Career Matters

The emphasis in September is on Libra and your career. Circle September 14, when both Mercury and Venus enter Libra, and there’s a full moon in Pisces.

Once again, Mercury and Venus travel together until October 3, when Mercury moves into Scorpio. The Venus transit lasts until October 8. This period should be favorable for your professional life. You get along well with co-workers and bosses who look to you for answers and insights. Your artistic sense is greatly heightened, and you may change your appearance in some way—new hairstyles or clothing—or beautify your professional surroundings. With Venus here, a promotion and raise is possible.

The full moon in Pisces should be pleasant. Retrograde Neptune is closely conjunct, and retrograde Pluto is friendly to it. News you hear may involve the arts or your spirituality or could appeal to your ideals. It puts you in a solid and powerful position.

Saturn turns direct in your sign on the 19th, certainly a shift that benefits you in many ways. You can now bolster the various structures in your life that need it and move forward confidently that all is well!

The new moon in Libra on the 29th is the exclamation point that accompanies the transits of Mercury and Venus through Libra. This one may bring a promotion and raise or a new career path altogether.

At a Glance
September 14—Mercury and Venus enter Libra, full moon in Pisces
September 18—Saturn turns direct in Capricorn
September 29 – New moon in Libra

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