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Compared to the last couple of months, September is a like a vacation. However, the 14th may be a challenge. There are three astrological events that day: both Mercury and Venus enter Libra, and there’s a full moon in Pisces.

The transits for the first two planets end on October 3 and 8 respectively. While they’re traveling together through the family/domestic area of your chart, life is less stressful. You may decide to spiff up your home in some way, beautifying the rooms with plants, fresh paint, new furniture or art. If you have young kids, encourage them to decorate the walls of their rooms. Get the entire family involved!

Discussions at home may revolve around art, literature, the beauty in nature and music. You’re much more aware of the need for balance in all your relationships.

The full moon in Pisces should be romantic and creative for you. If you hear news about a creative endeavor, there may be cause for celebration. Neptune retrograde is conjunct this full moon, and Pluto retrograde is friendly to it. By adding these two into the mix, you should be pleased with today’s events.

Saturn turns direct in Capricorn on September 18, good news for your partnerships. In both business and romance, you can now implement whatever you learned during the retrograde about the structures of the various relationships in your life.

The 29th features a new moon in Libra, where both Mercury and Venus are. This one brings new opportunities to your home life. Perhaps you and your partner discover you’re going to be parents, or someone may move into or out of your house. You may decide to put your home up for sale.

At a Glance
September 14—Mercury and Venus enter Libra, full moon in Pisces
September 18—Saturn turns direct in Capricorn
September 29 – New moon in Libra


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