Work & Finances

May isn’t quite as hectic as the past few months. The emphasis is on finances and your daily work. With a new moon in Taurus on May 4, followed by Mercury entering Taurus on the 6th and Venus entering it on the 15th, you’ve got plenty of patience and resilience to take on virtually anything.

The new moon could bring a new job, new employees, a new source of income, a new health routine or even a new nutritional program. Even though Uranus isn’t conjunct this new moon, it’s in the same sign and bolsters the Taurean energy. Neptune is friendly to this moon, an indication that any opportunities could involve creativity, the arts and your spirituality.

Mercury will transit Taurus until May 21. Use this period to complete projects and pitch new ideas. If you’re self-employed, you may be working longer hours, perhaps to meet a deadline. Just be sure you allow yourself time for fun and pleasure, too.

The Venus transit lasts until June 8 and brings a strong sensuality with it. Taurus is such a sensual sign that food tastes better, sex is better and life is richer and brighter. Since Venus is forming a great angle to your financial area, your income may increase as well.
Also on the 15th, Mars enters Cancer and the shared resources section of your chart. This transit ends on July 1 and brings greater intuitive awareness to your financial resources. Your partner or spouse could land a raise, or you could receive a royalty check, insurance rebate or repayment on a loan.

The full moon in Scorpio on May 18 is ideal for delving into your own psyche. Your dreams will be more vivid and will contain information and insights that may prove valuable. Your sexuality is heightened during this full moon.

From May 21 to June 4, Mercury transits Gemini and travels for several days with Venus. You may be exploring new social media possibilities and studying or reading about esoteric areas—communication with the dead, reincarnation or psychic phenomena.

At a Glance
May 4 – new moon in Taurus
May 6 – Mercury enters Taurus
May 15 – Venus into Taurus, Mars into Cancer
May 18 – full moon in Scorpio
May 21 – Mercury into Gemini

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