Behind the Scenes of Scary Movies


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The following story comes from Bump in the Night.

During the filming of some of the scariest movies of all time – The Exorcist, The Omen, Poltergeist, and The Crow – it’s not surprising that uncanny incidents occurred behind the scenes. The real-life horrors took place during the filming and after it was over. Take The Omen.

This classic horror films about the devil’s offspring might be the most cursed film of the genre. Before and during the filing there were, well, many omens! A sequence of peculiar accidents plagued the cast, crew, and even people loosely connected to the film. The strange occurrences began with a series of unlikely lightning strikes.

Before filming began, the plane carrying novelist and screenwriter David Seltzer was struck by lightning. He was fortunate to survive. In another electrifying incident, a plane transporting the film’s star, Gregory Peck, was also struck by lightning. The pilot managed to land the plane safely and nobody was hurt. During filming in Rome, a bolt of lightning narrowly missed producer Harvey Bernhard.

Peck had anther close brush with death during the filming, when he cancelled a flight to Israel that crashed and killed everyone onboard. With all the strange happenings, it was a wonder Peck decided to continue on with the project. It’s also surprising that director Richard Donner didn’t walk away from The Omen when he was hit by a car and stayed at a hotel bombed by the IRA. I a separate vehicle-related incident, a number of crew members were nearly killed on the first day of shooting in a head-on car crash.

As another omen, the poster for the movie depicted the silhouette of a boy with a wolf-like shadow. The movie title was above the image and below it were the words: REMEMBER… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


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  1. Gia says:

    I remember when this movie came out – and I remember the odd stuff reported later. The universe speaks, doesn’t it.

  2. connie cannon says:

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