Attractors Among Us

Robert Bingham…UFO attractor

Some people seem to have an innate ability to attract certain things into their lives. In the movies, there was Forrest Gump, who always found himself in the midst of important game-changing historical events that altered the future. Among them, as a young kid he somehow meets Elvis Presley and later John F Kennedy, and his very presence alters the course of history in small ways.

In real life, the physicist  Wolfgang Pauli, was known for being present when laboratory equipment malfunctioned.  When we went to Toronto for the TV show William Shatner’s Weird or What, Trish talked about the strange events that dogged Pauli as well as his obsession with the number 137. While in Toronto, we repeatedly saw that number. Upon arriving, we were stuck in traffic downtown, and there on the building right next to us were the numbers, each about three-feet tall. We later noticed a gym with that same address and on our last day we were walking around \and saw a sign at the former location of that gym which said in large letters that it had moved to 137….

Some people also seem to attract synchronicities and Trish and I find ourselves among them—as the above examples. We often notice two or three a day, usually small things that we never write about on the blog. Like the other day when a man we hadn’t seen for month at the dog park happened to show up one afternoon right when we needed to talk to him. I had bumped into him at Home Depot a few days earlier and found out he was working as a handyman. I told him we could use his help for a couple of projects, then we each went on our way. So when he appeared at the dog park, Trish assumed it was an arranged meeting time where we would talk about the projects. But it was simply a meaningful coincidence. He hadn’t been at the park for months because he was too busy and just happened to have a couple of free hours. So the encounter was a useful coincidence, as well as meaningful.

We’ve also heard about people who seem to attract UFOs or at least be in the right place at the right time and spot strange objects in the sky. Some of these people then get in trouble when they start thinking they are somehow special and to bolster their specialness status they start faking sightings and photos. One such man, whom we met once, lived in Gulf Breeze, Florida and was found to be hoaxing some of his sightings. Yet, dozens if not hundreds of others saw UFOs over Gulf Breeze. We took a trip there during that time and had a sighting when were were out on the long fishing pier. We saw a hovering bright light in the middle distance that wasn’t a star or any known craft. It appeared to be about 1,000 feet in the air. It eventually moved away and disappeared.

Now we’ve read about another man named Robert Bingham in Los Angeles who repeated saw strange objects and began taking photos of them. After collecting photos for ten years, he mentioned his peculiar hobby to someone in 2010. He was referred to someone else interested in UFOs and very quickly 40 people turned up at a meeting to examine and discuss his photos. That was the start of a continuing and evolving L.A. UFO group that continues with events to this day. You can read more about Bingham and the group here.

That’s a link to an article in the New York Times, and nowhere in the article is there any evidence presented, or even a suggestion, that Bingham is acting fraudulently. Good going, Robert!

So it seems the mystery of UFOs is complemented by the mystery of those people who apparently have a knack for spotting them. That’s similar to Pauli’s unwelcome ability to ruin experiments and the ability of some of us to repeatedly experience meaningful coincidences. I’m sure there are other subjects or fields of endeavor where these attractors are also sometimes present.

If you know of any other similar cases where people have an uncanny ability to be present over and over again when something unusual happens, let us know. It could be the subject of a new book…THE ATTRACTORS or maybe…THE FORREST GUMP FACTOR.

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5 Responses to Attractors Among Us

  1. Rob says:

    Your attractor factor is engaged, David!

  2. David Fraser says:

    Hi Rob and Trish,

    This article about Attractors hit home for me…so I am going to tell you what has been happening to me.

    I’m 68 years old and like listening to audio books throughout the day and night. While I’m listening to these audio books I’m thinking about stuff: projects I’m doing, errands I’ve got to run…the stuff that we all have floating inside our heads. But now over the past 3 years I’m always shocked and in wonder to hear the words I’m thinking also coming in unison from the audio book I’m listening to.exercising For example :
    This morning I was exercising and listening to an audio book thinking about two 80 lb bags of cement I’ll need for a home project. And I thought “2 bags at 80 lbs equals 160 lbs”…and as I’m thinking “160” I’m also hearing it from the audio book (“…Louie Francis weighs 160 lbs.”)–with the “160” simultaneously being thought by me and spoken by the audio book. Other incidents like this involve names, foods and places. This has been happening to me almost every day and I always feel comforted when it happens. I fell as if I’m in tune with my journey. Right where I should be.

    I appreciate your writing and especially how you tie things together.



    • Trish and Rob says:

      Fascinating, David. Very cool synchronicity. Number synchros are always so interesting. Jung felt they were archetypes that are becoming conscious within our own psyches. Is there something in particular you associate with those numbers? Or with 16? Or with 8 or 80?

      • David Fraser says:

        The numbers 80 and 160 don’t have any meaning to me except redarding the cement project I was planning. It seems that most anything I’m thinking about is fair game in this synchro-relationship. If I’m relishing the memories of my time in Brighton, England as a twenty year old, then the audio book would say “Brighton, England” right when I had the thought. Food, friends names, anything, and it is fascinating and kind of reassuring. It’s reassuring to hear that something is letting me know that I’m not alone and is somewhat agreeing with me.

        Thank you and the best to each of you,


        • Trish and Rob says:

          It’s so interesting, David, and seems, I don’t know, as if whatever you’re doing/thinking is immediately reflected in your environment!