping you all access the power of these crystals. Call upon us when you do connect to Mother Earth and you do your grounding exercises, and we will guide you with your intuition to the perfect spot for you to stand as you do this work and as you access these energies and this information that was put there underneath the surface of your planet by past life versions of you, by higher dimensional versions of you, and by extra-terrestrial versions of you.
This linking up of your past to your present will help catapult you into your inevitable future as a fifth-dimensional being in a human body, living on a fifth-dimensional planet. Now is the time to be as grounded to your Mother Earth as you possibly can be. Now is the time to be opening yourselves up to your pasts and gathering up all of the power that you have already experienced and that has always been within you.


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The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Arrives

Sometimes portents take a long time to come true. In 1991, after my first novel, Crystal Skull, was published, I received a prediction that seemed highly unlikely at the time. Our late friend Renie Wiley, who was a talented psychic, saw the cover of the book that featured an image of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, and said: “That crystal skull will come to you.”

I thought that maybe Anna Mitchell-Hedges, then caretaker of the skull, would see the book and contact me…or maybe I should contact her and see what happens. Those were passing thoughts, and I didn’t think much about it again, though I never forgot what Renie told me. So Saturday evening, Aug. 31, Renie’s prediction came true…28 years later. The Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull came to our house.

Bill Homann, the caretaker of the skull, had contacted me a couple of months earlier and said that he was leading a workshop with the skull at a bookstore in a nearby town and did I want to get together. We had been corresponding casually for several years and had talked about getting together. He’s a big Indiana Jones fan and so knew about my books, including Crystal Skull. Finally, the opportunity arose.

But it was touch and go with Hurricane Dorian boring in on south Florida. Finally, on Friday, the hurricane slowed its pace assuring that there would be no big blow for a few days. So friends gathered for a potluck dinner. Bill was the last one to arrive because people were doing private sessions at the bookstore from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Then he had a 45 minute drive to our house.

After the dinner, we set up chairs in a circle in the living room and Bill talked about the history of the skull and his involvement with it. He went into the legend of the 13 crystal skulls worldwide that are interconnected in an energy grid. Interestingly, we had 13 people in attendance. Synchronicity.

Taking a page out of Indiana Jones, Bill talked a bit about how Anna Mitchell Hedges, the adopted daughter of adventurer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, found the skull in 1924 near the top of a pyramid at Lubaantun, British Honduras (now Belize). Anna, who was 16 at the time, was told not to climb the pyramid on her own because the climb was steep and some stones could easily break free. But she and a couple of Mayan kids climbed the pyramid one morning, anyhow. According to the story, Anna glimpsed  a reflected ray of light coming from a gap in the stones near the summit. After reporting it to her father, the opening was gradually expanded and six weeks later, when it was wide enough for a slender person to enter, Anna was lowered down on a rope and found the crystal skull on her 17th birthday. The jaw was found a month later.

Anna lived until she was 100 years old and died in 2007 on Bill’s birthday. She lived with Bill for several of her last years.

Bill believes the skull comes to us from antiquity. However, skeptics say that such a skull couldn’t have been made in ancient times without modern stone-cutting machinery. They suspect (with no proof) that Mitchell-Hedges planted the skull in the pyramid for Anna to find. They go on to suggest (again with no evidence) that the adventurer bought the skull at a charity shop in London. It’s all part of an effort to debunk the legitimacy of the  skull.

Anyone who has traveled to pre-Colombian stone sites, particularly in Peru and Bolivia, knows that the so-called primitives without modern tools were able to create seamless walls of stone weighing tons that fit  perfectly together often with jagged edges and using no mortar. How were those stones cut and lifted in place? Present day master stoneworkers have no idea how they did it, and admit even with their machines, they would have a difficult time re-creating such massive walls.

Sure, stone walls are not crystal skulls, but the same question arises in both cases. What kind of technology did the ancients possess to create such walls and crystal skulls. If markings on the skull, viewed under high magnification show telltale signs of machine cuts, who is to say that such technology, or some related technology, did not exist in ancient times. Bill thinks the skull dates back to the time of Atlantis or even earlier.

Another bit of synchronicity: Bill had recently been featured on Expedition: Unknown on the Discovery Channel. Meanwhile, Bruce Gernon, who was in attendance, and I will be on an upcoming episode of the same show in October on the Bermuda Triangle.

Following Bill’s introduction of the skull, he guided us into a group meditation with the skull. Afterwards, we took turns sitting with the skull for a few minutes each. Under Bill’s guidance, the sitter would hold their hands a few inches from the skull, then expanding their arms out to the sides, then coming in slowly. That was repeated three times, then the sitter crossed arms over the chest and pulled in the skull-energy to the heart chakra.

When it was my turn, I was already quite relaxed. I’d been sitting a few feet to one side of the skull. I felt a gentle vibration rolling up and down my spine and when I brought my arm inward toward the skull I felt a wave of energy that was similar to pressing against a large beach ball. Others had varying experiences, from feeling heat and waves of energy to a greater sense of  peaceful.

After everyone had a session with the skull, we finished with some picture-taking with the skull, and…oh yes, Rose Strain’s delicious cheese cake!

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