The latter half of November, after Mercury has turned direct, should be more pleasing to you than the beginning of the month. That said, let’s take a look at November 1, when Venus enters Sagittarius and remains there until it enters your sign on November 25. Now that is a transit to anticipate.

While Venus is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is also there, and that usually spells luck, serendipity, growth and increase. Even though you may feel a need for a greater independence and freedom now, your heart still yearns for intimacy, companionship and love. Any romance that begins during this transit will be passionate, fun and will in some way make you more aware of the bigger picture of your life, needs, desires and ambitions.
On the 9th, the full moon in Taurus should bring news about a romantic relationship, creative endeavor, finances or one of your kids. Despite Mercury’s mischief, this full moon receives such friendly beams from Saturn, Pluto and retrograde Neptune that the news should be positive. Besides, the earth energy of this moon is comfortable for you.

Mars enters Scorpio, a sign it co-rules, on November 19, and this dynamic transit takes you into the new year, to January 4, 2020. You may feel like you’re on a speeding train headed toward an unknown destination, but you certainly enjoy the ride and the excitement. Because Scorpio is such an emotionally intense sign, you’ll be feeling everything more deeply.

Once Mercury turns direct on the 20th, it travels with Mars until December 9. Your psychic antenna may be twitching nonstop during this period. Your insights into others is sharp, and if you follow your inner voice, you won’t make a misstep.

Once Venus enters your sign on November 25, you’re feeling wonderful about your life, future and all the possibilities ahead. This is the second time this year that Venus has transited your sign, so you should be familiar with how everything seems to run more smoothly and effortlessly. Between now and December 20, when the transit ends, be sure to carve out time for you and your muse to brainstorm! And, of course, make plenty of room for romance and love, an area that will flow beautifully.

The new moon in Sagittarius on November 26 could bring an opportunity for international travel and an exploration of your spirituality. It’s also a wonderful time to invite friends over for dinner or a party and to indulge this gregarious Sagittarius moon.

Neptune turns direct in Pisces on the 27th, a call to your creative side. Now your imagination can once again roam the universe of ideas and bring back gifts that you can use in your daily life.

At a Glance
November 1- Venus into Sagittarius

November 12 – full moon in Taurus

November 19 – Mars enters Scorpio

November 20 – Mercury turns direct

November 25 – Venus enters Capricorn

November 26 – new moon in Sagittarius

November 27 – Neptune turns direct

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