Serial Baldies

A fringe issue? Thanks to Alejandro Rojas for posting this photo. Notice that besides the three seemingly identical (from behind) men with white fringes and tan heads, there are two more baldies in front of them. One has a dark fringe, the other appears to have a shaved head. 

Breaking the pattern, the driver has hair and a beard, which is visible in the mirror in front of him. We can only wonder about the person who took the pic.

These kind of serial coincidences are baffling. We featured another one a couple of years ago that showed four or five people, men and women, all wearing white t-shirts with black horizontal stripes. As for a meaning, I would say it’s about awareness of the unusual. How many would sit on the bus in the back and not even notice. Fortunately, the photographer tuned into the pattern. 

Random or something more?

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2 Responses to Serial Baldies

  1. Adele says:

    L O L! At first I thought this was a fake Photoshopped picture. Maybe the men are brothers. Just kidding.