March 2019 – CAPRICORN

March 2019 – CAPRICORN
Uranus Shift

In addition to a Mercury retrograde in Pisces that runs from March 5–28, Uranus makes a major shift. For the last seven years, the planet of sudden, unexpected change has been transiting Aries. On March 6, it will enter Taurus once again. It was in that sign for a brief time in 2018, then turned retrograde, slipped back into Aries and now the transit continues until 2026.

During this lengthy transit, Uranus will be forming a terrific angle to your sun sign, so you’re going to benefit tremendously from this transit. Life will be more exciting and all sorts of opportunities will open up for you, many of them sudden and unforeseen. Your capacity for self-expression will grow and evolve. By embracing change, you will find that your interests are expanding. It’s a great time to study esoteric topics and to delve into areas like quantum physics, science and astronomy.

Between March 1 and 26, Venus transits Aquarius and your financial area. Although Mercury will be retrograde for most of this transit, you should see some improvement in what you earn. Your expenses could rise as well, but you should have the money to cover them. Unusual ideas may occur to you during this transit. Be sure to jot them down. They may come in handy later on.

From March 5 to 28, Mercury is moving retrograde through Pisces. Follow the general guidelines suggested in the introduction’s section on Mercury retrograde. Since this one occurs in your communication area, be sure to think before you speak and to say what you mean. The potential for misunderstandings are greater during Mercury retrogrades.
On the 6th, in addition to Uranus changing signs, there’s a new moon in Pisces. This could bring an opportunity for a writing or speaking project. Just be sure, though, that you don’t sign any contracts until after Mercury turns direct. Otherwise, you may be revisiting the terms.

On the 20th, the full moon in Libra lights up your career area. You become more aware of the need for balance between your professional and personal life and realize you may have to start carving out more time for yourself. Career news may necessitate a slight adjustment in your attitude.

On the 26th, two days before Mercury turns direct, Venus enters Pisces and what fun this transit will be for you. From now until April 20, your imagination slams into overdrive, and you may be brainstorming with fiends and family on how to implement some of your ideas into your daily life. You’re more intuitive now and are able to feel what others feel. In a sense, you become a psychic sponge during this transit, particularly after Mercury turns direct in this sign, so it’s important you hang out with upbeat, positive people!

From March 31 to May 15, Mars transits Gemini, and suddenly, you’re able to get things done at the speed of light. This transit benefits not only your daily work routine, but your career as well. You may be networking more frequently through social media and in person.

At a Glance

March 1 – Venus into Aquarius
March 5 – Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces
March 6 – new moon in Pisces, Uranus enters Taurus
March 20 – full moon in Libra
March 26 – Venus into Pisces
March 28 – Mercury turns direct
March 31 – Mars into Gemini

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