Yuck! Cigarette!

We recently saw Ester Hicks in Orlando. It was me, Trish and Megan and at least 1,000 others, who came to see Ester channel the non-physical entity Abraham.

Trish and Megan have gone to many of the Hicks-Abraham seminars over the years. It was my first, but I’ve seen DVDs and CDs and wasn’t surprised by anything I heard or saw happen as Abraham talked to people who were selected for the ‘hot seat’ on stage. A woman sitting nearby who has gone to many of the seminars mentioned that in the aftermath she often has psychic experiences.

I found that interesting and wondered if something of the kind would manifest for me. As it turned out a synchronicity unfolded that evening that unfolded for me, Trish and Megan as we watched the Netflix movie Roma at Megan’s house. Trish, a semi-closet smoker, asked Megan to pause the movie so she could go out of the back step for a cigarette break.

As Megan hit the pause button, I looked up the TV and pointed. The movie is in Spanish with English sub-titles and there  frozen on the screen was a sub-title that left us laughing. You can see it above: Yuck! Cigarette!

Synchronicity…and what were the chances of that happening? Even if you knew about that line, and none of us did, it would be literally impossible to capture it at that appropriate moment.


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9 Responses to Yuck! Cigarette!

  1. blah says:

    early spring 2017… finishing up my winter with bloodline north Broward… walking to beach with cousin… spoke of incident 3 decades plus back involving pack of Marlboro left under passenger seat of my car…. (spare the details) within seconds bicyclist (sidewalk federal highway) comes riding up from behind with grocery basket back of bike… Marlboro Sticker….

  2. Darren B says:

    I’m not into channelers, as I find them kinda creepy in the way that they won’t take responsibility for what THEY are ultimately saying, whether that is pulled from their subconscious, or just some BS persona they’ve made up, like a kid that is always blaming their imaginary friend for saying what they are saying.
    They remind me of that guy in the movie ‘Glass’ that has 23 personalities that come “through” him.
    Anyway, enough of my phobia with channelers.
    I liked the movie ‘Roma’ a lot and like your cigarette I found the movie a slow burn until the last half of the movie, but once it was finished I found it rather satisfying.
    I think this was the movie that should have won the “Best Picture” Oscar this year.

  3. lauren raine says:

    Wonderful synchronicity! I think indeed this is a bit of spirit contact and encouragement!

    Yesterday I had a bit of the same …… I’m getting ready to have a show in San Francisco, and posted the photographic invite and information on Facebook. I have a small following, but am by no means well known. For a living these days I run an AIRBNB, and the woman from Canada staying in one of my rooms stopped me yesterday morning to tell me that she had received an event notice from a friend of hers who is travelling in India. It was my show announcement!

  4. Maybe time to switch to a Juul?..(vape) lol

  5. Adele says:

    That’s a good one. Funny too. A message for Trish, don’t you think?
    I saw both the Hick’s in California, year sago when he was alive.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      The Hicks are fun! What were they like back then??

      • Adele says:

        That was at least 25 years ago. No details to recall – interesting. I just remember Ester talking about some tree house they had created – and lots of driving around for them.