New Moon in Virgo

September 9,  at 2:01 p.m. EDT, there’s a new moon in Virgo and there’s a lot to love about this moon.

New moons are times to anticipate. They bring new opportunities, new relationships, new insights. Doors open, things we thought were stalled suddenly take off. They also bring good news. This moon in earth sign Virgo will be especially good for Virgos, of course, but also for fellow earth signs Capricorn and Taurus.

Pluto, the planet of transformation and power, forms a beautiful angle to the sun and moon, enhancing personal magnetism and empowering emotions and intuition. Jupiter, the planet of luck and synchronicity, is shaking hands with this new moon, bringing expansion to some area of your life.

If you work in publishing or higher education, areas that Jupiter rules, you might land a raise or promotion. It’s an excellent time to submit manuscripts, screenplays, and any artistic endeavors. If you’re traveling overseas today, your trip should be smooth and between no wand the full moon in two weeks, pleasant surprises fall at your feet.

In addition, the new moon chart features a grand earth trine – when three planets in the same element are 120 degrees apart from each other. This trine involves Mercury (communication, travel) at 6 degrees Virgo, Saturn (responsibility, discipline, physical reality( at 2 degrees Capricorn, and Uranus (sudden, unexpected events) at 2 degrees Taurus. This grand trine suggests unexpected surprises that seem to come out of nowhere – a job offer, a chance to do something on your bucket list, a new opportunity that thrills you. Because Saturn is involved, whatever it is has long-term benefits. With Mercury involved, the news comes through a call, email, text message.

Neptune at 15 degrees Pisces forms a trine to Jupiter, so creativity and artistic endeavors are highlighted. Your intuition will be deepened as well. There’s something positive here for everyone!

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2 Responses to New Moon in Virgo

  1. Shadow says:

    How wonderful, spring has sprung too, so double yipheeee