New Moon in Leo


The new moon in Leo on July 31 occurs at 11:12 PM EDT, less than an hour before Mercury turns direct in Cancer. After this month’s two eclipses and a Mercury retro, this new moon should be a relief.

It forms a beautiful angle to Jupiter in Sagittarius and although Jupiter is retrograde, some of its expansive energy should affect all of us in a positive way. Compared to the rest of of July, this new moon should bring joy. I also like Venus’s position, conjunct within four degrees of the new moon. Venus softens things and rules romance, beauty, $, women, female sibling, art.

Also, the rising in this chart is fire sign Aries and it forms a great angle to Mars at 19 degrees Leo. I have a certain fondness for the number 22, the degree of this rising, because I associate it with Hexagram 22 in the I Ching – Grace.

Saturn and Pluto up there in the 10th house at 15 degrees and 21 degrees Capricorn forms an angle to Mars called a quincunx – 150 degrees. It usually indicates that an adjustment may be necessary. Saturn represents government and structure, Pluto represents profound transformation, and Mars symbolizes our forward momentum, our physicality, ambition. It’s also the god of war, so there may be news of some sort about rising international tensions.

For a look at how this new moon impacts your chart, check out the forecasts for July -‘ and August,  in the masthead. One thing is certain: fire signs are going to enjoy themselves!

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2 Responses to New Moon in Leo

  1. Adele says:

    Yea! Mercury forward. All that Cancer and Leo stuff hits my chart, especially Mars exact conjunct my sun. I look forward to this new year,and new energy for this month