John and the Wild Parrots

Daz, who comments frequently here, left this synchronicity under a post with dozens of comments. We didn’t want it to get lost, so we’ve made it a separate post. There’s a synchronicity on our end, too, with this story.

A few days ago, Daz’s father-in-law, John, died suddenly of a heart attack that came out of the blue.  “He often said he didn’t believe in life after death. and my wife is a fence sitter on the subject, but I would like to pass on this synchronicity which happened today, which was quite a remarkable ‘coincidence.’ John loved to feed the wild parrots, magpies, kookaburras and other birds that would drop by his house every day. They actually sat near his veranda railing, waiting to be fed.
“Just earlier this week, my mother-in-law was telling us all today how he loved when the parrots would do their mating dance and he would imitate the male who would wobble up behind the female and then flap it’s wings up and down (a bit like a dirty old man flapping his raincoat). This would send him into hysterics.
“I was going to say then (but I didn’t) that maybe we should look for a sign involving a parrot, since this was an animal he often joked about coming back as, even though he believed once you are dead you are dead.
“Anyway, my mother-in-law wanted to have the TV going to try and take her mind off the raw emotion and it was on “Australia’s Funniest Home Videos” and what should come on the screen…you probably guessed it…two parrots trying their mating dance out on an artificial parrot.
What are the odds?
“It’s amazing how synchronous events like this can bring some comfort in a time of crisis, not so much for me, as I already believed in an afterlife, but to my wife and mother-in-Law. I also bought a copy of “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” this week because it was on special from $34 to $10,which I am going to watch now, because I haven’t ever seen it before and I have had it on my to-do list for years and what better time than now?

“Farewell John. We’ll miss you.”

When Daz’s comment was posted, I was working on a chapter in our new book called Animals Attuned, about how animals are often vehicles for spirit contact. I was thinking I was going to be short on stories and hoped I could find one more that involved birds. Daz provided it.  Thank you, Daz and John! Here’s a video of the mating dance he refers to.

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  1. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Wow, Daz. Amazing. Dogs know when their human buddies come home, in whatever form.

  2. Brizdaz says:

    Here's a story that's relative to this post even though it's a month after the event.
    My In-laws have a small Silky Terrier who was well looked after by my Father-in-law when he was alive.He was also the dog's disciplinarian.After he died the dog has been acting lost and obviously missing him.The one thing the dog always used to do was walk up the back stairs to come up into the house,but since he died the she will only come up to the top step and no further.No matter what we tried (even lining the steps with dog treats all the way into the house,she would still only go to the top step and then turn back and go down again).
    Today,though his ashes were brought home to go into a spot in my Mother-in-Laws garden.Well,the dog led the way up the back stairs and into the house like there has never been a problem at all,and the strange behavior with the stairs has stopped.
    It's like (too her) that he has just returned home from a journey and has been away since the day he died.Well that's the way it appears to us by the dog's behavior patterns.

    Too weird !!!

  3. Brizdaz says:

    Yes Trish,that is an impressive photo.That's a flock of Galah's in flight.I love the little info boxes that spring up as you move the arrow across the screen and a little bit of information springs up,like;
    In Australia,this bird’s name is sometimes used as slang for ‘idiot’,
    or this one;
    You can see these creatures in birdcages the world over,but they really stretch out their wings in the skies right above us.

    Who's the Galah here…us in our self-imposed cages of routine living and work…or these magnificent birds in the freedom of full flight?

  4. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Take a look at the photo today. (11-7) Pretty impressive.

  5. Brizdaz says:

    "Anyway,she was surfing a website called "" looking at a red Honda Civic when my Brother-in-law or someone else asked her if she was sure she wanted to buy that model car and not something else."

    I've now been told that I got that part of the story wrong.They were looking at other models on that site first,when she insisted at looking for a brand new red Honda Civic because that's what John wanted to get when he was still alive.That's when they clicked on to the page and saw the ad and she couldn't believe her eyes and her mind was then firmly fixed.

    Sorry for the confusion,but my wife told me the first version,and my Mother-in-law told me the corrected version,so please don't shoot me,I'm only the messenger.

  6. Brizdaz says:

    Sorry that above link doesn't seem to work when you cut and paste it,so try this.Go to;

    Where it says Category,check New Cars,then where it says Make choose Honda in the drop down menu,then where it says Model choose Civic in the drop down menu,then hit the blue search button and it should take you to the page.The ad is at the top of the page.

    Cheers again /Darren

  7. Brizdaz says:

    Sorry that link didn't seem to work so try this.Go to;

    Then check New cars where it says Category,then Honda in the drop down menu where it says Make,then Civic in the drop down menu where it says Model,then hit search and it should bring you to the page.

    Cheers again /Darren

  8. Brizdaz says:

    Here's the specific link to the page I mentioned in the above comment and the lorikeet ad is at the top of the page,just so you don't think I'm pulling your leg.|0||p_Make_String

    Cheers /Darren

  9. Brizdaz says:

    Here's another bizarre rainbow lorikeets synch.
    My Mother-in-law is going to give my son her old Honda Civic and buy herself a new one,which is what my Father-in-law had planned to do apparently,but not quite so soon.
    Anyway,she was surfing a website called "" looking at a red Honda Civic when my Brother-in-law or someone else asked her if she was sure she wanted to buy that model car and not something else.
    She gave it some thought,but insisted that John would have wanted a Honda Civic,at that point an ad came up in the side bar which involved rainbow lorikeets,so as far as she was concerned the choice is settled.

  10. Natalie says:

    You won't believe this, but I have just come by after work, to check comments etc. and I clicked on this post first. Just as I pulled your page up, Mr Big( bird) landed on my
    railing again at that exact moment. 😀

    Jane: Will check the link thanks.♥

  11. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Jane – don't know if you saw this post,but sense that in some way it might be relevant for you:

    Now off to check out the link you left for natalie. Thanks for dropping by!

  12. Jane says:

    Yes, I think Clem being ill with grief was actually more a reaction to my devastation. She could see/hear him. I couldn't. I was the space cadet, crying all the time, fuzzy-brained and unable even to make a trip to the market. She is very sensitive, wanted to help me and had to be reacting to my despair, as well as her own loss. I am convinced her problems came mainly from stress. Several months later, her tests were suddenly normal. Who can say what happened there?

    Natalie: there's an interesting story on my website about a woman who saw a video playing about her daughter who needed surgery. It showed her that one particular doctor, if allowed to do surgery, would cause irreparable harm to her teenager — a permanent paralysis of one side of her face — because he was arrogant and reckless. She began a campaign to convince her husband that the surgery had to be done elsewhere and asked for (and received) much help from her divine guides/angels. It's "Saving Juliet" at

  13. Natalie says:

    I actually saw it like a movie playing out, but I also get energy impressions as well as clairaudience. It seems that I either get one or the other. Either the video playing out silently, or the impressions with audio. Also bodily reactions and just general 'knowing'.

    wv ancheint ancient 🙂

  14. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Jane – your story is fascinating. Is Clementine perhaps ill with grief?

  15. Jane says:

    There's another aspect to animals and the departed. Maybe you've already had posts about this? Four months after my husband passed, our dog was having health problems. Even after several different tests, the vets hadn't been able to pinpoint what was wrong. Desperately worried about her, I decided to contact a friend of a friend who is an animal communicator. I asked for a reading about the health issues and, as an afterthought, asked her if she could find out whether Clementine understood that John was gone and wasn't coming back. She said that Clementine sees him often and hears him calling to me. She doesn't understand why I can't hear him, as she hears me talking to him. She said he lays on my bed (she specified the left side as you stand at the foot of the bed). During an automatic writing session, he confirmed this: "Yes, I lay on the bed. Every morning when you call me, I am there." Early in our bereavement, Clementine would suddenly get up from the floor and hustle into another room. At the time I wondered if John had called her. I guess so.

  16. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Natalie – great synchro! So when you "see" something like this, is it an actual image or an impression?? I know every psychic/medium works differently, and am curious how it works for you.

  17. Natalie says:

    It is a great story for sure.

    A synchro here, I had an enormous one sitting a few metres from me yesterday.It was the biggest one I have ever seen! He was on the railing of my deck watching me type away.
    Also, my boss has a whole family of them nesting in her kitchen. She would come home from work each day to find one in her kitchen and was starting to get spooked. She couldn't find how they were appearing and asked me to 'Psyche' it out. I 'saw' a hole in the outside wall (she insisted there was none) and I saw them getting into the wall cavity,then and out through the dishwasher plumbing hole into the cupboard and then out to the general kitchen area.
    On further inspection, that was indeed the case. 🙂

  18. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Funny! The girl got a bit irritated with the boy parrot. But he was sure persistent!

  19. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Thanks, Daz. Can't wait to see this!

  20. Brizdaz says:

    We couldn't find the original video clip from "Australia's Funniest Home Videos" (which aired 30th Oct on Channel 9) on the internet,so we used this YouTube video instead in his service,which was the best we could find at such short notice;

  21. Vicki D. says:

    Such a lovely story and funny!
    I find departed souls so often have a wicked sense of humor.

  22. lakeviewer says:

    Oh my, what a beautiful story!

  23. 67 Not Out (Mike Perry) says:

    Lovely when an animal or creature can bring comfort after a loss.

  24. GYPSYWOMAN says:

    yes, a beautiful stories, for sure – just wonderful –

    and the birds are magnificently colored, regardless of their name –

    thanks so much for sharing –

  25. Nancy says:

    Wonderful story and beautiful birds! I never cease to be amazed at the stories of life and death. It really is just a thin veil. My condolences to Daz and his family.

  26. Shadow says:

    this is lovely, in how memories bring a person right back to us…

  27. Brizdaz says:

    Oh…and after watching "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill",I realized that parrots and rainbow lorikeets,while similar,are not the same bird,as I thought they were (sorry to all the bird lovers out there).
    So,the title of the post should be "John and the Rainbow Lorikeets".

    Cheers / Darren

  28. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Wow, Daz, that's a good one! Do pass on our condolences to your wife. It's tough to lose a parent.

  29. Brizdaz says:

    Thanks Rob and Trish for posting this.
    I just had to show my wife this post and even though it brought her to tears,she said she would be honored if you used this story.
    Two days after this episode another synchronicity occurred,although I wasn't there to see this one.
    My wife's auntie was staying overnight with my wife's mother and they decided to cook some chips (French fries) on the stove.My Mother-in-law was telling her how John would cook them and my wife's auntie just giggled and said "I don't care how John would cook them,I'm going to cook them my way".At that point I was told the Fluorescent lights in the kitchen started to flicker wildly until my brother-in-law got up on a chair and adjusted the tube.