We’re gradually bringing our books into digital format, so new books will appear here periodically,  with links to where they can be purchased for a nominal price. Most of these books are being published through Crossroad Press. There are links for Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Crossroad, which provides formats for all e-readers. The excerpts are listed by title in the masthead.

U Я miNe


A serial killer is stalking blondes in the central Florida city of Oxford and his MO is eerily consistent. On a new or full moon, he sends his target a stalker letter that implies he has been watching her, that he knows her schedule, that she is his. Two weeks later, on a new or full moon, the woman becomes his “lunar kill,” a sacrifice to the Roman goddess Diana that satisfies the dark urge that drives him.

When 27-year-old Laurie Brautigan, a blonde artist and dog walker, receives a stalker letter on the day of a new moon, she initially thinks it’s a cruel joke perpetrated by someone she knows. But Detective Nick Finley, who has been investigating these murders for months, convinces her otherwise, and Laurie’s life is turned inside out by terror and suspicion.

What the killer doesn’t know is that both Laurie and Nick possess rare talents that they struggle to keep secret. She’s a psychic whose specialty is animal communication and Nick, the son of two mediums, talks to the dead. When Laurie reads the only witness to the murders, a dog that belonged to one of the victims, the dead begin talking to Nick. Racing against time to find the killer before the full moon, the very talents Laurie and Nick have tried to keep secret not only draw them together, but become their greatest allies.

Amazon $4.99

Bump in the Night


If you’re captivated by the spookiness of Halloween, when the veils between worlds are thinnest, then BUMP IN THE NIGHT offers you a chance to explore the realm of ghosts and spirits and even alien encounters any day of the year.


Time Catcher


An ancient Hopi prophecy…the end of the Fourth World … a mysterious ruin…and a window between worlds. In the fourth book of the series, Will Lansa is no longer a teen struggling with his identity, but a 28-year-old anthropology prof in Colorado who is about to step into the adventure of his life when he returns to the Hopi reservation.


Jewel in the Lotus


Explore meditation in a book that is accessible to beginners as well as practitioners Meditation allows us to connect with a deeper part of ourselves, our true selves, and through that connection we can have more control over our lives and our emotions. We can be more relaxed and focused. We can heal ourselves. It’s about self-awareness, self-discovery and journeys to inner worlds.



Seventh Born is an original young adult novel published by Crossroad Press. $3.99. Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

 When a suspicious barn fire claims the life of her aging pony, Merlina Lund inadvertently triggers her inherited psychic talents to track the arsonist. The deeper she digs, the more dangerous the quest turns as she closes in on the truth about the Cosa Caballo, a mysterious horse mafia centered in her pristine equestrian village.



Hidden Lake was originally published by Ballantine in 1987. Now it’s back as an e-book.  Amazon. Nook. Other formats. $3.99

While psychic Gary Lukas is being tested by a researcher for his PSI-Q, he inadvertently lands in the mind of a killer.  Before the session is finished, Lukas realizes the victim is another psychic, his closest friend, Anna Lemont, also a resident of Hidden Lake.

In a town of psychics, a murder investigation can turns up too many secrets and too much evidence.



The Rainbow Oracle was originally published by Ballantine books in 1989. It’s based on the divination system that our friend, psychic Tony Grosso, used in his psychic counseling work for years.

Now it has been reincarnated as an e-book. Although Tony has since passed on, we’re sure he would be pleased to see that his divination system lives on.

Kindle, $3.99



Crystal Skull was originally published by Ballantine Books in 1991. Now it’s back in print.  Amazon, Nook, other formats, $3.99

Possessed by a myth, a killer will stop at nothing to re-unite two ancient crystal skulls at a momentous date in the Mayan calendar — the Harmonic Convergence. He intends to complete his quest, at whatever cost, to seal his quest to achieve immortality. But Nicholas Pierce, a private detective, is just as determined to find out who killed his client, the caretaker of one of the skulls.



The Making of Miami Vice was originally published by Ballantine Books in 1986. It’s about how the TV show was made – from the stunts to the music to the look to the actors and actresses.  We were surprised to find used booksellers through Amazon selling it for nearly $300! So it’s a bargain at $3.99! Kindle, Nook, other formats.









The Hanged Man was originally published by Kensington Books in 1998. It’s book one in the Mira Morales series.  Kindle and Nook and other formats, $3.99

In a quiet home in the Fort Lauderdale suburbs, a woman psychically witnesses a murder. In a posh estate, a few miles away, a man lies dead. The only clues are a collection of Tarot cards sent to the victim’s home and a nuisance call from a Fort Lauderdale woman who claims to have had a vision of the killing. For Detective Wayne Sheppard, the killing of famous criminologist Andrew Steele and the disappearance of his beautiful wife is about to test everything he has ever believed and everything he knows about logic, police work, and scientific truth. Excerpt

Black Water is the sequel to The Hanged Man. It was published by Kensington Books in 2003 and now has a second life as an e-book. Available exclusively at Amazon, $3.99

For years, children have been vanishing without a trace in the Florida Keys. No one, not even the FBI, has suspected it could be the work of a twisted man who can move back and forth in time through the black water appears periodically off the coast of Tango Key.

When Annie, psychic Mira Morales’ daughter, is abducted, she pursues the kidnapper through the passages of the unknown…



Total Silence is the third book in the Mira Morales series, the sequel to Black Water. It ws published by Kensington Books in 2004 and is now available for Kindle and Nook, $3.99

In the woods of North Carolina, it awaits, ready to unleash a shocking plan of revenge. Soon the victims will understand what it is to be helpless and alone. They will wish for mercy, but there will be none. Because actions have consequences, and someone must always pay…

For Florida psychic Mira Morales, spending the holidays at a remote farm in Asheville is a chance to spend some needed family time with her FBI fiancé, Shep, and her teenaged daughter, Annie, while they try to forget the horrors of the past. She has no idea that an even greater terror is waiting out there in the dark, wooded hills surrounding them; a fear beyond the reach of her abilities, because this time, the killer has prepared for her. And then, without warning, everything in Mira’s world goes black… Now, isolated and alone, held silent captive in a cunning killer’s secret lair, Mira has no way to warn the others of what is coming… of the twisted wrath of a dangerous psychopath whose work has only just begun… Excerpt

 Lagoon was first published in 1990, by Ballantine Books. Available at Amazon. $3.99.  Excerpt

Snuggled amid the pine-covered hills of northern Georgia is the picturesque town of Lagoon – nature at its best. Yet, deep within the recesses of the town, something strange and unspeakable is incubating – in the soil, the water, the air. It festers beneath the skin of the villagers, silent, patient.

When it’s born, it will defy the laws of nature. If survivors re to win their battle against this malignant scourge, they must uncover its cause. Is it the inevitable price of pollution? A virulent new virus? Or something more terrifying?

Nature has a memory…and it does not forgive.


Hawk Moon, the sequel to Prophecy Rock, was an Edgar Allan Poe award finalist.

Will Lansa, back in Aspen after spending a summer on the Hopi Reservation with his father, feels like an outsider. On the same day that he breaks up with his girlfriend, Myra, she’s murdered, and when Will’s bloodied knife is found, he becomes the prime suspect. Now he has to prove his innocence and find Myra’s murder. His allies: a computer hacker, and Masau, a Hopi spirit who comes to Will in his dreams

$3.99, Available in all e-reader formats here. Amazon and B&N and excerpt


Prophecy Rock won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for best young adult novel.

Will Lansa, who was raised by his mother in Aspen, is spending the summer on the Hopi Reservation with his father, the tribal police chief. Pete Lansa is investigating the murder of a man found near a sacred site–Prophecy Rock, and some on the rez suspect it’s the work of a powaqu, a powerful witch. When Will does some independent investigating with the help of his new friend, Ellie, he quickly gets caught up in ancient prophecies and mystical visions. In doing so, he begins to understand the Hopi culture and his place in it. However, someone doesn’t want him meddling in this murder, and now his life is in danger. In Prophecy Rock, Rob MacGregor, a New York Times bestselling author (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), weaves elements of Hopi mythology with modern police work to create a mystery that readers of all ages won’t be able to put down.

Excerpt. Available here in various reading formats. Click here for Amazon For Nook  $3.99

Double Heart is the sequel to Edgar-nominated Hawk Moon and Edgar winner Prophecy Rock.

When Will Lansa returns to the Hopi Reservation for his senior year of high school, he naively decides to write his senior thesis on Hopi witches. At first, no one will talk to him about the subject, but before long he finds himself caught up in an on-going battle between a Hopi kachina cult and a dangerous coven of witches.


Kindle, $3.99



Tango Key was published in 1988, under the pseudonym Alison Drake. It’s wonderful to see it as an ebook, under my name, publishing through Crossroad Press.  Various e-reader formats hereAmazon. Nook. $3.99


Florida’s Tango Key has never been so hot.  Especially now with multimillionaire and amateur archaeologist Doug Cooper turning up headless behind his beach house.  It seems a number of people stand to gain from his demise, including a stunning young widow, an adulterous son, and two gold diggers from Cooper’s South American exploits.

Detective Aline Scott knows a scandal like this could turn the wealthy island paradise into a no-man’s land.  But when she starts to sift through the facts, she unearths a startling new mystery…one that leads to a missing and priceless archaeological treasure – and the unsolved murder of Aline’s closest friend three years before.

Amazon. Nook. Other e-readers. $3.99. Excerpt

Fevered is the second book in the Tango Key series and was first published in 1988, under the pseudonym Alison Drake.  It’s now available in digital format through Crossroad Press. Kindle, other formats,  and Nook. $3.99

On this February morning it looks like winter is about to heat up on Tango Key.  Sometime in the night, Judge Henry Michael, his wife, and two small sons were murdered.  Butchered. The quiet little Florida island is reeling in horror.  But clues are scarce.  And the only thing for certain is that whoever did it – enjoyed it.

Detective Aline Scott knows she’s going to have to dig deep on this one.  But when there’s another brutal murder, she hits pay dirt.  Just that summer, convicted killer Jimmy Ray Luskin fried in the electric chair at Raiford.  Now everyone connected to the five-year-old case has been targeted for death.  It seems someone cared for Jimmy Ray – with a vengeance. And the blood list runs from the judge and jury to the attorneys and the cop who made the arrest – a young rookie cop named Aline Scott.  Excerpt

Black Moon is the third book in the Tango Key series. Like the others, it can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Tropical bliss deserts sleepy Tango Key when a local dancer in found in a dumpster, stripped of her fingers – and her life. The investigation takes homicide detective Aline Scott into the strange world of santería, a Cuban mystery religion. But Scott is puzzled until she realizes the macabre dismemberment bears a chilling resemblance to murders that occurred on Tango Key more than fifty years ago. Gradually, Aline realizes that the ritual deaths are part of a gruesome legend called Black Moon – and that she has been chosen as the next victim…  Excerpt here.

kindle and nook, and other e-reader formats $3.99

High Strangeness is  the fourth book in the Tango Key series, but can be read as a stand alone novel.  It was published in 1989, the year our daughter was born. I haven’t updated the story to the 21st century, so there aren’t any of the technological goodies we take for granted.

An orderly and a psychiatrist have been murdered at an exclusive psychiatric facility on Tango Key. The suspect is an escaped mental patient who claims she was once kidnapped by aliens, taken aboard a UFO, and that a device is implanted in her head.

Detective Aline Scott  quickly discovers the case is not as simple as it appears to be. What is the suspect’s link to a UFO encounter group and its charismatic leader? What is the device implanted in the dead psychiatrist’s head? Aline knows there’s a connection – and so does whoever is talking her. Her search  leads her into places she was never meant to know about and into a close encounter she may not live to talk about…

Available in all ebook formats here. Kindle  and Nook. $3.99

Intuitive Moon is available here.   Kindle.   Nook.   $3

Most of us know our sun sign. But our sun sign is only half the picture, the daytime, public half.

Your natal moon sign represents the deeper aspect of who you are, your private, intuitive self, that part of you connected to the collective unconscious. It symbolizes your emotions, the depth of your intuition, your capacity for recognizing synchronicity, and how you can use the law of attraction to improve your life and attract what you desire.

Your Intuitive Moon illustrates how the various facets of your moon sign – its element, phase, and nodal axis – enable you to intuit whatever you need to know.


Romancing the Raven

Destiny Douglas is engrossed in the lore and life of Edgar Allan Poe as she researches the famed author for her English thesis at NYU. But on her twenty-first birthday, she reluctantly takes time off from her project to meet her Uncle Fids at the Bronx Zoo. He tells her of a long hidden family secret, a genetic disposition to slip through time. She doesn’t believe it until she encounters the subject of her thesis…Poe.

Recently court-marshaled and dismissed from West Point, the disenchanted former cadet is ensnared in a sinister conspiracy in which he is mesmerized and directed to assassinate President Andrew Jackson.

Now Destiny and Fids struggle to stop Poe from completing his deadly mission while dealing with the baffling realities of life in 1831. In doing so, they inadvertently take Poe from his world to their own, upsetting literary history. Suddenly, the past is shifting swiftly from one reality to another as Destiny tries to get Poe back to his world and save a long-dead president.

This time travel adventure is available here. $3.99. Nook and Kindle.

Dark Fields

Quin St. James thought she knew her lover, thought nothing about Grant’s life could surprise her. But in his death she finds herself confronted by a series of shocks –  and questions. Helping her to answer them is police detective Mike McCleary, whose other primary case involves a search for a serial killer — a woman with a knife, who picks up her victims in singles’ bars.

As St. James and McCleary join forces, the murderer circles closer and closer, hovering just beyond their vision — in the dark field.

Nook. For kindle.

Click here for other e-book versions. $3


Double Heart

A Will Lansa Mystery

A Heart Divided….

Will Lansa figured that spending his senior year in Arizona, on the reservation with his Hopi police chief father, far away from Aspen and his friends—and his wealthy white mother—would be like living in a monastery. Boring, yes, but also a time for cleansing and reflection; a time to experience the culture of his father and grandfather, and reconcile his own divided nature.

Who is Double Heart?

Will’s decision to write about Hopi witches for a high school term paper sets off a chain reaction of violence and murder. A legendary sorcerer, with the power to enslave the minds of others and even transform into a wolf, now seeks to destroy Will, body and soul.

Haunted by visions of tribal Kachina spirits, surrounded by betrayal and death, Will races headlong toward a final confrontation with the malevolent force that has controlled his destiny…a powerful witch, known as…

For kindle, $.99

For Nook, $.99

In Shadow

It’s a hot Miami summer in the 1980s. A brilliant chemist, Denise Markham, is murdered at a university in Miami.

Detective John Conway discovers she developed a designer drug that enhances psychic ability and was administering it to friends who bankrolled her research. They are now exhibiting psychotic behavior and the killer is stalking Laura Perkins, a professor, the only witness to the crime, with whom Conway falls in love. Excerpt


Click here for various ebook formats,  here for kindle, Nook. $3




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