Cancer – June 22 – July 22
2019 Overview

Since the moon rules your sign, pay close attention to this year’s solar and lunar eclipses and to the new and full moons each month. In the roundups, you’ll find information on retrogrades of the planets, on the angles that transiting planets are making to your sun sign and to each other, and what it all means for you As a lunar-ruled sign, it would be ideal if you had access to the daily motion of the moon, which changes signs every two and a half day. That’s beyond the scope of this book, but there are excellent astrology websites that provide this information.

January 2019

Welcome to 2019! Your year gets off to a terrific start professionally because on December 31, 2018, Mars entered Aries and your career area. Mars is all about forward momentum, so now that the Christmas holidays are over, you’re ready to leap into new projects and creative endeavors. Mars rules Aries and that means it functions at optimum capacity here, helping to clear out the old and embrace the new. The transit lasts until February 14.

Between January 4 -24, Mercury moves through Capricorn, your opposite sign, and brings your conscious focus to partnerships and to career matters (that’s the Capricorn element). You’re quite the organizer during this transit and strikingly disciplined in everything you undertake. You and a business partner may be brainstorming about your company’s strategy for the new year and are able to accomplish a great deal. Once Mercury enters Aquarius on the 24th, your mind is freed from certain constraints and you play around with unusual and idiosyncratic ideas. Test them against your considerable intuition.

A solar eclipse in Capricorn occurs on January 4 and you may feel the effects before it arrives. It should bring new opportunities in the partnership area and in your professional life. If you’re considering starting your own business, then this eclipse could bring the opportunities that enable you to do. And with Mars in your career area until mid-February, it’s an ideal time to strike out on your own.

Uranus turns direct in Aries and your career area on January 6 and once again, this planet’s electrical energy is at your disposal. Don’t be surprised if unusual people enter your professional life now, people who may be experts, even geniuses, in their particular field. Take advantage of it.

Lovely Venus enters gregarious Sagittarius on January 7 and forms a beneficial angle to your career area. Sweet, Cancer! Love and romance may enter your life through your career doorway and what fun this relationship will be. Another possibility is that you have an opportunity to dive into a new creative endeavor about which you’re passionate. The other good thing about this transit is that it facilitates your daily work routine and relationships with co-workers and employees. The transit lasts until February 3.

The lunar eclipse in Leo on January 24 happens in your financial area. Your reaction to this eclipse depends on your beliefs about money, your earning capacity, your income and your creative abilities. If your alarm is triggered – by an unexpected bill, for example, or news about one of your creative endeavors – just deal with it as quickly as you can.

At a Glance

January 4 – Mercury into Capricorn
January 5 – solar eclipse in Capricorn
January 6 – Uranus turns direct in Aries
January 7 – Venus into Sagittarius
January 21 – lunar eclipse in Leo
January 24 – Mercury into Aquarius

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