July  2019 – CAPRICORN


There’s a lot going on this month, and the events include two eclipses, one of them in your sign and a Mercury retrograde. Be sure to get plenty of rest!

On July 2, the solar eclipse occurs in your opposite sign, Cancer. Potential opportunities with this one have a wide range: you move to a neighborhood or house that suits you and your family; you and your romantic partner make a deeper commitment to each other by moving in together, getting married or starting a family; or you start your own business. Since Uranus is friendly to the degree of this eclipse, opportunities unfold suddenly and without warning.

The lunar eclipse in your sign on July 16 should be positive for you. Pluto is friendly to this eclipse, and that means that whatever you experience emotionally and internally puts you in a more powerful position. This one could involve an important female in your life—mother, sister or close friend.

Before either of these eclipses occur, on July 1, Mars enters fire sign Leo and remains there until August 18. During this transit, you make great strides in your creativity and may delve into metaphysical topics—hauntings and ghosts, life after death and reincarnation. You may be able to use what you discover in some tangible way that produces income.
Between July 3 and 27, Venus transits Cancer. This should be another pleasant period for you. You feel self-confident and happy with where your life is right now and where it’s headed. Your intuition is especially strong now, so be sure to listen to that inner voice and let it guide you. On the 27th, Venus enters Leo, joining Mars, and these two travel together until August 18, when Mars moves on. Think of this duo as the cosmic lovers. The chemistry with a romantic interest is ideal, and just watch how things unfold during this period!

On July 31, Mercury turns direct in Cancer and moves forward toward its second appointment with Leo next month. Also on the 31st, the new moon in Leo promises to be a romantic time because Venus is closely conjunct. And if you’re not involved yet in a relationship, this new moon could make it happen.

At a Glance

July 1—Mars goes into Leo

July 2—Solar eclipse in Cancer

July 3—Venus enters Cancer

July 7—Mercury turns retrograde in Leo

July 16—Lunar eclipse in Capricorn

July 27—Venus enters Leo

July 31—Mercury turns direct, new moon in Leo

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