Democracy: Is it okay to…

I would like to believe there’s something in trump’s natal chart and the transits to it that portends the end off his administration before the 2020 election. I would like to see some massive explosion to his chart, something that forever removes it – and him – from our collective awareness. I’ve looked for these indicators before and have pinpointed  dates and events that approached and passed without much impact to his chart or to him. He really is the teflon guy. Regardless off what outrageous thing he says or does, his  approval rating remains slightly above 40 percent.

This figure comes from 538, whose statistics I trust most of the time.  Today, July 28, they have his approval rating at 42.5 percent, an average based on various polls you can see at their website. As of 2018, the population of the U.S. was 327.2 million. That means that more than 140 million people in this country approve of trump. Granted, not all of them vote, but honestly, if that number is anywhere near right, what country do I live in?

Do these 140 million people think it’s okay for children to be held at the border in cages, without proper food, without a toothbrush or soap, some of them so young they have other children taking care of them? Do these people believe it’s fine to have a liar, racist and mysoginist for president? This man’s administration has raised the deficit to 3 TRILLION (so much for Republican fiscal conservatism), has trashed health care, denies that climate change is real, appointed every swamp monster to his cabinet, many of whom have been removed due to ethical violations and outright crimes, and has created chaos in world markets.

These 140 million plus Americans have been conned by the biggest con man of all times.

I used to think trump was just stupid. I still think that, but even stupid people have strengths and his are TV and Twitter. The Apprentice made You’re fired a kind of meme. His Twitter rants are daily news. He has his enablers, too, Mitch McConnell, who just blocked two bills in the senate concerning election security, and most of the Republicans in the senate. And of course he has his behind-the-scenes enablers – Putin, the Saudis.

I think what we’re seeing is the old paradigm rearing up and declaring that it won’t go out with a whimper, that white men must always rule, that women and their bodies must be commandeered by these white man, and that they’re jamming the courts at ever level with their brethren to make sure they’ve got the three branches of government in their pockets.

Democracy is headed toward an Apocalypse, a type of government that has horrifying parallels to Fascism, but which may be some new type of nightmare that surpasses anything adolf  envisioned. And the Democrats are dragging their collective feet about impeachment because they know the senate won’t convict.

But so what? At least get the process going so we can see everything that’s been hidden.

If internment camps like what we now have at the borders are in the future for the more than 157 million who disapprove of trump, then we deserve to know that so that we can make alternate plans for our own futures. In fact, many of us are already making those plans. What are yours?

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4 Responses to Democracy: Is it okay to…

  1. lauren raine says:

    About a month ago I had a very vivid dream (and I don’t dream much at all). I was with a lot of people at an expensive hotel, in the separate Conference room. Everyone was milling around and I looked out the picture windows and saw that it was getting very dark outside. Then I saw that a huge tornado was coming. Somehow it bypassed us, but everyone was running into the larger building, hoping to find shelter. As I turned, I saw in the distance a long line of tornadoes, one after the other, and I kept running. We are entering into climate change. As I write this there are forest fires in the Arctic, and the entire population of Harare, the capitol of Zimbabwe, has no water. They just discovered over 200 dead reindeer in Finland, and in June it was 115 degrees in Paris. In Paris! So much is changing now. I personally think Trump is a figurehead supported by oligarchs, but also, tragically, he has shown us that America is a deeply divided country and a great many Americans are easily swayed to fascism.

    I fear that with the emerging environmental stresses we will see two things: one is the arising of truly visionary and inventive leaders to meet the demands of what is coming, and on the other hand, the predictable blaming and violence of fascism, which is in evidence right now. I dont’ have an answer about what to do any more, except to try to act locally, and be as generous and activist as I can.

    My father fought in WWII, and when I was 10 he took us to Auschwitz…..I now understand that he wanted us to know what had happened there, so we would never see it happen again, anywhere. I know that he would be turning in his grave if he knew what is happening in our country now. I am, like you, profoundly disturbed by what has happened to America, and profoundly disturbed that much of the blame must lie with the ignorance, bigotry, misogyny, and fascism of a great many of the American people……but not all. There are many who resist as we do.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Your dream is so interesting. Did you take a look at Nicholas’s dream? Also interesting.

      I read where it was 107 in London, highest temp ever recorded. All sort of records are being broken.

      My hope is that resisters outnumber haters.

  2. TRISH says:

    And another facebook comment on this:

    Heather Freeman Bristol
    He was born to privilege like so many others. With that comes a certain responsibility to others and the Earth. If he does not use his time here wisely (to be judged not by me, but by the universe), then his soul will have to deal with the repercussions of his actions (whatever that may be). Of course, this is just how I see it with my unique view, as we all of our unique views (which is what makes this planet so amazing!). Hugs

  3. TRISH says:

    facebook comments.
    Nicholas Carroll

    I actually had a nightmare last night, which I hope was just my brain’s dumping of subconscious detrius rather than a premonition. I dreamed that Psychopath became aware of me and started targeting me in speeches so that his cult could come after me. I had to disappear in order to survive. I ended up in an abandoned apartment complex in New Jersey. Weird.

    I wish every day that he would have a massive heart attack.