F/L Steve Straub [left- American] cleans his German Luger pistol as P/O Whitehead
and F/L Dagwood Phillips take instructions, late October 1944.

Here’s another story from the dog park – and it’s not about dogs.

Several days after Judy’s husband passed on, her mother, Margaret, also died. But the synchronicity/spirit contact  connected to her death is one of the most powerful I’ve ever heard.

Margaret was in a nursing home in Canada, where both Judy and her niece, Jennifer, were. Jennifer was at home, preparing to return to the facility to be with her grandmother, Judy’s mom. Her TV was on, tuned to HBO, which was showing a documentary about WWII. Suddenly, on the screen, Jennifer saw her grandfather, Robert Dulmage Phillip, walking across the screen in uniform, waving at the cameraman. That’s him on the right side of the photo. (He died in 2011)

Shocked, she realized – at some level – that her grandmother was about to pass and that her husband was coming for her. She and Judy quickly returned to the facility and were there when Margaret died less than an hour later.

Judy’s dad flew for the RCAF in WWII. His nickname was Dagwood and he flew a Spitfire called Blondie. But no one in the family knew he’d been in a documentary. They wrote to HBO and asked for that particular clip of the documentary and received it.

This sort of spirit contact really illustrates synchronicity in action. What are the odds that within an hour or less of when Judy’s mom would pass, her niece would happen to see her grandfather in a documentary no one knew he’d been in? These kinds of synchronicities and spirit contact, the ones you understand viscerally and immediately, usually involve staggering odds.

I did some research, searching for RCAF pilots named Dagwood Phillip, and found a treasure trove of photos and facts here. He’s usually identified as R.D. Phillip.

The site also included Dagwood’s obituary. Fascinating man.

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  1. CJ says:

    Love this story! Just sent a comment on your Capricorn post re January 5, but it didn’t go thru. It’s brief. May be in spam?

  2. Vivian Ortiz says:

    Just proved what I believe that a close friend or relative will come to get me when its time to go. Soothing for me this story.

  3. Trish says:

    from Queenie Bee on facebook:

    Queenie Bee: So amazing.

  4. Trish says:

    From Sharon Catley on Facebook:
    Sharon Catley: Love to hear about These experiences. Thanks for posting.

  5. lauren raine says:

    Wow, what a story! Thanks for sharing!