Aquarius – January 20- February 18
2019 Overview

Your sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet that governs, among other areas, sudden, unexpected change. Its job is to turn the status quo on its head and it does this by shaking up those areas of your life where you have become habitual and routine. It gets rid of the dead wood so that the new can move in.

Since March 2011, it has been transiting fire sign Aries and forming a beneficial angle to your sun sign. It’s likely that the changes you’ve been experiencing are exciting, fun, and that you’ve been a magnet for cutting edge ideas that you have been able to use in your work, creative endeavors, and to general improve the quality of your life.

In 2018, Uranus entered Taurus but stayed only several months, then turned retrograde and slipped back into Aries. On March 6, 2019, Uranus enters earth sign Taurus, where it will be for the next seven years, until April 28, 2026. If you have a copy of your natal chart, check it to see where Taurus falls. That area of your life will undergo the most change.

In a solar chart, where your sun sign is placed on the ascendant, Taurus falls in the home/family area of your chart. This isn’t as accurate, of course, as your natal chart, but it’s the way astrologers make predictions that pertain to all people of a certain sign. Some possible changes you may experience during this transit? A move, a change in financial or marital status, someone moves out of or into your home, a career change, a birth or death. In other words, pivotal life events. The best way to deal with any Uranus transit is to embrace change rather than resist it.

January 2019

Welcome to 2019! The year starts off with a proverbial bang for you, with Mars having entered Aries on December 31, joining Uranus in that area of your chart that governs communication, travel, siblings, your conscious mind. You’re eager to start the year off on the right track and have plenty of drive and ambition. You may be doing a lot of writing and public speaking between now and February 14, when the transit ends. Others are attracted to your unusual ideas and appreciate that you allow them to be who they are. You aren’t into pretenses.

On January 4, Mercury enters earth sign Capricorn, which both Saturn and Pluto are transiting. Your conscious mind is goal-oriented and may be focused on a particular project or creative endeavor that you hope to launch or nurture along to greater growth and expansion. Saturn provides the structure and Pluto confers the power.

The solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 triggers new opportunities to achieve your goals. Since Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are also in this area of your chart, you’re grounded and determined to make the abstract tangible. This eclipse gives you a chance to do that. Neptune is friendly to the eclipse degree, indicating that the opportunity appeals to your ideals and spirituality.

The lunar eclipse in Leo that follows two weeks later, on January 21, falls in your partnership area. Since lunar eclipses concern inner events, our emotional world, you may feel as if you’ve been unfairly criticized or that your creativity is being eclipsed in some way. Rather than creating drama, just let whatever it is roll away from you. It’s not worth a battle.

Uranus turns direct in Aries on January 6, a definite benefit! Now you can take advantage of all the edgy energy and of the idiosyncratic and unusual ideas you have. It now moves toward its appointment with Taurus on March 6.

From January 7 to February 3, Venus transits compatible fire sign Sagittarius. What fun these few weeks will be for you! Your social calendar heats up, friends vie for your attention and company, you’re able to network with ease. You may travel internationally during this transit or become involved in some facet of the publishing industry. If a romance begins, it may be with someone you meet through friends.

From January 24 to February 10, Mercury transits your sign and now you’re really in your element! You’re primarily a mental person and this transit heightens your communication abilities, your capacity to generate ideas, and the way you interact with others.

At a Glance

January 4 – Mercury into Capricorn
January 5 – solar eclipse in Capricorn
January 6 – Uranus turns direct in Aries
January 7 – Venus into Sagittarius
January 21 – lunar eclipse in Leo
January 24 – Mercury into Aquarius

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