Taurus – July 2019


This month’s two eclipses may create some tension and a sense of urgency, but as with most things you experience, Taurus, your resilience and ability to think on your feet will get you through any hurdles successfully.

The solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2 should bring in new opportunities connected to communication, your neighborhood, siblings and your daily life. Some possibilities: you secure a freelance writing project, find the ideal neighborhood in which to live or have the chance to spend quality time with a neighbor or sibling. You could head up a publicity team at work or launch your own side business in the communication field. Uranus forms a wide, beneficial angle to the eclipse degree, so any opportunities that surface do so suddenly and unexpectedly.

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16 challenges you to be more nurturing and less self- centered. Pluto forms a close conjunction with the eclipse degree, suggesting that powerful, hidden forces are at work.

Before the eclipses occur, Mars enters Leo on July 1 and joins Mercury in the home/family area of your chart. This transit may prompt you to get busy with home improvement
 projects that you have been postponing. Since Leo is part of the equation, there’s a creativity component to this transit. Perhaps you’re renovating a room for a home office, where you can do your creative endeavors.

From July 3–27, Venus moves through Cancer. This transit brings an intuitive flow to your conscious mind and facilitates your relationships with family members. If a romance begins during this period, it may with someone you meet through a sibling or with someone in your neighborhood whom you already know.

On July 6, Mercury turns retrograde in Leo and slips back into Cancer, where it turns
direct on the 31st. Reread the Mercury retrograde section in this introduction for general guidelines on how to navigate this period. Since the retro impacts your home life and then the communication sector of your chart, be sure to double check all appointments or delivery dates, and with any creative enterprise, revise, review and reconsider rather than starting something new.

Venus enters Leo on the 27th and in spite of Mercury’s movement, life at home and within your family unfolds with greater smoothness and warmth. You may really ramp up your beautification efforts at home now. But try not to buy any new furniture or other expensive gadgets until after Mercury has turned direct on July 31.

The 31st also brings a new moon in Leo. You and your partner may decide to move, to start a family or to increase your family!

At a Glance

July 1—Mars goes into Leo

July 2—Solar eclipse in Cancer

July 3—Venus enters Cancer

July 7—Mercury turns retrograde in Leo

July 16—Lunar eclipse in Capricorn

July 27—Venus enters Leo

July 31—Mercury turns direct, new moon in Leo



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