Ivanka’s Premonition

Senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump faces a House investigation into her alleged use of a personal email account for government business. You would think she would’ve been more careful, considering that Hillary’s use of private email as secretary of state was the crowning issue for Trump in the 2016 election. Not only that but Ivanka wrote a book nine years ago warning readers about the danger of communicating by emails. Very prophetic.

Just to review the supposed danger of Hillary’s use of private emails, in October, 2016 Trump said: “We can’t have a president who is under criminal investigation.” That was also quite prophetic. Prophecy runs in the family, I guess. Along with arrogance and a sense of entitlement.

Now that  the Democrats took over the House in the mid-terms we might see what those emails hold when the House gets into session after the first of the year.

In her 2009 book, The Trump Card: Playing To Win In Work And Life, Ivanka wrote: “My friend Andrew Cuomo, New York’s great attorney general (who is now Governor of New York), tells me that e-mail is the key to prosecuting just about everyone these days.”

She added that people “can be so incredibly slapdash with their electronic messages, as if they were some modern version of smoke signals that can disappear without a trace.” But it was “just the opposite,” she noted. “E-mail correspondence can be retrieved in perpetuity, so there’s no hiding from what you’ve written in haste or just hoping it goes away.”

Russia, if you’ve got Ivanka’s emails….

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26 Responses to Ivanka’s Premonition

  1. bh says:

    I’m not going to defend Ivanka’s use of a personal email account to conduct government business. If true (and that has not yet been established at this point in time), then shame on her and she should have known better, especially in light of the president’s stance on the issue. But it’s not a crime.

    See, here’s the difference: Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State. Her security clearance was the highest level there is, and she not only had access to highly classified information, but she used her private email server to send and receive some of that highly classified information. That is a crime. And she was given the opportunity to delete any emails she didn’t want the FBI to see, and BleachBit the server before turning over the remaining emails to them during the early phase of the investigation (and stunningly, she still failed to properly secure the classified material, even during that process!). The issue is that Hillary Clinton was treated differently from the “regular people” throughout that investigation. Do you know what would happen to me if I were suspected of emailing classified material through a private email server? The FBI would bang on my door at 4 in the morning, show me a warrant, and physically take possession of my server. Why didn’t that happen in Hillary Clinton’s case?

    Ivanka’s security clearance isn’t all that high (mine is probably higher than hers, tbh). She has access to some low-level classified information, but I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that she used her private email account (or any other account, for that matter) to transmit anything classified. Show me evidence to the contrary, and I’ll be first in line to call for her arrest and prosecution. Otherwise, there really isn’t much to the story – unless, of course, you consider virtually anything that paints the Trump administration in a negative light to be a huge story – as the media wing of the Democrat party does.

    So feel free to poke fun at Ivanka’s use of a private email account to conduct government business. I wholeheartedly agree that it was incredibly stupid and short-sighted of her, given the optics. But to suggest any kind of equivalence between Hillary’s email use and Ivanka’s is just silly.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Ivanka’s actions disproved your premise. No FBI agents knocked on her door at 4 in the morning. But it’s always nice to hear from a Trump family apologist, repeatedly saying ‘show me the evidence.’ There’s a lot to apologize for, too. We will keep you busy, BH. Try this one: Trump attacks women and children at the border grouping everyone seeking asylum as bad players, ready to fight. He’s itching for soldiers to fire on them to create an incident that will rev his base. Meanwhile, he bows down to the real enemies—the ones with power, the crown prince murderer of Saudi Arabia and the serial killer Putin. Of course, you will say where’s the evidence. The tact of the apologist. Go to it.

      • bh says:

        The first two sentences of your reply indicate a lack of reading comprehension.

        I don’t understand what the rest of your reply has to do with Ivanka’s emails, and none of it has any basis in reality, so I’ll let that nonsensical rambling speak for itself.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      What’s silly is your contention that nothing is proven about Ivanka, but the Justice Department has all the goods on Hillary, but won’t act. Recall that Hillary underwent an 11-hour interrogation in Congress and nothing came of it. What party is in charge of all both chambers of Congress and the presidency? If it was as signed, sealed, and delivered regarding Hillary’s criminality as you suggest, she would be in jail now. You’re just spouting right-wing fanatic talking points. On the other side of the coin, my guess is that Mueller will eventually issue a sealed indictment against Trump, and the day after is out of of the presidency the indictment will be unsealed and Trump will spend that rest of his life in court, and probably in prison.

      • bh says:

        But that’s just it – the “goods” on Hillary can never be obtained, because her server was wiped clean before the FBI ever got their hands on it. And the laptops and phones used by her and her aids were physically destroyed – some before the FBI ever got to see them – and others by the FBI itself after the “completion” of the investigation. Which anyone with any experience in law enforcement would tell you is a violation of RULE #1. You never ever destroy evidence, because cases can always be reopened if new information becomes available. That’s why the FBI maintains entire warehouses for storing and archiving vast amounts of evidence from long-ago solved and unsolved cases. Why were so many evidence-handling exceptions made in this case? These are not “right wing fanatic talking points.” This is all documented in the Inspector General’s report on the Clinton investigation. The report is 500 pages long, and I’ve read the whole thing. Have you?

        But none of that changes anything with regard to Ivanka. I have yet to see anyone credibly suggest that there was anything classified in any of her emails. Lacking that, what crime has she committed? There are public record requirements, but as long as her emails are archived (and all reports so far indicate that they are), she will have no trouble complying with those. And even if not, we’re talking about the legal equivalent of a speeding ticket in terms of “criminality” there.

        So I stand by my original statement that it’s silly to try to equate Ivanka’s email use to Hillary’s. That still doesn’t make it any less stupid of her, though, even if only for the optics.

        • Trish and Rob says:

          Nice Trumpie apologist work.

        • Trish and Rob says:

          As Ivanka says in her book, email is never destroyed.

        • Trish and Rob says:

          Oh, you read all 500 pages. And have you read about the State of New York’s investigation into the Trump Foundation? Not a word about that from you. Why are you so interested in going after a failed political candidate when the current WH occupant is clearly demented, a chronic liar, a man who rejects his own administration’s climate change report, a man who everyday threatens the stability of the Free World, who sides with dictators over allies, a man who is facing numerous civil and criminal investigations, a con man endangering our democracy? Seems you’re following a shallow view of reality, looking backward rather than forward, more concerned about payback than recognizing the monster in the room.

          • bh says:

            Umm…wow… [scratches head]

            MSNBC has really messed you up, hasn’t it. You should maybe consider finding a more reliable source of information.

            And just FYI, I’m not interested in “going after” anybody. You brought up Hillary, not me. I was just responding to your assertion. I couldn’t possibly care less what Hillary Clinton does with the rest of her life.

            And you’re talking (ranting?) to yourself again. I think that’s weird. Do you do that in real life too, or just online?

      • Trish and Rob says:

        You are right about one thing, BH. Ivanka is no Hillary, who has been a First Lady, a senator, and a Secretary of State. Ivanka has zero political experience. She sold purses before b coming a top adviser to the president. It’s unadulterated nepotism, which is a no-no in government and will no doubt be investigated by the Dems in the House. Btw, in spite of your claim to the contrary, it was a blue wav, the largest turn around in the House in 40 years. Facts are facts.

        • bh says:

          That would be a really short investigation, considering Ivanka’s salary is $0. You’d have to twist the definition of nepotism pretty hard to make it mean that.

          • Trish and Rob says:

            Ah, the Trumpie apologist at work. Nice. Bring it on. As for her zero income, think again. She’s making business deals on the side, making millions. Remember her deal with China.

        • bh says:

          I think it’s weird when you block my comments and keep talking to yourself.

          But at least it lets me know when I’ve won.

          • Trish and Rob says:

            They weren’t blocked. I just don’t go on the blog every 5 minutes to approve comments or delete spam.

          • Trish and Rob says:

            And just for the record, it WAS a blue wave – in the house.

            • Trish and Rob says:

              Americans are waking up to the lies. 53% voted for the Dems in the mid-term, 45% for Repubs. Remember how Trump promised to bring back coal mining and steel and the auto industry? A good campaign promise, but he knew he would never be able to fulfill it. Now GM closing plants, 15,000 workers out of jobs at Christmas. Not a good look, especially since Trump gave GM a huge tax cut.

  2. lauren raine says:

    Senior white house advisor, the daughter of the president, whose qualifications other than nepotism are that she is a handbag designer with a sweat shop in china. The president is a corrupt, ignorant, and crooked reality show star who runs casinos and golf courses. Our first lady is an Russian former porn star trophy wife whose qualifications are shopping. America has lost its mind and is being run by unqualified fools. I’m glad I’m in the UK for a while.

  3. Priscilla says:

    I love that ❤️