Since Mercury doesn’t turn direct until November 20, you’ve got a couple of weeks where things continue to be slow. But there are some other things going on that should delight you.

From November 1 to 25, Venus moves through Sagittarius, an ideal transit for the Thanksgiving holidays. You’re in a festive mood, your self-confidence soars and you have such personal magnetism that people seek out your company. Your social calendar quickly fills up, and you have your choice of parties and dinners to attend.On the 12th, the full moon in Taurus lights up the home and family area of your chart. There’s news about a family member, your home sells, you buy a home or you hear that you and your partner are going to become parents. With Saturn, Pluto and retrograde Neptune friendly to this full moon, the news has lasting impact.

From November 19 to January 4, 2020, Mars transits Scorpio, a sign it co-rules, and your career area. This transit enables you to complete projects and clear your desk so that you enter the new year with a clean slate. You’re after the bottom line in everything you tackle, and Mars in Scorpio pushes you to dig deeper and deeper until you find what you need.
On the 20th, Mercury turns direct in Scorpio, and from now until December 9, it travels with Mars. This adds to your resolve to get things done. Your intuition is deeper, and you’re able to see the truth about other people.

Venus transits Capricorn from November 25 to December 20, and brings a quiet focus to something you’re doing behind the scenes or in solitude. If a romance begins during this transit, the two of you may be spending most of your time alone together rather than with friends. Once Venus enters your sign on December 29, then you head out into the larger world together to announce that you’re a couple.

The new moon in Sagittarius on November 26 should result in new opportunities in networking, international travel or publishing. Think big with this new moon, Aquarius. The bigger you think, the more likely it is that a wish or desire you have will manifest itself.
On the 27th, Neptune turns direct in Pisces, a bonus for your finances in that you’re more clear-headed about what you earn and spend.

At a Glance
November 1- Venus into Sagittarius

November 12 – full moon in Taurus

November 19 – Mars enters Scorpio

November 20 – Mercury turns direct

November 25 – Venus enters Capricorn

November 26 – new moon in Sagittarius

November 27 – Neptune turns direct

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