Synchronicity & Mangos!

Sometimes, small synchros can be just as startling as their larger siblings. They often deal with ordinary objects and seem to happen so effortlessly that if you aren’t paying attention, the synchro sails right past you.

This one is about mangos. It’s the season again and one of our trees is producing a bumper crop. Every day, we walk through the foliage in the backyard, looking for fallen mangos.   It’s like hunting for Easter eggs when you’re a kid. You spot something brightly colored under the ferns and there’s another fallen mango. The squirrels have gotten to some of them, but the fallen mangos are more intact this year than last.

So on Father’s Day, Rob took a bag of mangos to his yoga class and one of his students gave him a loaf of freshly baked bread. When she saw all the mangos, she wondered if she could make mango bread with them. Rob told her sure and said he’d send her a recipe for mango bread.

About an hour after he got home, our neighbor Annette came over with a loaf of freshly back mango bread she had made. “Happy Father’s Day, Rob. No one in my family likes mangos, so they won’t eat this. But I know you two love them.”

The bread was still warm.

What are the odds of getting two loaves of bread for Father’s Day and one of them is mango bread, the very thing he had talked to his yoga student about an hour earlier?

Both loaves, by the way, are scrumptious!


And happy solstice!


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7 Responses to Synchronicity & Mangos!

  1. Blah says:

    So what are the chances that this kind of stuff has any relation the Barnes & Noble bar

  2. Shadow says:

    And a beautiful Solstice it was *love* and I would looooove to try mango bread if you’d be inclined to share? That’s a fabulous synchro, and a what-you-give-is-what-you-get *smiles*

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Shadow! Great to see you! Will be over at your place shortly – with a bag of mangos!

  3. DJan says:

    Happy Solstice! I love mangoes but have never tasted mango bread. Bet it was wonderful. Thanks for the smiles, Trish. 🙂

  4. Blah says:

    Actually that was traveling East you guys going to buy the boy lunch this year is. These internet associations have a defacing and demeaning quality to it

  5. Blah says:

    That was Tuesday’s

  6. Blah says:

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