Take a Breather

September is a bit quieter than August was, and you’ll have time to pause and catch your breath—except on September 14, when there are three astrological events. Both Mercury and Venus enter Libra, and there’s a new moon is in Pisces.

The Mercury transit lasts until October 3, and the Venus transit ends October 8. While these two travel together through the quiet part of your chart, the personal unconscious, you’re able to delve deeply into your own psyche. As a Scorpio, you tend to do this anyway, but now you have a chance to converse with the hidden parts of yourself. You may become more aware of the need for balance in your life. If romance begins during this transit, it’s going to be intriguing, and you may keep it a secret for awhile.

The new moon in Pisces occurs in the romance/creativity area of your chart. New opportunities surface in both of those areas, and this could be the new relationship that Venus in Libra promises.

On September 18, Saturn turns direct in Capricorn, and suddenly, life doesn’t seem quite as somber as it has the past several months. You have a good idea which relationships need bolstering and are ready to do the work.

The new moon in Libra on September 29 brings new opportunities in relationships
with friends and may result in a chance to work behind the scenes in some capacity— ghostwriting, editing or publicity. It’s a romantic moon, so cuddle up with the one you love!

At a Glance
September 14—Mercury and Venus enter Libra, full moon in Pisces
September 18—Saturn turns direct in Capricorn
September 29 – New moon in Libra

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