This image is from my Fitbit. Every Monday, it provides a lot of info about my physical activity during a given week. I was surprised by the average number of steps per day this past week – the figure under and left of the total steps for the week: 11,111.

I’ve experienced clusters of 11s and of 111s, but only once before has 11,111 appeared. That happened in Costa Rica in 2011, on a receipt.

That time, I interpreted it as contact with my parents, but this time I’m not sure what the message is. There are a couple of possibilities.

It may relate to the progress on our house repairs after Irma. We’ve now got a new roof, dry board replaced, everything inside freshly painted, and no more leaks! The exterior of the house still needs to be painted and we still have some bathroom remodeling to do. We hope to put our house on the market sometime this fall or winter and move farther north in Florida, closer to our daughter. So far, we haven’t found any particular area or a house that screams, Hey, move here! So the number could be saying, Relax, see how things unfold.

Or it could relate to something professional that hasn’t happened yet . Or, maybe we’re going back to Costa Rica!

That’s Stephanie, the magnificent macaw, who became emblematic of Costa Rica’s magic. Her story is fascinating.

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4 Responses to 11,111

  1. lauren raine says:

    A lot of angelic encouragement? That’s always how I see the 11:11 phenomenon.

  2. Gina says:

    That’s a bunch of ones… binary code?