But Something Is There

This trailer is eerie, remarkable, and worth two minutes of your time. Whitley Strieber interviewed this man on Dreamland.  His story feels real.

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2 Responses to But Something Is There

  1. C.J. says:

    I notice the time on the pictured clock is 3:00. I’ve wondered my entire life if this particular timeline….3:00……has a relative significance with these encounters. Almost, not quite all, but almost, most of my own personal encounters since my early childhood occur at either 3:00 or 3:30. Did this fellow in the post have more than the one encounter? I remember when I was six years old, my Dad and Mom and sister and I went to visit friends who lived in Florida. (We lived in Montgomery, Alabama.) When everyone went to bed at the home of our friends, I was terrified for no apparent reason, and ran to my parents’ bed, feeling sick to my stomach, begging to be allowed to sleep with them. It has been such a powerful memory all my life; one I’ve never forgotten. My sister, four years my elder, is an evangelical fundamental Bible Belt Baptist, but she has confided to me on various occasions that she recalls “little gray people” roaming around in our shared bedroom in the middle of the night. She has said she thinks they must have climbed in through the window. I don’t argue the point with her, but my experiences don’t support her window-entry theory. I’ve mentioned previously on the blog that my sister is brilliant, a member of member of Mensa. She has NEVER been prone to fantasy or fabrication, and she is aware that her memories of the little gray people were/are not dreams, especially because I saw them, too. If she has had other encounters, she doesn’t discuss them with me due to her profound Christianity. I suspect she would have a stroke if she knew I have a conviction that Jesus is an ET or ED.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Whitley interviewed this man. The trailer is eerie. That #3, 3:30 3:33 do seem to appear a lot.