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Here’s an article we wrote for Unknown Country in 2015. I don’t think we ever posted it here. If we did, well, here it is again.

Weekender: When the Unlikely and the Unbelievable Collide

In the aftermath of an early morning UFO encounter in his back yard that ended with both he and his wife losing consciousness, Charles Fontaine was haunted by a series of strange coincidences and paranormal experiences. Even though he rarely read books outside of his field in aeronautics, he went to a bookstore in a Montreal mall and picked up one book, the French edition of The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity.

He began reading it at home in rural Quebec and as he reached the second chapter, he paused and Googled the phrase ‘synchronicity and UFOs.’ That led him right into another synchronicity, an image on a blog that showed a hovering UFO beaming light to the ground, similar to what he had experienced. Looking more closely, he realized he was on a synchronicity blog written by the authors of the book he was reading.That was when he knew he had to contact the authors, and that was how we met Charles Fontaine, who became a central figure in our book, Aliens in the Backyard: UFOS, Abductions & Synchronicity.

Since Carl Jung first wrote about his concept of synchronicity in 1949, in the introduction to Richard Wilhelm’s edition of the I Ching, the word – the concept – seems to have reached a tipping point. If you Google the word, nearly 6 million links appear. And yet, twenty years ago, even ten years ago, if you mentioned this word in the company of strangers, you got a lot of weird looks.

A synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. As Jung defined it, it’s the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that is meaningful to the person who experiences it and can’t be explained by cause and effect. In its simplest form, you’re thinking of your college roommate, with whom you lost touch twenty years ago, and that very day you receive a friend request from that person on Facebook. In its more complex forms, it blows your head wide open and turns your life inside out like a dirty sock.

It’s an intricate component of the visitor/abduction experience, of afterlife communication, and may be the phenomenon that actually links the two. It seems to exist along the border of what quantum physicist David Bohm called the implicate or enfolded order of existence and the explicate order, what we perceive in our daily lives. It may be our most direct experience of who we are as individuals, as a species, a human collective. It manifests itself at juncture points in our lives – birth or death, marriage or divorce, a move, a change in financial status, an illness, any transitional point. It’s often a wakeup call that shakes us out of our established routines and rigid ways of thinking.

Sometimes, there’s a trickster component to a synchro, where the universe seems to be laughing at us, poking fun at us, whispering Ha-ha, gotcha on that one huh?The paranormal is often involved in synchronicity. In fact, phenomena like telepathy, precognition, remote viewing, telekinesis, retrocognition, and time displacement fall under the umbrella of synchronicity.It sometimes occurs in clusters, where the same songs, numbers, books, names, objects, or place occur repeatedly in a matter of hours or days. Jung believed this meant an archetype had become active in your unconscious and would continue until you got the message.

It often occurs in heightened periods of creativity. Several writers tap into the same story line and plot. Inventors and scientific researchers come up with simultaneous discoveries.When it appears in politics or in mass events – like 911, the Boston Marathon bombing, the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 -there’s often a trickster element involved, an in your face component that’s hard to ignore. When it manifests itself in tragedies the media seizes upon, synchronicity is often embedded somewhere in the story line.

Not all synchros are biggies. Many are small but so personally significant that they change the way we see the world and ourselves within that world. These synchros act as confirmations, guides, or startle us enough to take a deeper look. They are comforting allies in our journey through life. Some involve animals as messengers. Some unfold over a period of weeks, months, even years. The thing about synchronicity is that the sky is the limit and the only thing holding us back is how willing we are to expand our own consciousness.

Synchronicity is an equal opportunity experiencer. It doesn’t care about your social or financial status, your religious or political beliefs, your ethnicity and parentage, your age, gender, skin color, profession, education, or marital status. It doesn’t even care if you’re a diehard skeptic. It happens. And whether you acknowledge it or not is the key. Awareness is pivotal.

Where do you fall in this vast spectrum?


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6 Responses to Synchronicity & UFOs

  1. natalie Thomas says:

    I agree that it is not an easy ride here, Nancy.
    Yes Trish, please help me. Any input would be appreciated.
    So…. it’s a long story. The gist of it is – whenever i get a message from a medium or a psychic, it turns out to be complete BS. This has rattled me, because I have spent the last 30 years training in the mediumship field. I have also completely lost my ability. I haven’t worked for ages now, due to lack of trust and a constant barrage of serious health issues. The latest being a suspected growth on my brain. More tests to follow.
    In September of 2017, I was recovering from the four operations I had that year, when suddenly my little Archie (my dog and absolute best buddy) suddenly developed a neurological condition and died screaming as he was put down. After 4 ops, then to be traumatised like that – I was a mess. Our house was troubled by a rat plague, fires and floods, plus poisoning from the local airbase. Spirit was badgering me in my ear to move. Or was it my Higher Self? I don’t know. So we fixed what we could and put the house up for sale(complete with dead rat smell coming from under the bathroom).
    The only interested buyer was someone I was adamant I didn’t want to sell the house to. The only other option were the neighbours we suspected of hurting our dog. No choice. We also didn’t get what it was worth. I was led by synchronicity and messages from mediums to the area where we now live. It is geographically very pretty, but it is a very dark, crime ridden place. We got the neighbours from hell. drug dealing, weapon making violence…. the whole bit. They decided they hated me and set about a victimisation campaign that lasted for 11 months and 3 days until the sheriff removed them on May 7th. Part of their tactic was aiming weapons at me, throwing lumps of metal, wood, aiming bows and arrows, threatening me with a chain saw, and worst of all trying to kill me through smoke inhalation as I am asthmatic and have auto immune disease. Through all this my husband refused to stand up and support me.
    The builder doing our renovation was a friend (NOT) screwed us over , damaged our property, and left us to sleep on cement floors and no money left to finish what we have started. Again husband did nothing.We can’t sell the house in it’s current state, nor can we afford to move. We have no money to fix our health or our cars and I have been a nervous wreck trying to deal with it all and now my many health issues have worsened. On top of that, I now don’t believe anything that is in my head or is being told to me by my so called spirit helpers. A complete loss of faith.
    I was nudged to rescue Archie only to lose him 18 months later. I was led to the surgeon who botched my operation on my jaw and has left me in discomfort and toothless for life. No transplant can be performed now. I was led to this house next to the criminals . I was led to a meditation class where a long time friend turned on me when I tried to tell him what was happening for me. 25 year friendship over in 10 minutes. I feel I am being led by synchronicities and spirit guides into destruction.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      I sent a link to this to a psychic friend. I don’t think you’re being “led” into destruction, Nat. Maybe it’s just that wrong choices were made, wrong people were trusted. I honestly don’t believe that synchronicity “leads” us in the sense you’re describing, into a terrible darkness. Hang in there.

  2. natalie Thomas says:

    I have always had a very , very happy relationship with synchronicity, until a few years ago. I have come to dread the number clusters and the songs, number plates, messages from people, animals etc etc. I literally dread them now. It is now so bad that I can no longer trust my own higher self, or any feelings I may have about a situation. I feel like I am being tricked and betrayed by the synchronicities / spirit contact that was up until now, my life and my life’s work. I am writing this to open up a discussion maybe, to connect with someone else who may have had this experience…. I don’t know. I recently met a hynotherapist who trained among the English mediums I have trained under, so I trust him. He says it is a case of a karmic time that is HUGE and that only the strongest Lights would have undertaken a journey such as mine. He says I will only understand when I get to the Other Side.
    I am finding it difficult to believe this, as I am in a very, very dark place and surrounded by darkness. He said I was led to the darkness to bring Light, but instead it has swallowed me up.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Wow, Nat. I would have a tough time believing something like that about you, your soul. I think this medium may have been tuned into something dark to say that to you. I don’t buy it. The idea that anyone is led into darkness in order to bring light is like saying you absolutely must suffer as an artist/writer/creative in order to stoke the creative fires. It’s bullshit. I would like to send this to a psychic we know and see what she thinks.

      Synchronicities tend to occur more frequently for people who are aware. Clusters, songs, all the manifestations of synchros, may just be part of your psychic ability. What have they been associated with? Illness? Death? Bad stuff? How does this tie into you being tricked by synchros and spirit contacts? Not clear.

      Hope someone else picks up on this with some insights for you.

  3. Nancy says:

    Great post. I felt “something was up” with my husband about 6 months before he was diagnosed. Some little “flucuation in the field.” I knew it was about him, and that it had to do with me not growing. We were in a very comfortable time in our life and marriage. I tried to counter it with positive thoughts, affirmations, etc., but to no avail. What was coming was coming. It was definitely something that shook me, and has kept me, out of my comfort zone. Complacency is no longer the name of the game.

    So I wonder, was it precognition? Was it synchronicity, in that I have noticed 11:11 for several years now? Or did my higher self try to warn me that I needed to keep growing, that it was imperative to NOT become complacent, or a “shoe would drop.”?

    I once heard someone say in an interview that the reason we come back for another round from the afterlife is because it is too easy. We miss the adventure, drama, excitement, fear, grief, polarity of this world. Maybe when we should really pay attention is when life is too easy, when we’re a little bored because everything is going so well. Maybe complacency is an archetype trigger for some people. We’re here at a very unique time in the cycle of the cosmos, maybe it’s not meant to be too easy.