September 19 & #137


On September 19, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill experienced an abduction that became one of the hallmarks of alien abductions in the 20th century.

What’s interesting about this date to me as an astrologer is that whenever I meet someone born on September 19, I take notice. Nancy Pickard, writer and friend since 1985, was the first person I’d met born on this date. At the time, I though it might be important, but didn’t know enough to figure out why. Nancy’s books have been enormously popular and a movie was made of her wonderful novel, The Scent of Rain and Lightning. Her books aren’t about aliens or anomalies or the strange stuff, but rather on the vagaries of the human heart, which obviously possess their own alien language.

Several years after Megan moved to Orlando, I did a chart for one of her close male friends, Ryan. Well, surprise, Ryan was also born on September 19. He’s as brilliant as Nancy is, but in a different way – with programming and computers rather than novels – and now works in San Francisco for a tech company, developing apps.

Two others people have come along since then, each with a particular skill or talent. This cluster has me wondering if there’s an archetypal energy to his date that ties back to the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill. Worldwide, there are probably millions of people born on this date. But I haven’t met millions. I have run across a cluster of 4 people with this birthdate. It’s the equivalent of meeting someone born on your own birthday, a synchronicity that speaks to an underlying archetypal energy.

The other thing I’m wondering concerns birth times. I’ve erected thousands of natal charts over the years, but have never encountered a 1:37 birth time. Maybe the odds are within norms, I don’t know. But I was struck by the birth time in a chart I recently did for a woman’s daughter.

We’ve written about this number before.  In quantum physics, it’s known as the DNA of light. For Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli, it was a riddle, a mystery, and ultimately, his nemesis.

For me, seeing 1:37 as the birth time suggests the individual is here to do something special, something that impacts others – the collective of humanity – in a major way. I feel this same thing when I do charts for people born at triple times – 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 etc. All of these numbers represent archetypes in the Jungian scheme of things and I probably need another few lifetimes to figure them out.

But if you know your time of birth and it’s 1:37 or any of those triple numbers like 1:11, 2:2 etc., let me know. Show me a picture of your birth certificate. In exchange, you’ll get a free natal chart interpretation.

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4 Responses to September 19 & #137

  1. Melissa says:

    Mama Cass was born on 9/19.

  2. Melissa says:

    I wasn’t born on 9/17 or at 1:37 or 1:11 or 2:22, etc. but I was born on 7/27 and you already know my situation with 1:11 and 11:11…but you may not know this, and it’s not completely related to your post, but I have a tattoo of ’27’ and it’s always been my favorite number. Maybe that’s the Leo in me, because its also my own birthday, but…my grandmother was born in 1927 and the last day I saw her alive with August 27th. My tattoo symbolizes me/my birthday/my favorite number, her birth year, the last day I ever saw her alive, and the tattoo is on a place on my body she was holding (my wrist) that last day, over a scar we were discussing. So, 27, which is my birthday has some strong significance to me.