May 2019 – CAPRICORN

May 2019 – CAPRICORN

Nearly Perfect

You’ll enjoy May. There’s an emphasis on earth energy planets and a full moon in a compatible water sign. Let’s take a look.

The new moon in Taurus on May 4 could bring a new romantic interest whose spiritual ideals and beliefs are similar to your own. It’s also possible that you’re commissioned for a creative endeavor or that one of your projects sells. If you’re self-employed, you may sign up a new client or land a gig that that thrills you.

On the 6th, Mercury enters Taurus, and on the 15th, Venus follows. The planet of communication and the planet of romance and love are traveling together frequently this year. This time, they’re together until May 21, when Mercury moves on. Since Venus rules Taurus, it functions well here, deepening your sensuality, conferring greater patience, resilience and even a hint of mysticism. The Venus transit last until June 8 and marks one of the most enjoyable periods for you all year. Your partner is attentive, your muse is eager to help and your relationship with children runs smoothly.

Also on the 15th, Mars enters Cancer, your opposite sign, where it will be until July 1. This transit deepens your intuition and your appreciation for your family and enables you to find a business partner quite easily, if you’re looking for one. If you’re married or in a committed relationship, this transit is marked by greater emotional closeness and intimacy.

Then there’s a full moon in Scorpio on May 18 that you’ll enjoy. Your social calendar gets crowded during the several days leading up to this date, and you recognize the opportunity to network and connect with friends. Pluto is friendly to this full moon, indicating that any news you hear puts you in a more powerful position.

On May 21, Mercury enters Gemini, which it rules, and between then and June 4, you’re quite the chatterbox, able to talk to anyone about anything. You may be using social media more frequently—for both business and pleasure—and could decide to upgrade your phone or computer.

At a Glance
May 4 – new moon in Taurus
May 6 – Mercury enters Taurus
May 15 – Venus into Taurus, Mars into Cancer
May 18 – full moon in Scorpio
May 21 – Mercury into Gemini

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