May 2019 – LEO

May 2019- LEO
Career focus

In May, it’s all about your career and professional life, and it begins on May 4, with a new moon in Taurus in your career area. No telling what kinds of opportunities may surface on or around the date of this moon. Where have you been placing your intentions? How big are your desires? Have you been meditating and visualizing about what you desire? Some possibilities: a promotion/raise, a new job within your career field, a new career, a new boss or a new office.

On the 6th, Mercury enters Taurus, followed by Venus on the 15th. These two travel together until May 21, when Mercury enters Gemini. On June 8, Venus enters Gemini. While they’re together, they help to bring the new moon opportunities into greater clarity. You have more patience to tackle and complete complicated tasks, and co-workers are supportive of your ideas and endeavors. If a romance is kindled during Venus’s transit here, it may be with someone you meet through work or who is introduced to you by a co-worker. Taurus is a sensual sign ruled by Venus, so your enjoyment of beauty, good food, art and the finer things in life is deepened.

On the same day that Venus enters Taurus, May 15, Mars begins its transit of Cancer. Between now and July 1, you may be working behind the scenes on a creative endeavor that demands solitude, imagination and intuition. In a sense, you’re seeding your personal unconscious in preparation for Mars’s transit of your sign. This period is favorable for therapy, a past-life regression and dream recall.

The full moon in Scorpio on May 18 highlights your home life and family. Since Scorpio
is an emotionally intense sign, your feelings may get hurt by something someone in your personal environment says or does. There could also be news about a parent or another family member. Since Pluto forms a beneficial angle to this full moon, your emotions at this time are powerful.

Between May 21 and June 4, Mercury transits Gemini, a sign it rules, and you’re in a sociable and outgoing mood, eager to spend time with friends and brainstorm with other creative people. If you’re self-employed, this transit helps you to make contact with new clients.

At a Glance
May 4 – new moon in Taurus
May 6 – Mercury enters Taurus
May 15 – Venus into Taurus, Mars into Cancer
May 18 – full moon in Scorpio
May 21 – Mercury into Gemini

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