Star, the Cat, and Spirit Contact

Our deceased animal buddies, just like our deceased loved ones, often contact us once they’re in spirit. Like with any such contact, though, we have to be aware, to believe that such contact is possible, and to be open to it.

In June 2018, Melisssa’s cat, Star had to be put down. She was nearly 21. When the vet went to their house to help her along, Melissa and John were playing an Azure Ray song, “November,” which was her favorite song and made her more comfortable. As Melissa explains, “She was asthmatic and had anxiety and we would put that record on and it would soothe her, sometimes on repeat in the middle of the night. She loved it a lot.”

“Six months to the day that she left us (she left 6/6/2018 and this happened on 12/6/2018), I was thinking about her and for some reason happened to google the Azure Ray site and noticed that there was going to be a show in Brooklyn. It was a sign from Star.  I think a Xmas ornament fell off the tree that evening – a star ornament, if I remember correctly.”

Usually, Melissa sees 11, like in the photo of Star above that’s her screen saver. And she saw it that afternoon when she learned about the Azure Ray concert at a small venue in Brooklyn. “So our cat sent us to a concert and on January 19, 2019, we went to the show.”

On the night of the show, the synchronicities began almost immediately. “When we arrived at the venue, I had to use the restroom, so I did. It’s one of those venues where people put stickers on the walls in the stalls and graffiti all over the place. The particular stall I chose had a giant ‘Melissa’ graffiti.A few minutes later, as I explored the venue, I found a 2011 penny on heads! After that, Jon told me that he had seen 11:11 on the microwave clock earlier that day.

“We then sat down for a beer and Stereolab came on the radio. I told Jon a story about a concert I went to years ago in Atlanta. Stereolab opened for Sonic Youth. The song ended and the next that played was Sonic Youth.

“Before the band went on, I had to use the restroom one more time, so I went to another bathroom in another part of the venue. Inside the random stall I looked up at the door and ssw a sticker for my  Kat’s non-profit. This may be a stretch synchro. We both live in Brooklyn and she had  been to this venue, but I still think it is significant because Kat was one of the few people that Star really liked and Kat would often watch her when we went out of town.

“A few days before the concert, I did message the band and asked them to play their song, ‘November’, which is the song that we had playing when Star left us. It was her favorite song and her favorite band.

“When the band came out, Jon reached in his pocket. He had brought one of Star’s toys with him to the show.

They did play the song and I cried the whole time.

At the end of the night, as I was going home, I looked at my phone. 11:11 PM.

And just to close this out…the next morning, I was reading about the two girls in the band  to see which one was which and guess what the debut solo album of one of them is called? “11:11”

It is also worth mentioning that about a week before this concert, Jon and I had almost the same exact dream. I saw an 11:11 that morning and he woke up at about that time as well. The dream was about Star. I could see and feel her. Our dreams were very, very similar.

“Also worth mentioning I see 11s ALL THE TIME, so much in fact, that I’ve started taking pictures and screenshots when I do, and try to document what happened that day and around seeing the 11s.”

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12 Responses to Star, the Cat, and Spirit Contact

  1. Melissa says:

    It was a pretty magical experience.

  2. Darren B says:

    I listened to this podcast this morning –
    The Spiritual Life of Animals with Elena Mannes
    Although it was more about dogs than cats.
    I’m more of a cat person myself.

  3. DJan says:

    I’m an 11 person, too. I see them everywhere. I look for them because they make me feel better about life, for some reason. I love this story about Star. Thank you for sharing it.