March 2019 – LEO

March 2019 – LEO
Uranus Shift

March is jammed with astrological events, and one of them is major. Last year Uranus entered Taurus, then turned retrograde after several months and slipped back into Aries. On March 6, Uranus leaves Aries and enters Taurus again. Uranus is the planet that shakes things up, particularly in the areas where our lives are habitual and predictable. It’s to your advantage to find out where Taurus falls in your natal chart. That house, that area of your life, will be where abrupt, unforeseen change occurs.

In a solar chart, where your sun sign is placed on the horizon, Taurus falls in your career area. Some possible ramifications of this seven-year transit: you change careers, are promoted and given a significant raise or launch your own business. If you’re already self-employed, your business takes off. This transit ends on July 7, 2026.

From March 1 to 26, Venus transit Aquarius, your opposite sign. This period favors all kinds of partnerships. You discover, though, that during this transit you require a lot of freedom
in any intimate relationship, time to do whatever you enjoy separate from your partner. In business you attract unusual individuals who may be geniuses in their field.

Okay, on to the Mercury retrograde, the first this year. It occurs in Pisces and lasts until March 28. As suggested earlier, look over the sections on Mercury retrograde in the introductions and follow the general guidelines. Since this retro occurs in the joint resources area of your chart, keep close tabs on your bank account, investment portfolio, ATM withdrawals and bills. The potential for snafus is increased during the retrograde. Also, since Pisces is involved, try to be decisive in your decisions.

On March 6, the same day that Uranus moves into Taurus, the new moon in Pisces may bring a new source of income—your partner might get a raise, a royalty check may arrive, you refinance your house for a lower interest rate or you sell a creative endeavor.
The full moon in Libra on March 20 falls at 0 degrees, which is why there will be another full moon in this sign on April 19, at 29 degrees. This moon highlights the communication sector of your chart, so there may be news about a writing or speaking project. You may
be asked to start a blog or create a website for your company or may do that for yourself if you’re self-employed. Since this area of your chart also governs siblings, neighbors and the neighborhood in which you live, don’t be surprised if your brother or sister invites you over for dinner or a party.

From March 26 to April 20, Venus moves through Pisces and facilitates all your dealings with banks, insurance companies and the like. Your partner could get a raise during this period, and you may earn money through a creative endeavor. There’s a nice, intuitive flow now in a romantic relationship. You may have experiences with ghosts and other things that go bump in the night. It would be a favorable time for a past-life regression.
Mercury turns direct on the 28th, always a relief. Now you can leap forward again with certainty that delays are history.

From March 31 to May 15, Mars transits Gemini and forms a beneficial angle to your sun sign. This one should be fun for you. Your social calendar fills up quickly, and any new contacts you make may bring you closer to achieving a wish or dream. Mars here also sharpens your communication skills.

At a Glance
March 1 – Venus into Aquarius
March 5 – Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces
March 6 – new moon in Pisces, Uranus enters Taurus
March 20 – full moon in Libra
March 26 – Venus into Pisces
March 28 – Mercury turns direct
March 31 – Mars into Gemini

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