Singing or Slinging in Singapore

It was on, it was off, it was on…off…and finally it’s actually happening. Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are in Singapore for their summit this week. Just getting the Americans to meet Kim is a big win for him. It’s never happened and his family regime has been the most isolated and belligerent country in the world. Politically, in the U.S. it took someone like Trump to do it. If Obama had tried it, of course the Republicans would have called him weak and selling out the country, and no doubt worse. But these are strange times, very strange.

Trump wants to denuclearize North Korea, and Kim wants American troops out of the South. Most likely the results will be seen as a starting point in negotiations. The North Koreans are wary. After all, Trump in two years in the presidency has become known as a deal breaker, not a deal maker, as he advertised himself. We are out of the Trans-Pacific, the Paris Climate Accord, and Iran Deal. All bad deals, Trump says. We’ll see how he does.

I decided to write about the summit after seeing a related post in a FB synchronicity site by our friend, Philip Merry. Philip  is a psychologist who wrote his Phd thesis on synchronicity and was a fan of our book, The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity. It might not be a synchro, but it is certainly a curious fact that he lives in Singapore just two miles from the site of the summit. That is certainly reason to prompt a keen interest! Phillip was very much like to see this summit succeed and the North denuclearized.

To that end, he is asking all of us to take part in a 3-minute Heart Meditation for Peace Talk Success. Here it is:

1. Breathe deeply and take your breath to your heart.
2. Call to mind a scene in your life where you have experienced profound healing of differences and let this feeling resonate in your heart while still breathing deeply.
3. Bring to mind the faces of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump and send your deep reconciling heart feeling to them – intending that their talks in Singapore are driven by profound love and care for the future of humanity.
4. Finish your meditation with the words “May heartfelt peace surround every word, feeling, thought and action that comes from Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump today”

Maybe I’m throwing cold water on this effort, but I have a difficult time bringing to mind the faces of those two. Kim runs a murderous regime and is a fanatic and Trump is hollowing out America’s liberal democratic tradition. I told Philip that his meditation was a tall order considering who these two men are.

Here is how he responded:

“Hi Rob, whatever the outcome – its about keeping faith with the notion that heart-felt intentions can change the world – am sure you believe (even a little) that we have the power to influence events? I know you do as i have been reading again only yesterday your “Sensing the Future”(wonderful book) – and if we can predict the future its not such a jump to believe that we can influence it.”

I replied that I agreed, but noted an ancient Chinese proverb: If the wrong person uses the right means, the right means will work in the wrong way.

Philip conceded my point, but added: “Thank god that heart energy connects with a higher quantum vibration.”

Of course, we should hope for the best results. Anything is better than nuclear war, even if Trump’s success would help him get re-elected. My guess is that when this summit ends, Kim was be hanging onto his nukes, and he will open a door to foreign investments, ie. McDonalds. I’m not sure that would be a great win for Trump, but he will call it a first step.


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3 Responses to Singing or Slinging in Singapore

  1. Gabby says:

    Great post. Bottom line – trump is great at breaking promises. This is just a other empty shodoen…

  2. garcia says:

    Wonderful post. I think Philip has the right idea.