A Dental Synchro

I usually don’t think about synchronicity when I’m at the dentist. I just want to get through whatever procedure is underway and get out of there. But today one hit me in the face or maybe I should say jaw, since that’s where my teeth are.

I was in the chair getting a filling, a simple procedure. I had gotten a root canal in the same tooth, a do-over because of an infection had caused a fistula on my gum. But my crown was still good. I just needed a second root canal on that tooth—pricey but necessary—and the filling. It only took about 10 minutes, but while I sat there, my phone was blowing up in my pocket, fortunately on vibrate. I figured it was text messages from a group of anti-trumpsters.

After the procedure was over I went to the front desk, expecting to pay $5, my usual co-pay. But I was told it cost $70. “Seventy?” I said. “You mean my insurance doesn’t cover it?” The response was that the insurance did cover most of it, that it would’ve cost $375 if I didn’t have insurance. “Fillings cost that much now?” I exclaimed. And was told that this one required something extra, can’t remember what she called it. Whatever, the whole thing, as I said, took ten minutes. No novacaine required, because the nerves had been removed with the first root canal.

Grumbling a bit to myself as I left, I took out my phone to see what the text messages were about and the first thing I read was: “70?!!” I just double-checked to make sure I had that exactly right, and that was it. Of course, the person was not complaining about the cost of my filling. She knew nothing about it. Instead, she was responding to a Reuters/Ipsos poll that someone else had texted that found 70 percent of Republicans approve of Trump’s handling of Russia at the Helsinki summit. In other words, the base remains fully in support of Trump. Astonishingly, the poll also found that only 32% of Republicans believe that the Russians hacked the 2016 election.

So my dental bill tuned into the GOP base’s support of their leader in action at Helsinki. We could call them the Helsinki Republicans, and the event…Helsinki-Stinky…or Stink in Helsink.”


PS From Trish – As far as I know, this is the first tooth synchro we’ve ever experienced.  Anyone else have synchros that involve weird things?!

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16 Responses to A Dental Synchro

  1. Blah says:

    So a certain person was taking my brother to the dentist twice a year neither they nor the dentist suggested I deal with it sure every other time. I fell out doing doing so largely because of an event September 91 so for years and years my bedridden brother was assisted in this procedure of seeing the dentist twice a year. And myself let the care go by the wayside results evident. Years later the Mother of the one who took my brother to the dentist, the dentist being a story unto itself, but when the mother passed away on the day of her burial… pretty much on the hour for being laid to rest a dental crown probably 20 years old or so fell off of this boy

  2. DJan says:

    That is an interesting synchro. I simply cannot believe how many people still think he is doing a great job. Today they say the GDP will prove he’s a magician and deserves credit. Sigh. 🙁

    • bh says:

      Hmm, let’s see:
      +1 for the tax cuts – I get to keep more of my money now, plus I got a raise from my employer who also got a tax break for his business.
      +1 for getting North Korea to the negotiating table and moving in a peaceful direction.
      +1 for the lowest overall unemployment rate in 40 years.
      +1 for the lowest black, Hispanic, and female unemployment rates in the history of the country.
      +1 for reducing EPA regulations that were strangling businesses and killing jobs and the economy.
      +1 for pulling out of the Paris Accord because it was an international treaty not approved by congress.
      +1 for pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal because it was an international treaty not approved by congress.
      +1 for appointing judges and SCOTUS justices who believe that The Constitution means what it says (and not what liberals wish it said).
      +1 for negotiating for better deals on international trade.
      +1 for trying to get congress to DO THEIR JOBS on immigration reform.

      I could go on and on, but the Macs will probably delete this comment so I won’t bother. But yeah, I think he’s doing a pretty good job. No blinders on here.

      • Trish and Rob says:

        No deletion. You’re entitled to your opinion. BUT…

        • Rob says:

          Not surprising I’m against everything anonymous BH thinks are positive things about Trump. As conservative George Will said today about Trump after listening to the tape between Trump and Michael Cohen: “Trump is a seedy person, a low life from Queens.” Are your against Cohen now after being for him earlier, like nutty Rudy?

          • bh says:

            Wow, you’re against having the lowest overall unemployment rate is 40 years? You’re against black, Hispanic, female unemployment being the lowest ever? You’re against a peaceful solution to the North Korea situation? You’re against the government letting you keep more of your own money? You’re against congress doing their jobs on immigration reform? Wow, Rob. You have my sympathy. Take your blinders off.

            • Trish and Rob says:

              We’re not going to turn the blog into an argument about the wonders of the Trump administration. You can do that on your own blog. If you’ve got any synchronicities, we’ll be glad to post them.

              But if you want to discuss Trump policies on email, that’s fine. Send me a real e-mail address and how about a name? What’s there to hide about? Let’s talk about crazy Rudy, fixer Cohen, seedy Don and his low life ladies, and of course his former campaign manager heading to prison for fraud and dealing with the former Ukrainian dictator. His big contribution to the campaign was to get the GOP to go soft on Russia’s incursion into the Ukraine after the dictator was ousted.

              As for Trump’s policies, the Koreans are laughing at us, and continuing to build their nuclear capacities. Trump is a baffoon and Putin is his handler. As for the tax cut, who’s getting that? Yes, the rich get richer and the average Joe Trumpster might get $3 cut from his taxes a week, if he’s lucky. Enough for a cup of coffee. Unemployment is low and so are wages, a 40-year low, good for the corporations, bad for the average Joe as well as Jose and Maria. Immigration reform under Trump is about separating families. That went really well. Nope, I’m against it, too. BTW, do you know in your research that collusion is another term for conspiracy and that is a crime.

              • bh says:

                You’ve been misinformed. Turn off the CNN. Get out more. Read stuff. Not the NYT and WP, read stuff that challenges your assumptions. Talk to actual people, people who have benefited from the tax cut (I have. And no, I’m not rich). Talk to actual people at the border (the ones who came in legally at a port of entry, and the ones who climbed the fence. They’ll have very different stories to tell. Also talk to the border patrol agents who are trying to do their jobs there). You will see a very different picture from what you see on CNN. Call your congressperson and ask them why they refuse to fix the broken immigration system (and don’t let them get away with saying they can’t – it’s their job, not the President’s). Don’t just blindly lay it all at Trump’s feet and pretend it’s all his fault. Educate yourself. Don’t just call me a kook because I don’t parrot the liberal narrative. You have been misinformed. Everything you think you know has been fed to you by a media machine that’s fully invested in getting you to believe one side of the story. The truth is out there. I can’t give it to you because you can’t hear me. CNN won’t give it to you because they don’t want to. Go find it yourself.

                • Trish and Rob says:

                  Dude, we don’t watch much CNN. It’s enough to see trump on TV and hear him on the radio and see him on the Internet to know he’s pure sleaze. No one’s calling you a kook. You’re the one who is misinformed. Frankly, I find it incredible that anyone thinks this guy is doing a great job. And since you’re email address doesn’t work and your IP address is questionable, you may just be some guy working for the russians. Or some dude in queens who feels compelled to defend trump. Fine. Go do it elsewhere.

                • Trish and Rob says:

                  Do you not realize, Wilson, that Trump lies every day with almost every tweet? Have you not read the articles calculating and verifying his lies? Don’t just buy into the Trump BS, tweets, fake news sites (the real fake news sites). Don’t buy into Trump’s BS about the media being the enemy. It’s what’s keeping us from falling into an autocratic dictatorship. Face the truth about Trump.

                • Trish and Rob says:

                  Look what they are reporting now. Our president could not be this stupid. They must have fixed this video, right, Mike? https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-picture-id-groceries_us_5b60ea4ee4b0fd5c73d422fa

      • Trish and Rob says:

        In the pre-Trump days, the Republican Party had certain ideals, policies and beliefs. They were solidly pro-free trade, pro-law enforcement, pro rule of law, in strong favor of balancing the budget, anti-Russia, anti-Putin. Under Trump, all of that is under the bus. The party is over.

  3. Priscilla says:

    Those Trumpsters have tunnelvision for overturning Roe v Wade and put on blinders to all else. They believe the big Pumpkin is pro life and didn’t become so just to get votes. I just wish one of his playmates, that had an abortion for him, would come forward. But, would they even chose to believe her?

    • Trish and Rob says:

      These trumpeters r flat out nuts. If we continue on this path, we r going to be living in the hand maids tale and wondering how the hell we got there. Wake up, Trumpies