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In speculative fiction, the darkness you think about in the privacy of your soul, the thing that terrifies you the most, the shadows that haunt you at four in the morning, the details you know are totally impossible, suddenly happen. You’re Will Smith in Independence Day, watching in horror as the giant shadows of alien spacecraft fall across your planet.  Or you’re Dakota Fanning in Spielberg’s mini-series, Taken, a young girl lifted up into a beam of light, abducted by Grays. Or you’re Fox Mulder, who knows the truth is out there  because he witnessed the alien abduction of his own sister.

Whether we believe it or not, like it or not, the world of science fiction and fantasy creeps steadily into our daily world. It has caught the attention of mainstream science. Academics are asking what makes people believe in things that have not been proven, that don’t exist. Meanwhile, possibly hundreds of thousands of individuals carry secrets that most are too terrified to reveal. But if they could articulate those secrets in a collective voice, it’s likely they would tell us that aliens are here and that by and large, they are not our friends. They aren’t E.T.

Without a doubt, aliens are embedded in our cultural landscape. You might see a poster on the side of a bus, featuring a Gray with its bulbous head, large black, wraparound eyes and barely noticeable nose and mouth.  It’s probably an ad for a new television show or movie. When the History Channel cancelled UFO Hunters  after three seasons, thousands signed a petition to bring it back.  Instead, it was replaced by Ancient Aliens, another documentary, one that fuses archaeology with alien contact and does so in a spectacular fashion. Meanwhile, movies about alien encounters and TV shows like Spielberg’s Taken or The X-Files, The 4400, and V, have proliferated in the last twenty years.  In 2013, more blockbuster UFO/alien movies are scheduled to be released – and one of the most highly anticipated movies is Enders’ Game, based on Orson Scott Card’s novel and starring Harrison Ford.

So it’s not surprising that polls indicate that more than 90 percent of Americans believe that intelligent life exists outside of our world. An MSNBC poll conducted in 2007, asked: Do you believe that UFO sightings are actually visits from extraterrestrials? 63 percent of the respondents said yes.

Meanwhile, the alien abduction phenomenon has burgeoned into a sub-culture with its own set of beliefs, a separate reality that suggests we are no longer – and maybe never were — the most advanced species existing on planet Earth. A Roper Organization survey in 2003 found that more than 33 million Americans are abductees. Exactly what these individuals are experiencing, though, is subject to intense debate.

Mainstream scientists reject the idea that the abductions are a physical reality and suggest psychological explanations: hypnogogic dream states, buried memories of childhood abuse, lucid dreaming, events imagined under hypnosis, mass hysteria stimulated by media reports, movies and television shows. Some also suggest these experiences are the result of psychiatric dysfunctions – psychosis, multiple personality disorder, and a variety of other exotic brain disorders. Yet, multiple studies indicate that abductees are no more likely than anyone else to suffer from psychiatric disorders.

Still, it seems that an insurmountable gap exists between what the abductees believe is real and what scientists believe. Abductees – or experiencers, as they often refer to themselves – are convinced they were taken by aliens and were subjected to tests and operations, often aboard a spacecraft. Mainstream scientists contend there is no evidence of intelligent beings existing elsewhere in the universe, much less existing so close to Earth that such beings are abducting people on a regular basis. They don’t accept anecdotal evidence or even video evidence, for that matter, no matter how compelling. You can’t always believe what you see.

No doubt about it, claims that aliens are abducting humans sound over-the-top. Yet, more and more people are coming forward with their stories, some are willing to use their names, and tell us that the absurd, the unreal, is quite real. As the narrator on Ancient Aliens is fond of saying: What if they are right?

After all, the history of science says that science is constantly evolving, altering our sense of what is real and possible as new evidence emerges. That’s the scientific process. For instance, it wasn’t until 200 years ago that science officially accepted the seemingly irrational folk stories, told for centuries, about stones falling from the sky. Well, yes, they do. We call them meteorites and have no doubt about their existence.

Prior to that shift in thinking, stones that fell from the sky were usually explained as volcanic rocks violently spewed out during major eruptions or terrestrial rocks that had been struck by lightning. That’s why they were called “thunderstones.” Scientists didn’t even consider the idea that rocks fell to Earth from outer space; the concept didn’t fit into consensus reality.

With all that in mind, here are some of the abductees and experiencers you will meet.

Connie Cannon is a retired nurse from St. Augustine, Florida. For years, Connie was terrified of ridicule so she kept her experiences to herself and struggled to understand the complexities of what had happened to her. First abducted at the age of four, she is now seventy and is tired of hiding her experiences and is willing to use her real name. She “came out” two years ago, with a moving and dramatic story about an abduction that happened in 1981 to her and her 12-year-old son, John, when they suddenly found themselves on a military base.  We posted The Abduction on our synchronicity blog and it received more than a hundred comments, some of them from other abductees.

Her story is supported by accounts from several other abductees, who hid this part of their lives for years and are now stepping forward to reveal what happened to them. They talk about their encounters, especially with the now familiar Grays. Without exception, they considered their experiences negative. However, they also maintain they have encountered benevolent beings as well, and that the issue of who they are and the nature of their intentions is complex.

In addition to Connie Cannon, you’ll meet Charles and Helene Fontaine (pseudonyms), a married couple from Quebec who didn’t even believe in UFOs before their encounter in March 2011; Diane Fine  (pseudonym), who has been a paranormal researcher, corporate bookkeeper,  and bookstore manager; and Bruce Gernon, a real estate broker and private pilot whose experience while flying from West Palm Beach to Andros Island in the Bahamas  was the subject of a book, The Fog, co-authored by Rob MacGregor.  The thread that ties all these people together is the way their experiences have sculpted and dominated their lives.

Connie’s intense need to understand her abductions has taken her into studies of ancient cultures and languages, mathematics, and into the area of death and dying as a hospice nurse. For a time when she was in her twenties, she worked as a pilot and an assistant to a famous NASA-affiliated astrophysicist.  She recalls her experiences spontaneously and has never recovered abduction memories through hypnosis. She now has Parkinson’s and suspects it’s related to alien implants in her sinuses and behind her ear. She says x-rays have documented the implants.

The lives of Charles and Helene Fontaine, conservative French Canadian Catholics, have been irrevocably changed by their experience. Charles now struggles with constant depression. His worldview has been shattered and he and his wife are terrified of being labeled as nuts. For more than a year after their encounter, Charles remained wary and so afraid of another encounter that he and his wife and daughter all carried vials of holy water for protection.

Diane Fine is another lifelong abductee. She is now 51 and her first abduction occurred when she was two. Her search for answers took her in a spiritual direction, specifically into the Nyingama branch of Tibetan Buddhism, where she studied under Lama Chodak Gyatso Nupa, who from 1979 to 1990 worked closely with the Dalai Lama. From him, she learned certain meditation and breathing techniques that help ameliorate her terror during and after abductions. Her experiences, like Connie Cannon’s, enhanced her intuitive and psychic ability. Diane has worked as a paranormal researcher with people like Dr. Stephen Greer, Colin Andrews, Dr. James Harder of University of California at Berkeley. Diane, like Connie, has some serious health issues that may be related to her abductions.

Bruce Gernon’s experience in the Bermuda Triangle happened in 1970, when he was 24 years old and scouting for real estate in the Bahamas with his dad, a real estate developer. In the forty-two years since, this experience has dominated his life. His search for answers has prompted him to investigate several theories about the weird lenticular cloud that surrounded his Bonanza A36 that day in 1970, caused all the plane’s instruments to go berserk, and somehow created a time and space distortion that enabled him to arrive at his destination far too early.

There’s no question that something has happened to these individuals. Scientists can offer us possible explanations unrelated to aliens, but there are no definitive answers. Many abductees are traumatized by missing memories, unexplained physical markings and bruises on their bodies, and the sense that something terrifying has happened to them. Many suffer from nightmares, phobias, and depression and most of them are so afraid of being ridiculed, that they don’t even confide in their families and friends.

The Creeping Reality

If the abductees could speak as a collective voice, they might point out that an alien intelligence known as the Grays collect sperm and ova and DNA from abductees and are using this material to create a hybrid race. These Grays wipe away the memories of abductees and implant screen memories. They also implant devices in their abductees – in the ears, brains, sinuses and elsewhere, and track them like branded sheep. There are shape shifters among them.

Perhaps they are us from the future. Perhaps they are, as famous abductee Betty Hill discovered, from Zeta Reticulli. Maybe they are from the land of the dead, mythical, archetypal, inter-dimensional travelers. And maybe we’re all living in The Matrix and just don’t know it yet. When we laugh at alien abductees and their stories, and many of us do, they become even more hesitant to tell us their experiences.  So when we meet a few who are willing to talk, to go on the record, we should listen to their stories, even if they sound like science fiction.

Something About Us

On a shelf in our library is one of the classic books in UFO literature, published in 1968:  John G. Fuller’s  The Interrupted Journey: Two Lost Hours  ‘Aboard a Flying Saucer.’  Beneath the title is a short description: The strangest story of our time – the abduction of an American couple aboard a UFO – as revealed  by them under hypnosis.  The couple was Betty and Barney Hill and their story is often cited as the first abduction in modern times. Inside the book is an inscription:

To Rob and Trish

Keep your eyes on the skies.

Warm Regards,

Betty Hill

Betty Hill signed the book for us when we covered a UFO conference in Hollywood, Florida for OMNI Magazine in 1986, twenty-five years after her and Barney’s experience. Betty and author Budd Hopkins, both of whom we got to know, were the featured speakers.  We had read Fuller’s book, but weren’t entirely convinced of her story – that she and Barney had been taken aboard a UFO on September 19, 1961, and were subjected to terrifying physical examinations by aliens. Yet, it seemed that something had happened to them. But what?

For our part, we have never experienced an alien abduction. We approach the subject not as experiencers or as scholarly academic researchers, but from a journalistic perspective. We’ve been interested in the subject for decades, and in fact wrote about UFOs and paranormal phenomena for the Anti-Matter section of OMNI for several years in the late 1980s.

By the time the edgy science magazine shut its doors, we had moved on to writing books and novels. Through the years, some of the people who passed in and out of our lives claimed to be abductees. A few had uncovered their traumatic memories through hypnosis, others had remembered their experiences through dreams or spontaneous recall and chose not to explore them.  Regardless of which path these abductees took, their lives in the aftermath of their encounters had been profoundly and permanently changed.

In 2009, we started a blog on synchronicity, mostly as a research experiment.   Two books grew out of the blog that were published in 2010 and 2011: The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity and Synchronicity and the Other Side.  Because synchronicity is often a component in UFO encounters, the blog has featured a number of UFO and abduction stories. Those stories attracted the attention of other abductees, who have come forward with their experiences.

But long before our blog and even before our work with OMNI, we explored the roots of the modern abduction phenomenon when we journeyed to the island of Chiloe in southern Chile. Here, we researched the legend that men in black on a brightly lit ship were abducting islanders. That’s where our interest deepened.

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  1. John says:

    Just reading the book, wow! So man people in the book I can identify with. I’m currently looking for answers, though I keep coming up short. Everytime I think I find a hypnotherapist that can help, something happens, and they either lose interest, or some other strange happened to keep me from going. Strange things going on around here. When it’s warm out, and I can sit outside, I see at least one strange flying craft a week. I know it sounds crazy, but its as if they come when I call upon them, though not exactly when I call.

    I, along with my brother, were taken some 23-24 years ago. We were driving in the middle of the night, going to a nearby city, just leaving some friends house in the country. It got insanely foggy out, so it took us much longer time to get to the city than normal. We started to see the city lights peer through the fog, as we drove into the city limits, the next thing we knew, we were sitting at a stop sign in the middle of the country. We were completely disoriented, confusion lay deep in both of us. We started driving, only once questioning what the hell was happening. We soon found that we were only minutes away from where we left the friend’s house. There where hours missing. The real strange thing about that experience is, that it took 23 years for my brother and I to ever discuss it.

    On September 20th, 2015, I woke from what I thought at the time to be a very lucid dream. I was on a ship, and there were three or four small grays with me. One of the were talking to me through some form of telepathy. What’s more, I knew him. He was like an old friend, with the conversation we held. He walked me into a room, all white or silver, and it was fairly large, maybe 30′ x 20′. He walked me to a wall, and suddenly it became translucent, showing a room, nit unlike an operating room. To my surprise, my sister was laying on the bed unconscious. Two tall white and fairly thin beings were in the room with her, one on either side. Again, these beings were familiar. I remembered that when they communicate telepathically, that they do not “speak” but instead send visual and emotional message packets. You he the whole message at once in other words. They were getting ready to remove one of my sister’s arms, at the shoulder, and again, it was as though this did not bother me. Both of the whites acknowledged my presence with a look, and continued to work.

    I looked to my friend gray, and asked with my mind, what procedure I would be going under this time. Instead of telling me in a sentence, he showed me the procedure in my mind. It’s hard to explain what they were doing, but I’ll try. They were going to expand my molecules or atoms or something at that level, of my whole body. Then they were going to put something in the space between.

    He then tells me that this is going to be the most pain I will ever experience in my life. I laid down on a metal table that had a slight incline to it. Then a light starts shining down on me. At first there was only a sensation of heat, the kind of sensation you have when you have an MRI. Quickly though, the heat started to intensify body wide. I felt a strange vibration start to take place in my body. Then intense searing heat and pain. I could feel my body start to be pulled, no ripped apart. Then a loud peircing sound in my head, that was deafening. Everything started to turn red, and I tried to scream, but not sure if I actually could. Then blackness. I woke jumping out of bed. I went straight in and grabbed my phone and texted my sister, to see if she had any strange dreams. Later that day she responded, telling me about a dream of her teeth falling out.

    September 20th, 2016
    My wife and I had a patio poured out back of our country home (our only home). We had been enjoying the weather and the birds every night. On this night, exactly one year after my lucid dream, something happened. It was around 7:30pn, sun still out with a nice cloudless blue sky. I was scanning the skies, then there it was. At first I didn’t know what it was, but I told my wife to look. Whatever it was, was huge, and far off. I grabbed my binoculars and looked at it. At first it looked like a huge linear blob with no distinguishable shape, then I watched it change shape. It suddenly looked like two biplanes flying sideways. I accepted that a first, but then said “wait a minute, they soul have to be huge, and why are the flying sideways?” So I looked again, and still it was changing shape. It finally came to a long cigar shape, with a sort of arrow sitting on the top of one side of it, and was silver or white. I stopped watching with the binoculars, and my wide and I just watched as it approached. Then it just disappeared. Gone!

    I got a message from it, from somewhere inside of me. It said “time to wake up, it was no dream, it is time to grow”. Right then and there, I knew. I knew religion was a lie, I knew history is a lie. There is this whole big world that exists out of the view of this surface illusion.

    Since then, I call upon the crafts, and see plenty of strangeness. I’ve learned to do oobe’s, and I am set to attend the Monroe Institute this summer. I crave answers badly. How are you finding your resources of people so easily? Are there any resources out there to help the average Joe like me?

  2. Ellen fitzpatrick says:

    I truly and honestly believe that my 22 year old daughter is being abducted and has been for many years. I have emailed so many UFO investigators and told them what has been happening to her but we never get a reply back. I would love to know why some people get the investigators attention and we cannot get so much as one single email returned. We need to know what is happening to her and not to mention she is terrified. To all you people out there who do get help you are so lucky that you did. We just try to live each day one at a time and hope she remains able to cope with these strange things happening to her. We are so angry. Who do they think they are? Taking people against their will and doing these unspeakable things to them. It makes me sick.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Wow. This is really strange.And synchronous. Today we were contacted by an organization associated with the John E. Mack Institute.
      Start here. If I were in your shoes, that’s what I would do. Please let us know what happens. Perhaps some of the people who comment here will have some insights.

  3. Carolyn Brahosky says:

    Hey, just read your book. I have a friend that lives in Chile and is going to Chiloe to visit a friend. I asked him to look into the ghost ships and abductions. Great book, by the way.

  4. Andrea Ten Harmsel says:

    I was going to work early this morning and was hearing discussions about UFO’s at 3:30am on WOAI radio in my car.

    My experiences are from childhood but I have no memory of being abducted but more memories of visitations and being hunted in the fields by so called religious leaders from specific sects. I have seen “grey’s” and many other things. I heard a discussion in the beginning when I started to report fraud in specific circles a few leaders saying, “They are in the church.” If “They” are in the church “They” are evolving to make themselves seem more human for posterity’s sake in more ways than one. I have chronicled over 10 kilo’s of chronicles of these false leaders what ever they are. Interesting how they still persue all of the human elements of the “human experience” for themselves by imposing themselves upon and off of humans. And mainstream society has no idea what or who are plaguing them, in more ways that one.

  5. Tom Hackney says:

    Have you seen my 3-part documentary about a synchronicitous set of meteor impact events? The URL for my videos on You Tube is:

    George Noori had me on his show a few months ago.

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