Election Day and a New Moon

So here we are, the night before election day in the midterm elections. 470 seats in Congress – 35 in the Senate, all 435 in the House – are up for election. The Republicans currently hold 51 seats in the Senate, the Dems hold 47 seats, and 2 seats are held by independents who caucus with the Dems. Then we’ve got governor races in 36 states. 26 of these are held by Repubs, 9 are held by Dems, one is held by an Independent. Incumbent governors are running for re-election in 20 states – 6 Democratic, 13 Republican, one independent.

Given that we’re two years into the trump administration and a congress controlled by Republicans – and all the chaos and divisiveness that has ensued- this midterm election may be one of the most important in years.

Will there by a blue wave or a red tide? Will the Dems win back the Senate? The House? Will we have another two years of an incompetent, lying, and divisive administration? I could go on and on here about the travesty of trump, but anyone who reads or watches even 5 minutes of news already knows the particulars.

If there’s a blue wave, we can expect a number of investigations into this administration, more charges from the Mueller probe, and impeachment proceedings against trump. If there’s a red tide, it’ll be bedlam as usual, with more of our rights being tossed out, with democracy becoming so frail that a constitutional crisis of some sort may collapse it altogether.

Shortly before the 2016 elections, I had a new astrology book out and one radio host asked who I thought would win the presidency. I had studied the respective charts and transits for Clinton and Trump and really didn’t like what I saw. Trump, like Obama in 2008, was about to enter his Jupiter return, a 12-year cycle that is usually lucky, prosperous, with expansive change. Right then, I felt that trump would win. But I didn’t trust myself to make these kinds of astrological predictions, so I went with the astrological consensus – the election belonged to Clinton.

People later called me on it. And hey, mea culpa. I failed to trust myself. Figuring out if there will be a blue wave or a red tide is a lot trickier. So I cast a chart for the day after the election, to see what the general mood might be. Interestingly, November 7 features a new moon in Scorpio (new beginnings, a new chapter, a new congress) and it occurs at 11:01 a.m. ET (or, according to some new moon sources, at 11:02 a.m.)

The moon represents, among other things, the collective. Since it’s a new moon, there’s a sense of optimism. Thanks to a beneficial angle from Neptune to this new moon, our collective idealism is highlighted. Jupiter, symbolic of luck, expansion, and synchronicity, is in the final degrees of Scorpio, getting ready to enter Sagittarius, the sign it rules, on November 9-10. It forms a powerful angle to the North Node in Cancer and to Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces. One possible interpretation of this grand trine is that wounds are healed in this election.

Uranus, symbolic of disruptions, abrupt and unforeseen events, has retrograded back into Aries and forms an exact 150 degree angle to Jupiter – a quincunx, which calls for adjustment. Uranus rules elections, electors, and electorates. It’s possible we won’t know  all the outcomes by the end of tonight, the 6th.

Capricorn, which rules government, sits on the Ascendant – the doorway of this chart, with the part of fortune exactly conjunct and Saturn, its ruler, also in Capricorn, just 5 degrees away. Mars, symbolic of action, forms a challenging angle to Jupiter and the North Node, and a beneficial angle to Uranus. I love the angle to Uranus, but the Mars angle to Jupiter and the North Node bother me. Jupiter: luck, expansion, synchronicity. North Node: the direction we would move toward in this life to evolve at every level.

While Uranus stirs up trouble during this election – disenfranchised voters, shenanigans behind the scenes, trump accusations of fake news and rigged elections – there’s hope here for a blue wave. Pluto, symbolic of profound transformation, forms a beneficial angle to this new moon. Saturn, which rules the Democratic party, is conjunct the ascendant in Capricorn, the sign that rules democracies and democratic government. Neptune, which also rules democracies, forms a beneficial angle to Pluto.

Since I’m hoping for a blue wave, I’m cautious about being biased in my interpretation. But the chart indicates profound change and a new chapter. And a shift in the power structure of Congress certainly would qualify as both.

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33 Responses to Election Day and a New Moon

  1. CJ says:

    Please help me understand, guys. When I was 18, I embarked on what became a lifetime spiritual journey. Between being wife, mother, medical practitioner, I never swerved off a parallel path seeking spiritual insights and concepts. There wasn’t space in my full life for politics, nor was I interested in that aspect of this country. Fairly early in my quest, I recognized that there is a vast chasm between the political worldview and the spiritual worldview. I also recognized quite early that the spiritual values that were ultimately becoming the core foundation of who and what I am could not exist alongside politics.

    It has no relativity to my essential Self, and for this reason I chose to stay outside the political arena. Certainly a sane person cannot exist in the USA without an awareness of what is happening. We do, however, and I truly have this conviction, an individual can make a choice to be a non-political entity and focus individual energies in more meaningful areas. (Belief leaves room for doubt; conviction does not.) It’s my conviction that a political involvement….a political party choice, per se, as in Democrat, Republican, or whatever….is not going to influence my Soul’s transition and determine the dimension it enters when I leave. Only the choices and decisions and actions I’ve made and taken will do that.

    I’m super-aware of the past incarnations (there are two),one of which was centuries ago in Japan, when I murdered women and children and my husband. It took me until THIS incarnation to be ready to resolve that awful Karma, and believe me, it’s been HARD, but I know in my Spirit I’ve resolved it. This is yet another reason for my being a pacifist, and resolving the Karma has left no space for politics. I will not accuse ANYONE for his or her political philosophies, but I don’t share them, which is why I refer to myself as a non-political entity. Hope this clarifies my circumstances with killing, with guns and other weapons, and with my choosing to keep those aspects out of my current life? Thanks for listening and understanding!

  2. CJ says:

    A necessary P.S. Several of the countless attacks were carried out by VEHICLES used as weapons of destruction. They are NOT guns. Several of the attacks were carried out by suicide bombers with bombs attached to their bodies. Those are NOT guns. If I actually believed that our lives are ruled by politics, why would we even bother to live? To embrace such pessimism would be intolerable to me, and I choose to not have that mind-set. I’m not as ostrich with my head in the sand. The moment I let politics become the focus of my every thought would be the end of me. And speaking of Laws….remember when the military DRAFT was active and young men had no choice but to go when called? Well, the Draft no longer exists. Joining the military is now a CHOICE made by an individual male or female. That is not political. Certainly the gov’t has departments that oversee various aspects of American life, the FDA being one of those, which regulates food and drug issues. The CDC, which, thank the gods, keeps watch over health issues. And of course the NRA. (Guns) There are others. But….not EVERY ASPECT in this country falls under a gov’t or political umbrella.
    To believe otherwise is limiting the freedoms that we DO have, and I won’t go there.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      You’ve misinterpreted what I said, Connie. I’m not saying that the gov’t rules everything. I’m saying that everything is political in one way or another – beliefs.

  3. CJ Cannon says:

    No. I do nor will I ever agree that everything in the United States of America is under the rulership umbrella of politics. Remember in the Constitution there is a stated amendment dividing Church and State. This can be twisted into a political situation, but it isn’t, and there are many areas of life in this country that are NOT ruled by politics. Much is, yes, but definitely not ALL. If this were true, America would be a Communist country, and it is not although some have tried to make it so.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      The division between church and state has been eroding for years, CJ. Abortion will be illegal soon with the supreme court we now have.

  4. CJ says:

    Support the NRA? Absolutely not. I am a pacifist and do not support killing of humans in ANY manner. I understand there are many who disagree with me, and I respect their right to disagree. However, I am an innate pacifist. Although not a Christian, as you know, the Commandment THOU SHALT NOT KILL is embedded within my very Soul. It doesn’t say “except in war; except in self-defense; except in capital punishment; on and on). My Dad had no choice but to carry a gun, against his will, in its case on his saddle, because he rode horseback in fields pastures, meadows where water moccasins and rattlesnakes and copperheads had lairs. His horse was once struck by a rattler before he could get the gun out. My father did not hunt, had no gun for hunting. My husband does not nor has he ever hunted although his mountain clan DOES hunt and he never joined them. Our sons do not hunt. Ron (deVasto) asked me one time what I would do if a murderer had a gun pointed at one of my children. I’m grateful I’ve never had cause to challenge that. He was of course in the Marines Special Forces, a sniper, and he now suffers horrible PTSD and nightmares because of the women and children in the villages he and his men destroyed. I understand that Law Enforcement personnel must carry. Nevertheless, although I may stand alone as a pacifist, I cannot intentionally support killing and am CERTAINLY NOT a supporter of the NRA! Where did you get that idea???

  5. CJ says:

    Please allow me to make some comments I’ve wanted….needed….to make for a long time. I am not a democrat, republican, conservative, liberal, left, right, or anything in-between. I chose, as an adult, to be non-political entity/citizen. Many will say that I am not a good American by avoiding the political arena, and I accept that but disagree.
    It seems the source of my political dis-engagement is relative to an incarnation my soul spent in Paris in the 1800s, during the French Revolution. I was a prolific female author using a male pseudonym because publishers wouldn’t publish work by female writers. I was intensely, deeply immersed in the political scene, and was subsequently arrested and spent two years in a Paris prison due to my very vocal political involvement. I’ve always assumed my distancing from politics in THIS life is the result of that. No way to prove it, however, but have solid reasons to sense its truth.

    Now, what DOES truly scare the beejeebies out of me and even occasionally brings me to tears of frustration and helplessness and grief, is the increasing heinous incidents
    of mass shootings….in schools, in churches, in work places, in entertainment venues …..the latest being the mass murder night before last in the bar where the first responder on the scene, a police officer, was shot dead, Twelve people were murdered, many more taken to hospitals. According to MSNBC and other news outlets, there have been no less than 307 such mass shootings in America in 2018. How many days do we have left this year? You do the math. These events cannot in any manner be blamed on our current political climate. They began before DJT was a blip on the radar, beginning when Obama was in the Oval Office. Nor is he to blame.The shooters are a diverse group from various genres….some are mentally ill, some are simply criminals, some are aligned with terrorists in enemy countries, some are home-grown terrorists, some are just angry at a person or persons where they carry out their
    killing sprees. What DOES disturb me is that there is such a litany of political “stuff”
    even here on this wonderful blog that I otherwise love and am so glad to be a part of ….the Syncho family….that the issues of the mass murders are not addressed. I don’t have any clue how they can be stopped, but could we spend at the very least some small bit of energy on these horrific and increasing incidents of the killings of innocent victims, and at the very least send THEM positive, loving, healing thoughts?
    THAT is where my personal energy is going. Just wanted and needed to clarify
    that, and hope everyone will join me. If I remember correctly, it pretty much began on a large scale in Columbine, and has increased exponentially since then. My heart aches for those who mourn; for those who lost dear ones, and I do know that even though they don’t know it, there could be millions of us turning our focus and energies toward their healing, at least….a little? Last night I saw a father drowning in tears because, as he wept so openly and tragically through his sobs, “My son, my first-born, is gone. I’ve lost my son!”, and I wept with him. I cannot imagine one of my sons caught in such a nightmare. Thank you for allowing me to speak.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      You support the NRA, right? You could start there, and look at how their idea is only more guns. They like large magazines that have no purpose other than to kill large numbers of people quickly. They like AR-15s and other military weapons in the hands of civilians. They want mentally ill people to continue to hold the right to buy guns. You might start there.

      • bh says:

        Did you even read what CJ wrote there? It’s not about the NRA. It’s not about the choice or availability of weapons. It’s not about laws or politics. It’s about the people who commit these acts, and the devastating effect on the victims and their families.

        Not everything is political, and not everything has a political solution.

        • Trish and Rob says:

          It’s about the availability of weapons, BH. And I disagree. Just about everything in life is political in some way – from the food you eat, to what you drink, to the health care you get.

  6. lauren raine says:

    a LOT of new blood has won, women who are native American, Muslim, black and Hispanic women………very encouraging! I am saddened, however, that the “blue wave” was not as profound as we thought, or that the Republican efforts to sabotage the voting count have been more successful than we thought. I would have like to see those corrupt, bigoted and misogynist men OUT of Congress. This country is being profoundly destabilized, I am praying that the new blood coming in will make a difference.

    • Sheila Joshi says:

      We have to keep working on the gerrymandering and the voter suppression.
      They played such a significant role in this election. More incoming Dems at the State level should help with that.

      Then there’s the foreign interference — we have to keep working against that.

      Fingers crossed for Sinema in AZ.

  7. bh says:

    Well, the “blue wave” turned out to be more of a blue splash. Kind of as expected. I don’t think there is nearly as much animus toward the president as some on the left want to think there is (and certainly less that what the media wants you to think there is). Once you get outside the bubble and talk to actual people, you realize this election wasn’t a referendum on Trump so much as a referendum on the direction of the country as a whole. And it’s about 50/50. Which we already knew.

    So now you have Nancy Pelosi leading your party, and we have Donald Trump leading ours. I don’t much like what that says about either side, to be honest. But with Trump at least you know what you’re getting.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      It actually turned out to be a rainbow. More than 100 women, native americans, gays, muslim, blacks, latinos. I’m not nuts about pelosi and hope the house chooses someone younger, new blood instead of old guard.

    • Rob MacGregor says:

      Exactly, we know what we are getting with Trump…lies and deceit. It was a referendum on whether we want to pursue a racist agenda that Trump has been hyping for weeks, or one that concerns regular people, ie health care, which the Republicans are continuing to shred and are now in court to make it easier for insurance companies to deny coverage of people with pre-existing conditions by making it so costly that average people can’t afford health care coverage. Do we want a country where it’s okay to separate children from their parents when they reach the border as they flee oppression, or do we want a country that wants a humane border policy where the military doesn’t shoot kids throwing rocks, as Trump said would be a good idea. The man is only going to get worse in his demagoguery and insane tweets and racists ranting as the heat comes down on him.

      • bh says:

        Coverage for pre-exisiting conditions sounds great on paper, and in fact I have a pre-existing condition I’d love to have coverage for. Unfortunately it’s not realistic. Covering the pre-existing condition is going to cost money, and the insured person needs to pay more to have that coverage. Sometimes a lot more.

        Consider this scenario: Suppose I have a car, and I choose to drive it without insurance. I crash my car into a tree, then call up an insurance agent and try to buy insurance to cover the cost of the damage. Should I be able to do that? How is that different from getting medical coverage for a pre-existing condition? What about buying homeowner’s insurance the day after a hurricane blows your roof off? You pay more for homeowner’s insurance in Florida because hurricanes are a pre-existing condition for people who live there. Same thing.

        Pre-existing condition coverage without additional cost disincentivizes anyone from buying insurance until they need it. The entire insurance industry is built on the notion that some people will pay for insurance and rarely (or never) need it. That is, most people pay in more than they take out, which covers the cost of the ones who take out more than they paid in. Where does the money come from when 100 percent of the people putting money into the system end up taking out more than they put in?

        A better solution is to decouple medical insurance from your employer so you can take it with you when you change jobs, and let insurance companies compete for subscribers on costs and coverages.

        And please, please stop with the “separating children from their parents” nonsense. No one who comes into this country legally is getting their children taken away. The ones who climb the fence are getting put in jail until they can be processed and deported – and we don’t put children in jail with their parents. Are you suggesting that we should?

        • Trish and Rob says:

          A body isn’t quite the same thing as a car, BH. Or as a hurricane. Health care shouldn’t be in the business of profit. A better system would be to have some sort of universal coverage – medicare for all? – with people having the option for private insurance. Your idea about decoupling is fine for people who are employed by others. What about self-employed individuals?

          As for the kids at the border thing: the administration didn’t have much of a plan for reuniting kids with their parents when the parents were released or sent back to where they’d come from.

          • bh says:

            Healthcare is a for-profit endeavor, like it or not. I don’t like it either, but a hospital is a business – if they don’t make a profit they go under. Health insurance is also a business. Medicare for all? Give me an example of something the government runs that runs better and more efficiently than its private-sector alternative. Remember all the hoops you had to jump through with your insurance company to get your house fixed? Imagine if you had to deal with a government bureaucracy instead. Have you ever tried to fight with Medicare when they denied coverage? I have, on behalf of my mother, and it sucked. A government-run system removes all incentive to provide good service to their customers. Private companies competing for your business have that incentive. I’m all for the government providing subsidies or a low-cost alternative for people who can’t afford their own insurance, but a single-payer system would be a Huge Mistake.

            By decoupling health insurance from your employer, I’m talking about an open market, where you can buy coverage from any insurer you choose, with the types of coverage you want, at a price you can afford – just like car insurance. Let the insurance companies compete on price and coverage. Self-employed people can buy insurance just like everybody else because it isn’t tied to your job. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

    • Rob MacGregor says:

      Interesting that the day after the election the terror of the caravan vanished on FOX News and right-wing radio. No more FOX reporters at the border covering the non-existent caravan 24/7. Trump blew up when he was asked to defend the racist ad that his campaign put out and that was rejected or removed from all the networks and cable channels. Meanwhile, the military downgraded Operation Patriotic Defense, or whatever they were calling it, dropping the name. What a difference a day makes.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the chart and thoughts. I`m interested in the 29 degree square of Uranus to the nodes, and inconjunct to Jupiter. Any intuitive idea what these critical angles foretell? Our karma and dharma to be wrung out by the Supreme Court?

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Uranus inconjunct Jupiter: dreams (11th house) must be “adjusted.” North Node is trine to Jupiter, though, so if this is addressing the supreme court, my sense is there’s hope. Perhaps kavanaugh isn’t permanent? Uranus also has the shock factor and I’d prefer to see it inconjunct than opposed or squared. .

  9. Sheila Joshi says:

    I’m so sorry about Gillum. I love him. I was crying listening to his concession. I think he would make a great US president.

    But we got the House. And Congressional oversight and investigation and ethics can finally be reborn. Nicole Wallace is slapping us upside the head reminding us this is an earthquake.

    We gained some Governors and we haven’t even heard about State Houses. Beto (sigh) helped resuscitate the Texas Dem Party .

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Half a blue wave! The house win is big! We haven’t heard the last of Gillum. He has an Obama charisma. Cautiously optimistic.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Definitely have the house. Over 100 women have won seats in the house. This is great!

  10. Adele says:

    How does this new Moon read in Trumps chart now?

    • Trish and Rob says:

      The new moon will fall in trunp’s 3rd house – communication. He may get more bombastic, scream about fake news more than usual etc. It depends on whether there’s a blue wave or a red tide.

  11. Sheila Joshi says:

    Thanks for the reading, Trish. As a Capricorn, I’m proud to share Saturn with the Dem Party. Ha ha!

    What makes me most hopeful is not only that there are polls favorable to the Dems, but as Steve Schmidt said last night — there’s massive early voting, involving massive numbers of voters who have never voted or don’t usually vote. 1) These people don’t show up in the polls, 2) they include tons of young voters, more women, and more people of color (tend Dem), and 3) historically, the more people who vote, the more likely the outcome is Dem.

    I have a very good feeling about this. I feel much less anxious than I did on 8 Nov 2016 — I didn’t consciously think HRC would lose, but my body sort of did — I was very anxious that day.

    But, even if we don’t get everything we want today, I’m positive we will make progress. Gillum looks solid — and wow he is grrrreat! And as DJan says, we will absolutely make it through another two years if necessary — if it has to be a “process” kind of thing, instead of a “turning point” kind of thing.


    • Trish and Rob says:

      I looked up the ruler of democrats – the “bible” in that sense is called the rulership book – and was surprised that saturn rules. I would think the repubs would be a better fit and that uranus would rule the dems.

    • Sheila Joshi says:

      NBC — In this election, 63% of people voting for the first time in a midterm are Dems.

      • Trish and Rob says:

        Sorry Sheila. I didn’t see this till now.

        Waiting – nervously- for Florida results. Both races too close to call

  12. DJan says:

    I too am hoping for a blue wave. It might happen, but if not, we will make it through if we stick together. Thanks for the optimism, Trish. It’s been very tough two years.

  13. Melissa says:

    I’m worried about your interpretation as well. I like what you’re seeing but that profound change and new chapter could be a complete red tide taking us even further into what I feel is the closest thing to a post-apocalyptic reality that I have ever known so far. We are living in a dystopian future. The ones I used to like to read about for fun.

  14. Nancy says:

    We can only hope. I’m not sure I can deal with another two years as tumultuous as the last two. Checks and balances.