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August   2019- LEO


Months that feature eclipses can sometimes be riddled with a sense of urgency. That may be how July feels to you, with the eclipses falling in Cancer and Capricorn, in your solar twelfth and sixth houses.

The solar eclipse on July 2 falls in Cancer, a water sign, in that area of your chart that rules the personal unconscious. Solar eclipses bring double the usual opportunities that new moons do, so you may have a chance to work behind the scenes in some capacity. You might, for example, be hired to ghostwrite a book, to work with a therapist who conducts past-life regressions or have an opportunity to attend a lucid dream workshop. These kinds of things are related to the twelfth house. Since Uranus forms a beneficial angle to the eclipse degree, you don’t see the opportunities coming, and they take you by surprise.

The lunar eclipse on July 16 is in Capricorn and that area of your chart that rules your daily work. But because Capricorn is part of the equation, this eclipse could impact your career and professional goals, too. Something that occurs in your work environment prompts you to redefine your relationship with a person you work with—co-worker, boss or employee. You may also be reconsidering your career goals.

The good news about July is that Mars enters your sign, where it will be until August 18. This transit galvanizes you and propels you forward in all areas of your life. Despite any setbacks you may encounter, you just keep right on going, singular in your vision. It’s a favorable time to get things done, Leo, so get moving!

On July 3, Venus enters Cancer, where yesterday’s solar eclipse occurred. Venus will be in this sign until the 27th, and then it moves into Leo. Until then, you’re seeding desires, working on yourself, perfecting your psyche and preparing it for when Venus transits your sign. Your dreams are especially vivid now and provide insights and information that are helpful. If a romance begins during this transit, you may keep it under wraps for a while, preferring to spend time alone with your new romantic interest.

Mercury turns retrograde on July 7 in your sign. It will slide back into Cancer and then turn direct in that sign on July 31. Read over the Mercury retrograde section in the introduction, and follow those general guidelines for navigating this retrograde more easily. This one impacts your personal life, so in whatever area you need to slow down and step back, you’ll find things going haywire. Don’t start new projects or try to force forward momentum in a relationship. Try to go with the flow, bumps, surprises and all.

On the 27th, four days before Mercury’s retrograde ends, Venus enters your sign, and that’s cause for celebration! From then to August 21, life unfolds with greater smoothness and excitement, particularly after the 31st. Your love life is satisfying, and your creativity reaches new heights. The only other period this year that matches this one occurs between November 1 and 25, when Venus transits Sagittarius and the romance/creative area of your chart.

On July 31, the same day that Mercury turns direct, there’s a new moon in your sign! This moon happens only once a year, and it’s smart to prepare for it because it sets the tone for the next twelve months. Think about what you would like to achieve and experience in the next year and focus on those desires. Then step out of the way, and let the universe shower you with new opportunities.

At a Glance
July 1—Mars goes into Leo

July 2—Solar eclipse in Cancer

July 3—Venus enters Cancer

July 7—Mercury turns retrograde in Leo

July 16—Lunar eclipse in Capricorn

uly 27—Venus enters Leo

July 31—Mercury turns direct, new moon in Leo

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