Gemini – May 20-June 20
2019 Overview

For most of 2019, Jupiter is traveling through Sagittarius, your opposite sign, expanding your business and personal partnerships. If you’re not involved with anyone at the beginning of the year, you probably will be by the end of the year. Or if you’re in a committed relationship, you and your partner may decide to move in together or get engaged or married. In business, Jupiter expands your options. Even though you’re a master of multi- tasking, be careful that you don’t spread your energy too thinly!

January 2019
Edgy, but social & fun

The new year gets off to a strong start with Mars in Aries, which it entered on December 31. It will be there until February 14 and until then, your social life is fired up. Friends seem to be coming out of the woodwork and some of these contacts could have tips and insights that help you move closer to the achievement of your wishes and dreams.

From January 4-24, Mercury transits Capricorn. Your conscious focus turns to resources you share with others –a partner, child, a parent. It’s a good time to apply for a mortgage or loan and to take a closer look at your finances. Is it time to set up a budget? Your attention is also brought to your career, to details you may need to tend to now that you’re in a new year.

On the 5th, the solar eclipse in Capricorn brings new career opportunities – a new job, promotion, pay raise, a more spacious office, a new boss. Your partner may land a raise. New financial resources open up. A favorable angle from Pluto to the eclipse degree puts you in the driver’s seat.

On the 6th, Uranus turns direct in Aries and now, once again, you reap the benefits of this planet’s unpredictable energies. Unusual and even idiosyncratic people enter your life. Uranus now continues it journey toward its appointment with Taurus in early March.
Between January 7 and February 3, Venus transits Sagittarius, your opposite sign. This transit highlights your partnership area. You and your romantic partner may spend more time together having fun. You may not feel like working as hard as you usually do and it would be a great time to get away together for a long weekend. Do some creative brainstorming. You may stumble upon an idea that appeals to you both and embark on a joint creative endeavor.

The 21st brings a lunar eclipse in Leo. If your buttons are pushed by someone in your daily life, just ignore it. It’s not worth brooding about. It could involve a creative endeavor, one of your kids, or a neighbor.

Mercury transits Aquarius from January 24 to February 10 and forms a beneficial angle to your sun sign, always a plus. Your communication skills are heightened, your ideas tend to be edgier than usual and more oriented toward the future. You may also be attracted to foreign born people and other cultures and could be writing about your observations.

At a Glance

January 4 – Mercury into Capricorn
January 5 – solar eclipse in Capricorn
January 6 – Uranus turns direct in Aries
January 7 – Venus into Sagittarius
January 21 – lunar eclipse in Leo
January 24 – Mercury into Aquarius

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