May 2019 – VIRGO

May 2019 – VIRGO
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Since the dominant astrological energy in May is in Taurus, a fellow earth sign, on May 4, you’ll enjoy this month and will find plenty to enjoy! It starts with a new moon in Taurus. Even though Uranus doesn’t conjunct this moon, they are sharing the same space and sign, an indication that new opportunities surface unexpectedly. All you have to do is recognize them and seize them. They may involve a new financial opportunity or something connected to publishing, higher education or international travel.

On May 6, Mercury enters Taurus and on the 15th, Venus follows. Once again, these two planets will be traveling together for a while, bolstering each other’s energy and yours.
The Mercury transit lasts until May 21 and brings a greater patience and resolve into your conscious awareness. Tackle any communication project that requires careful planning and execution. The Venus transit ends on June 8 and may prove to be one of the more romantic and sensuous times all year. If you’re traveling, you may be sampling various types of food and wines, so be careful not to overdo it!

Mars enters Cancer on May 15, the same day that Venus enters Taurus. This transit lasts until July 1, ramps up your social life, deepens your intuition and brings your family life into sharper focus. Since it forms a beneficial angle to your sun sign, you’re able to accomplish a great deal.

The 18th features a full moon in water sign Scorpio. This one receives a harmonious beam of energy from Pluto and any news you hear is positive and powerful. Scorpio urges you to dig deeper for answers, and because you’re a detail-oriented person, you accept the challenge. No telling what treasures you may find!

From May 21 to June 4, Mercury transits Gemini, a sign it rules, and your career area. Whether you’re self-employed or work for someone else, this is the ideal time to network, communicate, write, blog and use all forms of social media to publicize your company’s services or products. Mercury is happy in Gemini and facilitates multitasking. Just be careful that you don’t take on too much!

At a Glance
May 4 – new moon in Taurus
May 6 – Mercury enters Taurus
May 15 – Venus into Taurus, Mars into Cancer
May 18 – full moon in Scorpio
May 21 – Mercury into Gemini

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