JULY   2019 – VIRGO

Mercury retro and eclipsesIt’s another busy month, with two eclipses and the start of a Mercury retrograde in Leo. Let’s tackle the eclipses first. On July 2, the solar eclipse falls in compatible water sign Cancer, in that area of your chart that rules friends, the people you hang out with, your social life and your wishes and dreams. Uranus forms a close and beneficial angle to the eclipse degree, so any opportunities that surface on or around this date seem to come out of nowhere. You may have a chance to work on a publicity campaign, meet a circle of new friends and move closer to the achievement of a particular dream.

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16 may bring news about a romantic relationship, a creative endeavor or your children. With Pluto forming a harmonious angle to the eclipse degree, the new moon should put you in a more powerful position. But because eclipses bring issues up front and center in our awareness, even the ones that are beneficial can trigger anxiety and a sense of urgency.

On July 1, Mars enters Leo and for the next six weeks, until August 18, you may be working behind the scenes in some capacity. Whatever the work or project is, it stimulates your finances because Mars forms a strong angle to your financial area. The transit may also bring up issues you have buried that should now be resolved, if possible, so that you can take full advantage of Mars’s transit through your sign!

From July 3 to 27, Venus moves through Cancer, transiting the same area that the solar eclipse triggered. One of the opportunities you may enjoy is a new romantic interest you met through friends or have known as a friend. The chemistry is right! This transit should also bring your muse along to clarify your creative goals. Once Venus moves into Leo on the 27th, where it will remain until August 21, you may feel driven to complete a particular creative endeavor.

From July 7 to 31, Mercury is retrograde in Leo. Look over the Mercury retrograde section in the introduction for general guidelines about how to get through this retro with your sanity intact! Since it occurs in that area of your chart that governs the personal unconscious, this would be an excellent time to explore your past lives, your motives and your own psyche. With dramatic Leo as part of the equation, be sure to follow the three Rs: revise, review and reconsider all creative endeavors rather than begin something new.

On the 27th, Venus joins Mars in Leo, and whenever these two planets travel together, your love life picks up considerable steam. Mercury has slipped back into Cancer by now, but on August 11 it moves back into Leo again, and then you have a trio of planets traveling together. More on that in the August roundup.

On the 31st, Mercury turns direct, and there’s a new moon in Leo! Okay, this is a lot of
fire sign activity for you, Virgo, so put it to good use by diving into your creative projects, running wild with your lover and planting all the seeds of desire that will manifest for you in August, when the emphasis is on your sign!

At a Glance
July 1—Mars goes into Leo

July 2—Solar eclipse in Cancer

July 3—Venus enters Cancer

July 7—Mercury turns retrograde in Leo

July 16—Lunar eclipse in Capricorn

July 27—Venus enters Leo

July 31—Mercury turns direct, new moon in Leo


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