Planetary Empaths

We’ve posted a number of synchronicities on how animals seem to be able to predict catastrophes like earthquakes. But what about people who are planetary empaths, who feel physical symptoms of a pending quakes hours or even days before it occurs?

Over the years, we’ve known several individuals who possessed this ability. Our friend, Renie Wiley, sometimes experienced intense migraines and vivid precognitive dreams before a planetary disaster. Connie Cannon, a retired ER nurse and psychic,  often writes us when her symptoms begin, just so we have a record of it.  When I asked her to describe the symptoms in detail for this post, she did.

“Prior to higher magnitude earthquakes, no matter where they are going to occur on the earth, I begin to experience a sense of impending doom.  This is quickly followed by an “edginess”, and then the physical symptoms kick in.  My ears will click and ring and sometimes thump; walking becomes a real issue, as if I’m trying to walk on a rocking, undulating boat in water although my floors are perfectly level and I must hold onto the walls to keep my balance; the nausea is a sea-sickness type of nausea.  Although I do have advancing Parkinson’s Disease, there is a distinct difference between the PD symptoms and the planetary event warnings.

“When the event is going to be a significant volcanic eruption, I experience a severe and sudden localized head-ache…and I do not have headaches otherwise, fortunately.  When my head hurts, on one side or the other, I can be sure a volcano is rumbling and ready to spew.  I also get extremely nauseous and very hot prior to the eruption.  My head will seem “foggy”, and I can actually smell dust where none exist.
The compelling thing is that I don’t know precisely where or when the event is going to happen.  Just that it is.  And the more people who are going to transition, the worse my symptoms.

“Another interesting aspect is that once the “release” occurs, once the event happens, my symptoms disappear as if by magic.  But they begin and build until it manifests.”

D Page,  a psychic and Dharma student in California, also experiences symptoms before a catastrophe. On February 27, her post says that since 2004, her left ear “registers high pitched rings prior to earthquakes all over the globe.When this phenomena first started happening, I talked to my lama, Lama Chodak Gyatso Nubpa. I told him I was hearing high pitch ringing 1-3 days before significant quakes, occasionally with accompanying visions of disaster and lossof human life. He verified that this was real. Being a new, immature student, I asked if he could take this phenomena away! No, he said. He did give me practices  to do, consisting of mantras and meditations, to help those beings who are dying and suffering.”

Before the Chilean earthquake, the ringing in her ear was absent.”Instead, I was very dizzy, with severe ear pain yesterday. I spent the afternoon and evening on the couch. With the Haiti quake and aftershocks, I heard the ringing in the left ear, but I did not have visions.”

D ends her post with wise words from a Dharma practice:

“May sickness war, famine, and suffering be decreased for every being.”
                  -Red Tara  Practice (Chagdud Gonpa)

Does anyone else experience these kinds of symptoms before global catastrophes occur?

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  1. Dave says:

    I’ve been watching a few videos, predictions of events unfolding. (One was posted on March 4, another March 8 predicting a quake. If you want I can provide links) Then I googled & came up with this page.

    I’ve had some weird symptoms in the past few days.. My ears have had a persistent “airplane ears” & they feel constantly blocked in a weird sense. I also have ringing in my ears. Now, as I play drums, I pretty much signed up for tinnitus. But this ringing is…. different. It’s much higher frequency, & sometimes it feels like it isn’t there, then other times it is. I’ve also felt quite on edge, and don’t have the focus I did a few days ago (it’s not very good on an average day anyway lol) Even more, I’ve been absolutely shattered. My average sleep pattern for the last 3 years at least was about 3am-2pm (:P) but over the past few days, I’ve been crashing at 9pm. It’s 1.30am & I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. Weird indeed.

    Basically I’ve been just… off-kilter. Maybe I’m overreacting, maybe I’m just looking for any form of diagnosis.
    Time will tell.
    But I have a feeling we are not out of the woods.

    Not by a long shot.

    • rob and trish says:

      Dave – you’ve come to the right place. The more information we have bout this phenomenon, the better we understand it. Thank you for adding to the discussion. The ringing ears, sleep disruption, and feeling off kilter certainly fit the MO.
      Do you ever have a sense of what the event might be or where?

    • stefanie says:

      Fascinating that the original post on this went up one year before the Japanese quake, exactly to the day. That’s just freaky.

      My symptoms: over the past few weeks, severe anxiety and heart palpitations, odd and random pains in my body. Then on Wednesday, about 30 hours before the quake, severe fatigue that was totally unrelated to anything going on in my life — felt like I’d been roofied and mentioned this to a friend in San Fran — she was feeling similarly exhausted. I’m in New York, btw. And night of the quake, I awoke in a cold sweat at 1:30 am EST with a case of severe itching and thought “WTF is wrong with me?” It felt like something was very, very wrong but I couldn’t place it. Woke up to the news at 8:30 am when a friend called to tell me. Symptoms calmed on Friday but ramped back up on Saturday, and today, although I’ve only been up for a few hours, I think I’m feeling somewhat normal.

  2. icebound says:

    I found the picture I downloaded on jan 7th and thought I would post it

  3. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    icebound – thank you for letting us know! Your symptoms certainly seem to follow what others have experienced.

    off to check your links.

  4. icebound says:

    This has happened to me for a long time now. I am currently living in Iceland and predicted the 6.2 on may 28th 2008 a week before it happened. I dreamt of an earthquake and I was in the very room when it occurred.
    I do watch the activity on but according to experts there was no significant signal on the charts of an impending earthquake.

    I also predicted both eruptions in Iceland last year.. On March 3rd I saw some significant activity but on the night before the eruption at Fimmvorðurháls I had popping noises in my ear similar to when you are in an aircraft but constant. After this eruption stopped I again experienced the popping sensation and again there was an eruption a day later this time at Eyjafjallajökull. I can provide facebook and blog links to support my claims. One example.. and another
    you may need to scroll down the page a little.

    Just before the Haiti earthquake, I was reading about Haiti and their traditions and superstitions.
    I downloaded a picture on the 7th of Jan of a voodoo doll. I had previously mentioned to people I thought a big earthquake was coming but did not connect the two until after the event…There are many events too that I did not keep track of. Until I read this article I was not aware that there are others who feel these events in advance

  5. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Manoj – what these people experience is quite specific to times before natural disasters. Not exactly the same thing as continous ear ringing.

  6. Manoj says:

    its not a single problemto everyone.millions of people have suffered from this and they will trying to found its treatment.Ear ringing is the common term for the medical condition of tinnitus. The Mayo Clinic website states that as much as 20 percent of the population of the United States experiences some level of ear ringing tretment. This condition is not a disease unto itself but rather the symptom of another underlying problem. Different afflictions can result in ear ringing, with any treatment attempting to cure the ailment or at least reduce its effects on the individual.

  7. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    So you're another planetary empath! Great story.

  8. Barbara Martin says:

    About a week prior to 9/11 I felt a shift in the atmosphere around me, followed by several days of restlessness and a knowing that something important and horrible was about to happen. Slightly after 2:00pm GMT (UK) on September 11th I thought I heard cries coming from a great distance. It wasn't until several hours later that I learned about the events at the World Trade Centre, and after correlating the time difference between London, England and New York that the time I heard the cries occurred when the first plane hit the tower.

    Now I really pay attention to anything I experience that seems out of the ordinary.

  9. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    It seems you've got a lot of company with those symptoms. I wonder how many of us experience these symptoms frequently and just don't relate it to approaching disasters. Glad it helped! This diet is most interesting, too.

  10. Katrina says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this post. I am shocked to hear about the ringing in the ears, dizziness, etc. because I experienced that last week just days before the earthquake in the Solomon Islands. I am going to pay much more attention to ear-ringing from now on.

    Also, I'm on a sugar/wheat/gluten free diet too, and my sensitivity/psychic ability has rapidly increased since I started it. Hadn't heard of a connection before, but it makes perfect sense with what I know about what those foods do to our bodies.

    So grateful for this information!

  11. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Thanks for telling us. We were wondering why our hits for the day jumped by nearly a hundred. Very interesting site.

  12. d page says:

    Trish & Rob,
    Did you know this blog made it onto the Anomalist page for 3/13/2010?

  13. Vicki D. says:

    After a car accident in college I can now predict a bad storm because of the pain in my knees.

    I have also had feelings of uneasiness or nervousness before something major. Before 9/11 I was a nervous wreck asking other friends if they felt that "something was coming".

    I have also had these nervous feelings before Columbine (over 2 weeks earlier) and other shootings. It is very uncomfortable and frustrating because I know there isn't anything I can do.

    After the events I feel calm again.

    wv: narzua – nausea?

  14. Cyth says:

    I was really interested in hearing about individuals that have a sense of impending activityin, around or about the planet. I have never felt anything in regard to an earhquake , but I have experienced that same kind of "edginess" and overwhelming sense of doom. ( Not as much now as when I was a younger person ) I have always thought that it was associated with something happening to another individual, though most often I really never learned of anyone affected by some sudden tragedy. Maybe I was looking at the wrong things. Maybe , I should have considered planetary occurrences. I'll pay more attention from now on. Oh , and it's good to hear that I'm not the only one.

  15. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Wow, this is fascinating. It turns out that so many of you "feel" stuff before an event happens.

  16. Natalie says:

    Early this morning at 3:09am (my time),I awoke suddenly and felt the need to explore the house??????
    I noticed something 'off', and realised the night was completely silent. This is strange, as we back onto a bush reserve, and can usually hear night animals, dogs barking etc.
    At 3:25 an earthquake hit our area, about an hours drive north of me. No damage reported, it was 3.3 and off the coast.
    I am usually blissfully unaware of such things.

  17. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    It's interesting that about half an hour before d page's comment arrived about how she tuned into the latest quake in Chile, we received an e-mail from Connie Cannon, the other person in today's post. She too says she felt the new quake.

    Here's in part what she wrote:

    "…went next door to Walgreen's to browse. Very suddenly the floor started "rolling" and I felt as though I were "sliding". This is not Parkinson's. The PD is spatial disorientation with severe tremors/shaking and very, very different.

    "I had a shopping buggy and stood still, leaning against one of the walls which also seemed to be moving. There was no doubt whatsoever in my mind that I was feeling an earthquake as it was happening, and even wondered if we were having one here in St. Augustine."

  18. lakeviewer says:

    Interesting. I can predict when storms will happen by the migranes I get six to ten hours ahead. Yes, migranes that I never had before moving here on the Pacific Coast where hurricane winds can blow all day and all night for hours on end.

  19. d page says:

    Thank you for including stories about planetary empaths on your blog.There's not a lot of info on us.

    I awoke @ 5:30 Am PST with a high pitch tone in the left ear that would not stop. I had vertigo when I stood up.I eventually fell back to sleep with the ringing still going on. At 9:15 AM I finally got up. My husband said "Chile had another one." as he went out the door for work.

  20. Nancy says:

    I also have similar symptoms, but have never tracked them. I have tracked the feeling of edginess and impending doom and it always relates to world events. I've done this for many years and have thought it is related to the collective unconscious. Similar to the EGG's of the Global Consciousness Initiative.

  21. GYPSYWOMAN says:

    just day before yesterday, one of my best friends told me that she experiences those kinds of symptoms ie an imbalance, dizziness kind of thing prior to earthquakes –

    when i have precog dreams, i experience an uneasiness/agitation and an oppressive feeling – once the event has materialized it all disappears –

    so was it 2 major aftershocks in chile today?

    just last night sean penn was on anderson cooper's show talking about his work in haiti and the overwhelming nature of the imminent rain season upon the country which remains devastated –

  22. Jeninacide says:

    Hmm.. I sometimes have symptoms similar to what was described in this post, however I have never kept track of them or related them to world events! I will have to pay closer attention!

  23. maggie's garden says:

    We recently experienced a small quake here in Northern Illinois, first reported at 4.3 mag. Moments before it hit I was awakened by my dogs shivering and shaking. So I was totally awake as the quake began. The impact seem to come from the east rather than where the reported epicenter is located out west of my house. Fermi is southeast of me.
    I still have suspicions of Fermi Labs involvement..possibly an experiment that evening? I have heard talk of it from some that live in Southern Wis. pointing the finger at Fermi…since the neutrino beam runs directly under the epicenter of the quake. Any word out there about this?
    I'm grateful my dog has such keen sense…wish I had the ability, and then maybe I do, and just haven't tuned in yet.

  24. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Aleksander – good post! How do you leave a reply on that forum?

  25. Aleksandar Malecic says:

    Actually, I've been experiencing some events (starting with my house synchronicity with Hesse's Demian) since 2003. I knew that the world will be weaker and that I would somehow be globally involved. Of course I know results of my activities will be minor, but I am definitely being more and more involved in something huge. I just have my synchronicity antenna better adjusted than some major players. I added here a few minutes ago the tag "war" (visible in the search engine for logged in users).

  26. Shadow says:

    a great read this one. i hadn't heard about this before. animals yes, but not about people….

  27. Trish and Rob MacGregor says:

    Hi Lauren – Love Peat's book. He's also got an autobiography out now called Pathways of Chance. It's good. I'll head to your blog now to grab your butterfly synchro! Thanks for allowing us to repost it.

  28. Lauren says:

    Great blog! Glad to find it, and you're welcome to use my story. Do you know the work of physicist and philosopher F.David Peat? He wrote a great book about syncronicity, and continues to explore the phenomenon: