Melissa and the Animal Communicator


Heather Bristol is a medium/animal communicator in central Florida. After our daughter’s cat, Piper, died suddenly and unexpectedly, Megan had a reading with her that greatly eased her grief about Piper’s death. After our Golden Retriever, Noah, died last month, I had a reading with Heather and was stunned. I’ve since recommended Heather to everyone I know who has lost a beloved pet.

Our friend Melissa, lost her cat, Star, last year (at the age of 20), and had some questions about one of her mother’s cats, Gwen, who has cancer in one of her legs. Here’s Melissa’s experience:

“ I sent Heather a picture of Guinevere, the kitty with cancer at my mom’s, and told her about Star…With Gwen, long story short, she pinpointed the health problem without my telling her and then said it might be time to help her along. She told me amputation would kill Gwen, and that is what I had wanted to do, amputate her leg and bring her home. She said it was a nice idea but it wouldn’t work so I should let it go and feel relieved.

“With Star, she said she is always around me and the signs I see are real. And that the ghost kitty I see is her. Heather said if I tell her hello when I see her she’ll come around more because it’s hard for her to make herself appear to us like that. Takes a lot of energy. She will be back as a grey and white kitten, and I’ll know. But not yet, she’s not been born so it’s not just any grey and white kitten. Right now Star is playing and chasing things and catching them. And she kept feeling something tapping on her lap. Star used to do this, Heather said, when she wanted to be on my lap, and she still wats to sit on my lap.”

“Star likes to be in the physical and she’s been with me before. Heather mentioned a black and white cat that Kathy (Adams, Cassadaga) also mentioned. We had one when I was a kid. But she warned me that the next time I have her it will be short… Then Heather was flooded by a million cats, a legion of cats, and wanted to know if I’d had a lot of cats. Ha! You have no idea, I said.

Melissa’s grandmother, who passed several years ago, “bossed” her way into the reading. “Nana cut off the kitties and said, ‘We’re doing this now…’ And wagged her finger at Heather and blew kisses, saying her bossy behavior was out of love. Nana said I need to find her recipes and get them out of Mom’s house because they’ll get lost. And they can’t get lost.

“At one point, Nana butted in again and told me to buy a brownstone and that I better be able to afford it. And to take time to look inward and reflect when I travel because I am always too busy busy busy. Even if it is for five minutes a day in the shower — and that happens to be when I talk to Nana and Star the most.

“Then Nana was telling me to take care of myself. And she kept yelling about some damn potato recipe and we couldn’t figure out why these potatoes were so important other than it was something she made every holiday. I tried to make these potatoes, but her recipes aren’t really easy to follow. Then Heather got quiet and after a few moments said she’d figured the potato recipe. Heather is so positive I’m an empath and have abilities that my guides are going to help me learn to use the abilities. When I make this recipe I need to ask for help and I will hear them.

“I laughed, like the field of dreams but not a baseball field, potatoes au gratin.”

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8 Responses to Melissa and the Animal Communicator

  1. Darren B says:

    Jeffery Mishlove at his ‘New Thinking Allowed’ show just interviewed a vet about animal communicating in a You Tube at this link –

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Thanks for the link, Daz! I’ll take a look. Mishlove is always interesting.

  2. Jo A Walstedt says:

    What a great experience to read when someone, such as myself, has recently lost a pet….a black cat. What a coincidence. because today when I was driving out of the driveway and saw a slim, black cat so much like my Katie that I backed up the car to catch a closer view. She looked just like her!!

  3. DJan says:

    I loved reading this, Trish, realizing that our beloved companions are not really gone from us. Thank you for giving me such a sweet story about Nana today, too. Sending you lots of love. 🙂

  4. Melissa says:

    You know this was posted on 5/6…that equals 11. Did you do that on purpose?

    • Trish and Rob says:

      No, it wasn’t intentional! She’s still talking, Melissa!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Here’s a weird thing. I saw your comment when I first got up and thought you meant I had posted this before. Then I noticed today’s date.