March 2019 – LIBRA

March 2019 – LIBRA


This month is a wild mix of energies, with one of the outer planets changing signs. Let’s start there.

First, check your natal chart to find out where Taurus falls. That’s the area that Uranus is going to enter on March 6. It entered Taurus briefly in 2018, then turned retrograde and slipped back into Aries. Now it will be in Taurus until July 2026. This planet’s job is to shake up the status quo in any area where we have grown habitual and routine. It gets rid of the dead wood so the new can flow in.

When Uranus transited Aries, your opposite sign, it cleaned up your partnership area. Perhaps you got married or divorced, started your own business, changed careers or experienced a change in finances. Now, Uranus brings abrupt change to resources you share with others. You could inherit money, win the lottery or experience a downturn in income because a partner becomes unemployed. Again, the ramifications of the transit depend on where you have become rigid and habitual.

Before that transit begins, Venus enters Aquarius on March 1. Oh lucky you, Libra! Between now and March 26, you enjoy an immensely creative and romantic period. If you aren’t involved when the transit starts, you may be by the time it ends. The only glitch is that Mercury will be retrograde for much of this transit, from March 5–28. But even with Mercury in retrograde, Venus still works its magic—just not as quickly.

Regarding Mercury, read over the Mercury retrograde section in the introduction, and follow the general guidelines on how to navigate these several weeks more successfully. Since this one occurs in Pisces, in your daily work area, be sure to communicate clearly with employees and co-workers, and encourage everyone in your work place to follow the rules of the three Rs—revise, review and reconsider, rather than starting new projects.
On the same day that Uranus enters Taurus, March 6, there’s a new moon in Pisces.

Neptune is conjunct this new moon, and Saturn is friendly to it. This means that the opportunities that surface creatively and in your daily work have a long-term impact. Just remember that if you hire new employees, land a nice freelance gig or take on new clients, don’t sign any contracts until after the 28th, when Mercury is moving direct again.
The full moon in your sign on the 20th brings news of a personal nature that may require an adjustment of some kind, perhaps in attitude. This moon is at 0 degrees, Libra, so there will be another full moon in your sign at 29 degrees in April—and that one looks more positive. The emphasis during this full moon is on relationships.

Venus enters Pisces on March 26, and between then and April 20, your imagination is powerful enough to roam the universe and bring back ideas that you can use in your work, life and relationships. If a romance is kindled during this transit, it’s likely to have a beautiful intuitive flow and gentleness to it.

On the 28th, Mercury turns direct. Now you can get moving with all the things that were put on a back burner during the retrograde!

Between March 31 and May 15, Mars transits your air sibling, Gemini, and now you really have the wind at your back. Get out there and network, socialize, blog, start your book or novel or apply to graduate school. This transit stimulates your intellect and your communication skills. Make it count!

At a Glance
March 1 – Venus into Aquarius
March 5 – Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces
March 6 – new moon in Pisces, Uranus enters Taurus
March 20 – full moon in Libra
March 26 – Venus into Pisces
March 28 – Mercury turns direct
March 31 – Mars into Gemini

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