Synchros greet the New Year

Here are a couple of celebrity-related synchronicities that I heard as the new year began. Anderson Cooper told this one while he hosted CNN’s New Year’s Eve party at Times Square with comedian Andy Cohen. At an earlier appearance with Cohen, the comedian has surprised Anderson by putting up a photo of Anderson from his boyhood modeling days. That’s 10-year-old Anderson on the left above.

That photo appearing on the television screen at that moment was a very meaningful coincidence for a couple watching the show. So meaningful that they wrote Cooper who was so stunned by the story that he related it somewhat awkwardly at the New Year’s Eve, and showed the photo again.

The couple had been talking about their son, who had died exactly one year earlier. I don’t recall if Anderson mentioned the cause of death. The couple turned on the television to see  Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen and suddenly the old modeling photo flashed on the screen. There in the middle was their deceased son, who had been a child model. It almost appears as if he’s waving and greeting parents across time.

For us, it was an example of spirit contact, which happens in many unusual ways, including such “media appearances.” . It was similar to a story we had recently heard of a deceased loved one appearing on a History Channel World War II documentary at a significant moment related to his life. Trish has written about this story.

Here’s the second celebrity synchro. I heard this one on NPR while driving at the noon hour on January 3. It was told in an interview with Adam McKay, the writer and director of the movie VICE about Dick Cheney. Part of the story about Cheney’s life dealt with his numerous (at least five) heart attacks prior to receiving a new heart. A few days after filming was completed and the editing process was beginning, McKay not only had his own heart attack, but a comment about heart attacks made during the filming by Christian Bale, who played Cheney, might’ve save his life. Here’s how McKay related the story on NPR:

“We had just finished filming, I think we had wrapped for about a week, and … I just realized I was not in the best shape. I put on weight during the movie. I was foolish enough to continue smoking … and I didn’t feel good. …

“I was working out [with] my trainer and in the middle of it my hands started tingling and my stomach felt queasy. Those aren’t normally symptoms you think of with a heart attack. You usually think of pain in the chest, in the arm. So I told my trainer, ‘I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m just tired. This is just weird.’ And he left, and as soon as he left I remembered the heart attack scene we shot with Bale when Cheney was running for Congress in Wyoming in the late ’70s and Bale asked me, ‘How do you want to do the heart attack? Do you want it to be a pain in the arm? The chest?” He goes, ‘I could also do the queasy stomach. That’s really common.’

“And so that moment just flashback to me while I was sitting on the couch and I went, ‘Holy Lord!’ and I ran upstairs … and I just downed four baby aspirin and called 911. … The doctor said, “Because you acted so quickly you have no damage to your heart.” … So I called Christian Bale a week later and I said, “Either you or Dick Cheney just saved my life.”


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  1. Trish says:

    This one care from Shelley Rose May o n facebook. It’s a good one!

    Shelley Rose May Cool story.❤️ I remember a story my late mom told me about a friend of the family. Her mom passed away and one day after her mom had already passed a friend of her mom’s called to speak with her and shocked to hear she had died. The weird thing was this friend had just spoke to her mom the day before when she had already passed. This friend later confirmed that her late mother had indeed called her as her cell number was on her phone even though it had been turned off in her mom’s dresser drawer in her bedroom since her passing.