When Mercury retro ends, it’s time to impeach!

How has Mercury retro treated YOU? Let us know.

Since this retro also included a challenging lunar eclipse in Capricorn, I’m curious to hear how the retro has been for other people. We took a car trip  to Georgia to see my sister and her family and the actual car trip was fine – no breakdowns, no flats, no engines blowing up. BUT…

On a global scale, we had the Mueller hearing about his 22-month report. What I took away from it was that the Russian hacking of the 2016 election is ongoing. That trump wasn’t exonerated of anything, that Mueller couldn’t charge him with anything because DOJ policy says you can’t indict a sitting president. In other words, a sitting prez can do virtually anything and get away with it – until he’s out of office, then he can be indicted.

Imagine the uproar if this was Obama.

The senate doesn’t give a damn about election security. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell just blocked two election security bills from a vote. Why? Because he knows the russians helped get trump elected? Because the repubs would love another boost from them in 2020?

Pelosi still hasn’t budged on impeachment. Foolish. If trump is never held accountable for anything, he’ll keep on breaking laws, obstructing justice, putting kids in cages at the border, shout that more caravans of illegal immigrants are coming, and generally go bonkers on twitter.

The dems are weak, spineless, and no longer know who or what they stand for. The repubs have no moral compass. trump marches on, eroding democracy and herding the country closer and closer to Fascism.

My hope is that something in this grim picture will change, however slightly, once Mercury turns direct. Like:  more than half of dems in the house sign on for impeachment even if dies in the senate. Forget political expediency. It’s time to do what’s right. START AN IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY.


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4 Responses to When Mercury retro ends, it’s time to impeach!

  1. Caren says:

    I never thought I would see the day that America would have a lawless administration that condones and supports a traitorous, cruel, greedy, narcissistic criminal to run the country. It’s shocking.

  2. lauren raine says:

    Trump and regime have broken so many constitutional rules, not to mention done immoral and corrupt things with a very visible background of an immoral and corrupt life……..I can’t fathom why he is still in there, except that there must be big money and threats. Russian oligarchs (and Rachel Maddow did an excellent expose on how Trump and others have deep connections to them) have a lot of power and a lot of money, and it seems to me from absolutely everything this man has done, from sending troops and money to Saudi Arabia to ending any form of environmental protection to making it so that big business now pays no taxes……….represents nothing whatsoever except the monied 1 percent. Remember his private meetings with Putin? What is amazing is that all of this is right out there in plain sight, and nothing happens.

    I can only assume that the republicans and presumably a lot of democrats as well are paid off or intimidated off. That is how criminals operate. I feel that the coming election will give us a definate answer to whether there is any hope.