Uranus in Taurus

This photo, of a street performer in Cartagena Colombia, typifies for me the Uranus transit through Taurus.

On May 15, the planet Uranus entered Taurus after 7 years in Aries. In astrology, Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius and, archetypically, represents sudden, unforeseen events, genius, electronics, psychic insights. This photo typifies Uranus – the seemingly impossible right in front of you.

Uranus shakes  things up so we’re tossed out of our familiars ruts and routines, many of which no longer do much of anything for us. Once the old stuff has dropped out of our lives, there’s space for new people and experiences, new insights, new everything.

Taurus is an earth sign, solid, stable, dependable, stubborn. It’s not particularly comfortable in Uranus, where it will be until November 7. Then, because it’s moving retrograde, it slips back into Aries for a final rally. It turns direct again in the first week of January 2019 and finally, on March 6, 2019, it enters Taurus again and will be there until April 2026, when it enters Gemini.

So this window we have between May 15 and November 7 provides us with insights about what the longer transit beginning in March 2019 will look like. Globally, we’ve had volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, trump’s meeting with the North Korean dictator,  two Cat 4 hurricanes in the Pacific, kids being ripped away from their parents at the southern borders of the country, children detention centers, Paul Manafort’s $10 million bail being rescinded for witness tampering. And that’s just the highlights. Google news events between May 15 and today for a fuller global picture.

On a personal level, here’s how this transit has unfolded so far for me. It requires a little backstory. During Hurricane Irma last fall – September 10, 2017 – our house sustained some roof damage. Leaks in 4 rooms, dry walls saturated, ruined air conditioner. We didn’t realize the extent of the damage until the first heavy rain after Irma and in late September filed a claim with our homeowner’s insurance company. They issued a small check that didn’t even cover the cost of the new AC unit.

Then a friend told me about public adjusters – freelance insurance people who work on your behalf to obtain a fair claim. Given the repercussions of Irma, it was difficult to find such an adjuster because they were overwhelmed with clients. But  we finally did. In late November, after an intense inspection of our house and roof, he filed a claim on our behalf. His report is incredibly detailed and underscores how insurance companies issue small checks in the hopes of shutting you up. The insurance company had 90 days to respond.

The deadline came and went. Our adjuster allotted more time because of the holidays, but eventually threatened to sue the insurance company if they didn’t respond by May 1 by sending out an adjuster who does what our guy does, but for the insurance folks.  He had until May 15 to respond.

Interesting deadline date, right?

May 15: Uranus entered Taurus. The insurance company missed the deadline. I was ready to quit astrology. The adjuster explained the next step. It sounded complicated and drawn out, a journey through the labyrinth of the insurance world and its laws. Meanwhile, hurricane season would begin on June 1 and we still had a leaky roof. But on May 18, the adjuster emailed me that the insurance company had issued a check that was close to his estimate and explained the process after we got the check. Three days past that May 15 deadline, that transit of Uranus into Taurus, but hey, I was grateful.

The check was sent out by UPS from the law firm to the adjuster – and got lost. To me, this was like Uranus shouting, “MacGregors, here’s your unforeseen surprise – but now I’m going to snatch it away.”

What ensued were letters, emails, scrambles to find the check or reissue it. I targeted June 13, new moon in Gemini, as the day we would hear something. And this time, astrology came through. The adjuster delivered the check personally and said it was the original check, it had been found, and we were going to get our new roof.

When I looked at the date on that check, my faith in astrology was restored: it was dated May 15.

Then, on my birthday, I received a contract for a short story I’d sold to Ellery Queen Magazine.

The signs are looking positive personally.

But on a global scale, are we approaching a dictatorship? Interment camps have begun – for kids.



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12 Responses to Uranus in Taurus

  1. C.J. says:

    I can’t take the flu or pneumonia vaccines due to allergies. I admit to being a hard-core germaphobe. It drives my husband crazy because he is the opposite. I and my physicians have explained to him how my immune system is seriously compromised and considering that he is essentially the only human with whom I come in contact except recently when our middle son moved in with us, I am exposed to whatever he brings home even though he himself may not be ill. It’s challenging. As I make this journey through the five stages of PD, I’ve discovered it’s a very “lonely” process, as folks tend to drift out of my life. I take as many precautions as possible, but falling is physically, mentally, and emotionally traumatically damaging because I’m unable to pick myself up and 911 must be called even if hubby is home, because I’m a ‘dead weight’. He can’t untangle me or support me. So, I just live moment by moment and try to be as careful as I am able. I know you made this journey with your Dad, Trish, and so you completely understand the enormous struggles of this disease. I am so grateful for your caring and support! ‘Thank you’ isn’t sufficient. But I thank you and thank you over and over again.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      My dad didn’t have the tremors in his hands, but he was very unsteady on his feet. I don’t think he ever had vertigo, either. But he experienced amny of the otehr symptoms you’ve described. He was able to zip around in that electric wheelchair, though, which was great. He also swam in the pool every day, which helped.

  2. C.J. says:

    Need to correct my math. Dad died nine days after their anniversary, not seven. My head is not quite clear at this time due to medication. Thanks so much for the good wishes about my fall. It was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in the past and I pray will never happen again. It was the ONE time I failed to have a phone in my hand, as I NEVER get out of my chair without a phone in my hand even though we have satellite landlines in every room. I was alone, had a sudden severe attack of vertigo, and went spinning off the edge of the planet, slammed full body, including head, onto the ceramic tile in the hall. The entire experience was simply devastating because I am no longer able to lift myself without assistance. Our son came home, called 911 and my hubby. All in all, it was….terrible. Thank the gods I have strong
    bone density so nothing was broken, although when all was said and done I felt as if I were broken from head to toe, shattered like Humpty Dumpty, and have a mild concussion which is pretty much gone now. It’s my understanding that we subconsciously choose our ailments, and I have no idea why I have chosen Parkinson’s. The challenges, well, are occasionally overwhelming. Then I think about
    the children battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases, and am ashamed of myself. Add my congratulations to you for the book! Great news!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      It’s a terrible ailment, parkinson’s. I saw my dad struggle with it. I’m glad you didn’t break any bones. Hang in there, CJ!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Have you had a pneumonia shot, Connie? It’s very common for older folks who fall and fracture something to die of pneumonia—which can be prevented. One shot lasts a lifetime and it’s free with Medicare.

  3. C.J. says:

    On May 15, my Mom and Dad were married decades ago. So I always think of them on that day. But while he was still able, he purchased a beautiful anniversary clock….those lovely pendulum clocks with the swinging pendulum and a glass dome. He left it in the care of Mom’s sister, to give it to Mom in the event he couldn’t. Dad was in a terminal coma on May 15 , and on May 24 he transitioned, seven days after their anniversary. My aunt had given the clock to Mom om May 15, as Dad had asked her to do. Mom had the clocks set by a clock-maker, and it was displayed on our mantle, keeping perfect time. BUT, Dad’s TIME of transition at Emory on May 24th was at 9:50pm. Initially no one noticed, then a cousin looked at the clock and saw it had stopped at 9:50pm on that Sunday. Subsequently, when Mom couldn’t get it re-set and ticking, she carried it to several clock makers. It would run for a little while, then relentlessly stopped at 9:50pm. It never again worked. But I have it now, and it remains set at 9:50. This is a true, un-embellished story. On May 15 this year, our family began a series of significant changes. I had an appointment for eye surgery that day but had to be cancelled because I had sustained a catastrophic fall at 5:15am that morning (and am still in recovery.) Our middle son unexpectantly moved back home with us on May 15. There is much more, and I won’t bore everyone with the shifts that remain in progress. Astrology is a science; a mathematical science, and can’t be denied. Thanks, MacGregors, for this very timely post!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      I’m really sorry about your fall, C.J., and hope you’re healing. It seems that the Uranus transit has both positive and negative repercussions. I would like to see mroe of the positive for all of us.

  4. lauren raine says:

    That is quite amazing! I know so very little about astrology, although, I have to admit, the few readings I’ve had were quite accurate. I am so glad to know that you got your roof, and I’m hoping that no more damage comes to you and yours in the next season.

    Last night I found myself, after a glass or so of wine, browsing AIRBNB rooms in Samoa. Isolated islands with beaches……….I think I’m getting a bit worried about myself! It is hard to stay balanced with so much insanity in our country these days.

  5. Alisha says:

    Here is my story, I have moved out from my parents. My in laws couriered us some of our furniture that they have been using. I included an entire bedroom set including chest, dresser, wardrobes and more. The courier service provider misplaced the shipment and finally when we hear about it this Saturday, we find out that the furniture pieces are damaged. Now our apartment is furniture less. So are we 🙂

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Wow, this sounds awful! Stuff lost is certainly similar to our situation. But the rest of it…I’m really sorry, Alisha! I hope Uranus rectifies the situation!

  6. DJan says:

    So glad to hear you finally did get that check. Hopefully you will be able to repair the roof before any further damage occurs. And congratulations on the story contract. Yes, we are all terrified for the future of our country. Thank you for your continued astrological work. 🙂