SCORPIO – July 2019

July 2019 – SCORPIO

Spiritual growth and career focus

The nature of eclipses is to bring relationships and issues up close and personal so that we often have to act quickly and decisively. This month features a solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2 and a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16.

The solar eclipse ushers in new opportunities for spiritual growth. Since it’s in Cancer,
your family and home life may also be the beneficiary of something new. Uranus forms a harmonious angle to the eclipse degree, so the opportunities surface suddenly and without warning. Possibilities? You have a chance to travel overseas on a spiritual quest of some kind, perhaps a shamanic journey. A writing project falls in your lap, or you’re invited to teach a workshop or seminar. You and your partner discover you’re going to be parents, or someone moves into or out of your home.

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn may bring something to completion, but with every ending, a new door opens. Pluto is friendly to the eclipse degree, and that means that whatever transpires puts you in a better position to call the shots. The area involved is your profession—the Capricorn part of the equation—and your solar third house, which rules communication and your conscious mind. Saturn is also in Capricorn, which brings a somewhat somber tone to this eclipse.

Before either of these eclipses occurs, Mars enters Leo and your career area on July 1, and for the next six weeks, until August 18, you are moving at full tilt to achieve or accomplish a professional goal. You’ve got a flair for the flamboyant and dramatic now, and it’s smart to apply this energy to a creative endeavor.

On July 3, Venus enters fellow water sign Cancer and facilitates the opportunities that yesterday’s solar eclipse promised. A new romance? A new research project? A new creative endeavor? Until July 27, you enjoy a romantic and creative period where life generally flows more smoothly, and your desires are manifested with little or no effort on your part.

Mercury turns retrograde in Leo on July 7, slips back into Cancer and turns direct in that sign on July 31. The retro may slow things down professionally, but with Mars also in this sector of your chart, you continue to move forward. Look over the Mercury retrograde section in the introduction, and follow the general guidelines for navigating this period more successfully.

From July 27 to August 21, Venus joins Mars and Mercury in Leo, in your career area. Any time that Venus and Mars travel together, love is in the air. Sparks fly, and the chemistry is perfect. Your creative adrenaline is jammed in overdrive!

On the 31st, Mercury turns direct, and there’s a new moon in Leo. Your career receives a significant boost through an opportunity of some kind. A promotion? A raise? You’re tapped to head up a team? Whatever it is, with Mercury now direct, you can move forward with confidence.

At a Glance

July 1—Mars goes into Leo

July 2—Solar eclipse in Cancer

July 3—Venus enters Cancer

July 7—Mercury turns retrograde in Leo

July 16—Lunar eclipse in Capricorn

July 27—Venus enters Leo

July 31—Mercury turns direct, new moon in Leo

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