How’d This Happen?

Take a good look at this guy. What do you see?

There are certain members of congress who remind me of reptiles. They’re not so different from the lizards that scamper through our backyard, eating anything within reach.

Take Mitch McConnell, repub from Kentucky, senate majority leader who blocked Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court for months. Who seems to love trump regardless of what he’s doing. Whose soul (if he ever had one) has been whisked off to trump Neverland.

You know, that Neverland that says, Women are subservient to men. Women shouldn’t have any control over their own bodies, it’s okay if the prez is a pathological liar and con man, it’s all good as long as the republican agenda can be shoved through.

If the dems ever get really serious about impeachment hearings, they already know it will die in the Senate. Mitch decides what can come to the floor. In Nixon’s era, he resigned before he could be impeached. Pelosi needs to fully embrace impeachment even if she knows it will die in McConnell’s senate, otherwise trump and every prez that comes after him (if there are any) will figure they can do what they want without impunity.

The bottom line here is ugly. Trump has torn apart the fabric of the constitution, of the presidency, of diplomatic ties with our allies, pulled out of climate and nuclear accords, and calls himself a genius, the best prez ever. As the protagonist in The Handmaid’s Tale laments at one point, “How’d we get to this place?”

Well, one possible answer is that we believed it could never happen here.


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5 Responses to How’d This Happen?

  1. Laurence Zankowski says:

    How did we get to this place??? I walked and knocked on doors during Obama’s second year, the number of people who did not vote because he was not doing enough was staggering. The number of black voters who did not turn out in 2016 election would have stopped trump. If you dd not vote because your fee fees were hurt, this is what you gave us who did vote.

    I told you back in 2016 it was about the Supreme Court. And now he wants to fill the next seat because he can. All the while he ( Turtle) and his wife are getting financial support from China and Russia.

    Vote and do not vote any third party. That’s where the numbers are played against us. Julia Stein was a caught with Russian money, you do not hear from her, but she took votes away from Hillary.

    Pay attention and do not get distracted.

    Be well


  2. Dale Dassel says:

    That day can’t come soon enough!

  3. Dale Dassel says:

    Chump has done everything to ruin democracy but wipe his ass with the Constitution, and only because it’s kept under lock and key. What a complete, total, and utter disgrace to our country. If we’re lucky, we might get a REAL president next election.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      If we’re lucky, he’ll be impeached before then. IF the dems grow spines.