March 2019 – SCORPIO

March 2019 – SCORPIO

Planetary shift

This month features a major shift for Uranus. For the last seven years, it has been in Aries, shaking things up in your daily work life. It entered Taurus briefly in 2018, then turned retro and slipped back into Aries again. But on March 6, it enters Taurus, where it will be for the next seven years, until 2026. During this transit, Uranus will sweep away the dead wood in any area of your life where you have become rigid or habitual. If you have your natal chart, look for where Taurus falls in your chart. That area will be the one that experiences the most change. During this transit, your need for independence and freedom may cause tension with partners and friends until you allow others the same freedom you insist upon.

On March 1, Venus enters Aquarius, and until the 26th, your home life should be pleasant and unhampered by problems. You may decide to revamp your home in some way, to spiff up the rooms with more colorful paint or different wall decorations. You and your partner may do some creative brainstorming about your future—where you would like to live and things you would like to experience or achieve.

Between March 26 and April 20, Venus transits Pisces and the creativity/romance area of your chart. The only other periods equal to this one fall between July 3–27 and October 8 to November 1, when Venus also transits fellow water signs. Your romantic partner is attentive and can’t seem to get enough of you. The two of you may get away for a long romantic weekend or vacation to some locale that provides adventure and novelty. On the creative front, your muse is eager and ready to help. The temptation to fritter away this transit is strong. But try to spend at least a part of every day involved in your creative endeavors and doing what you enjoy.

Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on March 5 and doesn’t turn direct again until March 28. Be sure to look over the Mercury retrograde section in the introduction for general guidelines on how to navigate this period more successfully. Since it occurs in the creativity/ romance area of your chart, be sure to communicate clearly with your partner and children. If you have to travel, double check your itinerary, and give yourself plenty of time to get to wherever you’re headed.

On March 6, the same day that Uranus enters Taurus, there’s a new moon in Pisces that brings new opportunities to flex your creativity and imagination. And, thanks to a beneficial angle from Saturn to this new moon, these opportunities have a long-range impact. Neptune is closely conjunct to this new moon, indicating that whatever surfaces has a strong artistic and spiritual component. Just don’t sign any contracts until after the 28th, when Mercury will be direct.

The 20th features a full moon in Libra at 0 degrees. This one highlights the importance of balance in your closest relationships and your relationship with your own psyche. Your dreams could be especially vivid and filled with insights and information.
From March 31 to May 15, Mars transits Gemini. You may be spending a lot of time networking on social media, and it proves to be beneficial for something you may be researching or which you’re involved in at work. It’s an excellent time to refinance your home.

At a Glance

March 1 – Venus into Aquarius
March 5 – Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces
March 6 – new moon in Pisces, Uranus enters Taurus
March 20 – full moon in Libra
March 26 – Venus into Pisces
March 28 – Mercury turns direct
March 31 – Mars into Gemini


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