At times, November may feel like a confusing month. Blame it on Mercury’s antics, which may be creating a bit of havoc in your life. But hang in there. The retro ends on November 20.

From November 1 to 25, Venus transits Sagittarius and your financial area. Even if your expenses spike during this period—holiday spending?—so does your income. The additional income could come through a part-time job, a freelance project, a raise that your partner lands or an insurance rebate. If a romantic relationship begins during this transit, it’s likely to be free-wheeling.

On the 12th, the full moon in Taurus highlights your partnerships and finances. Fortunately, both Saturn and Pluto form beneficial angles to this moon, indicating that any news you hear will have long-term effects and put you in a more powerful position overall.

From November 19 to January 4, 2020, Mars transits your sign and sweeps you into the new year. Your physical energy is excellent, and you’re able to accomplish and achieve more than usual. Since Mars co-rules your sign, you’re certainly in your element now and possess a magnetism that draws other people to you. Your sexuality is greatly heightened, and
your intuition is deepened. Fortunately, Mercury retrograde ends the day after Mars enters Scorpio, so you reap the full benefits from November 20 onward.

From November 25 to December 20, Venus moves through compatible earth sign Capricorn and travels with Saturn and Pluto. This period should be enjoyable for you, taking you through the Thanksgiving holidays and into December. You may be spending more time with siblings and neighbors and the people who populate your daily life. Your ambition is strong now, and if a romance begins during this transit, you may have to fit it in between your other responsibilities.

The new moon in Sagittarius on November 26 should bring in a new source of income, certainly a welcome opportunity. Now you’ll have extra money for holiday shopping, a trip or whatever you heart desires. You may feel somewhat restless around the time of this full moon, with the open road whispering your name.

On the 27th, Neptune finally turns direct again in Pisces, and the conduit to your imagination and spirituality is wide open again.

At a Glance
November 1- Venus into Sagittarius

November 12 – full moon in Taurus

November 19 – Mars enters Scorpio

November 20 – Mercury turns direct

November 25 – Venus enters Capricorn

November 26 – new moon in Sagittarius

November 27 – Neptune turns direct

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