Aries – JULY 2019


July holds a few whoppers that could make the month challenging to navigate—a Mercury retrograde in Leo and a solar eclipse in Cancer. But before we arrive at either of those events, there’s some good stuff in store for you.

On July 1, Mars enters Leo and the romance/creativity sector of your chart. Between now and August 18, you’re really motivated in your various creative endeavors and are determined to shine. Your sexuality is heightened throughout this transit and so is your pursuit of enjoyment. You have so much physical energy that it would be smart to join a gym or take up a physical activity to do regularly. Even if you just get outside and take a brisk walk several times a week, you’ll feel better.

On July 2, the solar eclipse in Cancer brings new opportunities to your family life. A door opens. You and your partner may decide to put your home on the market, or you start searching for a neighborhood that suits you better. Uranus forms a wide but beneficial angle to the eclipse degree, suggesting that opportunities come out of the blue, and you just have to be ready to seize them.

Between July 3 and July 27, Venus transits Cancer and brings a gentle softness to your home life. Your relationship with your partner and children is strengthened and deepened. You feel compelled to beautify your home and personal surroundings in some way—fresh paint on the walls, new furniture, plants or art.

On July 7, Mercury turn retrograde in Leo, slips back into Cancer on the 19th, then turns direct in that sign on the 31st. Reread the Mercury retrograde section in the introduction for tips on how to navigate this period successfully. Since the retro occurs in the romance/creativity section of your chart, things with a lover or partner may feel off. The potential for miscommunication is greater during the retrograde, so be sure to communicate clearly with everyone, but particularly with a partner, your children and anyone involved in your creative endeavors.

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16 may prompt you to take a deeper look at your profession and career. It may be prompted by a remark someone makes that rubs you the wrong way.From July 27 to August 21, Venus moves through Leo, and you enjoy several weeks of bliss creatively and romantically. This period, like the one between April 20 and May 15, is when your muse is at your beck and call. The most challenging thing you could encounter is that your muse won’t shut up! You and your partner should try to get away for a long romantic weekend and rediscover the reasons you’re together.

Finally, on July 31, Mercury turns direct again in Cancer, and to sweeten the pot, there’s a new moon in Leo today, too! This one brings new opportunities for self-expression and, if you’re not involved, a new romantic interest. If you’re in a relationship, then you and your partner may decide to start a family.

At a Glance

July 1—Mars goes into Leo

July 2—Solar eclipse in Cancer

July 3—Venus enters Cancer

July 7—Mercury turns retrograde in Leo

July 16—Lunar eclipse in Capricorn

July 27—Venus enters Leo

July 31—Mercury turns direct, new moon in Leo

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