Aries – March 31- April 19
Overview 2019

Lucky you, Aries. You go into 2019 with your ruler, Mars, in your sign until February 14. It gives you a distinct edge on everyone else because Mars represents, among other things, your physical energy. You’re able to get a lot done. In addition, you have the advantage of Jupiter in Sagittarius forming a powerful and beneficial angle to your sun sign until December 2. Expansion is the name of the game this year.

Mars rules your sign, so pay special attention to its movements each month—the angles it makes to your sun sign and to other transiting planets, whether it’s involved in an eclipse or is traveling with Mercury when that planet is retrograde. This year, Mars moves through eight signs and won’t be retrograde—good news for all of us, but especially for you! On December 31, 2018, it moved into your sign and will be there until February 14.

January 2019
Close to perfect

Mars begins the year in your sign, Aries, and what a wonderful way that is to start a new year! Anything that has been on hold—in your personal of professional life—now moves forward with great momentum and speed. You can accomplish a great deal between now and February 14, so don’t fritter the energy away.
Between January 7 and February 3, Venus moves through fellow fire sign Sagittarius and is friendly to Mars and your sun sign. This trine between Venus and Mars is exact on January 19–20. During this entire period, your love life and sex life prove to be delightful! If you’re not involved with anyone now, you may be before the transit is finished.
Venus in Sagittarius may take you on a trip overseas, and if it does, you may meet a special romantic interest while you’re traveling. If you’re a writer, your article or book could sell during this transit. This period should be quite creative for you, and extra income could arrive from unexpected sources.

Mercury, the planet of communication, begins the year in Sagittarius, so your conscious thoughts could be focused on international travel. From January 4–24, Mercury moves through Capricorn and the career area of your chart. You may be communicating more than usual with co-workers and bosses and laying out strategies for the year ahead. Once Mercury enters Aquarius, you’re in more comfortable terrain. Unusual ideas come to you at all hours of the day, so keep a notepad handy. That transit lasts until February 10. 

The solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th brings new professional opportunities. You may have an inkling about what these new opportunities are for several days on either side of the eclipse. You may have to let go of something before the new can rush in, but that’s par for the nature of eclipses. Neptune forms a beneficial angle to the eclipse degree, suggesting that the new opportunity may involve your spiritual beliefs in some way and enable you to draw more fully on your creative abilities. 
Uranus turns direct in your sign on January 6, a welcome change! The planet of surprises may have a few more in store for you before it reenters Taurus on March 6. The surprises are likely to be positive unless you have avoided the change that Uranus invariably brings. Then these last few months may be emotionally painful! 

On the 21st, the lunar eclipse in fellow fire sign Leo occurs in the area of your chart that governs romance, creativity, children and everything you do for fun and pleasure. Something in one—or all—of these areas is brought to your attention, and you must act quickly and decisively to tend to it. But the end result is positive. 

At a Glance
January 4- Mercury enters Capricorn
January 5—Solar eclipse in Capricorn
January 6—Uranus turns direct in Aries 
January 7—Venus goes into Sagittarius 
January 21—Lunar eclipse in Leo
January 24—Mercury goes into Aquarius

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