The Solar Eclipse and Politics

For those of you interested in politics, the solar eclipse on January 5 in Capricorn looks ominous for trump. But then again to keep this in perspective, I’ve felt that same thing a number of times in the last two years. However, given where we are with the recent Mueller reports, this one strikes me as a major blow to his reality bubble.

Capricorn and Saturn, its ruler, are representative of government, authority, power and, oddly, Saturn rules the Democrats. With the new Congress and Dems in the majority in the house, trump is going  to be held accountable. Since all this Capricorn stuff falls in his 5th house of love, romance, creativity, and kids, the first thing that’s going to bite him is the payoff $ to the women with whom he allegedly had affairs. His long-time attorney, Michael Cohen, already pled guilty to campaign finance violations in that regard. There may well be another woman (or other women) out there who come forward.

Trump’s kids – in particular Don Jr. and Ivanka – may be hit with implications or indictments. Jared may be hit, too, given Uranus in the final degrees of Aries in his 9th house, which also represents in-laws. In trump’s natal 5th house (the inner circle) he has one point – Vx. It’s called the Vertex and addresses agreements we made before we were born. Given the house placement and sign, the agreement for trump apparently involved children and power, romance and love. On the day of the eclipse, Pluto in Capricorn at 20 degrees is hitting his 22 degree Vertex in Capricorn. The literal translation for this is a power struggle. The shit may hit the fan. 

So, we’ll see. 

On the 4th, there will be a post going up about how this eclipse may affect the rest of us.

Take a look at what astrologer Alex Miller has to say about the 116th Congress and trump. Alex’s specialty is asteroids.

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6 Responses to The Solar Eclipse and Politics

  1. Debra Page says:

    Thanks, Trish!

  2. Sheila Joshi says:

    I hope, I hope, I hope! Thanks for the political horoscope. Just for the record, considering that there are myriad ways DT’s presidency could end early, I have always leaned intuitively toward the last straw being something to do with abuse of a woman. Here’s to healing for our nation in 2019!

  3. Melissa says:

    I hope the shit hits the fan for them.