Synchros in St. Augustine

Whenever we travel, we tend to experience synchronicities. Maybe it’s because we are taken out of our everyday routine…and things happen. That was the case again in early May when we journeyed to St. Augustine, Florida – the oldest city in the U.S. – for a couple of days.

A friend had said we should visit a bar called The Well. So after visiting the old stone fort, we decided to go find it. It turned into a half-hour hike, but we located it on the grounds of the The Collector Inn & Garden. By the time we finished our beers it was after 5 p.m. and we debated about walking to a restaurant called Catch 27 – also recommended to us. Google told us it was several blocks away, but Trish said she wanted to go back to our room first. So we headed back through Old Town.

As soon as we got in our car and left the parking lot, we noticed the bridge we needed to cross to the barrier island where we were staying was raised for boat traffic and cars we backed up for more than a quarter mile. Rush hour.We skirted the traffic, circled back through Old Town on what is apparently the only street that allows car traffic. Just a block before we were to exit onto a main road, we noticed a sign for Catch 27, which was more than mile from where we thought the restaurant was located. We managed to get back to our parking spot, which still had two hours left on the meter, and walked over to the restaurant.

As we were seated, I asked if there were two Catch 27s, and was told there was only one and that it had moved to the new location. So if we would’ve taken our other option and attempted to walk to the restaurant from the bar, we wouldn’t have found it. So, for us, what originally seemed like an inconvenience – the bridge raised and a long wait – turned into a lucky find. Instead of being blocked, we ended up right where we wanted to be!

Here’s one other one from that trip. A couple of days before we left for St. Augustine, I completed a script called Spinning Out. In the story, my main character, Jake, has an out-of-body experience in which he becomes stuck out of his body and ultimately is aided by a group of inter-dimensional beings that resemble odd-looking human children. These beings form a circle around Jake, lock arms and rotate around him, bringing him slowly back into his body. Yay, good aliens!

So, to my surprise, upon arriving at our airbnb in St. Augustine, I noticed a strange ceramic sculpture near the floor in one corner of the main room. It’s a group of odd-looking little beings with arms locked forming a circle. Of course, that reminded me of my scenario in the script. Here’s a pic of it. Another syncro.

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