Trump and Full Moon in Libra

This full moon in Libra on April 19 has some problems.Thanks to a challenging angle from disciplinarian Saturn, and powerful Pluto, there’s a lot of tension in the air. People can’t seem to agree on much of anything. And the stakes here, in a global sense, are big.
Today, April 18, the attorney general, William Barr, is scheduled for a press conference BEFORE he releases the redacted Muller report. Rod Rosenstein will supposedly be there, too, but Mueller – whose team spent 22 months investigating trump – will be conspicuously absent.

During the Iran Contra coverups in the Reagan administration, Barr was also AG. He suppressed a DOJ opinion on Iran Contra and gave an inaccurate summary in its place. Years later, it was finally disclosed that he falsely represented the opinions conclusions. Now here he is again, after publishing a 19-page, unsolicited memo before his nomination about why a sitting president can’t be indicted. That was his job pitch and trump grabbed it.

Right now, Pluto and Saturn are closely conjunct – within 3 degrees of each other. Saturn represents structures within our physical reality and Pluto represents power. Capricorn represents government, our existing paradigm. Pluto possesses the power to knock those structures flat.

When we put trump’s natal chart up against the full moon chart, two things leap out. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is happening in his 5th house — creativity, romance and love, children, fun and pleasure – so he and his team are finding creative ways to shape the narrative about the report. Here’s what you, the public, should think about this report. Trump is exonerated – no collusion, no obstruction to justice. But if that’s true why not release a fully unredacted report to Congress and the American public?


Given the 5th house, trump’s kids (5th house) may be part of the obstruction. With transiting Mars hitting his natal Uranus, trump will be combative. Watch for his twitter feeds. Transiting Jupiter is three degrees past a conjunction with trump’s Sagittarius moon, so his lies are swelling, expanding, becoming grandiose schematics of the reality in which he lives.

In his 9th house – world view, spirituality, law and courts- he’s got the transiting Sun in Aries and transiting Uranus in Taurus at 2 degrees. Unexpected events and situations are triggering a kind of subdued panic in him.

He and his team may battle for control of the narrative for a couple of days, but because full moons tend to illuminate what’s hidden, the unredacted report will reach the media and the public at some point.Then we’ll see if the dems have the guts to start impeachment proceedings.

I’m not sure what house indicates impeachment, but suspect it’s 9, which rules government generally. And with Uranus in Taurus transiting that area of trump’s chart, there are going to be sudden and unforeseen events coming at him. Will any of it be enough to topple him?

We’ll see.

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11 Responses to Trump and Full Moon in Libra

  1. Janet says:

    I really enjoy your books, but wish you would stay out of politics. The redacted report includes people who were accused by Mueller and company who were not charged.

    Don’t you realize the whole Russia collusion was made up by DOJ and the FBI with the help of the Clinton campaign and Obama administration? That is where the criminality occurred. Why don’t you watch something other than CNN and MSNBC and get the other side?

    • Trish and Rob says:

      The other side is part of Trump’s lie machine. However, there are a couple of Fox News anchors who at times tell the truth about Trump. Therefore, they are called ‘liberals.’ Sorry but the truth tends to have a liberal bias.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Why would you say the DOJ made up the connection between the Trump campaign and Russia when all the evidence says just the opposite? You’re just spouting a crazy right wing conspiracy theory that has no basis in the truth. Period. Full stop.

  2. Carlos says:

    The beginning of the end?

    • Trish and Rob says:

      The report opens up a lot of possibilities.It looks as if Mueller has laid out a blueprint for Congress to take up obstruction of justice.