Can I Materialize The Boss?

In an article called, Synchronicity: How We Relate to this Mystical Law, Caroline Myss asks, “Can a person influence acts of synchronicity; that is, are some people more likely to experience synchronistic events, and if so, why?”

I’ve wondered that myself, and just the day before reading Myss’ article I had an opportunity to try influencing an act of synchronicity. Here’s what happened.

For the past several months, I’ve been teaching yoga and working out in a gym that’s about five minutes from home. The most famous member of Ultima Gym is Bruce Springsteen, who lives here during the winter months. For weeks, I had been hearing reports of sightings from friends in the gym, but I’ve never seen him there.It’s odd, because he usually shows up around the same time I’m there. One day, instead of working out, I took a yoga class, only to find out that while I was doing the downward-facing dog, the Boss was working out at the other end of the gym. I’d missed him again.

So, finally, a day came when I had a chance to see if I could create a synchronicity related to this scenario.The radio station at the gym was playing Springsteen’s “Darkness on the Edge Town.” That’s a tiny synchronicity in itself since he lives here on the edge of town. But I wanted a BIG one. I wanted him to show up during the song or as it ended. Yes, a big request, and I only had about three minutes. But I really focused.

“Bring on the Boss,” I said, using his nickname. I said it over and over, imagining him walking into the free weight area. I also wondered if anyone else was thinking the same.I figured I could use some help, but when I looked around everyone ws wearing ear buds, engulfed in their own personal tunes, possibly not even aware of the song playing. Oh, well. Looks like I’m on my own, I thought, and continued focusing.

The song ended. I made one final effort. C’MON BOSS! Center stage is right here!

That’s when it happened. Who should walk by and nod to the people working out? Springsteen? Nope. The boss of the gym – the owner, my yoga boss. Hmm. Wrong Boss. Well, at least, I got a trickster synchronicity out of it. And maybe someday the real Boss will show up…while I’m there.

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15 Responses to Can I Materialize The Boss?

  1. simon says:

    can't tell ya my synchro with the guy (besides it's not synchro, just cause and result) it would have me sounding a bit to egotis….. simply in the can….. "w.v." bless

  2. Anonymous says:

    Too funny.

    I think if you are open to the wonderful magic of and in life you will "notice" more synchro's.

    Also, I agree with others you have to be very specific in trying to attract which is easy when something angers you but not as easy when you just want something.

  3. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    I guess three minutes was asking too much. How about three days? Yes!

    There he was Monday. And I walked right past Bruce, didn't notice him until Trish pointed him out.

    She will have a post about her little chat with the Boss about synchronicity and our blog coming up, complete with a pic.

  4. Sansego says:

    I hadn't realized that you changed your posting requirements to be approved by you before it appears. I thought my computer had made an error, so I re-wrote it and then learned when I posted a second time that it wouldn't appear before you approved it.

    The Olga story is interesting because for years, whenever I heard the name "Olga", I thought of some old, obese babushka. The name has an "ugly" sound to it, so it seems cruel to name a girl "Olga." Thus, in college, when my eyes kept meeting this thin, attractive Russian lady and I learned that her name was Olga, it showed me that perhaps I had an American bias. It seems to be a popular name in Russia.

  5. MarZel says:

    That is a great story… I guess the universe felt you needed a laugh more than seeing Bruce!!!

  6. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Sansego, I also have an Olga story!

    A few years ago, I was visiting a friend in my hometown of Minneapolis. R.D. Zimmerman, is a novelist who writes under the name Robert Alexander. He's also fluent in Russian, owns a business in St. Petersburg, and travels to Russia once or twice a year.

    Before I saw him, I stopped by a bookstore to get him a gift, a book by Russian author, Olga Kharitidi. I searched for Entering the Circle: The Secrets of Ancient Siberian Wisdom, but couldn't find it.

    On my way out, I decided to ask a clerk if they had the book. He walked over to a table near the door, and said: "Here it is, the last one. Olga was here for a signing last week."

    So I ended up taking R.D. a signed copy. A good book, BTW, if you like tales of shamanism. – R

  7. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Love the Olga story. Very similar to Rob's boss story. Be specific. OK. I'll keep that in mind!

  8. Sansego says:

    I loved this post! Very interesting stories.

    As for Gore, I was lucky enough to be one of his interns in 2000 and I had wanted to meet him or work for him since 1992. It goes to show that if you really want something long enough, the universe conspires to make it happen.

    The universe also has a sense of humour, Rob, as you know. Maybe you should have been more specific than "The Boss." When I was in college, I worked in a laundromat for one summer and often locked eyes with a beautiful Russian lady named Olga. She didn't speak very much English and I only had a semester left before I moved, so I didn't bother trying to get to know her.

    Years later, in another part of the country, I thought about Olga and wished to somehow meet up with her again. When I went to eat at a Waffle House one night, soon after thinking about Olga, I was surprised to find a pretty waitress from Russia named Olga. Not the same person, but I appreciated the way the universe tried to make a wish come true for me. It was a good laugh that this is real!

  9. Sansego says:

    Cool stories!

    I've met Gore a few times and got to intern for him in 2000…which was a fulfilment of a wish I had made back in 1992.

    Give it time. If you're bound to meet, it'll happen. You were trying to hard, Rob. And you should be more specific than thinking "the Boss."

    In college, a Russian lady named Olga and I always exchanged glances at work, but never really talked to one another because her English was pretty bad. Years later, in a different part of the country, I was thinking about how I'd love to bump into her again. When I went out to eat at a local Waffle House late at night, there was a beautiful waitress from Russia named Olga. Not the same person, but I had a good laugh about it. It appears to me (based on my experiences, anyway) that the universe definitely has a sense of humour in attempting to honour our many requests for synchronicity.

  10. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Jama – love your take! I'd like to meet Nelson Mandela. Can you make it happen?:)

  11. JamaGenie says:

    I seem to attract synchronicity when I'm not trying, and when I do, I don't.

    I'm not a huge Springsteen fan (she says, ducking), so were I a member of that gym, I'd probably run into him *every single time* I went there.

    Years ago, back when he was only a senator, Al Gore, Jr. was to speak at a gathering of a group I belonged to, and at the time I couldn't stand the man. I wasn't even on the welcoming committee, so guess who he makes a beeline for when he enters the hotel? The head of the group (who wasn't offended that he walked right past her) thought it was hilarious and later said the look on my face was priceless as he came straight at me, took my hand and said "Hi! I'm Al Gore!". (He does have beautiful eyes, btw, not that I *ever* intended to get that close.) I managed to smile and mumble something appropriate, all the while thinking "This is NOT happening".

    Had a similar experience years before that at a Sunday afternoon BBQ at Wayne Newton's ranch north of Las Vegas. I hid among the group of friends who brought me, hid behind trees…anything to avoid meeting him. Worked fine until time for those friends, a lounge act at the Sands, to pose with him for publicity photos. Thought I was doing a fine job of staying out of sight behind a large bush. Not! Even got kissed on the cheek that time.

    Anybody you want to meet that I can't stand, I'm your girl. 🙂

  12. Joseph F. Botelho says:

    Excellent article, yes it has the ability to appear when you least expect it to a appear as a synchronistic moment. When your mind makes that decision then the universal powers become our destiny. When the mind has this power and we pick up these moments we learn and experience these situation much more frequently.
    The boss…wow, working out at the gym that is way to kewl…

    all the best

  13. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    I think the Universe uses a filing system that works like this. I asked for the Boss by the end of the song, so out came the closest thing available: the boss, albeit with a small b!

  14. Gemel says:

    Bless you, at least you got the Boss though LOL.

    I have learnt the same lesson, asking for something, but not asking in enough detail, I sometimes find that if I really talk about whatever it is I really want just a couple of times and forget about it, that it actually works better, most of the time!!!!

  15. Natalie says:

    Bahahaa!! Awesome. 😀

    Yes, I think some people are 'tuned in' to synchronicity. I seem to attract more than my fair share. I could write heaps more, but I am held back because I think that no-one could possibly believe that this could possibly happen to one woman……..and yet it does. 😀

    P.s I love the Boss.x