March 2019 – ARIES

March 2019 – ARIES
Interesting surprises

Except for the Mercury retrograde this month, March should be a good month with some interesting surprises. But get prepared early for Uranus entering Taurus on March 6!
On March 1, Venus enters compatible air sign Aquarius, and between now and March 26, your social life should hum with activity. If you’re not involved in a committed relationship right now, you may meet a romantic interest through friends or a club to which you belong or even online. However, once Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on the 5th, you may be reconsidering the situation. The retrograde lasts until March 28, and occurs in the quiet part of your chart—the twelfth house. So don’t be surprised if buried issues surface and people you haven’t seen in years resurface in your life.

Between March 26 and April 20, Venus transits Pisces and the area of your chart that governs your personal unconscious. This won’t be your favorite time, but what you learn about yourself will prove valuable. Keep track of your dreams; they may contain insights and information that are helpful.

The 6th features two astrological events: a new moon in Pisces and a major shift for the planet Uranus, which moves into Taurus. It entered Taurus briefly in May 2018, slipped back into Aries and now enters Taurus again. Neptune is closely conjunct to this new moon, and
both Jupiter and Saturn are friendly to it. New opportunities that surface—in the arts and creativity—are rock solid and expand your life in a significant way. If you’re required to sign a contract, don’t do so until after Mercury turns direct on March 28.

Uranus will be in Taurus until July 7, 2026, and during this period, some aspect of your life will undergo abrupt and radical change. On a solar chart, where your sun sign is placed on the ascendant, Taurus is on the cusp of your second house and your financial area. So the change could occur with money—you win the lottery, lose a steady source of income or find a new source of income. It’s to your advantage to have a copy of your natal chart in order to see where Taurus actually falls for you.

The full moon in Libra on the 20th occurs in your partnership area. This moon should bring news about a partnership—romantic or business—or a relationship reaches a culmination point. The moon is at 0 degrees, a powerful position for a cardinal sign. Be prepared to act quickly and think on your feet.

From March 31 to May 15, Mars transits compatible air sign Gemini and the communication area of your chart. This should be a favorable period for you. Mercury will be moving direct, and you’re motivated to get things done. Networking proves beneficial and you come up with great ideas that you can easily implement into any area of your life.

At a Glance

March 1 – Venus into Aquarius
March 5 – Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces
March 6 – new moon in Pisces, Uranus enters Taurus
March 20 – full moon in Libra
March 26 – Venus into Pisces
March 28 – Mercury turns direct
March 31 – Mars into Gemini

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