August 23 – September 22
2019 Overview

Your sign, like Gemini, is ruled by Mercury, the planet that governs communication, the conscious mind, travel, learning, and a host of other areas. It spends about three weeks in a sign and three times a year, it turns retrograde, where it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac. In the introduction, read over the Mercury retrograde section about the kinds of things that can occur during these retro periods and how to mitigate the impact. In the monthly roundups, pay close attention to where Mercury is each month and the angles that other planets make to it. You’ll also find information on eclipses, the new and full moons, and the transits of the other planets.

January 2019
Hectic but positive

Welcome to 2019! January is a packed month that includes two eclipses. The first one on January 5 falls in Capricorn, in the romance/creativity area of your chart. Solar eclipses are like double new moons and bring multiple new opportunities. Some possibilities with this one: a new romantic interest, creative endeavor, or career change. Pluto in Capricorn forms a five-degree conjunction to the eclipse degree, suggesting that you’re calling the shots. Neptune is also friendly to the eclipse degree and brings a heightened spiritual awareness to everything that unfolds.

The day before the eclipse, on the 4th, Mercury enters Capricorn, where it will be until the 24th. During this transit, your conscious focus is on your goals for the new year, romance and love, creativity, and your kids. It’s a favorable period to delve into your creative passions, whatever they are, and to spend quality time with your children.

On the 6th, Uranus turns direct in Aries, and enjoys its last fling in this fire sign before entering Taurus on March 6. It entered Taurus briefly in 2018, then turned retro after several months. Read more about its transit in the March roundup, but know this: this transit will be exciting for you. Expect a surprise related to shared resources – your partner may land a raise, an unexpected royalty check or insurance rebate or some other source of money arrives.

Between January 7 and February 3, Venus transit Sagittarius. You may feel motivated to beautify your home in some way, especially if it’s winter where you live. You might paint rooms in brighter colors, buy potted plants, new furniture. Your relationship with family members is smoother. You and a friend or partner may take off for a long weekend, satisfying the nomadic itch that the Sagittarius element brings to Venus.

The lunar eclipse in Leo on January 21 triggers unresolved issues to surface and you have to deal with them quickly and decisively. You may feel your creativity is being stifled in some way and take steps to rectify the situation.

Mercury enters Aquarius on the 24th and between then and February 10, you bring edgy and unusual ideas into your daily work life. Your intellect is sharpened and visionary. You can see how things should be done and set your vision in motion.

At a Glance

January 4 – Mercury into Capricorn
January 5 – solar eclipse in Capricorn
January 6 – Uranus turns direct in Aries
January 7 – Venus into Sagittarius
January 21 – lunar eclipse in Leo
January 24 – Mercury into Aquarius

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