Taurus – April 20-May 20
2019 Overview

The big news for you in 2019 is that Uranus, the planet of sudden unexpected events, enters Taurus again in March. You got a taste of this in May 2018 when Uranus dipped into your sign, then turned retrograde in August and made its last pass through the final degrees of Aries.  In March, it will enter your sign again and remain there for seven years, until 2026.

January 2019
Excellent start

Welcome to 2019! The year begins with Mars already in Aries, a holdover from last year, so you’re fired up and ready to go. Mars is the planet that makes stuff happen and creates an undercurrent of forward momentum in everything you do. It’s in that part of chart that rules the personal unconscious, so you’re psychologically ready!

On the 4th, Mercury enters fellow earth sign Capricorn and remains there until the 24th. During this period, your focus is excellent and you have the resoluteness and determination to complete whatever you start. If you’re planning a trip overseas, make sure it doesn’t occur between March 5-28, the first Mercury retro of the year.

On the 5th, the solar eclipse also falls in Capricorn. New opportunities should surface on or around the time of the eclipse in travel, higher education, publishing, spirituality, or in your profession. Neptune forms a beneficial angle to the eclipse degree, suggesting that the new opportunities could involve a creative endeavor and appeal to your idealism. Months in which eclipses occur are sometimes tense and infused with a sense of urgency because we’re compelled to act quickly, decisively.

Uranus turns direct in Aries on January 6 and now moves toward its appointment with your sign in early March. You may be feeling the effects already – a suddenness to events that catches you off guard. Read more about it in the March roundup.

Your ruler, Venus, enters Sagittarius on January 7 and remains there until February 3. Any financial dealings with others – banks, mortgage or insurance companies – should go well. If you’re in the midst of a divorce, the property settlement will be in your favor. Any creative endeavors may involve the strange and esoteric – past lives, ghosts, communication with the dead.

The lunar eclipse in Leo on January 21 falls in the family/home area of your chart. Since this type of eclipse impacts your emotions, your inner world, you may feel that your authority is challenged or that your creativity is being eclipsed by someone in your personal environment. You may need to deal quickly with the situation that has caused these feelings.

Between January 24 and February 10, Mercury transits Aquarius and your career area. Make good use of these few weeks. Implement your unusual ideas in projects and use your enhanced communication skills to win over the competition.

At a Glance

January 4 – Mercury into Capricorn
January 5 – solar eclipse in Capricorn
January 6 – Uranus turns direct in Aries
January 7 – Venus into Sagittarius
January 21 – lunar eclipse in Leo
January 24 – Mercury into Aquarius

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